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PART 13 & 14 : Ehsaas


 part 13 :

"Samose kahan hai?" Riddhima asked Armaan.

Armaan just gave Riddhima a dirty look and walked into the cabin. Riddhima was surprised to see him in a foul mood and that too on such an occasion. She shut the door and turned around to see him standing with his back to her. He took off his jacket and flung it in a corner.

 Riddhima picked up his jacket and walked to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder, but instead of him turning around and grabbing her in his arms, his body just stiffened with her touch, "Armaan? Kya hua? Koi problem ho gayi?"

"Tumhey kya? Tumhey tho sirf apne samoson ki padhi hai!" he snapped back, "tumhey dekh kar aisa nahin lag raha ki tumhey meri koi fikr bhi thi!"

Riddhima raised her eyebrows and thought, "tho yeh baat hai?"

With a mischievous smile, she turned him around to face her, "Fikr tho ab honi chahiye na? Ab shikari wapas aa gaya hai apne shikaar ke liye."

 Armaan did not find that amusing; he just looked away.

She placed her forefinger on his chin and turned his face towards her. She gazed into his eyes and said, "tum hi tho kehte ho na ki ghode ko jab pyaas lagti hai, wo khud hi kuan dhoondh leta hai….main jaanti thi ki tum kisi na kisi tarah wapas aa hi jaaogey….apne kuen ke paas."

Armaan shrugged her finger from his face and walked away, "lagta hai pyaas hamesha sirf mujhey hi lagti hai! You seem very content!"

Riddhima folded her palms and rolled her tongue inside her mouth, "hmmm, bahut naaraz ho?"

He just sulked in a corner.

She shook her head and thought, "Armaan….tum bhi meri 3 rd grade ke students se kam nahin ho!"

Armaan took his shoes &socks off; un-tucked his shirt from his pants and lay on the beautiful silk and scented sheets with his face down.

Riddhima had seen him lose his temper before, but never this way. She knew what he needed-a lot of pampering….and she would have to take the initiative.

She dimmed the cabin lights and lit a candle at the bedside.

She sat down beside him and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Sone do mujhey!" he shrugged.

Riddhima tried to suppress her laughter and started humming this beautiful song:


"mere humsafar" from "refugee"

Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Humein Saath Chalna Hai Umr Bhar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Humein Saath Chalna Hai Umr Bhar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa...

She rested her head on his back and caressed his back with her soft fingers. With her fingers gradually advancing under his shirt, she felt his strong back muscles relax as she caressed them,

She turned him over on his back and unbuttoned his shirt.

Hai Safar Humara Naya Naya
Isi Pal Andhera Jo Ho Gaya
Hai Safar Humara Naya Naya
Isi Pal Andhera Jo Ho Gaya
Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa
Kayein Kho Na Jayein Ye Reh Guzar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Humein Saath Chalna Hai Umr Bhar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa...

She showered his chest with her tender lips and moved up to his neck and then his lips…..

Zara Thaher Jaa Mere Hum Navan
Yahan Agle Mod Pe Hoga Kya
Zara Thaher Jaa Mere Hum Navan
Yahan Agle Mod Pe Hoga Kya
Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa
Kise Hai Pataa Kise Hai Khabar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Humein Saath Chalna Hai Umr Bhar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa...

Armaan's anger soon turned into a burning passion-a passion that had been brewing over for the last few weeks, a passion that needed to be unleashed, a passion, which had been nibbling him inside all these days.

Aey Hey Yaa, Aey Hey Yaa
Aey Hey Yaa, Aey Hey Yaa...
Jo Gharon Ko Chod Ke Hain Chaley
Jo Gharon Ko Chod Ke Hain Chaley
Unhein Kya Darayeingay Faasaley
Jo Gharon Ko Chod Ke Hain Chaley
Unhein Kya Darayeingay Faasaley
Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa
Humein Jaana Hai Dil Ke Nagar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa

He gradually removed all her jewelry, undid her hair and before she realized, he was tearing himself and her apart. Their lips brushed against each other, their hearts pounded against each other's chests, fingers intertwined against the beautiful silk sheets.

