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part 14 : AR love story

He looked down at his watch'.it was 7:50'.there was still 10 more minutes till 8. He could feel his heartbeat quicken and his pulse racing'what if she didn't come? That letter he had delivered to her..captured every emotion he was feeling'and I hope that she understood that. He knew that she was going to come..she just had to'looking down at his fingers he took deep breaths trying to calm himself down'
R: Armaan..?

He had a sharp intake of breath as he saw her standing before him. She was wearing a white skirt with a black tank..something soo simple but yet still left her looking gorgeous. Her eyes were outline in kohl and her perfect lips were a slight more pinker with a tinge of gloss. The wind was blowing strands of her silky straight hair creating a breath taking effect'
She felt her heart pounding in her chest, it felt like it was just going to pop out of her chest any second.  There was this tingly sensation in her stomach as she felt his stare on her'looking slightly down she felt her self blushing from his intense gaze. She was having trouble breathing as she saw him just sitting there with jeans and a black and red shirt combo that made his grey blue eyes stand out even more'.they had some kind of magic in them'once you looked into them you never wanted to stop. He had a few wet strands of hair  on his forehead just adding more to his attractive charm. His scent was intoxicating her..and creating all kinds of tingly weird feelings in her stomach. His look was soo effortless 'he didn't even have to try he just naturally had it in him to look good.
R: Ermmm Armaan?
Snapping out of his trance: oh ha..
He got up and pulled out a seat for her..: Please sit down'
R: Thank you'
There was this akward silence between them and neither of them knew how to break it..but both were hoping the other would'
*Sigh*  I guess I'm just going to have to break it..she thought
R: Armaan..
A: Haan bolo riddhima
R: Armaan..that letter you wrote was soo touching..did you mean everything you said in that letter?
A: Riddhima..(he held her hands in his)...please believe me when I say I meant every word of that letter, every word from that letter came straight from my heart.
She looked into his eyes and saw the sincerity of his words..she smiled  and said: Toh friends? she slid both her hands out of his and extended out one hand for a handshake..
Armaan smiled and shook her hand and said: Friends'.part of him wanted to be more than just friends..but he knew that she wanted nothing more and nothing less..and the main thing was atleast he had her back in his life'even if it was just as friends'
The rest of the night went by quick..they found themselves engrossed in deep conversation with each other..and later on were dragged out on the dance floor by the people in the restaurant to dance on the song "Pappu can't dance" 'After the dance they came back and ordered some dessert..both knew that the dessert was just an excuse to stay and talk with each other longer'but once the dessert was over..they decided it was late and should go home. Armaan was dropping riddhima home when his phone rang..
A: Hello Bhaiyya'how are you?
Ra: How are you ke bache'It's  11:00'you were suppose to be here with the cake'weren't we going to surprise Muskaan with a birthday cake at is her birthday if you remember?!
A: OH god bhaiyya..i'm coming fast..bye
He hung up the phone and swerved his  car around and drove towards his bhabhi's favorite cake shop'to his luck it was near by..otherwise he would have been late and Rahul would have definitely killed him.
R: Armaan kya hua?
A: Riddhima I'm sorry but I forgot I was suppose to buy a cake for bhabhi..bhaiyya wanted to surprise her with the cake at midnight'do you mind coming with me? I'll drop you home after we cut the cake..promise'
R: Yeah sure I don't mind..
A: Sorry again riddhima..
R: Armaan really it's okay, I don't mind.
Armaan went inside the cake shop and ordered a chocolate cake'muskaan's favorite.  With Pink icing he had written'"Happy Birthday Muskaan" he also decided to buy a bouquet of orchids from a nearby stall. He got back into his car and sped to Muskaans house..
Riddhima looked at Armaan..she loved this side of Armaan..him and his brother and bhabhi were all so close'it's soo sweet she thought.
A: We're here riddhima'
R: Oh huh'yeah..
Armaan smiled to himself'he had seen her staring at him but decided on not saying anything not wanting to embarrass her
The lights were of f and the the house was quiet
M: Rahul'what is it that you had to wake up in the middle of the night 'just because you heard some noise downstairs'couldn't you come  down and check yourself..your the man here not me'I can't believe your putting my life in danger like this..what if there is really somebody down here'Rahulll oyyee why are you soo quiet'say something naaa
R: Sshhhh'he put his hands over her eyes and sang in her ear'Happy Birthday to you'happy birthday'
