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part 13 : AR love story

Godd why is she being so difficult right now'I just want her to listen to me once.! I have to talk to her no matter what'.Armaan got into his car and decided to follow her car'I can't give up'I need her..and I don't know why, but I don't care'I just want her back!

She could feel the tears strolling down her cheek'but more than that she couldn't get the image of his angry face out of her mind. She could still feel his strong grip on her arm'.though the physical pain he gave her was nothing compared to the emotional pain. Why is he acting like he's soo hurt'.when the truth is he hurt me in soo many ways! The wall that was built between them was necessary,  she wasn't ready for an other heart break!  Her heart still wasn't completely healed from this first one'and every time that face comes into view, those piercing blue gray eyes, it just freshened up her wound. But what she didn't understand was why he seemed soo hurt, she noticed that he never smiled once while he was there, she never saw those dimples set into his cheeks once! Why was he soo hurt, when in reality he was the once who had given her the pain? * Dil '.kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda,'Dil ka bharosa kaise koi kare..*  the sound of her phone snapped her out of her thoughts'.she looked down at the caller id and wiped her tears and smiled'
R: ABHI! I missed you sooooooooo much'.! How are you? How long have you been back for..? How was your trip???
A: Chilll Ridz. Take a deep breath, attacking me with soo many questions at one time. 'I missed you a lot too, I'm fine. I just got back today and my trip was amazing. I was hoping I could see you today'like right now?
R: Oh yeah sure'.meet me at our usual'Mocha okay?
A: Like always'.okay chal I'll see you soon!
She turned her car and headed towards the caf'.maybe seeing Abhi would make her feel better, or atleast  she hoped it would. Plus she hadn't seen him in ages and missed him..
Why'd she turn all of a sudden? Hmmm seems like she's heading towards mocha'.but why?
He felt his phone vibrate and saw his brothers name on it'Sh*t I forgot about bhaiya and Anji probably needs a ride too since Ridhima left with their car and I left with Rahuls!
A: Umm Hi bhaiyya
Ra: Armaan what is this'..why'd you leave all of a sudden?
A: Actually I just remembered I had something important to doo'.sooo sorry I was in a hurry and wasn't able to inform you guys'
Ra:  and anji took a riksha'I'm going to drop her off and then go back to the mall and get the gift that locket, sach mein yaar ridhimas is amazing! She figured out what to get Muskaan in only 2 seconds and we were walking around for 2 hours and couldn't find anything!
A: Yeah'she is amazing alright'.anyways bhaiya I have to go! Tell Anji I said sorry for leaving soo suddenly'and when you go home and see muski bhabhi tell her I love her and give her a hug from me'
Ra: Of course I'll hug her it just gives me more reasons to get closer to her na'waise bhi aaj kal who muj par kuch zyaada hi gussa karti hain'with this excuse I'll just be able to hold her in my arms'.leaving us both happy'
A:  Okay bye bhaiyya
Hmm she is going to Mocha'..he parked his car a little farther away from her. He noticed another guy get out of the car next to hers and  envelop her in to a big hug hold her in his arms'
He felt his heart sink to the bottom as he saw her arms around the guy as well'..tears filled his eyes as he felt a sudden rush of anger.! How dare that guy touch her like that'..that was suppose to be him in that guys place! His hands tightened into fists as he closed his eyes and took a long breath to try and calm himself down and when he opened his eyes'they were both gone..but their cars were still here..meaning they were probably just inside!  He couldn't go in there'he would probably end up doing something stupid he'd regret later if he went in there right now. But that other guy was in there with HIS Ridhima right now and that thought did not please him at all! Putting his hands on his head'he looked at the sky'..they say that gods love is like the wind, you can't always see it but you can always feel it. This saying held a lot of values in his life, because soo far in his life things had always been easy on him he was always pampered and he felt that god was always gracious upon him'he had always "felt" the love'but right now'it was a tough phase of his life, but he still had faith in his god, he knew god was always going to be with him'..he just needed to keep believing..and he would get her back'he would'he closed his eyes and smiled'hearing a familiar laugh he opened his eyes'it was her'she looked soo beautiful when she laughed..and her laugh was soo melodious'.you just never want it to end! He  looked to her right and that guy was still there'and  he had his arm around her waist'he felt another sudden rush of anger'they were hugging now'and she kissed him on the cheek! He felt his blood boil and his hands turn into tight fist as the guys car drove by'.he needed to talk to her and NOW! This was getting out of hand..she claimed to be heartbroken and here she was hugging another guy! He needed some explanations'and now
A: Ridhima!
She froze as she heard that familiar voice'she knew it was his but maybe she was mistaken'but she couldn't be'she knew his voice'it was another thing that had drawn her towards him'his voice was soo smoothing and calming'and yet still had this naughtiness to it when wanted'
R: Armaan..? What are you doing here?
A: What am I doing here? How about what are you doing here'and with that GUY?
R: OH soo you were following me? How dare you follow me ! And its none of  YOUR business who I talk to and who I don't'so just LEAVE ARMAAN
She turned around to walk away towards her car but'
He grabbed her arm and turned her around towards him'bending her arm around behind her back and pushing her closer to him'their faces only inches apart'
A: We're not finished yet! Tell me..who was he'huh? You seemed quite close with him'your boyfriend?
R: Armaan your hurting me'she could feel those warm tears fill her eyes again'.
He let go of her hand and cupped her faced with his hand..and softly whispered..
