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part 1: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),

Synopsis Till PART 43 -(season 1)

"Its really hard to live when your heart is broken. When your loved ones leaves you, the moment you spent together are simply sweet memories. "

Every moment you try to mend it , it broke's again! :'( There was hell HEAVEN in their LIFE till the moment they felt so much in love... <3 but mishaps happen! n Thrashing the molded delusions u are dropped to REALITY! :( which is awful..painful...ArSh were back to there LOVE! after that "MALL incident", and the love was blooming wd every passing day/hours/minutes/seconds...yet the END :( to these came When their WORLD Shattered!..LOST wd HOPES, IN DEEP SORROW..When they LOST their 1st BABY...Unhappy Could they Overcome this so easily? Let's just see what they'll be like now? wounds would be healed or concealed?


"Love begins with a SMILE, grows with a KISS and ends with a TEAR drop."


Tujh bin suraj me aag nai re

Tujh bin koyal me raag nai re

Chandaniyaa to barse

Fir ku mere

Haath andhere lagade...

2 Weeks Later

"Armaan kuch kha lo..."Ananya spoke as she he entered in house which made everyone stopped their dinner, only to look at him

"Nai Mom... Bhuk nai hai bahoot thak gaya hun..." He replied tiredly running his one hand on his hairs tiredly

"Acha thik hai... Juice to peelo" Ananya didn't argued knowing very well that its no use to force him anything coz he is really looking tired

"Haa vo piunga" he gave a small smile

"Oye sunny boy... Aaja baith" Billy called cheerfully making Armaan to sat beside him who was on wheel chair

"Thake hue lag rahe ho" Dadi asked concernedly

"Offcourse Dadi... Teen surgeries lagatar kar k aaya hun" He replied tiredly

"Hmmm... Peeo" Ananya kept the juice glass infront of him who picked slowly

"Shilpa kab tak aaygi??" Dadaji asked while taking a morsel in his mouth but his question made Armaan stopped for taking a sip from his juice

"Pata nai... Par abhi usse vohi rehne do... Jab usse acha lagne gagega hum bula lenge" Dadi replied slowly not even to her notice that a heart who has sanked hearing that a hope was lighted there but his lovely Dadi broken his all hopes

"Haa..." Ananya agreed when Armaan stood up

"Kya huaa??" Aditi asked frowning

"Neend aa rahi hai... Gud night" he replied softly and immediately ran upstairs and Dev understood his condition

"Bhagwaan jaldi se in dono ki... Zindagi mein aaya tufaan khatam kare" Dadi spoke slowly making everyone agree

Ho tujh bin falgun me faag nai re

Haa tujh bin jaage b jaag nai re

Hoo tere bina

Oo maahiyaa din dariyaa

Nain jajeere lagade...

"Damm..." he landed on bed straight closing his eyes "Kab aaogi yaar... I am missing you badly... Phone b to nai utha rahi tum" he whispered softly and looked at her picture which was in his phone he remembered how the Doctor informed that he was sorry for not being able to save his child but hearing this, it didn't affected him coz he already knew this his focus was only his Bracelet who was out of danger that time he cried holding her hand who was unconscious "Kab tak gussa rahogi yaar... Pata nai khana b khaya hoga ki nai" he closed his eyes feeling tired and emptiness inside him

Adhoori adhoori

Adhoori hai kahani

Adhoora alvida

Yuhin yuhin reh na jaaye

Adhoora sada...

