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part 12 & 13 : Dil ka rishta

Recap: Riddhima ki car achanak kharab ho jaati hai aur woh bus stand pe bus ke liye intezaar kar rahi hoti hai... Suddenly Armaan comes and after alot of bak-bak Riddhima aur Armaan ek saath college jaate hain. Dono ek dusre ke kareeb aa rahe hote hain.. Riddhima ko ek love letter milti hai uski friend ko dene ke liye.. Iss ke liye Armaan usse tease karta hai. Later both of them get themselves out of the class after fooling their lecturer.... Break mein bhi dono bahut masti karte hain, phir later on Armaan Riddhima ko kisi ko I love you too bolte sunkar shock ho jaata hai.. Phir jab usse pata chalta hai ke Riddhima apne nephew ko I love you too bol rahi thi toh Armaan becomes happy and relieved. Uske baad Armaan Riddhima ko ghar drop karta hai aur khud apne ghar chala jaata hai. Ab aage....

Armaan: Main aaj ka din kabji nahi bhool sakta, it was the best day of my life! I can't wait to meet Riddhima at college tomorrow

Saying this Armaan goes to sleep with a cute smile on his face thinking about their date and Riddhima

Riddhima: Kyun main uska chehra apne dil se nahi nikaal sakti? Even though he irritates me alot; kyun ek ajeeb sa ehsaas ho raha hai mere andar?

Confused with all this Riddhima drifts off to sleep.

Next morning two new girls enter the college.

Riddhima is standing towards her back waiting for Armaan, but she doesn't know why she's waiting for Armaan.. Suddenly someone comes behind her and puts a hand on her eyes making her gasp, soon she recognizes the touch and sequeals Smiley!!!!

P.S. guys Smiley is Riddhima's best friend from high school.

Smiley: Oye tune mujhe phir pehchan liya, tu har baar mere bina kuch bole kaise pehchan leti hai?

Both the friends share a hug then... Later Smiley introduces Simran to Riddhima.

Guys, Simran is Armaan's childhood friend and as u can tell she's Smiley's friend also.

Simran and Riddhima become good friends, just then Armaan reaches there and Riddhima checks him out seeing how cool and handsome he was looking, Smiley notices this and smiles.

Just then Armaan was suddenly pulled into a rib-crashing hug which is given by none other than Simran.

Armaan looks down to see Simran there and gets really happy, they both share a hug which makes Riddhima jealous...He notices as Riddhima stomps her foot and walks away saying that they have classes. After Riddhima leaves with Smiley, Armaan smiles inwardly and thinks

Armaan (in his mind): ooh someone's jealous...

With this said, he decides to make Riddhima more jealous..

To be continued....

Hope u guys liked this part.


 Part 13:

Next day at College

Episode starts with armaan talking to his friends... and then Riddhima came in auto...
So Armaan starts teasing Ridz by flirting with Simran

Like this days passed away... Riddhima aur bhi zayada jealous aur insecure ho gayi hai Simran aur Armaan ki badhti nazdeekiyon se...

Next day is Smiley's birthday so Ridz and the gang are throwing a surprise birthday party for her.

Riddhima and the gang were sitting in the cafe during their lunch break, just then Riddhima tells the gang about Smiley's birthday and her surprise party for Smiley.

Riddhima: Guys kal meri best friend Smiley ka birthday hai aur maine uske liye surprise birthday party plan ki hai... So will u guys please help me?

The gang: Of course Ridz, yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai?

Riddhima smiles and says

Riddhima: Great, thank u so much guys

Just then Armaan comes in the cafe with Simran holding her hand, seeing this Ridz gets really jealous and angry which Armaan notices and smiles inwardly.

Armaan: Main aur Simran bhi tumhari help karenge Riddhima, kyun Simran?

Simran: Of course yaar, hum definitely tumhari help karenge Riddhima

Hearing Simran saying that, Riddhima makes a face. Just then, Armaan deliberately says

Armaan: Main aur Simran decoration wagera akele dekhenge aur Riddhima tum Smiley ko poora din shopping wagera mein busy rakhna

Yeh sun kar Riddhima aur gussa aur jealous hoti hai.

Riddhima (angrily): Oh hello, Listen! Mujhe tumse jaan ne ki zaroorat nahi hai ke mujhe apni best friend ki birthday pe kya karna hai aur kya nahi samjhe

Armaan usse ignore karta hai aur jaan bhuj kar Simran ke saath flirt karne lagta hai in front of Ridz and this makes Riddhima more jealous and insecure.

Armaan deliberately and slowly brings Simran's hand to his lips and kisses it softly in front of Riddhima

Seeing this Riddhima gets so jealous and leaves the cafe immediately after making an excuse

Riddhima: Umm... Mujhe... Mujhe kuch kaam hai, I'll see u guys later; bye

Hearing that Armaan smiles to himself because uski harkaton se Riddhima ko bahut farak padh raha hai

Armaan(to himself): Yes! Riddhima toh bahut jealous aur insecure ho rahi hai mujhe leke, now I just hope ke woh jaldi apni feelings confess kar de ke woh bhi mujhse bahut pyar karti hai aur mujhe kisi aur ke saath nahi dekh sakti....

To be continued....

Hope u guys like it.


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