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part 11 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was standing at the window of his room, gazing towards the beautiful moon in the sky but his thoughts were way too busy to notice mother nature. He was once again wondering about the relationship Camerone and Riddhima shared. Camerone had told him that he and Riddhima were just friends but remembering how angry he had got when he had tried to rape Riddhima and even today after Riddhima had told them that she wanted to go to Rahul's party he reacted in just the way a FRIEND wouldn't. He still remembered the whole conversation:

'Hmmmm''..well yes I am going to his party.' Riddhima replied to Camerone's question but Camerone wasn't satisfied and he moved his chair closer to Riddhima and said with a hardened expression on his face 'Buy you don't like parties then what's so special about this party?'
'Theres nothing special about the party but Rahul wants me to be there so I'll go. He has been a great friend and support for me. I can express my gratitude by being a part of his happiness and just so that you know it's his birthday and so it's definitely special.'
'But how do you know that he is a good guy and he is not trying to get closer to you through this party.' To Riddhima Camerone's questions were not making any sense. She was in fact kind of disgusted with the way he was thinking and she was feeling really weird. She looked towards Armaan who was sitting with a huge question mark on his face. She sighed and said 'Camerone I don't know what you are driving at but I think there is nothing wrong with attending a party and he has invited you and Armaan as well so stop worrying as you are going to be with me there. You can see it yourself then and even if he is trying to come closer to me then I am a big girl and can very well handle my problems.' She got up from her chair and left the place. While Camerone was visibly embarrassed and worried as well while Armaan was just puzzled.
And now standing near the window he was trying to understand the whole situation. He thought that maybe he liked Riddhima while Riddhima considered him just a friend. To him nothing was making any sense so he simply turned off the lights and went to sleep.
Riddhima was also pretty much lost in the same thought when Camerone came in her room and stood beside her. Riddhima knew he was there but still she did not react while Camerone kept gazing at her face and admired her beauty. Finally he said, 'I know what you are thinking about.' Riddhima turned around with a questioning look on her face probing him to go on but instead of saying anything he hugged her and said in a low voice which was barely audible, 'Riddhima I am just worried about you baby. I don't think I can see you getting hurt all over again. I just want you to be happy.' His voice got really low and that's when Riddhima hugged him back and said 'Its ok Cam but Rahul is a nice guy and I am not going to fall in love with him so chill.'
He broke the hug and looked straight into her eyes and said, 'Are you in love with Armaan?' Riddhima gave him a sharp look and said in a stern voice 'No Camerone I am not. Nobody can bring those dead emotions to life but I thought that Armaan will always hate me for what I did to him after all he doesn't know the truth but he still cares and this fact shakes my resolve of not falling in love with him but I have a grip on my emotions and I will make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.'
'Armaan is a nice guy. I just want to see you happy.' He kissed her forehead and left after saying good night to her. When he left her room she was relaxed and once again assured of his feelings towards her. She smiled and hit the back of her head for doubting Camerone's friendship.
Camerone closed the door of Riddhima's room and stood outside leaning against the door when a tear rolled down his eye, wiping it away with his finger he smiled a painful smile and wondered if he did the right thing by telling Armaan the truth but then he reproached himself for thinking that way and mumbled under his breath 'Nobody can love Riddhima more then Armaan and they both deserve each other.' He was also confused as to why he was behaving like that but he too dismissed the thought and went to sleep.
Riddhima was standing at the nurse station when she saw Dr.Shubhankar coming towards her along with a girl in a lab coat. She was nearly as tall as Riddhima and was wearing a perfect fitting black shirt with a blue denim skirt. Her hair were straight and touched her shoulders. She came and stood face to face with Riddhima.
'Dr.Riddhima this is our intern Dr.Sim. She is going to be your special student for next 7days. We want out interns to work under you for some days as you are one of the most disciplined and dedicated doctor here and we want them to learn specifically these qualities from you. So I'll leave her to you now. Excuse me.' With that Dr.Shubhankar left and Riddhima turned to Sim who was busy noticing Riddhima's looks and was highly impressed.
'If you are done scrutinizing me may I please know what you are planning to specialize in?' Riddhima asked Sim who was slightly embarrassed on being caught but she was determined to impress this doctor who had every one around her in awe and admiration and Sim was now realizing why. 'I am hoping to become a gynecologist after completing my internship. I know you are a cardiologist but
Dr.Shubhankar wants us to learn other qualities of being a doctor from you.' Riddhima gave her a curt smile and said in a stern voice 'Next time just answer what I have asked and avoid talking unnecessarily. Today I have a surgery coming up so I want you to assist me. I'll get to know about your confidence level. Follow me.'
They reached the OT and were preparing themselves for the surgery when Armaan came there and wished them luck 'I know Riddhima you don't need this but good luck just the same.'
'Thank you Dr.Armaan.' Riddhima gave him a small and cold smile and resumed her preparations for the operation but her concentration was disturbed when she saw Armaan talking to the intern.
'So Dr.Sim you are the one to assist Dr.Riddhima. Well best of luck and make sure you don't disappoint her.' He was expecting a thank you from Dr.Sim but instead she kept staring at him in a dreamy way and this didn't go unnoticed by Riddhima who was standing right behind Armaan.
'Dr.Sim you alright.' Armaan said placing a hand on Sim's shoulder which made her quickly come out of her trance and she replied in a stuttering voice 'Uh'. Oh ya Dr.Armaan I am fine.' When Armaan was about to leave she said 'Dr.Armaan I hope you don't mind my saying that you are really a very handsome doctor''.actually too handsome to be a doctor.' She blushed giving him this compliment which made Riddhima raise her eyebrow in a disgusted way at an intern flirting with a doctor or to be true some girl flirting with Armaan but to her utter shock Armaan did not discourage her and simply said 'You too are very beautiful Dr.Sim' he winked at her and left the place shocking Riddhima. She turned to Dr.Sim and told her in a menacing voice, 'Dr.Sim please check your behaviour and now if you don't mind can we please proceed with the operation.' Sim quickly nodded her head and followed Riddhim and Armaan who had seen the whole thing from a corner smirked to himself.

