Tuesday, 8 August 2017

part 15 : Dil ka rishta

Recap: Riddhima makes Armaan jealous on purpose, Armaan doesn't talk to her and ignores her. Then when the gang leaves, AR are left alone and Riddhima tries to talk to Armaan but he doesn't listen... During their talk, Saurav calls Riddhima.. Seeing this Armaan gets more jealous... Armaan finds out that Riddhima loves him also so he tells her to confess already but she says that aisa kuch nahi hai and then after Armaan leaves; Ridz says tp herself that she won't confess, Armaan will have to confess first since she's a girl and he's a guy. Ab aage...

Next Morning, in college

Poori gang college mein ek dusre ke saath khatti meethi nok jhok karti hai....then after some time Armaan Riddhima ko dhoondh raha hota hai but woh kahin nahi milti hai jahan bhi usne Riddhima ko dhoondha, phir finally woh Riddhima ko library mein dhoondh ne jaata hai aur udar usse woh mil jaati hai. Armaan Riddhima ke paas jaane hi lagta hai ke tab hi woh dekhta hai ke udar Saurav bhi hota hai.

Saurav Riddhima ke paas aata hai aur Riddhima ke chehre se uske baal hatata hai but where Armaan's watching them, it seems as if Saurav is about to kiss Riddhima aur without thinking Armaan gusse mein uske saamne aata hai aur gusse mein uska collar pakad leta hai.... Aur Saurav ko peetne lagta hai murmuring...

Armaan: How dare you touch my Ridzi...

Riddhima tries alot to free Saurav from Armaan's grip but can't so she pushes him away. Riddhima frustratingly says...

Riddhima (frustratedly): Pagal ho kya tum??

Armaan(angrily): Tum ab bhi iski side le rahi ho!!?? He was about to kiss you dammit!

Riddhima: Toh that's not your problem. He is my friend and I am allowing him.....you just go

Hearing this, Armaan gets shattered and a big shock.... and leaves from there...

Riddhima consoles Saurav and helps him to move.

Riddhima: Saurav are you ok??

Saurav: Ya it's fine, don't worry

Riddhima: May I drop u?

Saurav: It's ok Ridzi, I'll manage...

Riddhima: But...

Saurav: It's fine..and wese bhi abhi classes rehti hain

Riddhima smiles: Okay

Then, they both enter the classroom holding each other's hands, seeing this Armaan gets really angry and tries to talk to Riddhima but she ignores him and doesn't talk to him to the whole day.

After college, Riddhima was waiting for the auto but she couldn't find any auto there.. so she walked in road. Suddenly a car came and stops.. and it was none other than Armaan

Armaan: Mere saath chalo, main chodh doon ga

Riddhima(strictly): No thanks I'll manage

Hearing this Armaan angrily comes out from the car and held her shoulders and pulled her towards him in anger....

Armaan: Why are you doing this haan? Kyun kar rahi ho tum aisa?

Riddhima: Main kuch nahi kar rahi hoon

There was a huge argument between them.

Riddhima: Tumari himat kaise hui Saurav ko aisa treat karne ki?

Armaan: Oh really? Yehi sawal tum se poochoon toh? Tumhari himat kaise hui..you...
How could you allow him to kiss you!??

Riddhima situation ka faida utha thi hai....

Riddhima (in her mind): It's high time

Riddhima: Kyun tumhe kya fark padta hai?

Hearing this Armaan gets more angry and says...

Armaan: Mujhe kya fark padta hai? Seriously? Like you don't know that I...

Riddhima: I?

There was a big silence between them and after that Armaan says...

Armaan(angrily): I love you dammit!

Riddhima smiles..and after a minute hugs him.

Riddhima: I love you too

Yeh sun ke Armaan khush ho jaata hai aur smile karta hai.

Then both cry and hug each other. Suddenly their friends' also come there and Asmani Rang Ho song plays.

Asmani rang ho,
pyaar ki boond ho,
roshni ho, dhoop ho
chahaton ki goonj ho
aanchal mein hain dhanak chandni...
haaton mein woh chaand hai,
gairon se bhi hai wasta
apno mein pehchan hai...

ta ra ra ra ta ri ra [3], tu zindagi
mera izhaar hai.. pyaar hi pyar hai, yaaron ki yaar hai, tu zindagi......

ta ra ra ra ta ri ra [3], tu zindagi
tujhse main kya kahoon
tu hi mera sukoon, sang tere rahoon, tu zindagi!!!!!

And then everyone hug each other...Soon after that, everyone left except Armaan and Riddhima... Then they played the basketball in the basketball court.

Riddhima wins the match and they both hug each other.

Armaan: Aise hi mujhse hamesha jeet ti rehna...

Riddhima(smilingly): Hamesha....

The End ....

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