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part 10 : AR love story

A: yeah..ridzy this is armaan…my boyfriend…
Armaan looked up at to see Ridhimas face…he could see the anger and shock  in her eyes……he knew she felt betrayed..especially after what happened at the beach.
A: ARMAANN….are you listening? so tell me how do you know ridzy?

Ar: Woh…actually
R: Di...we're just friends. I was walking home late from my night shift and he saw me and decided to drop me home...we met just a few weeks before.
A: Ohh thanks armaan for giving her a ride home that's soo sweet…..but tell me something..why are you guys soo wet?
R: Di it was raining earlier that's why
A: Ohh really…it was? How come I didn't notice…
Ar: Wait….you and ridhima are sisters?
A: Pretty much..actually we're cousins..but  really I treat her like …she's my little baby sister…
Ridhima  looked at Armaan for a brief second before looking away How could he do this? I trusted him sooo much and he just…..betrayed me? The way he kissed me at the beach....what was that then? He did say sorry…but I thought he felt something too…maybe I was wrong…maybe it was just me.  I should have never let my self trust him soo was just…*sigh*
Armaan knew she was hurt…and he wanted to talk to her…….to explain to he that he never, meant for any of this to happen. But how could he with Anjali here? I need to talk to her soon he thought.
A: Hey Armaan..follow me…I'll get you a towel  so you can dry your self up..and should go take a warm shower and change your clothes before you get a cold okay?
Armaan followed after Anjali….but before leaving the room he looked at ridhima..maybe for the last time? God knows if she'll even want to face me again!
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A: Here you better dry yourself up before you get a cold….heyy ummm hold on I have an idea. I'll give you another shirt to wear…and I can go dry this one in the mean while..that way you won't get sick..okay?
Ar(feeling guilty):No Anji its fine
A: Armaan seriously stop,,,I brought some of your favorite shirts with me anyways..I thought you might want them. You can just wear one of them while I go dry this one…I don't want you getting sick…
God I'm such a jerk…a HUGE JERK……I mean Anjali is being so sweet and caring….and here I was…with Ridhima at the BEACH? I was with her cousin like sister…SISTER….what was I thinking when I decided I'm going to get her to fall for me…..this turned out nothing like what I thought it would. The guilt is killing me…how could I do this….?
A: Armaa….she stopped midway as she saw him lost in thought. she noticed he'd been like this since  the minute he stepped foot in this house and saw her…what's wrong with him  she thought…
She put her hand on his shoulder and brought him out of his thoughts.
A(in a soft voice): Hey….here's your shirt…you should go change
He gave her a small thankful smile and just went in the bathroom to change..he came out and Anjali stopped him
A: Armaan….is everything okay? I've noticed for a while…you seem out of something bothering you?
He could see the concern in his eyes. He wanted to tell her the truth…but he was scared…what if that just made things worse?
Ar: No nothing like that at all..I am just tired…that's it.
A: you sure?
Ar; yeah.
Her eyes started to fill with tears…he noticed the wetness in her eyes
A: Armaan…I have something to tell you…but I mean I don't know how should I tell you? she started fidgeting with her fingers….armaan….when you left London for those weeks……my life changed….I got in a car accident one morning..,,I didn't get hurt but my car did. I was  so mad…because I had already started out with a bad morning…..the guy got out and apologized to me several times while I just kept yelling at him.. … he offered to take me out for a lunch to make up for it and he got me to agree some how. One lunch lead to another…and before I knew it we were great friends…we met like every other day. But I started feeling guilty…probably because I know I like him more than a friend….and I think I might even be in love with him.  I've never met a guy like him before armaan….i'm soo sorry armaan…I'm sooo sorry…a few tears started strolling down her cheek
Ar(soft voice): Heyy Anjali…baby don't cry… it's okay. I haven't been completely honest with you either…and now that you told me your story I think I should tell you mine… might hate me though…..but you need to know.  When I came here,,,,,I was the Armaan Mallik who had never been rejected….nobody had ever said no to me….and you knew that too…that was until I met your sister. Remember how I wanted that land…well she straight out said NO to me….so I had decided…I was going to get her to fall for me and give me the land… though once I started to get to know her…things were different…..she was so different than what I had thought her to be….but now I  know I'm doing wrong with her….i should have never done this…..i ..
A(in a low angry voice):  ARMAAN!!! How dare you? Do you have any clue what this girl has been through in her life? And you decided to play around with her heart for a piece of land? Is that how important this deal was to you…that you were going to ruin somebodies life? What were you thinking...?..RIdz maybe my cousin…but I've always treated her like my sister…and I  have NEVER ever let anybody mess around with her..then why did you think you could? And not only were you doing wrong to her…you were betraying me along with it? What do you think of your self Armaan?
Ar: Anji…I know I did wrong with her okay? But if you love your so called cousin like sister soo much..then why did you never tell me about her huh? And don't even talk about cheating …you and that guy down there..huh whats that…..thats not cheating?
A(in a angry voice):  I'm so SORRY Armaan I never told you about her..but that gives you NO right to say I don't love her…..she's my life okay?!? And "that guy" has a's Atul…and I NEVER cheated on you with him….yes I may have started developing feelings for him… but I haven't even told him Armaan……I caught the first flight here..and I came here to talk to you…I wanted to tell YOU FIRST….YOU! I haven't done anything wrong with him…I would NEVER even imagine cheating on you Armaan…she stated crying…..never…she said in between her sobs
Ar(anger starting to cool down): Anji…..he put his arm on her shoulder….stop crying please? I know you do love ridz a lot and I also know that you would never imagine cheating on me…..i know that because you told me about Atul right away instead of hiding it from me…you weren't < ="-" ="text/; =utf-8">< name="ProgId" ="Word.">< name="Generator" ="Microsoft Word 12">< name="Originator" ="Microsoft Word 12">
worried about the consequences intead you knew that I needed to know the truth. I guess I was just mad that you were being so truthful while I was hiding all this from you? I know I should have told you in  the first place…maybe you would have knocked some sense into me….and I wouldn't have done any of this to ridhima. I was scared to tell you anji…I was scared of losing you. I kept telling myself I'll tell you soon..i'll tell you soon..but I just never did…and now this.. I'm sorry for what I did to ridhima..i know I've done wrong anji. I just…I guess my ego got the better of me….i'm soory. I never meant to hurt her. I'm sorry..
A(calming down): armaan its okay…I just don't want you playing with her anymore..okay?  Stop before you do anymore damage then you already have. I can tell Armaan…she's starting to like you. The  look in her eyes..when she walked in the door. That happiness…it was from you.  Just stay away from her..before you hurt her anymore? Okay?
Armaan just nodded his head as anji walked out of the door with his wet shirt…to go and dry it.
He looked up at the door way to see ridz standing there. …she had a look of hatred and anger
A: Ridhima…..I
R: Just shut up Armaan! Don't  say anything. First I walk in to find out that di was your girlfriend..i thought maybe it was just me..maybe you felt guilty about the whole beach thing because of Anjali di…when I didn't regret it at all Armaan….until I found out about di…I felt guilty. but now I know that this was all an act…to get me to fall for you? You wanted that piece of land that badly..that you decided to play with my heart?
Armaan was shocked….he felt like somebody had just punched him in the stomach and knocked all the air out of him…..she knows the truth he thought
Ar: Ridhima listen…..he was about to put his hand on her shoulder
R: DON'T Armaan…don't even try to touch me again. I don't need any explanation from you..i now know the truth..and don't try to lie to me anymore…
Ar: But ridhima…
R; Armaan stop it okay? The truth is you played with my heart…….the truth is that all those moments I spent with you were just ONE BIG GAME…for you….they never meant anything to you. You know I was about to come in here and apologize for what happened at the beach..i thought you might be feeling guilty for what you did to Anji di and I was going to come here and tell you that it's not all your fault. But now I'm glad I over heard your conversation with  di before I said any of those things. I'm glad..armaan..i'm soo glad. Good bye Armaan…
Ar: Ridhima listen…but it was too late she had already walked out of the room
A; Hey Armaan heres your t-shirt…she saw the disturbed look on his face…armaan you okay?
Ar; Huh anji did you say anything? oh my shirt…..thanks
He grabbed it from her and was about to leave.
A: Armaan…are you okay?
Ar: Yes Anji I'm fine
A: Armaan I know a lot as just happened between us..but you know I'm always there for you as a friend when you need me right?
armaan smiled: Yes I know..and the same goes for you..i'm always there you when ever you need me..
Armaan walked out….
Armaans room:
Armaan was lying there on the bed throwing the basketball up in the air and then catching it.
I hate myself…why did I have to do this with her?  Nothing turned out right…I should have listened to Rahul..he told me not to do any of this. I should have never tried to make her fall for me. She thinks this was all one big game for me..when that's not the truth at all. The truth is that every moment I spent with her was like a dream. The all felt too good to be true….the truth is I was starting to fall for her…..and that wasn't part of my game plan. I'd already lost this game..and now I lost her too.
Armaan woke up early the next morning and got ready. He stopped by the flower shop and bought a flower and cards.
He drove over to Sanjeevani and asked the nurse where ridz locker was .At first the nurse kept denying but Armaan was able to convince her with his dimple smile and the look in his big grey eyes. He dropped the stuff in her locker hoping this would work…more like praying.
Ridhima came about 30 minutes after Armaan had left. She opened her locker to find the roses and the card. She opened the card and read his message.