Camerone was waiting for Riddhima to come out as they had to leave for Rahul's party. He was wearing black trousers fitting his long legs and a white shirt which flaunted the muscular abs of his. He looked very handsome even in those very simple clothes. He could make any women go weak in their knees with no effort at all. But his looks had never effected Riddhima nor had his money and that was exactly why they were best of friends. He respected Riddhima for that and knew that she is a women of substance and deserves every happiness but he also knew that she wasn't happy and if anybody could make her genuinely happy its only Armaan. He saw Armaan's car come and stop in front of him. He switched off the head lights and came out of the car and at the same moment Riddhima was closing the window of her room when her eyes fell over him. She had a sharp intake of breath and she noticed that Armaan had become even more handsome. He was wearing a black shirt which was half unbuttoned and anybody could notice that the chest underneath it was as hard as iron and very well chiselled. He was wearing blue jeans and his hair were shining under the moonlight and were properly gelled with some spiked up while some were falling over his forehead. Riddhima had an urge to walk upto him and remove those few strands of hair from his forehead but she knew she can't and she won't. He and Camerone were equally hansome but Camerone was taller and slightly better built while Armaan had beautiful grey black eyes which had made her fall in love with him. Finally Riddhima closed the window and came outside to where the two men were standing. Both of them were stunned when they saw Riddhima. She looked amazingly beautiful, in fact it was a gross understatement. She was wearing a little black mini dress which exposed her midriff with a cut out sequin trimmed bodice. She had straps on her shoulders and her back was bare with the dress ending way above her knees. Both the man noticed that she was so beautiful and elegant that she could sway the earth with her and cause a storm in any man's life. Armaan felt that she was stunningly gorgeous but at the same time he also felt that Riddhima, the one in plain salwaar kameez looked way more beautiful at least to him she did. The Riddhima standing in fromt of him also belonged to him no matter what kind of clothes she wore. Riddhima noticed Armaan looking at her and knew that it was not a glance but an act of ownership which made her shiver slightly. When none of them moved she went and sat in the back seat of Armaan's car because she knew he was taking them to the party. Finally they both came and settled in the car and left for the party.

Camerone was feeling even more weird now after getting all kinds of strange feeling once he placed his eyes on Riddhima while Armaan was planning to use the party to his full advantage and bring Riddhima close to him.


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