and soon armaan and Riddhima joined in'
Muskaan felt tears fill her she realize what was happening..
Rahul wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her  ear: Happy Birthday jaan'.and I wuld never put oyu life in danger'because if anything happened to you then...what about me? I would die..
Muskaan quickly put her hand on his lips..: Rahul don't ever say that again..i love you ..
Ra: I love you too'kissing her on her forehead he wrapped her in his arms'
A: Cough cough..other people are here too you know'bhaiyya.....lets cut the cake now'Muskaan cut the cake and fed rahul and armaan'and they both fed her back..
A: Bhabhi meet Riddhima'.and riddhima this is muskaan my bhabhi
R: Hi'happy birthday
M: Hi Riddhima'armaan never told me about you'hmmm kya baat hain armaan? Why did you never tell me about her?
A: Bhabhii'it's nothing like that'we were just out together for dinner'and then it got late so I decided I'd  bring her here so I'd still make it back in time for your birthday surpirise'waisee kaisa laga surprise?
M: Bohut acha..
Ra: Muskaan'close your eyes'
M: Now why do I have to close my eyes again?
Ra: Just please do it na..
She closed her eyes and he took out the locket'he dangled it in front of her and told her ot oen her eyes' she was was a gold heart shaped locket'and it had RM engraved in it..and when she opened it was a picture of the both of them..snuggled up in each others arms looking happy and most of all in LOVE..
She felt tears fill her eyes as Rahul put the locket around her neck..he turned her around and kissed away her tears'he placed another kiss on her forehead and hugged her...both armaan and riddhima felt the two lovers should be kept alone and walked outside the house'.
R: Woh dono ek dusre ko bahut pyar karte hain na?
A: Ha bahut...there love for each other just keeps growing each day..
R: I hope ke humara bhi..she stopped midway as she realized what she was saying'
Armaan knew what she was going to say but wanted her to complete it..
He turned her around and lifted up her chin..and softly said..:
A: Humara bhi kya riddhima?
R: Kuch nahi armaan'
A: Riddhima don't lie to me please'.he cupped her face in his hands and bent down and kissed her forehead'.she closed her eyes as she felt the touch of his lips on her skin creating a whirlwind of emotions in her'
A: Humara bhi kya riddhima? She continued looking down as tears started strolling down her cheek..she wanted to get out of here..being near him was making her weak..he always had this effect on her'she just always wanted to be held in his arms..forever'he bent down and kissed away her tear'he looked down at her lips'they were soo tempting..but he knew it would be better if he tried and controlled him self right now'
A: Riddhima you never answered me'
R: Woh..actually..actually I was saying ke kash hume bhi aisa hi ek jeevan saathi mile jo hume bohut pyar kartha ho'
He knew that she was lying'.
A: Really is that what you were going to say'.
She looked up for a brief second  surprised that he caught her lie an d then looked down again: Haan
A: Hmm okay'I should drop you off home now its getting late'lets go
Their car ride home was a silent one..not much talking definitely not after that incident that just happened between the two..
He went around the car and opened the door  for her as they reached her house'
R: Thanks armaan..
A: Kisliye?
R: For the ride..Good night..
A: Its okay, goodnight
He watched her back as she walked away from him'
She wanted more than anything to just go back and run into his arms..she knew he was still there waiting'
She turned around and ran into his arms'this came as a shock to him at first..but as realization dawned on him that it wasn't a dream..he put his arms around her tiny waist..nuzzled  his head in her hair and tightened his grip around her..he'd been wanting to hold her in his arms for a while now..but now as he held her'the feeling he was having was just unexplainable'it felt good, it felt right. He felt her shaking'.was she crying..?  He gently pulled apart from the hug..his arms still around her waist though.
A: Riddhima'are you okay..? he asked as he noticed her tear stained face'
R: Pata nahin armaan..just papa ki yaad arahi thi aur tum yaha the isliya..i didn't just mean to hug you like that..sorry..
A: He wiped away the tears'its okay riddhima..i'm always here for you no matter what..he bent foreword and kissed her forehead'in a way to express that he cares about her and will always be there for her. Here I'll walk you to your doorstep'he held her hand in his and walked her up..
As she was about open her door': Armaan second'she ran over to him..and kissed him on the cheek'thanks for everything armaan..
She quickly ran off before he could say anything..
He felt his cheek where her lips had been and smiled'*sigh* this had been one of the most amazing nights ever!

Luv Mira

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