"Shilpa... Beta kuch khaa lo" Padma spoke lovingly caressing her hairs who was sitting like a statue since the time she came here

"Mummy mera mood nai hai please" she replied weakly staring at Padma who shook her head knowing very well that she will not eat

"Thik hai... Panchi.. Khana le jaao" Padma nodded and called Panchi who came running in their room followed by Riddhima from behind her

"Kya huaa Dii aapne fir nai khaya khana" Riddhima asked slowly sitting beside her on their bed to which Panchi also sat beside her at other side

"Maa aap jaao dekhte hai... Aise kaise nai khaygi Di... Suno di zyada natak mat karo" Panchi spoke in scolding voice

"Haa zyada bhav mil raha haina.." Riddhima joked to which Shilpa looked at her wd weak smile

"Acha hatto tum dono... Uska dimag mat khao..." Padma spoke in scolding voice

"Hum thodi dimaag khaa rahe hai... Vo to Dii hai jo khana naikha rahi" Panchi said

"To humne socha Di ka dimag khaate hai" Ridz joked making the three smile

"Aur agar tum dono ab shaant nai hui.. To main tum dono ko khaa jaungi" Shilpa spoke warning them!

"Chalega chalega" Panchi giggled

"Acha ab to kha lo" Padma insisted to which Shilpa gave a weak smile and kept the plate on her lap

"Kha rahi hun" Shilpa said wd smile which was definitely a fake one only to show them and she started eating slowly her eyes were wet but she can't show this to her family

"World's best Dii" Panchi & Ridz giggled hugging her tightly who smiled When Suku came wd a tray in her hands

"Guys dekho... maine dhokla bana liya try karo" Suku smiled widely

"Dhokla?? Kahin is baar to kharab nai bana" Ridz joked making everyone smiled

"Haan to mat khana" Suku retorted when

"Mumma dekho... Bhai remote nai de raha hai" Rohan came running following behind Virat

"Kyun ki Mumma... Isne mujhe maara" Virat pointed and Padma held her head

"Kahan chali jaaun... Main tum logo ki wajah se" she said angrily "Bade hogaye ho tum log ab... Kuch to sudhro" she said tiredly

"Aap in dono ko chodo mera dhokla taste karo" Suku ignored them

"Kyun hum dono ko chodo" Rohan spoke angrily

"Haan kyun ki tum log hamesha Mumma ko pareshan karte ho" Panchi argued

"Acha jaise aap log bahoot dudh ki dhuli ho... Hamesha Mummy ye laa do vo laado... Mummy mere baal jhad rahe hai Aloe vera la do" Virat mimicked them which made them giggle

"Ab tum dekho tumhe dhokla nai dungi... Bahoot pasand haina tumhe" Suku blackmailed

"Aye dost aisa nai karne kaa haa... Please" Virat took her side to which Suku made a face where as Panchi Riddhima were arguing wd each other

"Koi kahega... Ki tum log bade hogaye... Aur do ki to Shaadi b hogayi hai" Padma shook her head making Shilpa smile how she missed these fights, her family, everything was like before except the one thing that got changed her surname and personality


Adhoori adhoori

Adhoori hai kahani

Adhoora alvida

Yuhin yuhin reh na jaaye

Adhoora sab...

Its been two weeks to that Horrible Accident of hers which destroyed her dreams, Armaan and his family's dream infact her family's dream also she remembered when she opened her eyes in Hospital finding Dadi beside her who was caressing her hairs lovingly she immediately sat and asked for Billy's health to which Aditi came and informed that he is fine but told her to take care of Shilpa Aditi informed in her usual way but Shilpa's eyes were searching for that one person whom she wanted to see first when something strikes her putting her hand on her waist she felt nothing she asked Aditi who knew this would come so she told everything and the World stopped for her she was numb hearing this when Armaan came, tried to make her understand softly but she was hurt and she blamed him for that decision he took wdout her consultaning her, which definitely made him hurt but he stayed quite only for her

And after discharging from the Hospital she didn't talked wd him he tried to make her understand in many ways but no she didn't even looked at him so at last in anger he blasted on her taking out all his anger on her which resulted in their big fight No one blamed Shilpa for this infact everyone took care of her more sometimes she cried laying in Ananya's lap who consoled her lovingly and it was her decision to send Shilpa to her Parent's house for sometime to stay away from this pain and in next morning Dev drop her in her Parent's house Armaan who was unaware of this when he knew about it he was so angry wd her thinking "At least bata k to jaati" and in anger he didn't called her but whom he was making fool? in night time only he dailed her number thinking to scold her pretending his anger but she didn't picked his call and its been a week till the time she came here he always called her but her mind refused to receive it and her heart wanted to hug him ,cry hard on his shoulder ,hearing soothing words from him but her insecurity made her she loose her hopes down she couldn't even bear his child also she cannot be a good mother if she couldn't save her unborn child

2 hours later

Ho chandaniyaa

To barse

Fir ku mere

Haath andhere lagade...

