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part 16 : AR love story

Stopping only a few steps in front of him she looked at him not being able to break eye contact It's like he had her captivated'and she just couldn't look away. As the wind started blowing strands of her hair he lifted his hand and tucked them behind her ear. Softly caressing her cheeks with the back of his fingers  she closed her eyes at his touch..
He softly whispered : Riddhima'.

Opening her eyes  she found herself  looking into a sea of emotions she looked into his piercing  grey blue eyes..
Holding her face in between his warm hands he creased his forehead against hers never wanting this moment to end..
A: You look breathtakingly beautiful tonight riddhima'
Smiling slightly as she felt his breath kiss her face, feeling her cheeks fill with color from his compliment.
A: oyye hoyye.. you look even more beautiful when you blush'he smiled as he found her blushing even harder now
R: Umm I think we should leave now'pulling away from him'not that she wasn't enjoying the was just she didn't want to be embarrassed any further'.she could tell he was enjoying her blushing at his every comment..
Stopping when she felt his warm hand tug at her cold one':Wait riddhima...I'll open the door for you, I'm gentleman enough to do that'giving her a wink as he opened the door for her
R: Thanks..
As he gave her a smile to signal her that it was okay'she found her heart fluttering at the sight of his dimples'
Getting into the drivers seat the engine roared to life as he turned the keys.  
R: Soo umm where are we going.?
A:  Oh this new restaurant that just opened up'actually I think its called "The New Punjabi Indian Restaurant"..the names soo creative na??
Letting out a small laugh : well when it comes to food'I don't think name really matters 'as long as they serve good food right..? arching her eyebrows up awaiting an answer from him..
A: Hmmm yeah you're right'do you mind if  I turn on  some music?
R: No not at all
As he reached for the button he felt shivers run through his body as his hand landed on top of hers'.turning to look into her eye knowing that he wasn't the only one who was affected by this small contact'
R: Woh 'I was just going to turn it on..i didn't mean to' casting her eyes down leaving the sentence midway
A: It's okay riddhima I guess you just beat me to the button first..smiling trying to ease up the tension between them..
She smiled at his cheesy statement appreciating him for trying to lighten up the awkward situation they were in.
Turning into the venue: And we're here!
Getting out of the car they walked in to the restaurant.
R: Are Rahul and Muskaan already here?
A: Yeah they should be'oh there they are! Waving a hand at rahul  he walked towards them with Riddhima beside him
Rahul waving back he felt Muskaan nudge him in his arm and whisper into his ear:They look soo good together na.?
Ra: Hmm just like a perfect couple.
M: Hey Armaan! Hey Riddhima thanks soooooo much for coming tonight
R: Oh no its my pleasure, I should be thanking you for inviting me..seems like your really loved Muskaan first the birthday surprise and now this dinner?  smiling brightly at her
M: Yeah Rahul really does spoil me a lot.. Waisee by the way Armaans actually a really romantic guy'I can totally imagine him pampering his wife to the fullest!
Feeling a small blush color her cheeks at the word "wife"..and this didn't go unnoticed by Muskaan
M: Right Armaan?? You'd just do anything for her..such as sing a song?? huh ? huh? wiggling her eyebrows at him as she laughed
A: Bhabs pleaseeeee don't start again with this..
Start with what? she said with such an innocent  face.
A: Fine if you want to play it this way..then should I remind you of the shayari phase??
Ra: Guyss stop it, we have a guest here with us and if you guys are going to continue this then we might as well just fill her in on what you guys are talking about..?
M: I'll tell  you'I've known these two since childhood  and well Armaan had a singing phase in his life when he was younger aand he would always say he was going to sing to his wife..though he really couldn't sing'.it was still a cute phase though'
A: Heyy well around the same time Muskaan had a shayari phase'.and she wasn't very much of a great poem writer were you??
Ra: Okay stop this the two of you..
Riddhima felt herself smile at this side of Armaan'it was obvious that he shared a great bond with his bhabhi and she loved this childish side..