Humein Saath Chalna Hai Umr Bhar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa
Mere Paas Aa
Mere Humsafar, Mere Humsafar
Mere Paas Aa, Mere Paas Aa...
Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa
Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa...

Armaan and Riddhima were finally man and wife, bound by the painful pleasure that melted away all other emotions; nothing else mattered at that point-it was just them and the gentle rocking of the train on the tracks, on it's way to their destination for the next one week.


PART 14:

Armaan and Riddhima lay in each other's arms late into the night. The gentle swaying of the train on the tracks was making them a little sleepy, but they stayed up and just snuggled and talked to each other. They could not help laughing at the whole samosa/TC incident.

"Yaad aaya!….Tumhey tho bhookh lag rahi thi na?" Armaan looked down at her face resting on his bare chest.

"Tumney meri saari bhookh mitaa di hai," she said in a husky tone, wrapping her arm around his body.

Armaan chuckled, "tum bhi kam badmaash nahin ho….mujhey aaj hi pata chala… was a nice change that you took the initiative. It was totally spontaneous and definitely not the way I had visualized our first night together. Riddhima, you have made me the happiest man tonight. I liked the way you manaaofied me."

"Manaaofied? English teacher ke saamne galat bhaasha bolte ho?"

"Apni English teacher se keh do ki classroom ke rules ghar par nahin chalenge." Armaan squeezed his arm around her neck and kissed her eyelids.

"Theek hai, agar doctor sahib apni doctori ghar par nahin jhaadenge….tho mujhey manzoor hai!" she said sleepily and closed her eyes.

"Manzoor hai!," Armaan answered back. Before long, they were both lost in a deep slumber, the warm comfort of each other soothing their restless souls.


They arrived at Ooty station around 8 in the morning. They freshened up and were ready for this beautiful tourist resort.

Armaan wore jeans and a red t-shirt. Riddhima could not help admiring his handsome looks especially with his dark glasses and slightly ruffled hair after the train journey. He looked relaxed and much younger than she was used to seeing him when he was shuffling in and out of his clinic.

Riddhima herself wore a yellow churidaar suit and left her hair loose as per Armaan's desire. Armaan gave her an admiring look from top to bottom, "Hmm waise yellow bhi tum par kaafi khilta hai, Basanti! As a matter of fact, you look hot in everything!"

Riddhima caught him satring at her; she gave him a friendly smack on his hand, "ab chalo….taxi stand bahar hai….poora hafta hai mujhey check out karne ke liye."

"Too bad….kaash di aur jiju ne kam se kam ek mahine ka package diya hota," Armaan sighed and walked out of the station.

They hailed a taxi to the Taj Savoy hotel, a luxury hotel in Ooty. It was a beautiful hotel nestled in the blue Nilgiri mountains, with breathtaking views. It's red-roofed cottages were scattered across gardens of foxgloves and dahlias. Riddhima was awed by the natural beauty and was amazed to see the collection of beautiful flowers and vegetation around the hotel, "Armaan….yahan roz morning mein walk ke liye aayenge."

Armaan put his arm around her and whispered in her ear, "are you sure you would have the energy to walk in the morning after an all-nighter?"

Riddhima punched his side and said, "Armaan!!! Tum bhi na!"

At the check in counter, the receptionist greeted them politely and asked, "Dr Malik welcome to the Taj, would you care for some of our tour packages today?"
Armaan curtly replied, "NO THANKS!"

Riddhima looked at him quizzically, "Why not Armaan? Ooty is supposed to be very beautiful….we should do some sightseeing."

"No thanks," Armaan walked away with Riddhima in his arms and said, "hum sightseeing karne baad mein aayenge…may be in another 2-3 years with our 2 kids!"