A: and your hurting me ridhima'.he tilted his head and kissed away a tear that was strolling down her cheek'
she closed her eyes upon feeling his lips on her cheek'she felt butterflies fill her stomach and her heartbeat quicken....
He creased his forehead against hers'and said: Please Ridhima'tell me who was he'it matters to me..please..he could feel himself choking on his tear as he said that..he was trying hard..not to cry in front of her
R: Armaan please
A: Ridhimaa please tell me
R: His names Abhimanyu, he's my best friend but nothing else.she suddenly felt disheartened when she thought of how armaan thought it was her boyfriend.he doesn't even trust me she thought armaan..i can't believe you thught he was my boyfriend she felt the tears refill her eyes why does this always happen to me? Why can't I keep my tears under control they just start flowing when ever they want to! She moved her head away from his and turned to the side looking down..
He felt his own eyes fill up as he saw beautiful eyes fill with tears once again tears that were caused by him..again! how could he think that of her? She would never do that she's not that type he thought He put his arm on her and turned around he put his finger under her chin and lifted her head so she would face him
She was shocked to see tears in his eyes, she wanted to wipe them away but she was afraid too..
A: I never meant accuse you of  something like this. I know your not that type of girl, but I don't know I guess I was jealous when I saw you with him, the way  you guys kept hugging each other.when all I've wanted to do is hold you in my arms for the longest time he felt his tears stroll down his cheeks as new tears filled his eyes
She put her hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes as he felt the soft touch of her skin on his cheek he caressed his cheek on her hand and he felt her slide her hand on his face.he put his hand on top of hers..and kissed her delicate fingers but he suddently felt her jerk away
R: Armaan noo you always do this .you always hurt me..and then try and find a way to apologize..i can't  do this'I just can't..armaan
She ran away before he could grab her this time and went into her car and drove away'
It took a few minutes to sink in..he had just had her soo close to near and now she just left'Theres only one place she can be right now'..
She looked at the waves crash against the sand and then leave..and come back again. This was how she felt hers and armaans relationship was in a way''he just kept coming back in her life'it didn't matter if she wanted him to or not. She had only known him for a few weeks now'but he had changed her life in so many ways in such a short span of time' could some one have that much  of an affect on someones life..?
She  felt somebody tap on her shoulder'it was a little boy..probably no older than 5'he handed her a pink rose and a letter'and then just ran off before she could ask him anything'
Unfolding the letter..she felt anxiety fill her'whose it from she wondered?
Dear Ridhima,
These past few days have changed both our lives, in soo many ways. I never knew one person could have the power to affect somebodies life the way you have mine. I don't know what to tell you, or  how to even apologize for the pain I've caused you. But most importantly I've lost you trust'and its hurts knowing that. I never meant to hurt you honestly. But  I guess unintentionally I did. That day you said no to me, well that was the first day I'd even been rejected like that'I know that makes me sound arrogant and snobbish and spoled, but I guess I may have been all of those things., I honestly don't know. But I was so used to getting what I wanted, that I decided I would get you to fall for me and get the land. But I never even began this game'.from the first minute I had a REAL conversation with you I was amazed by you. That day you wore that red chudidaar'you had me  mesmerized by your beauty and innocence. That phone call after the dinner, when I called you and you just knew it was me, it made me feel happy and had my stomach doing summersaults. Our first lunch date at  Mocha the way I'd just impulsively held your hand and brought you close to me and whispered in your ear for our second dinner date, I don't know what drove me to do that, but it wasn't my motive for the land. And our second dinner date, the white dress you wore, you looked stunning. Our time spent at the beach first, the way you told me about your dad and I held you in my arms..i knew then that I wasn't in love with Anjali, because at that moment what I felt for you was way stronger. I didn't know  how I could feel so strongly for a person but I felt like just keeping you there in my arms forever. And when I kissed you at the beach..that moment was not  fake for me..what ever happened between us at the beach was the most amazing and the most REAL thing I've ever experienced. I had left the whole motif for my land way back behind somewhere'.i guess you had me captured from day 1 of this whole mission of mine. I know that it was horrible that I was dating your cousin  and never told you, but I'm glad that she found somebody special in her life, and I'm glad she was truthful with me, If only I was just as truthful with her. She's one of my great friends and I'm glad things worked out between me and her. But you'.well your special to me.. a close part of my heart'and I know my promises may mean nothing to you'.but just please trust me this one time'I promise that what ever happened between was not fake'those were true emotions.! You will always remain special to me I am sincerely sorry for everything..and if possible please try and forgive me. I want to start fresh as friends I know you don't want any further relationship with I'm willing to be friends with you''I just want you back in my life Ridhima'I NEED you back in my life! If you've forgiven me and accept this proposal of friendship..please meet me at our regular'Ocean Blues'8:-00 tonight. I'll be waiting for you'
She looked at letter once more'the writing now seeming blurrier as she felt the tears kiss her cheeks '.what was she going to go? She was soo confused!

Love and Care

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