            Dear Ridhima….
                I'm sorry for what I did. I know that I did wrong…but believe me I never meant to hurt you. What started out as a game for me…ended up not being a game at all..i found a friend in you…a friend that I could share my problems with and one that I could always have fun with. I really do feel bad for what I did. I never meant to cheat you in anyway….i'm sorry.
Please forgive me……meet me at Caf Mocha….during your lunch break around 1? If you come then I'll know that you have forgiven me.

Why Armaan…why are you doing this?  This isn't going to make me forgive you at all. Why would I after all you did to me? She threw the roses in the trash and walked out in anger.
Caf Mocha:
He had been walking back and forth from the minute he got there. I hope she comes…Please….just once I want her to listen to me. Maybe then she'll forgive me?
Armaan saw her walk in wearing a white chudidaar….her hair was pinned back in the center with a few strands covering her face..and her eyes like always were outline in black eye liner making them stand out even more. The only difference was this time he found anger and hatred in them.
Ar: Ridhima..i'm soo glad you came..this means you…
R: No it doen't mean I forgave you Armaan……I came here to tell you that what ever you do isn't going to change my mind. I want you to stay away form me Armaan…stop trying to make me forgive you when the truth is I'm NOT.
She turned around..but stopped when she felt his hand on her wrist….
Ar: Ridhima….please….just listen to me once?
She yanked her hand out of his hands: Don't touch me Armaan…..she turned around and walked out of the caf .
Armaan looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes…as he felt a tear roll down his cheek. I've lost her……

(sad version….is there one…there is rite?)
Ishq leta hai kaise imtihan,
Ishq leta hai kaise imtihan,
Ishq mein jiyu, Ishq mein maru,
Ishq hi mera Bhagwan..

Haye rabba, tu hi meri jaan,
tu hi jahaan....tu hi meri manzil....tere ishq mein, mein qurubaan..

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