"Armaan! Agar sightseeing nahin karni tho ghar se itni door aane ki kya zaroorat thi?….Aur 2-3 saal mein 2 bacche?" Riddhima was mortified.

"Agar Ooty nahin aate tho jaaneman, hamara LOVE EXPRESS kaise hota?" he started chuckling at his own PJ, "aur haan agar 2 bacche kam lagte hain, tho 3 ke saath aa jaayenge."

"Armaan! Poori duniya ko family planning sikhaa te ho….aur khud kaisi baat kar rahe ho?" Riddhima was aghast at his suggestion and slapped his arm again.

"Ok..Ok…whatever you want Basanti…..chalo ek ke saath aa jaayenge? Ab khush?"

Riddhima just blushed and shook her head, "tum bhi na…."

The bellboy guided them to their 'honeymoon cottage'

They had a beautiful cottage, which overlooked the Nilgiri mountains. Riddhima could not believe that this tiny cottage would be their home away from home for the next seven days, "Armaan…tumhare didi aur jijajee kitne ache hain…..this is such a wonderful present…..kaash hum hamesha yahin reh jaaye….bilkul swarg jaisi jagah hai yeh…." She looked all around their one bedroom cottage. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles everywhere.

The cottage was specifically designed and decorated to keep honeymooners in mind. The beautiful woodwork inside the cottage enhanced the warmth of the place. There was a wood-burning fireplace in one corner; a Jacuzzi spa in the bathroom; a massage table for private massages, and a large king sized ornate bed in the center. There was a patio in the back, where there was a table for two and a hammock suspended between 2 tall trees.

Armaan circled his arms around Riddhima from behind and kissed her ear; he whispered, "mere liye tho swarg wahan hai jahan tum ho."

Riddhima blushed and smiled. She put her arm around his neck and said, "5 saal baad bhi aisa hi kahoge na?"

"5 saal kya…..main saaton janam yahi kahoonga." Armaan closed his eyes as he savored the fresh fragrance of her hair and skin.

Riddhima turned around and buried her head in his chest, "Armaan…kya hamara pyaar hamesha aisa hi rahega na?"

Armaan stroked her hair and hugged her tightly, "of course Riddhima….tum chinta kyon karti ho?"

Armaan heard some silent sobs on his chest. He pulled back and looked at Riddhima. She just wiped her tears and smiled, "shayad itni khush hoon main ki aankhein bhar aayi."

Armaan kissed her eyes and said, "Riddhima…baat baat par rote nahin hai…..ab tho hum ek hai na….itni senti ho tum, mujhey nahin pata tha," he cupped her face and gazed longingly at her lips.

They were swept away by their passions once again as Armaan carried Riddhima to the bed and gently peeled her layers off. After a tender love making session, Armaan was fast asleep on Riddhima's arm. Riddhima got up quietly and went to shower. She was too excited to fall asleep, and perhaps hungry too-she realized she had not eaten a single meal since the wedding.

She wore a beautiful lilac chiffon sari with a sleeveless blouse and was just putting her sindoor and make-up on, when a sleepy looking Armaan grabbed her from behind, "itni khubsoorat lagogi tho wapas bed mein kheench loonga tumhey!" he touched her bare waist and naval area, "arre tumney kal se kuch khaya nahin na?" He could feel the rumbling in her tummy.

"Riddhima! You need to tell me jaan! Chalo let's go out and grab something," he felt guilty about keeping her hungry for so long. He quickly showered and changed into a blue shirt and off-white trousers.

They found an open-air restaurant near the hotel and ordered some sandwiches and salad.

Riddhima took a bite of the salad and thought it was too bland. She called the waiter and ordered some pickle, red pepper and chutney.

"Riddhima? Tum salad mein yeh sab daalogi?" Armaan was surprised at her concoction.