"Beta... Armaan se baat kyun nai kar rahi tum... Pati hai vo tumhara... Jabse aayi ho ek baar b uska call pick nai kiya tumne kyun??" Padma questioned as she saw Shilpa putting her phone away from her and she guessed it was Armaan's call

"Aise hi mera mood nai hai" she replied looking away from her Mother they both ,were sitting alone in the bedroom

"Kya baat hai beta kyun tum usse gussa ho... Isme uski kya galti" Padma took his side while caressing her hairs loving who sniffed

"Pata nai..." she replied wd tears in her eyes, its her habit to never share her pains wd her family infact wd anyone

"Vo b to bacche ka baap tha... Jitna tumhe dukh huaa hoga usse kai zyada use dukh huaa hoga... Kyun ki faisla to usse hi karna tha na" Padma said politely

"Par unhe thodi duniya ki baate sunni hogi... Unhe thodi koi kuch kahega... Kahega to mujhe na" she spoke angrily but wd tears in her eyes

"Ssshhh..." she hugged her who cried more "Kisne kaha koi tumhe blame karega... Tumhare sasural wale bahoot ache hai... Tumhe samajhte hai... Aise koi thodi tumhe kuch kahega" she convinced lovingly

"Sach mein" she asked innocently

"Haan baba sachmein..." she caressed her hairs lovingly who hugged her more Being a Mother Padma can understand her pain & grief she knew Shilpa is broken but at this time she needs a support which only Armaan can give but this girl didn't even picked his calls, She is so thankful to Armaan who choosed her daughter to be saved, she knows it was hard decision for him to abort that child but he did it only to save Shilpa which made him gain more respect, her parents are glad to have a son-in-law like him who was far different from any other person


Yehi teri naraazagi

Gal sun le raaz ki

Jism kya hai khokali sippi

Ruh ka moti hai tu...

Next Night

11:40 PM

"Come on Bracelet... Pick up the phone" he muttered angrily moving tro and fro in their bedroom it was his 6th call to her in the very night but still she didn't picked it again! "Kyun nai... Utha rahi yaar" he slumped on couch tiredly still gripping the phone What was his fault that he abort their child only to save her?? Why she didn't get him that he too wanted support at this moment ,which only she can give he too had lost his child keeping stone in his heart he took that decision then why she was blaming him?? This is the time where they should have been wd each other as a support! he needs her "Ek last time try karta hun... Varna mujhse bura koi nai hoga" saying this he got up and called her again hopefully

"Dii aap call kyun nai pick kar rahi hai" Suku asked seeing her phone vibrating the 7th time They four sisters were laying on bed talking some random things but Shilpa's cell vibration made them stopped

"Bas aise hi" she looked away and taking the phone on which flashed 'Mr Supercool' cutting the call she switched off her phone making the three confused

"Arggghh..." and anger took over him which resulted in the phone breaking down into pieces! Poor Phone has to sacrifice itself only coz of his anger "Enough... Shayad tum janti nai Bracelet jab Armaan Malik ko gussa aata haina vo kisi ki nai chalne deta... Sirf uski chalti hai" he gritted his teeth angrily

"Dii aap saara gussa... Jeeju pe kyun nikal rahi hai... Unki kya galti" Riddhima sat angrily following other two also

"Haan Didi isme unki kya galti... Infact unhone to proove kiya hai.. Ki vo aapse kitna pyaar karte hai" Panchi said slowly

"Tum logo ko kuch nai pata... To please mat bolo kuch" Shilpa spoke slowly sitting in middle while the three were facing her angrily

