Thursday, 17 August 2017

part 12 : AR love story

Ridhima heard Anjali open the curtains of her room in an attempt to wake her up..the sunlight danced across her fair skin disturbing her sleep..slightly irritated she turned her face towards her pillow and pulled the blanket over her head.
An: Ridz uth yaar….its 11.

She knew it was late and she should wake up..but the truth was she stayed up pretty late contemplating over things..and she was in no way ready to wake up yet. She was hoping anjali would realize that her efforts of waking her up were futile and would get tired and stop. She just wanted to sleep longer..sleep all her problem and worries away.
An: Ridz please yaar…it's soo late wake up na!
R: Di..please let me sleep na please
An: No..i want you up and read in 30 minutes..its 11..isthis a time to be sleeping at? The days already started jaan and you have your day off today. Why waste it? You are going to wake up now and spend the day with me!
Ridz groaned in defeat and threw her blanket to the other side of the bed and got up. She walked straight towards the bathroom and slammed the door. Brushing her teeth she was thinking of possible excuses that she could use. She was in noo mood to got out today..not that she didn't love her di..she did it was just that she felt like staying home….away from reality.
She rinsed out her mouth and went into the shower. a while later she heard Anji knocking on the door yelling about how she was taking to long. She grudgingly turned of the water and got out. The shower had felt refreshing and calming. She wrapped the towel around herself and stood in front of the bathroom mirror that was covered with steam. She wiped it off and stared at her self in the mirror. She critically observed her features..she had big emerald green eyes…fair white skin and silky black long hair with some high lights of brown in it that were only visible in the sun. She knew she wasn't drop dead gorgeous but she didn't think she was that bad looking..then why didn't armaan genuinely fall for her? Why the games…? If he had truly started liking her...couldn't he have cleared his side and came straight out and told her the truth first? Yes she would have been mad, but at the same time delighted at the fact that he truly liked her enough to tell her the truth. She could feel the tears brim her eyes. She took a deep breath and felt some of the tears starting to roll down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and wiped them off quickly. She was stronger than this….then why was she crying? She had been through worst in her life, than why did she feel like she lost a beloved one? Maybe because he was close to her, and she trusted him, she truly had and he..soo easily broke her trust and now expected her to forgive him? No she couldn't possibly  forgive him, it just wasn't possible. It's not as simple as just one sorry, her did for more damage and a sorry simply wasn't enough. She took another deep breath as she felt Anji yelling for her to get out. Man she thought, what's wrong with di today? Making me rush soo much!
She stood in front of her wardrobe debating if she wanted to wear her baby pink sundress or her white one. She really wasn't in the mood to go out, but if it made di happy she was ready. Finally she decided to close her eyes and randomly just grab one. It ended up being the white one. She changed into to it and sat in front of her mirror. She took her brush and started untangling the knots in her hair. She decided to tie up her hair in a loose ponytail with her side bangs caressing her face. She threw her ponytail to the side of her shoulder and sighed. It felt o tiresome getting ready, but she knew she needed to make an effort to at least look enthusiastic about going out with di or she's suspect something and question her, and honestly she was in no mood to give answers. She still needed to figure out her own answers! She picked up her eyeliner and outlined her eyes carefully. She got up and decided she was done, she in no mood to add anymore make up to her self. She went down the stairs and saw a plate with French toast and a glass of orange juice. Ughhh she thought, she really didn't want to eat anything.
An: finally yaar, you took hours to get ready. Now hurry up and eat so we can leave.
R: Dii really I'm not hungry at all. How about we just leave?
An: Arre…how can that be? You haven't eaten anything, you have to eat now!
R: Di please…
An: Fine chal..but you have to eat when we go out, I won't be taking any excuses then. But at least drink your juice.
R: Okay fine
Ridhima quickly gulped down the juice and they left the house.