"Itna bland hai yeh salad…..mujhey tho chut-putta khaana acha lagta hai…." She said as she doused her salad with the spicy condiments.

"Itna teekha khaana khaaogi tho ulcer ho jaayega!" Armaan's eyes popped wide when he saw the amount of green chutney she put on her salad.

"Tho ghar ka doctor hai na," she chuckled

"Madam! Prevention is better than cure. You know an apple a day keeps the doctor away…kuch fruits and salads zyaada khaaya karo…masala kum!"

Riddhima smiled mischievously and looked at him, "who said I want to keep the doctor away?"

Armaan sensed the naughtiness in Riddhima's eyes, "lagta hai tumhara bhi Ooty ghoomne ka iraada nahin hai."

After lunch, they took a taxi to the famous botanical garden in Ooty.

Armaan took several pictures of the beautiful landscape and made sure his beautiful wife graced each and every frame of his camera.

They sat down under a tree and admired the natural beauty of the place. One could tell it was a popular touristy destination. They saw some commotion, cameras and lights with a large crowd at one end of the garden, "lagta hai kisi movie ki shooting ho rahi hai," Armaan conjectured.

"Chalo dekh kar aate hain.." Riddhima was excited and got up, "maine aaj tak movie shooting nahin dekhi."

"Uffo Riddhima…they are boring! Mumbai mein tho roz-roz hoti hai shooting….in fact it is so irritating as they close off roads and divert the traffic… is such a nuisance…." Armaan tried to pull her back.

"Please Armaan! Chalo na…sirf ek baar dekhne do"

Armaan could not refuse her request. They walked over to the crowded area and saw that a song was being shot on the lead actress.

"Arre Armaan…jaante ho yeh Anjali Rai hai! She is supposed to be the next big thing in bollywood," Riddhima pointed at the glamorous actress in the center.

"Jaanam….mere liye tho tum hi Aishwariya Rai ho….aur tum hi Anjali Rai ho….ab chalo let's go to a quieter place…" Armaan put his arm around Riddhima.

Riddhima blushed at that comment and started to walk off away from the crowd.
Suddenly they heard a loud scream and someone yelled, "YAHAN KOI DOCTOR HAI?"

… be continued…

PART 15:  Next four chapters are PG-13 material.

"YAHAN KOI DOCTOR HAI?" Armaan's footsteps froze on the ground at the cry for help. The doctor in him came alive even though he was on his honeymoon. He turned around and pushed his way through the crowd.

"I AM A DOCTOR!" He announced.

A man gestured him to come forward, "aap doctor hain? Koi identity hai aapke paas? Zara yahan Ms Anjali ek pony se gir gayi hain…unka doctor abhi raaste mein hai….she is in a lot of pain."

Armaan took out his Sanjeevani Medical College ID to the man's satisfaction.

"Haan…aaiye Dr Malik….please aaiye…..mera naam Vijay Chopra hai…main is movie ka director hoon."

Armaan nodded his head and walked towards the lady wincing in pain on the ground.

Armaan gave his hand to Anjali Rai, "Hi I am Dr Malik….I can help you….kahan dard ho raha hai aapko?"

Anjali winced and pointed to her left shoulder and wrist.

"PLEASE GET ME SOME ICE!" Armaan ordered and knelt beside her.

Meanawhile, the security guards shooed the onlookers, "aap log please jaaiye ab….shooting cancel……" they gestured with their batons and whistles.

Riddhima tried to tear through the crowd, "please main wahan jaa sakti hoon….main Dr Malik ki patni hoon."

"Sorry madam…..aap abhi yahin wait kariye." the security personal held his palm out at Riddhima.

Armaan examined Anjali's left shoulder and concluded that she had dislocated her shoulder.

In a soothing voice, he said, 'Madam…thoda dard hoga….but please bear with me….I will make this as gentle as possible, but I need to pop your shoulder joint back into it's socket."