"Yahan sabko pata hai ki kyaa baat hai..." Suku spoke angrily "Didi... Aap nai samajh rahe ho Jeeju ko... Bichare... Jabse aap aayi ho tabse vo call karte hai par aap apne gam mein unko nai dekh rahi ho" she scolded

"Haan Dii... Zara socho unke liye kitni mushkil ki baat hogi jab unhone ye decision liya hoga... Itna aasan nai hai ye decision lena.. Jo unhone liya" Riddhima took Armaan's side

"Aap bahoot lucky ho... Didi ki aapko vo mile hai varna... Baaki Husbands baccho k aage Wife ko bhul jaate hai" Panchi said carefully while Shilpa was hearing them quietly

"Acha for example,agar yehi same chiz mere saath hota... Aur Raj ( her Husband Rajbir) ne mujhe choose kiya hota instead of that unborn child... To aapko kaisa lagta... Aur agar vo Doctor se ye kehta ki rehndo... Toh main nai bachti... To kaisa lagta aapko" Suku explained which made her look down with guilt

"Haan Didi agar Jeeju aapko nai bachate... To hum aapko kho dete" Panchi said softly making her guilty "Vo aapko kho dete..." she said innocently

"Jo hai uski kadar karo Didi... Varna kab kya ho jaaye" Riddhima said and they all became silent for minutes

"To ab kya karun??" After some times she asked slowly looking at them wd a smile

"Aapki marzi.. Hum to chale sone" Suku said and laid again back at her position following the two and Shilpa understood what she wanted to do, picking her phone in her hand she switched on while moving towards the window

"Armaan mujhe maaf kardo" she whispered lovingly dialing his number which was unreachable now "Armaan please Phone uthaaiye" she prayed dialing his number again which again came unreachable she wanted to hug him ,wanted to share her pains and also wanted to share his pains also now she understood his condition how he felt when he had taken that decision When the door bell of their house rang making the four confused

"Huh... Itni raat ko kaun hoga" Panchi asked worried while Shilpa came inside

"Kaun hoga??" she asked to which the three shrugged

"Chalo dekhte hai sab" Ridz said

"Nai nai Papa ko pata chal gaya to" Suku spoke in fear

"Ek minute sab saath mein jaynge to problem hogi" Shilpa spoke in low tone "Panchi jao dekhke aao" she ordered making Panchi gulped

"Main nai..." Panchi gave them pleading look to which they glared

"Suno sirf dekh k aao kaun hai" Shilpa said slowly and nodding in Yes Panchi moved out slowly closing the door softly

"Kaun hoga...??" Ridhima asked

"Kya pata" Shilpa shrugged

"Ab to Panchi k aane k baad hi pata chalega" Suku sat on bed when Panchi ran inside and closed the door

"Kya huaa?? Kaun hai??" Ridz asked to which Panchi looked at her then at Suku and at last Shilpa who raised her bows

"Jeeju..." Panchi replied slowly making the three shocked "Armaan Jeeju aaye hai..." she informed and the three looked at Shilpa who shook her head

"Armaan... Kya karun main aapka" she thought while a small smile was playing on her lips

Garaz ho zindadi teri

Badale me zindadi meri

Mere saare bikhare suro se

Geet peroti hai tu...

"Achanak beta kyun??" Padma asked slowly as he touched their feet

"Haan vo b itni raat ko... Sab thik to hai??" Shashank asked

"Haan vo sab thik hai... Par" He replied slowly "Beta ab kya bolega tu..." his mind asked while sitting on sofa infront of her Parents

"Par??" Padma asked

"Par... Haan actually Mujhe kal subhe nikalna hai... Kerala... Shilpa k saath... Kyun ki... ammm Doctor ne kaha tha ki usse change ki jarurat hai... Hamari kal flight hai" whatever came from his mouth he blurted out!

