Saturday, 26 August 2017

part 10 : The Painful Side Of Love

After the conference got over Riddhima went and stood outside
Sanjeevani, she was waiting for Camerone as they both had decided to go out for dinner and have some fun'''Riddhima knew exactly what Camerone meant by fun, he'll irritate her the whole time. Riddhima and Camerone were good friends and she was thankful to god for sending him in her life but there were times when Riddhima felt a bit weird with him as if it wasn't just friendship that he
wanted but something more but Riddhima like always dismissed the thought thinking its just her apprehensions as now she has developed the habit of doubting everyone around her. Riddhima was walking in the parking lot of Sanjeevani, lost in her thoughts when she suddenly bumped into someone and when she raised her head she saw Armaan standing there. He grinned at her and asked her what she was doing there.
'I am waiting for someone.' Armaan didn't like it''..he wondered if she was dating someone but then the thought of the cold 'bandit queen- Riddhima' dating someone didn't click much and thinking this he chuckled to himself. 'What's so funny?'
'Oh nothing. Who are you waiting for?'
'Camerone' Armaan knew they were friends but then the thought of CAMERONE MONROE being JUST friends with a women was hard to digest. The whole world knew that he was a real playboy''..Armaan quickly dismissed the thought as he knew that his Riddhima won't do anything like that. He knew that she was still as pure as she was 4years back but then what about the allegations of adultery raised against her'..armaan frowned but he thought that maybe they were faked by Vivek and his Riddhima can make anybody be friends with her and Camerone was just one of them after all she loved him and only him''Armaan smiled at his thoughts and Riddhima saw him smiling and in a very irritated tone said, 'Dr.Armaan, will you please tell me what's wrong with you? You have being smiling like this for the past 2mins but you won't tell me about it. Don't you think it's a bit rude and besides''
But before Riddhima could complete her sentence she heard the horn of a car and when she turned around she saw Camerone sitting in the car with a driver since he did not have an Indian driving license. He came out of the car and walked towards them and shook hands with Armaan with a smile on his face. Riddhima was really shocked by his behavior towards Armaan''..he knew that he had tried to rape her but he was behaving as if they were long lost friends. As if Camerone had read her thoughts he said, 'Oh! Don't worry we are friends now. You asked me if I had beaten him later'''.well I did. When I had beaten him to my heart's content I forgave him putting the blame on his drunken condition and then we resolved our issues and became friends with each other.' They both smiled and gave each other a side hug as if convincing Riddhima of their friendship. She just smiled but that too vanished from her face when she heard Camerone ask Armaan, 'So what are your plans for the evening?'
'Nothing' I guess I'll just go home and cook something for myself and go to sleep.' when Armaan ended his answer Camerone quickly smiled and said, 'Oh am sorry to ruin your wonderful evening and tarnish your plans but now you are coming with us for dinner. Hope you don't have a problem.' but he didn't wait for an answer from Armaan and just dragged him towards the car and they both were settled in the car while Riddhima was standing at her place like and idiot and when the whole thing registered she cursed Camerone because she knew he had done this deliberately to irritate her but knowing there was no way to escape she quietly went and sat in the car.

They reached the hotel after 15mins and the ride was very quiet with Riddhima giving Camerone murderous looks while he kept grinning like an idiot. When they reached the hotel they got out of the car and the public looked at the three of them'''..well to be precise the ladies around looked at Armaan and Camerone swooning at their good looks. All of them had instantly identified the big industrialist and big time playboy Camerone Monroe. They both ignored the looks while Riddhima was irritated with the attention they both were getting and as if they sensed her irritation Camerone turned around and said to Riddhima 'I know you are feeling out of place with handsome hunks like us but sweety don't make it so obvious. I mean everyone around here is probably thinking that your are our assistant or something.' While both the guys were busy laughing at the comment Riddhima walked away in a huff but the moment she opened the restaurant door she bumped into a guy and she lost balance but before she could fall the guy grasped her waist and helped her up. Riddhima stood up straight but the guy still did not remove his hands from her waist and was lost into her gray eyes''.. Camerone and Armaan who were seeing all this from a distance instantly stopped laughing and walked towards Riddhima and Armaan immediately removed the guy's hand form Riddhima's waist and Camerone pushed him lightly and placing his hand on Riddhima's back motioned her and Armaan to move inside.
The moment they stepped inside the beautiful restaurant, the manager came rushing to their side and said in an admiring voice, 'Mr.Monroe its such a pleasure to have you here sir.' he slightly nodded at the manager who then moved towards a table at one of the corners in the hall, the beach was well visible from there. When they were seated at the table the manager said, 'Hope you guys enjoy your dinner. I'll just send a waiter to your table.' With that he left. Armaan said with a cheeky grin, 'You have quite and influence over people out here. We got such a good place to sit. You must enjoy all the attention.'
'Of course he does and specially the attention that he gets from the dumb women around him.' Riddhima replied to Armaan in an irritated tone.
'I don't get that kind of attention because of my position its because of my amazingly hot looks, something that only me and Armaan would understand and you won't. Right Armaan?' Armaan smiled and hi-fifed with him. Riddhima gave them both a cold look but before she could say anything the waiter was there to take their order. They all placed their order and when the food arrived they both stopped talking and focused on the food because they were absolutely famished. Midway through the meal Riddhima's cell rang and her face instantly lit up she placed the cell against her ear and said in a real cheerful voice, 'Hey! Rahul. Whats up?' Armaan's head jerked up while Camerone raised his eyebrow and Riddhima sensing the change in her companions excused herself and when she left Camerone instantly asked Armaan, 'Whose Rahul?'
'He's one of the doctors at Sanjeevani.' Armaan replied quickly. They both were looking at each other when Armaan continued 'He's quite besotted by Riddhima. Riddhima too has developed some kind of liking for him.'
'I can see that because she never replies so joyfully to anybody.' They both were really uneasy with the thought and when Riddhima came back and sat down on her seat they both kept looking at her, waiting for her to clarify their doubt and Riddhima knew why they both were looking at her and finally she gave up and said that 'Rahul has invited all of us to a party tomorrow.'
'But you won't go right?' Camerone's question made Riddhima feel really weird and Armaan too was puzzled by his tone and question''.I mean he also wanted to know Riddhima's answer but that was because he was in love with her and didn't want anyone coming closer to her but why was Camerone so interested when he was JUST a friend.


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