Ra: Oh look  the food is here, we ordered food for us all before you guys got here..hope you don't mind
R: No its okay'the food looks great' she could feel her mouth watering
As she put a spoonful of rice in her mouth she heard Muskaan ttalk to her..
M: Soo Riddhima what do you do?
R: I'm a  cardiologist at one point in my life I did want to do something in criminal law but then decided against it. I'm glad I did, I love what I do. Anyways so I heard your about to have your first baby..exciting isn't it??
M: Very! This is going to be our  first one..
R: Hmm does Rahul take care of you enough?? He really does seem like the careless type you know'.she said teasingly'
Ra: Heyy I do to take enough care of her!
Laughing  she grabbed her ears : Sorry Rahul..i was just teasing you, I know you take great care of Muskaan. Soo have you thought of any names??
Armaan smiled as he saw her mix in so great with his family'she really is something he mused but was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Muskaans voice: Well if its girl we're planning on naming her Suhani or Sunaina but if it's a guy then its going to be Karan she beamed brightly
The rest of the dinner continued like this and Riddhima found heself  freely talking and she felt comfortable  with Armaans family'and found a great friend in Muskaan.
Ra: Well guys since we're done with dinner now'you wouldn't mind me taking my wife away for a long romantic drive now would you??
R: Aww no that's soo sweet. Enjoy
A: Yeah like Riddhima said enjoy'and no shetani he said while grinning mischievously at Rahul..
Ra: The same goes for you'..winking at him
Armaan gave him a "Oh you did not just say that look" while rahul just grinned giving him a  " Well you said it first!" look.
A: Uhmm soo we should get going..
R: hmm
Standing outside in the cold air he watched her face brighten as small puffs of air came out'she was such a kid at heart': Riddhima to be honest I don't want to go home just yet he found himself blurting out
R: Yeah me neither she confessed'.but where would we go?
He pondered over it for a minute: I know somewhere we could go'but we'd have to walk there?
R: It doesn't matter'
He felt her tug on his shirt as they passed by a ice cream stall': Armaan lets get one na..please!! she exclaimed..
A: Riddhima its cold outside and you're a should know that an ice cream is bad for you in this cold weather'
R: What ever Armaan'if you don't want one then I'm still getting one! she said in  childish tone as she walked over to the stall and within seconds came back with what looked like a mix between chocolate vanilla and strawberry'
A: Your nuts'it's cold could you be eating that?
 Armaaan I like ice cream in the cold weather..I guess its just one of those weird qualities I have she simply stated
Sooo tell me about yourself Armaan'?
A: I don't know what is there to tell? Umm I've lived in London most of my life and well like you know I own a fashion designing house. My brother and bhabhi are very dear to me'.i don't know what else to tell
Haha okay umm fine she stated'whats your favorite color?
A: White
R: White? that's such a boring color armaan!!
A; I beg to differ'white holds so many meanings, purity, innocence, simplicity'all in one color. Now you tell me'whats YOUR favorite color??
R: Uhmm blue..
A: actor?
R: Amir..
A: wow I'm surprised you didn't say SRK
R: I find him overrated'I'm not saying he's a bad actor I just find him overrated..
Laughing at her blunt confession..she really was different'girls usually were fida over SRK and here she was saying she found him overrated
A: Can I ask you something..?
R: Anything..
A: What was your first impression of me?
Laughing out loud: Oh wow..umm well I guess I found you  stuck up and rude. But then as  I got to know you better my impression of that rude snobbish guy  left'you really are sweet and I adore the bond you share with your brother and bhabhi. Oh and I also remember thinking you were insanely good looking  when I first met you but I just wouldn't let myself admit that'especially those dimples you have'.she cheekily said as she poked her fingers in his cheeks '

Smiling at her words and noticing that she seemed a lot more open and carefree tonight..but in a good way.