"Hmmm ye to bahoot achi baat hai" Shashank agreed to which he passed a smile he only knows how he made this lie infront of her Parents

"Par Shilpa ne bataya nai" Padma asked teasingly coz she knew why he was here only to take Shilpa back she didn't picked his calls and that made him desperate to come here

"Vo... Kyun ki usse khud nai pata" he replied softly "Aur kitna jhut bolega... Armaan..." his mind scolded him

"Fir b bata k aate toh... Hum tumhare liye kuch to taiyaari karke rakhte..." Padma smiled

"Acha hua bataya nai na... Varna faltu mein aapko takleef uthani padti" he said politely making Padma smile

"Main Shilpa ko bolti hun apna bag pack kare" Padma stood making Armaan to nod in YES and she went from there

"Pata nai ye sun ke Bracelet kaise react karegi... jaan hi le legi vo teri... Agli baar Holi pe aaya tha lene tujhse baat tak nai ki thi usne... Is baar to shayad jaan hi lelegi teri... Yaa fir kya pata mana karde jaane se" his heart said "Nai kuch nai kahegi Armaan... Apne Papa k samne muh tak nai kholegi" His mind said happily making him grin when something clicked in his brain "Ammm Uncle excuse me" Armaan excused

"Sure" Shashank smiled and Armaan moved at a corner

"Haa Rehaan..." Armaan said as Rehaan picked his call

"Bhaijaan... Itni raat ko kyun phone kiya" Rehaan asked in sleepy tone

"Pehle meri puri baat sunn... Kal sube ki koi b flight mile do tickets book kar Kerala ki" he almost ordered making Rehaan's eyes big which were about to close!

"Kyaa?? Par kyun?? Vo b itne achanak kyun??" he fired one after another question

"Abbe kitne sawaal karega... Kuch important hai.. Actaully Bracelet ka thoda mood light karna chahta hun... Bas tu jaldi kar" he spoke annoyingly

"Jii Bhaijaan... Hum abhi karte hai" Rehaan smiled and hung up the phone "Acha huaa... Isse Bhabhi thoda change feel karengi... Aur wapas khush rehne lagengi" He thought smilingly

"Chal yaar kaam to hogaya... Ab dusra" Armaan spoke to himself and dailed Dev's number "Hello... Dev" he said as his call was received "Bakwaas band kar... Aur sunn Mom ko bol ki mera bag pack karde... Main aur Shilpa kal Kerala jaa rahe hai" he informed but hearing this Dev sat up fully on bed

"Kyaa...??" he asked shockingly

"Main aake batata hun... Pehle jo kaha hai vo kar" he replied annoyingly

"Abbe yaar... Tera dimag kharab hai... Pehle ghar mein sabko shock deta hai.. Ki jaa raha hun Shilpa ko lene... Aur ab Kerala... Mere bhai kyun sabko Heart attack dega kya" Dev held his head

"Jitna kaha hai utna kar" saying this he hangs the call "Pheww... Ab Bracelet ki baari" he took a sigh he knew today he shocked everyone first his family who almost fainted hearing this and tried to make him understand that its not good to go at this time specially wdout informing them but stubborn he was if he wants his wife then he want now and ignoring everything he came here coz he want to see her but not before purchasing a new Phone for himself coz last one has just sacrificed itself for his anger Poor thing, so after inserting his old Sim card he came here and God only knows how will his family react hearing about Kerala?

"Jeeju" Suku called to which he turned towards the three

"Kya Jeeju... Abi to Dii aayi thi... Aur ab jaa b rahi hai... Not fair" Panchi complained making him to give her a small smile

"Kya kar sakte hai... Majboori hai" he replied in normal tone making the three girls giggle

"Haa... Samajh sakte hai" Ridz teased to which he shook his head He is not like other 'Jijus' who were frank or teasing types to their Sister in law's he liked and respect them but didn't showed much affection or closeness which the three liked about him and most important he loves their sister that's why they are intrested to talk wd him coz they knew he will be in his limits which definately didn't bother Shashank coz he always praised Armaan for his behaviour

"Sorry tum logo ki neende kharab ki" he apologized honestly

"Nai to... Infact hum to do teen baje raat tak jaagte rehte hai... to itna chalta hai" Suku chuckled making him smile too