Armaan stared out the balcony of his room. He held his coffee in one hand as he stood there lost in thought. His life had taken such drastic turns in the last few days that it was just unbelievable. How can life just change that much in matter of a few days? His life had been in such turmoil lately. He sighed and closed his eyes, he knew he had hurt Ridhima tremendously, he broke her trust in him, but he truly was sorry and he didn't know how to get this through her. He knew what he did to her deserved way more than just a tiny old apology but he didn't know what else to do. She wasn't even ready to listen to him. He wanted to tell her that what started out as a game for him, ended up being way more than that. She mattered to him way more than that, in just a few days she had become so close to him. Just her smell intoxicated him, and a mere physical contact  made his stomach do summersaults and created feelings in him that he'd never felt before. And her eyes…well he could just get lost in them. He knew it wasn't love yet, but he knew it was a strong possibility that if she ever forgave him it could turn into love. He knew she shared mutual feelings, she trembled at his touch, the way she shy's away at his stare, and the way she gets just as lost in his eyes.  He just longed to feel her in his arms again, that's all he wanted, like that night at the beach, the way he held her and supported her. That's all he wanted more than anything right now. The sudden vibration of his phone snapped him out of his thoughts.
A; Hello
Ra: Armaan yaar, why did you take so long to pick up?
A: Who bhaiya actually
R:a: Okay doesn't matter, actually the real matter is that its Muskaans birthday soon!
Realization dawned on him that it was his bhabi's birthday in just a matter of a few days!
A: Oh haa bhaiiya.I remember
Ra: Toh please na, help me pick out a gift for her! Please!
A: Fine, I'll meet you at the mall in a half an hour
They'd been wandering around the fall aimlessly for about 2 hours now, they hopelessly lost on what to get Muskaan.
A: Bhaiiya I'm tired of wandering around, you've rejected every idea I've had and you can't come up with any of your own!
Ra: Fine fine, how about we go get something to eat and talk about what to get her there?
A: Fine. What ever you say
They decided to eat at Italian caf, the same caf where him and Ridhima had first met. Deep down he didn't want to go there, but he didn't know what to tell Rahul if he asked why. Especially since this was Rahul's favorite caf. But for him, it just brought back memories of when he and ridz first met for their meeting. The shock he had received when he had realized that she was "Miss Gupta" and that smirk that had come across her face. The fight they had, mann she looked beautiful even when she was angry. He let out a small laugh and sighed. If only he could have her back…
Ra: Okay spill Armaan what's wrong?
A: Nothings wrong bhayya.
Ra: Stop lying yaar, you're my little brother I know you inside out. You've been acting weird since morning, tell me what's wrong? Is it something between you and Anjali?
A: No bhaiyya, didn't know how to tell his brother all that had happened in the past few days..
Ra: Kyaa..?
A: Who actually bhaiyya, me and Anjali aren't together anymore
Ra: WHAT?!?! Why??
A: Well, I guess we realized we just weren't meant to be.
Ra: Matlab?
A: Well….she met this other guy in London. And no she didn't cheat on me, but she knew there was definitely something between them. So she flew all the way to India just to tell me bhaiyya. And here I was hiding the fact that I was playing around with her sister for a piece of land…
Ra: What her sister? Ridhima and Anjali are sisters???
A: They're cousins, but they're so close that you can pretty much just call them sisters..
Ra: Oh… does Ridhima know that you and…
A: Ha….
Ra: toh is she..
A: Mad? Yeah very, she hates me.
He closed his eyes as he felt tears about to fill his eyes.. His throat suddenly felt dry and was burning and he tried to swallow away the dryness in his throat. He never in a million years thought he would end up crying over a girl.
Ra: Armaan…tu theek to hain?...
A: I don't know bhaiyya
Rahul decided not to press on this matter any further, he could see the confused state that Armaan was in. He could sense the pain that he was going through, he needed time to think out his emotions, to get things straight in his mind.
He turned into the caf and parked his car.
They got out of the car and walked towards a table when all of a sudden he heard a familiar voice…
Somebody: Rahul!
He turned around to see Anjali dressed in jeans and a white baby doll shirt. If she was here….that meant that Riddhima should be here too….
He noticed somebody standing slightly behind Anjali..and as Anjali walked forward to engulf Rahul in a hug he noticed that it was her. She was looking down, her eyes didn't dare look up at him. She looked like she hadn't gotten enough sleep lately as he noticed faint bags under her eyes, but none the less she still looked beautiful. Her hair was done in a simple loose ponytail and the white sundress matched perfectly with her fair flawless skin. White…she was wearing his favorite color with out even knowing it.
He was brought out of his thoughts as he felt Anjali embrace him….he smiled and said..
A: Hey anji! How are you?
An: Good…just came here to grab a bite. Ridhima hasn't eaten anything since morning
He felt a sudden sense of guilt overcome him…Had she not eaten cuz of him?