A: You thought I was good looking'as in I'm not anymore? he said in a mocking tone with his eyebrows raised..
R: Armaaaaaaaaan I didn't mean it like that
A: Ahhh so you still do think I'm "insanely good looking" huh? he said with a certain mischief in his eyes'he was enjoying this..
R: Armaaaaaannnnnn
Riddhimaaaaaaaaaaa  he said in a teasing tone..
A  Oh we're almost there'just follow me up these stairs okay?
R: But where are we going?
A: You'll see just trust me'he said extending his hand out for her as they climbed up the stairs..
She felt herself gasp in awe as she looked out at the beautiful sight in front of her. They were on some terrace but the rest of Mumbai looked so beautiful from here a complete contrast from what you usually saw when you were actually walking on the streets of Mumbai 'but from up here everything seemed nice and peaceful.
A: It's beautiful isn't it?
R: It is she said still staring in admiration of the sight
A:  Whenever I'm upset or need to think I usually come to a place like this'it makes me feel calm..helps me clear my mind. When I was younger my Dad would always be too busy on business trips, constantly going away and I remember always being mad about it'and being jealous of all the others kids Dad that would come pick them up.....and I would always run away to places like this when I was upset'I'd just sit there and complain out loud about how my dad never had time for me..
R: What about your Mom? she said gently'.not wanting to interrupt him but the urge of curiosity got the better of her'
A: Oh my Mom has always been my support system'she's the one who always made me understand that my Dad does love me, he's just a little busy. But now my Dads retired'.home almost all the time..I love spending time with him, he really is a great man. But the habit of coming to a calm place like this never left me.
R: That's nice, sounds like you have a nice family, you, Muskaan, Rahul, you ma and pa seems like you all share a great bond with each other'I can feel a lot of family love..smiling warmly at him.
A:  We do, my families the best thing I have. Tell me about your family Riddhima
R: Well'my Dad was a Doctor at Sanjeevani. When I was younger he'd always take me to the beach and we'd play in the water together. He would take me out to movies  in his free time and we'd go on family picnics. Then I remember coming home one day from school and my mom telling my papa was very sick'but would get better soon. I was eight around the time, I was worried but I thought he would get better and we'd go back to doing our normal things.. he never got better. He died of blood cancer'she sighed deeply as she started feeling the tears build up in her eyes'it was getting hard for her to talk'.but before he  died he left that land in my name'and when I was of age it would be officially given to me. It was always my dads dreams to build a hospital on that land, and now its my dream to make my dads dream come true. I know when you first met me I was rude about it and rude to you and I'm really sorry'but I hope you understand why I would never give that land away now'
He felt his heart ache as he saw the tears brim her eyes, she was trying hardest to not let them fall, and she had a lost look on her face..
Wrapping her in his arms he soothed her running his hand down her hair in a calming manner.
A: Riddhima, don't say sorry for not giving me that land, or for your behavior or anything. You actions are justifiable and your Dad would be so proud of you if he was still here.  But  seeing you cry, that would just hurt him, you're his strong little girl Riddhima.
She calmed down slowly, but she still didn't leave his arms'
Slowly coming out of his arms: Thank  you Armaan, for everything.
Cupping her face in his hands: Heyyy no need to thank me..okay?
As she heard some faint sounds she looked at him: Do you hear that?
A: Yeah'its coming from the  caf across from here'actually its one of my favorite songs'he smiled at her as he hummed along slowly with the tune..
She gasped when she felt his hand on her bare waist feeling a tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach, and as hard as she tried she couldn't ignore it.
She looked up at him and saw his eyes burning with passion..
A: Dance with me..
She felt herself weakening at his gaze as he gently grabbed her hand in his as their
bodies swayed to the rhythm of the music.
Kitni baatein hain jo keh na paaye unko
Hum to na the is tarah
O ho ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
O ho ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
Khoye rahe
Unknowingly they're bodies came closer to each other as their bodies kept
swaying, lost in the moment.