"WHAT?" Anjali yelled and screamed in pain. Armaan tried to calm her down, but her screams turned into loud sobs as she realized the gravity of the situation. Anjali was not used to pain, discomfort or imperfection-it was too much for her that one of her beautiful body parts was out of place!

Armaan held her elbow and shoulder and without much delay, popped her shoulder right back after a reduction maneuver.

"OUCH!" Anjali screamed, but was amazed that her pain subsided as quickly as it had appeared. She looked at her shoulder and then looked at the smiling face of the handsome doctor on his knees.

She then pointed to her wrist, " doctor, yahan bhi dard ho raha hai."

Armaan felt around and said, "lagta hai wrist mein fracture hai….we will have to immobilize it."

"WHAT? Fracture? God….kitney din lagenge isey theek hone mein?" Anjali was shocked to know that one of her bones could actually be broken.

Armaan looked at the director, "Madam ko kahin andar le jaa sakte hain? Main kuch supplies likh doonga….tho aap chemist se mangwaa lee jiye…I think I can splint it for her….phir baad mein aap X ray wagarah karwaa leejiye ga."

"OK Dr! Madam ki van hai….wahan le chalte hain" Mr Chopra said.

A couple of unit people assisted Anjali Rai to the van. Armaan just followed her.

In the mean time, Riddhima was able to talk one of the security personnel into getting closer to the shooting area.

When she got to the center, she looked for Armaan everywhere.

"Aap jaante hain yahan ek Dr Malik aaye the?" She asked one of the unit guys.

"Aap kaun?" the man asked suspiciously

"Jee dekhiye, main unki wife hoon….kahan hain wo?"

"Wo Madam ki van mein hai…," the man pointed towards the van parked at the other end.

Riddhima ran towards the van. The door to the van was shut; she knocked gently, but when she did not get any answer, she opened the door and quietly walked in.

She heard some voices from one end of the van.

She approached them and saw Armaan's back as he was splinting Anjali's wrist.

"Can I help you? Who gave you permission to barge into my van?" Anjali asked rudely as she saw Riddhima.

Riddhima was a little taken aback at the actress's tone, "s…sorry….m…main Dr Malik ki wife hoon…." She stuttered.

Armaan looked behind, "Oh Riddhima? Baahar wait karo…main aata hoon."

Riddhima nodded and obeyed her husband's wishes. She turned around and left. Anjali did not apologize or even smile at Riddhima.

After Riddhima left, Anjali turned to Armaan, "so doctor….she is your wife?"

"Hmm….abhi abhi shaadi huyi hai." Armaan replied, his attention still focused on her wrist rather than the frown on her face after Riddhima's entry.

"Your bed side manners are excellent doctor, but may be you should teach your wife not to barge in without permission when you are treating your patients," Anjali said coldly.

"Oh….it's not her fault madam…..I don't mind if she comes in," Armaan replied as he put the final touches of the Plaster of Paris on her splint.

"Doctor! Yeh 21 st century hai! Breach of Patient confidentiality can get you into trouble….I have grown up in the west and you know over there something like this will never be tolerated!" Anjali scoffed.

Armaan kept quiet and got up, "I think I am done madam….aap yadi jaldi X ray karwaa lein, tho achha hoga….your doctor can help you with that…I will take leave," he said politely, purposely ignoring the comment about the patient confidentiality. He was still very much besotted by his wife; he would not tolerate anyone criticizing her.

"Thanks Doctor! You have a healing touch! Aapke haath mein tho jaadu hai! Kya fees hai aapki?" Anjali smiled and got up to get her purse.

"It's alright madam…it was my pleasure," Armaan replied politely and walked towards the door.

Anjali shouted from behind, "Ok doctor…how about dinner some night?"

Armaan just nodded, smiled and waved goodbye.

After he left, Anjali stood there staring at the door, "Is doctor mein aisi kya khaas baat hai? He has something special in him…..I should find more about him," she picked her mobile and dialed a number.