"Haan vo to tum logo ka record raha hai" he joked making the three giggle

"See hume farq nai padta... Aap kabhi b aa sakte ho" Panchi smiled

"To thik hai... Agli baar se aur raat ko aaunga.. Chaar baje chalega" he asked in fake serious tone which made them laugh

"Hume to chalega... Par Mumma Papa ka pata nai" Panchi said in same tone making him smile

"Dont worry bol dunga... Shilpa ne bulaya" he winked to which they smiled when

"Armaan beta" Padma's voice made him looked at her

Hooo maahiyaa

Tere sitam...

"Jii..." he said polietly when Shilpa came downstairs making his heartbeat stopped God he missed her soo much if her family weren't here definately he would have hugged her but her family is the hurdle b/w them right now! so controlling his heart he tried to be normal but when shel ooked at him angrily he looked away from her "Aaj to tu gaya beta" his mind warned him

"Kabhi to aise mauke pe... Ki tumhari khatir daari kar paaye... Jab b aate ho sirf do teen ghante k liye... Sukirti ki shaadi mein b sirf thodi daer k liye aaye thae" Padma scolded making him smiled

"Dont worry abhi Riddhima ki shaadi baaki hai usme aajunga" he said slowly making Riddhima smiled

"Dekhenge" Padma spoke smilingly making him shook his head

"Chalen..." he looked at Shilpa who was definately looking angry but gave a fake smile

"Hmmm" she nodded in YES

"Bye... Jeeju" three of them waved their hand making him smile

"Bye.." he waved back and after touching her Parents feet bidding bye to them they left wd a grumpy Shilpa and happy Armaan

Malik Mansion

"Ye achanak Kerala ka Plan kyun??" Ananya asked as they sat on sofa wd his family except Shilpa who after meeting wd her in-laws moved upstairs Also Billiy Anant and Dadaji who were sleeping although Billy knew about it and he only convinced Ananya and Dadi that Shilpa needs a change so it is good to take her away from this bad phase of her life

"Mom... Pata nai kaise muh se nikal gaya... Aur Plan ban gaya" he replied tierdly

"Tum na maar khaoge ek din... Aise koi karta hai... Vo Shilpa k Maa Baap hai kya sochenge tumhare baare mein.. Ki unka sabse bada daamaad kabhi b aake le jaata hai unki beti ko" Ananya scolded making him to rolled his eyes

"To kya huaa... Ye Shilpa ka Pati hai... Haq hai uska" Dadi took his side who gave a big smile

"Love u Dadi" he gave a flying kiss

"Vo sab to thik hai... Par flight ki tickets ka kya??" Aditi asked keeping the coffee trey on table

"Uski fikar mat karo... Janab ne Rehaan ko call b kar liya hoga aur book b kar liya hoga.. Haina" Dev spoke while picking a cup of coffee

"Correct!!" he replied taking a sip from his coffee

"To kab ki hai flight??" Ananya asked keeping her mug on table

"6 baje subhe ki... Thodi daer pehle hi message aaya tha uska.. Jaate waqt uske ghar se le lunga" he informed nonchantly

"Tune naya Phone liya" Dev asked seeing his new phone on table making him close his eyes

"Wow!!" Aditi looked at it and picked that on her hand

"Kyun puraane ko kya huaa??" Ananya asked

"Shaheed ho gaya vo" he replied finishing his coffee

"Matlab... Firse tumne apna gussa apni cheezo pe nikala" Aditi asked unbelievingly

"O Hello! Firse ka kya matlab... Pehli baar kiya ye means shaadi k baad" he spoke normally

"Teen saal baad ye seen sunne ko milaa... Ki Breaking Newz Armaan Malik ne apne gusse mein Fir ek chiz tod di" Dev made fun of him who smacked his head "Aaww" he whinced making the ladies giggle

"Aap logo k kehne ka matlab hai... Main gusse mein chize todta tha??" he asked suspiciously