An: Ridz come over here!
He noticed as she hesitantly walked towards tthem….Did she really hate him that much that she couldn't stand to be near him?
Ra: Arre Ridhima how are you? Long time no see
R: I'm fine Rahul. How are you? And hows Muskaan?..she gave a faint smile…but not one that reached her eyes he noticed
Ra: remember about Muskaan.haha we're both doing great. Actually its her birthday in a few days. Me and Armaan were trying ot decide on what to get her.
An: Guys lets all sit down and order something to eat!
All 4 of them walked towards a table a waiter attended them and took their orders.
He came back with four plate and set them down.
An: Soo tell me, what have you decided to get Muskaan?
Ra: I don't know yaar, I'm soo confused. Why don't you help me  think og something?
Armaan started tuning out of their conversation and shifted his gaze to ridz. He noticed that she was sort of in her own world picking at her food with her fork. She'd hardly taken a bite…and his heart ached to see her in this condition.
An: Ask ridz na…she's great at getting people gifts!
Ra: Soo Ridhima..what do you think I should get Muskaan?
R: Huh..oh ummm….she thought about it for a second. She'd been soo lost in thoughts…she wasn't really able to think or eat as she contantly felt Armaans gaze on her. Why couldn't he
ever leave her alone? Just when she's trying to get Armaan out of her mind he plops up out of no where and makes things harder!
Ra: Riddhima..kaha ko gayi?
R: Oh woh…how about a locket?
Ra: A locket?
R: Yeah…you could get RM engraved into it and on the inside put a picture of you and her.
Ra: Wow yaar that's perfect…soo simple yet meaningful…your good ridz
She smiled…just not good enough thought…she had to get out of here…Armaans presence felt more like a suffocation than anything right now…
R; Oh god di…I just remembered I have a file that I need to give to Sapna….it's really important she's going to kill me if I don't give it to her soon!
An: But ridz its your day off…
R: I know but I'll just give the file and come back…meet you at home okay di?
An: Fine…
She walked out of the caf ….she knew she was lying to her di, but she couldn't  stay there a moment longer.
Armaan stared at her empty seat, he knew she was lying. But he couldn't stop her, at least not in front of Anji and rahul bhaiyya. And even if he had..would she have listened to him? He needed to talk to her…it was killing him..this distance her cold silent behavior towards hurt him beyond levels.
A: excuse me..
He quickly walked out of the caf and trailed after her quickly
He grabbed her wrist and turned her around towards him,
R: Armaan?? Let got of me!
Anger getting the better of him:  NO! What was that ridz? Treating me like I'm a complete stranger! I know I've done wrong, but you didn't say a word there? You just…he sighed and tried to calm himself down…he loosened his grip on her wrist and he felt her pull out
She didn't know what to say, she definitely didn't expect this from him. She looked down at her wrist and noticed his red finger marks on her wrist…
He followed her gaze and saw the marks on her wrist…he didn't know he'd gripped her that hard...
A:Sorry..he whispered….he looked up and saw the tears that were brimming her eyes..he wanted more than ever to wipe those tears away and kiss her on the head and just hold her in his arms forever. He moved closer to wiper her tears away but he felt her push him away and run towards her car and drive away…
He sighed and closed his eyes…


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