Tuesday, 29 August 2017

part 12 : The Painful Side Of Love

The club was lavishly decorated. Riddhima saw the whole floor was covered with red heart shaped balloons and looking at them brought a smile on her face which went all the way to her eyes. Armaan noticed the beautiful smile on her face and he knew the reason why it was there. He still remembered when Riddhima had told him''''.

You know what Armaan when we get married I want a very simple wedding''. nothing fancy but one thing that has to be there are loads and loads of red heart shaped balloons.' She had the sweetest smile on her face and the expression in her eyes was so pure and beautiful that it touched Armaan's heart and he said in a loving way hugging Riddhima from the back, 'I didn't know that my angel loves balloons.'
Riddhima clapped her hands in joy and said 'Oh! Yes Armaan I am totally in love with them. I have always loved having balloons around me and papa used to get a lot of them for me whenever I'll be mad at him. They always bring a smile on my face.'
'Good so now I know how to pacify you when you are mad at me.' Armaan replied in a cheesy voice.

Armaan got out of his thoughts and noticed a tear trickle down Riddhima's eye and then he too tasted something salty on his lips and noticed that he too had tears in his eyes. They both looked at each other and at the moment time stopped for them. Riddhima at that moment knew that Armaan was remembering the same moment when she had told him about her love for balloons and all of a sudden her heart wanted to forget everything and start a new life but she knew she can't. Her thought were broken by Camerone's voice who was calling both of them and was standing next to Rahul. He walked towards Riddhima and placing an arm around her shoulder said 'This Rahul guy is too much of a bore to make you fall in love with him but he is nice just the same.' Riddhima gave him a dirty look and moved towards Rahul. She hugged him and handed him his present wishing him a very happy birthday followed by Armaan who did the same. They then moved inside and saw the whole Sanjeevani was there along with some other people that they didn't know. Camerone, Armaan and Riddhima were standing in a corner and Armaan and Camerone were engaged in a conversation when Sim came towards them and gave Armaan a hug and said 'Hey'.I hope we can behave like friends off duty' Armaan simply nodded. She turned towards Riddhima but before she could say anything her eyes fell on the extremely handsome man standing next to Riddhima and she gasped when she saw The CAMERONE MONROE standing there. She felt her feet wobbling and she kept staring at him'Camerone was enjoying the effect he was having and Armaan was chuckling to himself and Riddhima was totally disgusted. Camerone finally broke the spell and extended his hand towards Sim and said in his sexy voice, 'Camerone Monroe' Sim finally came out of her trance and shook hands with him and said 'I am Sim. I am an intern at Sanjeevani. I didn't know you were friends with Dr.Rahul. He is so lucky.' Camerone smirked and said 'Well I am not exactly friends with Dr.Rahul since we just met and I am here with Dr.Riddhima with whom I am really good friends with.' Sim just nodded and envied Riddhima.
'You are really very handsome.' She finally blurted out, Armaan couldn't stop himself and said 'Who do you think is more handsome amongst the two of us'.. Me or Camerone since you gave me the same compliment today morning.'
Sim was really embarrassed but then a guy came to her rescue by asking for a dance to which she readily agreed.
'This girl has no shame at all.' Riddhima said in a disgusted voice. Camerone just to irritate Riddhima further once again asked the same question to her which Armaan had just asked Sim to which Riddhima gladly replied, 'I know what you are trying to do Cam but since you have asked me that I am not going to back out and will tell you the truth straight from heart which is that I don't think any of you is even close to handsome. According to me there is only one handsome man present in this hall and that is Rahul.' saying that she walked towards Rahul and was soon engaged in an animated conversation with him. Camerone noticed the uneasy expression on Armaan's face and in order to put him at ease he placed a hand on his shoulder and said 'Don't worry Armaan Rahul is absolutely harmless. Riddhima loves you and only you but you'll have to make her confess it.' Armaan wanted to ask Camerone if he too was in love with Riddhima but he was not sure if he'll like and he didn't want to come across as ungrateful because he was the one who had helped him clear all his misunderstanding so Armaan gave him a smile.
After sometime they were all called to the center so that the cake could be cut. Armaan went and stood next to Rahul since he was the one Rahul was closest to, on the other side stood Anjali while Riddhima was in front of the table along with Camerone. He cut the cake while rest of them cheered for him. He gave the first piece to Armaan and then to Anjali and next he came to Riddhima and Camerone. After it was done he clapped his hands to get every one's attention and when he was sure that everyone was listening he called Armaan and placing a hand on his shoulder he said 'Armaan dude I want you to sing a song today.' then addressing every one else he said 'Ladies and gentlemen as most of you know that Armaan is a wonderful singer so I want him to make this evening special with his melodious voice.' Everyone cheered for him. Armaan knew that Rahul would ask him to sing and he was waiting for exactly that opportunity. So he gladly obliged but before beginning the song he said addressing everyone but speaking to Riddhima in particular through his intense gaze

'Guys this song is very special for me and is for an even more special person. I am sure that person will understand and all of you will enjoy it equally.'
He spoke the first lines:
Baby I know your hurting
Right now you feel like you could never love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

He started the song:
From the first day
That I saw your smiling face
Honey, I knew that we would be together forever
Ooh when I asked you out
You said no but I found out
Darling that you'd been hurt
You felt that you'd never love again
I deserve a try honey just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he's nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey that's no lie

As time goes by
you will get to know me
A little more better
Girl that's the way love goes
And I know you're afraid (Know your afraid)
To let you're feelings show (feelings show)
And I understand
But girl it's time to let go
I deserve a try honey
Just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see
No way, no how I'll never make you cry

With that Armaan ended the song his voice slightly breaking. Through out the song he kept his eyes absolutely fixed on Riddhima. He knew she was feeling every word he sang but when he ended the song and made his way towards her she quickly slipped out of the hall. Nobody noticed as they were all busy cheering, Camerone did but he did not follow her because he knew that it was Armaan who should be with Riddhima so he waited for him to go and Armaan did after 5mins.
He went out and saw Riddhima in a distance sitting on a bench in a secluded corner. She was crying and hugging herself. Armaan hated to see tears in her eyes but today he was glad that she was crying because her tears were way better then the cold silence that she had maintained. It was time that she cried and poured her heart out. Armaan waited for a few more minutes and then approached her. He sat next to her on the bench and she turned her face towards him'.. she quickly got up and was about to leave when Armaan grabbed her hand and turned her around but before he could say anything she slapped him hard on his face.


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