Tuesday, 15 August 2017

part 11 : AR love story

Why is he doing this to me now? I can't forgive him after all he's done to me….what if he hurts me again? A part of me wants to forgive him so I can be back to normal with him. They way he was there for me at the beach…they way he held me when I needed to be held…every moment I've spent with him has been so special for me. Oh god…I would have been head over heels in his love if I hadn't found out the truth. *Sigh* But that doesn't change the fact that I had started developing feelings for him…He was….

S: Ridhima yaar what are you thinking about? I've been trying to get your attention for the last 5 minutes here..and your not even listening…what thoughts are you lost in?
R: Oh Sapna nothing..i was just thinking about some case. So tell me..whats new?
S: Ridz…duty hours are over……I thought your duty ended half hour ago…why are you just sitting here in the locker room?
R: Sapna I said na..just leave it…its nothing. what did you need?
S: Oh  ha…sooo you know that guy I've been talking about?
R; Oh Amit?
S: Yeah him…he asked me out on a date  ridz!! I'm soo happy that I can't even express in words my amount of happiness. I think he might be the guy for me ridz…I know that sounds crazy I've only met him  two other times before and it wasn't even dates…but I don't know…something just tells me he's the one for me.
R: Sapna I'm happy for you really. But be careful..because sometimes who we think is the person for us…turns out to be something else….anyways I have to head home now. Bye
S; What did ridz mean by that…"Sometimes who we think is the person for us …turns out to be something else…"
Ridhima was walking towards her car…still lost in thought….
A: Ridhima…
R: Armaan tum? Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?
A: Woh Ridhima…
R: Armaan just leave….and let me leave too
A: No ridhima…..i'm not going to let you leave until you listen to me..
R: I don't want to listen to anything…..i've already heard enough
A: But what you heard isn't the complete truth ridhima…
R: What more is there left to hear Armaan? You played with my heart for a piece of land…its  as simple and straight forward as that.
A: You make it seem like all this is so simple and it meant nothing
R; : It did mean nothing…..and armaan this is simple if you just leave me alone and we both just move on…why are you making things complicated?
Armaan grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer: Because ridhima..we both know its not as simple as your trying to make it seem. You know it's not "nothing" there was something between us. Admit it…you felt something every time I touched you…or came near you.
R (avoiding any eye contact)- Let go of me armaan..i don't want to talk about this
Armaan gently caressed her cheeks: look into my eyes..and tell me you don't feel something right now..
R: Armaan…pleaseee…stop
Ar: (softer voice) tell me ridhima….tell me you don't feel something
R: I..I…don't feel anything…(finally getting enough strength) she looked into his eyes and said…I don't feel anything armaan….let go of me…there's nothing left to talk about now
She started leaving when she felt armaan take hold of her arm and pull her back…her back to his chest…..(he's still holding her arms)
Ar: (whispered in her ear) ridhima…please just give me one more chance. I promise nothing will go wrong this time.
She closed her eyes as she felt his breath tickle her ears.
R: Armaan….please…just let go of me.
She felt him release her…she was a little shocked as he let go of her that quickly…but using the time to her advantage she quickly started opening the door of her car..when she heard him say..
Ar: I let go of you this time…but that doesn't mean I won't be back. I'll make you listen to me ridhima…..
She got into her car and drove off.
She entered into her house…and she heard her mom stop her.
P: Ridhima beta…aagayi?
R: Haan ma. …aaj main bahut tak gaye hu…hospital main bahut  kaam tha
P: Hmm….upar ja kar aaram kar
R: Teek  hain…I love you ma.
P: I love you too beta.              
She went up stairs to her room…and saw Anjali waiting for her
A: Ridz where were you?!?! I've been needing to talk to you forever. I have soo much to tell you. Come here she said..pulling ridz hand and making her sit down on the bed with her.
Ridhima….you know how me and Armaan are no longer together right?
R: yeah…
A: Well….its cuz of this guy I met…his names Atul….he's so different..but sweet. He seems like a guy that I would never fall for…but I don't know there something about him that just pulls me towards him. Ridzy..i think I might be in love…
R: Di….seriously? Wow..i can't believe it my di's in love..she hugged anjali tightly.
A: Yeah but ridhima I don't know about him. What if he doesn't love me back?
R: Of course he does di…. I just know he does. Don't worry about it okay…pulling out of the hug…she got up to go and change out into her night suit but stopped when she heard Anjali's voice.
A: Hey Ridhima….wait I need to talk about something else too..
R: What di…tell me..?
A:  It's about Armaan….she noticed the change of expressions in ridz face..listen..i know what happened between you two….i over heard you yelling at him the other day…but ridz ..
R: Di…if you know what he did to me…then why are you talking about him? I'm not going to forgive him…
A: Ridz…just listen to me okay. Armaan is a really nice guy…and I know what he did to you was wrong….but he's changed ridz. I can just tell…when he came here..he was the Armaan who had never been turned down..always gotten what he wanted…but now I've noticed a change..he seems to have forgotten all about that land. Ridz….you should give him another chance…I think he may even like you….actually I'm positive..i could tell from the look in his eyes the night he dropped you off…..and I can tell you've started to develop a liking for him too..even if you deny it. Just know ridz…he's a nice guy..and I know he hurt you badly..but those were never his intentions…he's been pampered a lot by his brother…his dads always leaving the house constantly for business trips..half the time he's never even home. I'm not trying to justify what Armaan did…I know what he did was wrong…I just want you to think about forgiving him.  Just think about it ridzy. I'm not forcing you into making a haste decision.
Ridz went and changed into her night suit and got into bed thinking about what Anjali said…Am I being too harsh on armaan..? Maybe I should give him another chance…noo I can't. Not after what he did to me. He knew I was starting to fall for him….but maybe…I don't know. I'm so confused….

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