Armaan came out and glanced around in search of Riddhima. She was sitting near a rose bush, admiring the flowers with her chin resting on her knees.

He went behind her, plucked a fresh red rose and tucked it in her thick silky hair.

Riddhima was startled at his touch and turned around, "darra diya mujhey," she felt the rose in her hair and smiled, "aaj pehli baar mujhey khila huya phool diya hai tumney….not a droopy one."

Armaan sat down beside her and gazed at her with a twinkle in his eyes, "tum bhi tho ek khila huya phool ban gayi ho ab."

Riddhima blushed at his suggestive comment and lowered her eyes, "Armaan! Bahut badmash ho tum…tho Ms Rai ko theek kar diya aapne?" she asked.

Armaan got up and held his hand out for Riddhima, "chalo let's go…..forget Ms Rai….let's enjoy our evening."

Riddhima held his hand and got up. Armaan put his arm around her and pulled her arm behind him to rest on his waist,"batao kahan chalna hai?"

Anjali came down from her van and saw the doctor and his wife walking away, arm-in-arm. A sudden pang of envy stung inside her; she had never learnt to be happy for others-her happiness always came first. She had always been successful in luring a lot of men; she was used to men drooling at her-this was the first man, who was more anxious to get away from her rather than be with her…..she did not like that one bit!!!

Riddhima said, "Armaan….yahan paas mein bahut ache waterfalls hain, wahan chalte hain."

Armaan squeezed her waist, "shaam ko thand ho jaayegi…chalo hotel chalkar kuch garam kapde le aate hain"

"OK!" Riddhima agreed.

They came back to their cottage. Riddhima opened her bags to take out a coordinating shawl.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms carrying her to the bathroom.

"Armaan! Chhodo…kahan le jaa rahe ho? Sightseeing ke liye chalna hai na," Riddhima protested.

"I am just taking the scenic route sweetheart!" Armaan replied in his husky voice and placed her down. She turned around and saw Armaan had stripped into his boxer shorts and was busy removing her pins from her sari. She saw the water running in the Jacuzzi tub, with bubbles frothing over. He had dimmed the lights and lit some floating candles in the water.

"Armaan! Armaan! Kya kar rahe ho?" Riddhima laughed as he tickled her everywhere.

"Wo hi jo ek shareef aadmi apne honeymoon par apni patni ke saath karta hai," he grabbed her by her waist and his deft hands worked on her layers.

Riddhima's heart was pounding as his fingers kept working on unwrapping his present for the evening. They could both sense the hunger in each other's eyes and before long; they were comfortably nestled amongst the bubbles in the tub. The light from the floating candles illuminated their faces as they were lost in a deep passionate kiss.

Imagine the tub scene from 'Ghost" (Patrick swayze and Demi moore) as you enjoy this beautiful, haunting, sensuous romantic song:

"hum tum hum tum" from "life mein kabhie kabhie"

(hum tum hum tum gumsum gumsum
jaage jaage soye soye
betaabi mein khoye khoye
chod ke saare jahaan ko aaye kahaan) - 2

khaabon mein khayaalon mein hai manjar jawaan jawaan
tu hi tu wo jaane ja nigaahon ke darmiya
hum tum hum tum gumsum gumsum
jaage jaage soye soye
betaabi mein khoye khoye
chod ke saare jahaan ko aaye kahaan

Armaan carried Riddhima to the living room and lit the fireplace. They snuggled inside a blanket and swayed to the music……

aahon mein, panaahon mein chhupi hai betaabiya
milake bhi lage hai yuun kate na tanahaayiyaan
hum tum hum tum gumsum gumsum
jaage jaage soye soye
betaabi mein khoye khoye
chod ke saare jahaan ko aaye kahaan

They made love on the floor next to the fire; and fell asleep in each other's arms, snuggled in the blanket, their warm bodies keeping them cozy, till early next morning.


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