Wednesday, 2 August 2017

part 11 : Dil ka rishta

Riddhima:Bye I'm going.....haan bye bus wo meri car kharab ho gayi hai...arre nahi chutti nahi aaj jana important hai..chalo bye

Riddhima moved to bus station as it was on a walking distance,she was standing there waiting for the bus when a car stopped infront of her.

The window pane of car dropped down when someone removed his black shades and as they both saw each other,they had an eyelock.

Riddhima's POV

I was waiting when a car stopped infront of me....and as the window pane dropped down i just uttered "Armaan" which was barley audible......Only one thing my mind could say was he is lookin like a greek god in his shades......As he removed them,those blue orbs bored into mine.....don't know why but I couldn't even utter a single word.

Riddhima's POV ends

Armaan's POV

I was going when I saw her waiting on the bus stand and I couldn't remove my eyes off her and the car stopped unknowingly infront of I removed my shades;those beautiful green eyes bored into mine...and I couldn't help myself but say in mind she is looking so an angel.

Armaan's POV ends also.

They both were indulged in there thoughts when a car horn broke there trance.

Hearing that Armaan smiled and parked his car in a side and Riddhima smiled to herself and thought

Riddhima (in mind):Ohh god what was I thinking.

Riddhima says this to herself in her mind when Armaan came to her and said...

Armaan:Yo basket yahan kya kar rahi ho?

Riddhima:Hey kuch nahi waiting for the kharab aur taxi strike u know

Armaan:Come with me

Riddhima:Nahi bus aane wali hogi thanks

Armaan:Are aao yaar....main bhi wahi jaa raha hoon jahan tum jaa rahi ho..ya tumhara kuch aur plan hai (smirking nd winking at her while saying this)

Riddhima:Shut up Armaan!!

Armaan:Toh phir chalo....

Riddhima:Fine chalo

With this they sat in the car and zoomed off to college....,

They both were sitting in the classroom when a note was thrown on riddhima....she looked back and took it..

Armaan(curiously):Kya hai?

Riddhima(also confused):Pata nahi

Armaan:Toh parho

Riddhima:Haan haan padh rahi hoon.....

What the note says:
Hey Riya
Main saurabh tumhe like karta hoon...please meri dost banogi? Please yaar...aur Tina toh pagal hai, kuch bhi bolti hai... I am not her boyfriend.....

Armaan(giggling):Kya baat hai cupid bann rahi ho tum...

Riddhima:Shut up......kya karen riya ko yeh letter pohchana hai

She looked back and saw Saurabh (classmate) pleading her to give the letter to Riya,Riddhima blinked her eyes as if saying she'll pass the note to Riya.

Armaan:Kya karen?

Riddhima:Wait ab main jo kahungi,you continue with that

Armaan(smiling nd smirking):Okay☺

Riddhima:Shut up Armaan!! you idiot......paagal.....

Armaan was stunned with her behavior when she blinked her eyes and he understood.

Lecturer:Ms. Riddhima why are you shouting?

Armaan:Nahi nahi har jagah meri galti hoti hai na jaise tum badi dhudh ki dhuli ho haina?

He shouted back ignoring the lecturer.

Lecturer(angrily):Ms. Riddhima, Mr. Armaan both of you out of my class right now!!

Both stood up from there seats and were going out of the class but before going out,they gave Riya Saurabh's note who was sitting at places which were at the entrance of the class.....

During Break was sooo funny...yaar

Armaan(also laughing):Sach main

Riddhima(holding her stomach now):Hass hass ke pait main dard ho gaya



She was smiling to herself,
when Armaan came back.

Armaan(smiling):There you go with the lunch☺

Riddhima:Thanks Armaan😊

Armaan:Waise thanks for accepting my friendship☺

Riddhima smiles

Riddhima:Tum bohot ache ho Armaan sach main......

Armaan:Kyun pehle bura tha kya??!!


Both looked at each other and laughed......

Break got over........

Riddhima was standing at the parking when Armaan came and heard her talking to someone.

Riddhima:I like u too...muuwaaahhh

Armaan was shocked.....😮😮

Then Riddhima looks at Armaan and goes up to him and says


Armaan(nervously):Haan haan......tum kis se baat kar rahi thi?

Riddhima(shocked):You were eavesdropping my conversation??!!!

Armaan(nervously) 4 year old nephew...cousin ka beta hai

Armaan took a sigh of relief and said hmm ok

They drove off and Armaan dropped Riddhima home;he was going back thinking of his stupidity but was happy with the events of today.

To be continued.....
Hey guys hope u liked it

With love

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