Bas tumko dekhe dekhte hi rahe
Ruk jaaye lamhe sabhi jaate hue
Kya tumse keh de aur kya na kahe
Tum hi samajh lo sabhi aye kaash ke
Bas ye tamanna hai dil jo apna hai
Usko mil jao tum
Ab na khayalon mein na sawalon mein
Baahon mein aao tum
O ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
O ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
Khoye rahe
He spinned her out and brought her back in placing both her hands around his
neck as he brought her body closer to his as he placed both his hands on her waist.
She could feel his heartbeat and his husky breath on her neck sending shivers down her spine.
Chand sitaare saare benoor the
Tumse mile to sabhi roshan hue
Ye sab nazaare phir mile na mile
Ek do kadam hi sahi mil kar chale
Kal kisne dekha hai kya bharosa hai
Reh na jaaye gile
Yehi ifteda bhi hai intehaa bhi hai
Hai muhabbat bhi ye
O ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
O ho ho ho..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein yun
Khoye rahe
Khoye rahe, khoye rahe
As the wind blew she could smell his intoxicating manly cologne. Their bodies slowly stopped swaying as the song ended but not leaving the position they were in as he creased his forehead against hers.
A: You dance good..
He smiled cheekily as he saw her fiercely blush lowering her gaze. God she was beautiful.
What is it about him that keeps drawing me nearer to him? Yes undoubtedly I am attracted to him but today I was able to connect with him on a different level when we were talking. I felt as is I could tell him everything
A; You want to come sit with me over here..
She looked up slightly embarrassed as she noticed him sitting there against one of the corners of the wall..walking over next to him they sat there in silence for a few seconds ..
A Thanks  Riddhima'
R: For what?
A: For coming out tonight, I could tell bhabhi was really happy seeing that you came tonight..
R: Just Muskaan? she found herself asking'she was surprised with herself yet she couldn't help but ask him..
He looked at her slightly baffled he never expected her to be bold enough to say that but at the same time it made him smile..
A: Noo..not just Muskaan'smiling at her leaving it at just that knowing she would understand what he was implying..
The rest of the night they found themselves conversing with each other freely. They felt as if they'd known the others for years and felt comfortable telling each other everything. Armaan talked about the smallest things to his biggest secrets that he hadn't even told Rahul, and the same went for Riddhima'.not realizing when they both dozed off'riddhimas head against armaans chest enveloped in his arms.
He woke up slightly as he felt her shuffle in his arms a little. Opening his eyes he looked at the sun rising then looking down at the sight in his arms. She fit soo perfectly, as if she was the missing puzzle piece that he needed. Smiling as he thought about last night, he definitely felt more than attraction towards her. Last night he connected with her on more an emotional level as they talked freely with each other. He had found himself telling her stuff that he hadn't even told Rahul.. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what he felt, but he knew he held some strong feelings forher'
Looking down at his watch..":7:00 a.m"'he couldn't believe he stayed out all night with her just talking, those were definitely the best few hours of his life'and he knew he'd always cherish them.
He felt her stir some more in arms before he heard he soft delicate voice ring in his ears..
R: Armaan'
A: Yea..? he said softly..
As realization struck her she jumped out of his arms..
R: OH my GOD Armaan we stayed out all not!! Mom is going to kill me, forget mom Anjie won't leave me'and oh my god I still have to go to the hospital today..what time is it?
A: Calm down Riddhima it's  7
R: My shift starts at 9'hurry up I need to get home..
she got up swiftly walking away but stopped she felt his strong hand holding her delicate fragile one'as he gently drew her in towards his chest'whispering in her ear..: Riddhima'I just want you to know  last night was one of the best nights of my life..
She gazed down as she felt a slight blush color her cheeks..: Mine too she whispered barely audible'.but he heard her and smiled..
A: I think we should get going now other Anji..
R: Oh my god armaan lets go!!!
He let out a soft laugh at her state'.she was soo cute!


Luv you guys

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