Saturday, 5 August 2017

Introduction & part 1 : The Painful Side Of Love


Armaan read and re-read the documents. He finally threw the file on the table and started pacing his cabin. Is this the same Riddhima? He had to know.
He went to the head's cabin, too impatient to knock and once inside he said it all in one breath, "Who is this Riddhima gupta we are hiring?" Shubhankar got up from his seat and came face to face with Armaan with a questioning look on his face. Armaan took a deep breath and said with great bitterness in his voice, "Are you hiring the Riddhima gupta who recently got divorced and has been blamed of adultery or to be frank , 'sleeping with her husband's friends'?" Now Shubhankar understood why
Armaan was so worried afterall Armaan was a great doctor and highly dedicated to Sanjeevani. Shubhankar placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder and said in an assuring voice,"I know about her divorce and stuff Armaan but along with that she is a great doctor and we need her. Don't worry she won't be allowed alone with the patients and will be constantly observed." " But i can't let her work here." said Armaan with a hardened expression on his face. "She has the permission of one of the trustees, infact one of the most important trustees Armaan and also has a great professional record as one of the best cardiologist of USA. Just give her sometime Armaan and i am sure she'll prove herself.Don't worry everything will be fine."
With that Armaan left the cabin and said to himself,"No shubhankar nothing will be fine once she's here. I have to know whats cooking in her mind now and what game is she planning to play"


Riddhima was standing outside the airport with her luggage. She was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans along with her black shades. 4 years ago Riddhima had left the country as a newly wedded bride with shattered dreams and apprehensions as to what her future is going to be like and that too in another country with somebody she barely knew, as her husband. Her heart was broken in a million pieces as she was about to leave the love of her life or to be precise her very life- Armaan behind. She knew that when he'll come to know about her marriage he'll hate her forever but she'll have to live with it. But today Riddhima was a very different person from what she was then.

4 years back she was a bubbly, exuberant gal who loved and cared about everyone around her and especially Armaan who she was madly in love with. She was adored by one and all, everyone's favourite that's what she was but today Riddhima had no emotions left in her. She never trusted anybody anymore and kept her relations to everyone in a limit. She had divorced her husband-Vivek or rather he had divorced her blaming her of adultery for which his friends had attested. Due to it her reputation was badly destroyed and the hospital that she was working for had thrown her out besides her being the best cardiologist but thanks to Dr.Shashank Sinha for trusting her and giving her a place in the very prestigious Sanjeevani. He was a father figure for her and she respected him and loved him as well as his wife Padma Sinha and they were the only ones who knew about her past. They had assured her that nobody in Sanjeevani would know about her past except the head and one of the doctors who could be trusted with the information. She was very''''her chain of thoughts was broken by a man who came and said in a very loud voice 'Arrrrre kya aap he hain Dr.Riddhiiiiima' 'Jee' replied riddhima 'chaliye ye to bahut acha hua'''.vaise main hoin Omar bhai Sanjeevani se'''mujhe Dr.Shubhankar ne aapko lene bheja hai' with that he moved toward a black car and Riddhima followed him. He opened the door for her and kept her luggage inside the car. Once they were seated inside Omar bhai started again 'Vaise humne suna hai ki aap ek bahut achi cardiologist hain' but before riddhima could reply he started again 'Vaise vo to aap hongi he akhir Bahar se aai hai USA se''.aap ke ghar mein kaun kaun hai''..pati, bache ya fir'''' Riddhima couldn't take it anymore and said in a very poisonous voice 'Aapko mujhe lene bheja tha meri history pata karne nhi to agar aap apne kaam se kaam rakhenge to acha hoga' with that she turned her face towards the window while Omar bhai was absolutely shocked and then thought 'Arre hume kya pata that itni pyari surat ke peeche itna gussa hai'.

Well that was how Riddhima was now. 4 years back Riddhima would have happily replied to Omar bhai's questions but today she was somebody entirely different and didn't believe in unnecessarily talking to people or having any kind of relation that wasn't professional. She was a person who kept to herself and had with great efforts built an iron wall around herself which showed her as a highly arrogant, confident and a short tempered person. Riddhima hated 99% people out of 100% infact she hated herself for letting herself go through all the things that she had went through in these 4years.
But now she will begin her life all over again though for whom she is doing this beginning she didn't know because Riddhima had nobody to share her life with as her father had disowned her.
Riddhima gupta was ABSOLUTELY ALONE in the whole world but she was happy to be just that and didn't want anybody to ever come in her life.

Krati Mehera

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