"Vo to tumhari bachpan se aadat hai.. Aise kyun react kar rahe ho ki yaad nai" Ananya asked which made Armaan to think that his family have right to know about him

"Mom actually..." he started slowlly and carefully narrated everything

"Kya mazak hai ye Armaan??" Ananya asked angrily

"Lo.. Inhe b mazak lag raha hai... Dev samjha inko" he shook his head

"Mom vo sach keh raha hai... Dadi sach mein usko yaad nai hai" Dev said in serious tone making them shocked

"To itni badi baat tumne hume batai kyun nai" Ananya asked angrily

"Humse itna bada sach kyun chupaya??" Dadi asked hurtfully

"Yehi isi sab drame ki wajah se Mom... Aap logo ka vohi rona dhona hotaa fir kuch sympathies milti... Aur aapki bahu ek alag hi piece hai... Shayad Divorce hi de deti mujhe... Fir Dad ka lecture shuru hojaata ki gadi thik se kyun nai chalate etc... Aur Shilpa ki family alag... Not to forget Rakhi buaa aur Geeta buaa(his two real aunts) k taunts aapki laadli bahu ko milte... Main to usi waqt ready tha Bracelet ko chodne k liye but yehi sab drame k wajah se chup tha" he take out all his frustration coz of their constant questions which definately made them quiet and after two minutes of silence

"Ab main samjhi... Iski harkate itni badli hui kyun thi" Ananya said slowly making him to roll his eyes

"Aap logo ko jo samajhna hai... Samjho main to chala sone.." he got up to go when

"Ek minute..." Dadi also got up and stood in front of him who frowned "Mera raja pota... Kitna samajhdaar hai... Aur koi hota to vahi natak karta aur mana kardeta par mera... Armaan sabse acha hai" Dadi praised while taking his touchwoods making him grin

"Haan tumne Shilpa ko kaise accept kiya... Kyun ki tumhe to vo yaad b nai hogi" Ananya asked

"By God! Mummiji uski to ek alag hi kahani hai" Aditi spoke wd naughty grin on her face making him to glared her

"Kyaa aap log b... Kaha naa ki aap logo k liye accept kiya usse" Armaan spoke annoyingly

"Acha acha thik hai... Kitni jaldi chidte ho tum Armaan... Tumhare Dad ko to yehi lagta tha ki... Ye change tumme Shilpa ki wajah se aaye hai... Varna vo to kabse guilt mein hi thae... Ki unki wajah se tum badal gaye"Ananya informed

"Guilt?? Kaisa guilt??" he frowned

"Aree... Yehi ki kahi ye shaadi tujhpe forced to nai hai" Dev answered eyeing Ananya before she could informed anything

"Ohh... Infact I am thankful to him... That he gave World's Best Gift to me" He said happily making other smile

"Tumhe pata hai beta..." Ananya got up and gripped his arm "Tum duniya k Best Husband ho..." she said happily making him smiled

"I know that already" he chuckled hugging the both ladies

"Infact tum is khandaan k sabse Best Husband ho... Jo ki mujhe kabhi laga nai tha ki tum hoge kabhi aise... Kyun ki tumhara gussa baap re baap" Ananya tuffled his hairs who giggled

"Excuse me!! Sabse acha Husband ka kya matlab hai" Dev arch his bows

"I agree wd Mummiji" Aditi giggled "Seekho tum kuch isse" she smacked his arm who glared

"Iska matlab hai main Best hun" He grinned pointing at himself making Dev to rolled his eyes "Acha agar aap sab k kisse kahani khatam ho gaye to main jaauun" he asked tierdly

"Haan jaa... Par subhe jaldi uth jaana 4 baje tak" Ananya spoke lovingly now she loved him more feeling proud of his goodness

"To ye soye hi kyun?? Abhi ek baj rahe hai" Dev mocked

"I need sleep... Good night guys" saying this he ascended upstairs towards his room leaving everyone behind who were talking about him and poor Dev has to answer Ananya & Dadi's questions regarding Armaan's accident

#Shri_n_Aju ;) 

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