Sunday, 27 August 2017

part 17 : AR love story

Sitting there looking over a few papers he couldn't help but drift off into thought. Riddhima was different from any other girl he had ever met. Yet doesn't everybody say this about the one girl whom they harbor deep feelings for? Last night had been so amazing but yet it was so simple. All he did was talk to her but he couldn't think of anything else he'd rather be doing and anyone else he'd rather be with.  The bond he had created with her couldn't be explained with a mere few words. Like said it
only counts what the person is in the inside not on the outside, and she shared both inner and outer beauty. Her caring, sweet, and warm personality just attracted you towards her.
M:  Oyye what thoughts are you lost in?
He looked up as he saw Muskaan standing there looking at him with a questioning face. He'd decided to check out of that hotel room and shift in with Muskaan at her parents house at least until her parents were away.
A: Nothing, I was just thinking about a few business related things as he looked down pretending to be engrossed in his papers
M: Yeah right Armaan, I've known you since we were children'and from the expressions on your face it did not seem like you were lost in "business related thoughts" as she quoted him with her fingers
Smiling at her as he signaled her to sit down on the sofa next to him. He should have known, if there was anybody that knew him better after Rahul it was Muskaan.  He rested his head in her lap as she sat down next to him. Closing his eyes as she ruffled his hair in a relaxing manner.
M: Now tell me, what thoughts were you REALLY lost in..?
A: Well'Riddhima.  I've never been more confused in my life. I don't what about her makes her so different. Her whole personality is just captivating; it just draws you toward her. And I often find myself getting lost in her thoughts...*sigh* I don't know what's happening to me bhabs
M: Armaan'when it comes to feelings, don't listen to your brain..Listen to your heart, and it will tell you the answer you're seeking for.
An: Oh Riddhima finally you are back home! Had fun staying out all night? You are lucky that I drifted off to sleep waiting for you so you were able to sneak off to work'otherwise..! And why couldn't you pick up my calls? At least that way I would have known that you were alright. I had to lie and say you were suddenly called in to night duty so mami wouldn't get worried about you!
R: Di, di, di I'm so so so sorry! I just went out to dinner with Armaan for Muskaan's birthday dinner, and then me and Armaan went on a walk and then I just didn't even realize when time passed...and...I'm sorry'
Taking a deep breath to calm down she spoke: It's okay Ridzy, I was just worried about you and you wouldn't pick up your cell...
R: Sorry di, my phone was switched on silent and it was in my purse so I didn't hear it ring'
Lightly squeezing her hand: It's okay Ridzy, just call me next time so I don't get so anxious.  Soo you were out with Armaan all night huh? What did you guys do all night..huh? huh?  nudging her elbow a little as she gave her a quick wink

Riddhima looked down as she felt her cheeks flush..stuttering on her words: di,woh, aisa .ku kuch nahi hain..
An: Riddhimaaa'.tumhara chehre peh saf saf  likha hain keh aisa hi hain. So tell me now, do you love him?
R: Di really its nothing like that
An: Riddhima'
R: Pata nahi di, I'm confused..Sometimes he irritates me soo much but then the next second he does some little antic of his and makes me laugh. And at the same time he can be so mature and understanding, so caring when you need him to be. I feel good when I'm with him. And along with having an appealing personality..he's just as attractive on the outside.  But I'm not sure if my feelings are strong enough  to be called love..
An: Well time will tell then..just give yourself some time to figure things out
*sigh*: yeah I guess you're right. I'm really tired di, I'm going to go take a shower and then sleep.
An: What about dinner?
R: I'm too tired to eat anything.
P: Nope Ridz, that won't work.
turning around to see her mother standing there: But ma'.
P: Not but's..go freshen up and come down to eat.
An: I'm going out for dinner I'll see you later Ridzy.
Giving padma a hug and kiss: Bye mami
P: Bye beta
Turning towards riddhima: Now you need to go upstairs and freshen up. I'll warm up the dinner for you till then.
She had  decided to look over a few case files after dinner before she took her shower . But then when she felt she couldn't keep her eyes open for another second'she decided she would take a nice relaxing shower and then hit the bed.
Coming out of the shower, she sat in front of the mirror applying lotion to her already velvety skin. Looking at herself self in the mirror she recalled all the times she had spent with Armaan..from their first meeting to their dinner last night. What was it about him that made her feel good about herself? When ever she was around him she felt good, she felt right, she felt complete even. He was witty, smart, caring, charming. He knew how to make her laugh, he knew how to comfort her when she needed it. Even last night when she had told him about her father, he had so gently comforted her, took her in his arms and caressed her hair until she calmed down. He aroused new feelings in her that she had never felt before'
The sound of her cell vibrating had disrupted her thoughts...she looked down at her cell and read Armaans name'
R: Armaan! she nearly yelled his name a little too joyously'Oh god I think I sounded a little to excited..
A: Hey..Smiling on the other end hearing her melodious voice..
R: Hi...She said a bit more shyly now
A: What were you doing..? Thinking about me?
She gasped a little'how did he know? No wait he can't possibly know, he's just teasing you Riddhima ': In your dreams sweety
A: Oyye hoyye, attitude huh?  You can deny it all you want but I know you were thinking about me'
R: How can you be so sure?
A: Because I just know'my heart says you were. It's okay' because I was thinking about you too'
She felt her stomach do summersaults at his last statement. .he was thinking about her too?
A: ...I have not been able to stop thinking about you....about last night..
She could feel her cheeks color and her pulse quicken'Was he really saying all this to her'or was she imagining this??
Armaaan'..she whispered'.
A: Riddhima'
She closed her eyes at the sound of her name escaping his lips..his voice sounded so passionate'


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