Tuesday, 29 August 2017

part 18 : AR love story

A: Riddhima'
She closed her eyes at the sound of her name escaping his lips his voice sounded so passionate'
*Knock Knock*
Opening her eyes at the sound of the knock..Oh god it must be dii!
R: Armaan'di is here'I have to goo'I'll call later..byee
A: Promisee?

R: Promise what?
A: That you'll call me later?
The corners of her mouth turned at his words'he's soo darn cute!
A: Riddhima'.promise?
R:  Yess I promise! Bye armaan
Smiling 'A: Byee
Running to open the door : Hii Dii!
An: What took you soo long Ridz??
R: Oh nothing'I had just dozed off a bit. Soo tell me how was your dinner date??
An: Oyye when did  I say it was a date?
R:  Noo need to say it, I understand it all.
*blushing a little* An: It was great, I really like him Riddhima. He's different from other guys that I dated, I can talk to him about almost anything, he can make me laugh with all his corny jokes, he's sweet, caring, and makes me feel like I'm the most special person in his life.  You know he flew over to India just for me? He said he was missing me too much, and just had to see me.   I think I'm in love Ridz'I'm really in love!
R(a little surprised): In love? But how can you be soo sure? I mean..
An: Riddhima, I just am. No other guy has ever made me feel this way, he's makes me feel like I'm the most precious thing ever, and I just always want to be with him by his side'for ever.
An: I'm going to go take a shower, I think you should get to bed..you have  an early shift tomorrow. Good night Ridz.
R: Good night dii'
Pulling up the covers of her bed she got lost in thought'..Doesn't Armaan make me feel like I'm special? Last night wasn't I able to tell him everything'old memories that even now when I recollect hurt? And he took me in his arms as if trying to take all the worries and pain out of my life.  His arms were like an escape route for me, an escape from all the pain and worries in my life. He's made me laugh when I needed to laugh, he's sweet, he's caring, he's even good looking. But more than that'didn't I feel like never leaving his arms last night? I always want him with me, beside my side'no actually I always want to be with him..in his arms. The way he says my name'with such a passion filled voice, the way he looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. The butterflies I get when he flashes those dimples. or even comes near me, the constant rapid beating of my heart  and the feelings he stirs in me when he's soo near that I can smell his scent. *smiling*..his scent'another bonus'he smells good'.like really  good. The feelings I have for him..they're strong'yes they are'because I'm in love with him! And I think I've known this but just wouldn't admit it'but I can't deny it any longer'but does he feel the same for me?? I hope sooo'.
*smiling* as she hugged her teddy bear tighter she drifted off to sleep...dreaming about Armaan!
Armaan stared at his phone for the umpteenth time. C'mon ring'ring'ring! Hmm I don't think she's going to call, it's already'.1:00 AM! And she probably has duty tomorrow. I'll bug her tomorrow'smiling at the thought of her.
*Bring Bring*Brrrrringg..Brrrrrrrring* Hitting the off button she stared at the time'5:00 AM. Today was definitely going to be a long day. Lazily getting out of bed she stretched her arms.  Walking to the bathroom she turned on the faucet of the sink letting the water run. Splashing some water on her face to wake her up, she took her toothbrush and some toothpaste and started brushing her teeth.
Droplets of water were falling from her wet hair as she stood there in front of her closet debating on what to wear. Finally just pulling out a lime green chudidar she  got read. Brushing her hair quickly she grabbed her eyeliner and put it on. Putting on some clear lip gloss that had a tinge of pink in it she ran down the stairs with her cell. It was 5:40'she had about 10 minutes to make her breakfast and 20 minutes to eat and leave her house. The shift started at 6:30'and if she wanted to reach on time, she had to leave the house by atleast 6:10.
She looked down at her cell as she felt it vibrate. "Armaan calling".
R: Why would Armaan call me this early in the morning?
R: Hello
A: Hey Riddhima, come outside.
R: Why?
A: Because I'm waiting for you outside
R: What? Why??
A: Because I thought we could get some breakfast together before your shift started?
Her heart melted at his words. He woke up this early just so he could have breakfast with her? She was falling deeper and deeper in love with him by the minute.
R: That's so sweet of you Armaan. But how did you know what time my shift was at?
A (grinning): Because I called Sanjeevani and asked them. Now madam, will you please come outside so we can leave? Otherwise you'll be late for your shift.
R(giggling a little): I'm coming right out! Bye
She ran to the door and opened it...and there he was. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw him leaning against his car in a white shirt with the first few buttons unbuttoned, and blue jeans. His hair slightly wet from his morning shower with a few strands falling over his forehead. She had the urge to take her hand and brush those few strands away, but she knew she couldn't do that.
He smiled as he saw her standing there in a lime green chudidar that had a slight small slit in the middle. Her emerald green eyes that were outlined in kohl that added a emphasized the size of her green eyes. Her lips slightly tinged with gloss, and strands of her hair blowing with the wind. Was there ever a moment when she didn't look beautiful? He couldn't think of one.
She felt this tingly sensation in the pit of her stomach and as she tried to ignore it she couldn't. It was from his intense gaze on her, he was looking at her as if she was the most beautiful woman ever. She felt the corners of her mouth turn as that last thought ran through her mind, wasn't she just thinking about that last night? If she had any doubt before on whether or not she truly loved him, they would all be washed away right now. She loved him, and everything about him.
A(clearing his throat a little): Umm shall we leave now?
She casted her eyes down a little as she felt a slight blush creep up her cheeks. She'd been staring she realized, but she wasn't the only one! He had been staring too. Sighing a little as she walked towards the car.
He smiled as he saw the color fill her cheeks. She was soo damn beautiful!
He opened the door for her as she sat inside. Closing the door he went around to the other side and sat inside.
Driving his car...in silence until finally Riddhima decided to break it.
R: Soo where are we going for breakfast?
A: A small breakfast shop right near your hospital. Its small but it serves some of the best breakfast ever, I'm sure you'll love it.
Turning into the driveway of the small breakfast place he parked his car. Getting out of the car and walked around the other side to open the door for her. As she got out of the car he offered his arm to her. She giggled a little and linked her arm with his as they entered inside.
Sitting down at a booth they both ordered their breakfast. He tapped his fingers on the table while whistling a familiar tune waiting for their orders to come.
He stopped whistling when he heard her  sweet delicate voice .
R:  What are you whistling?
A: Tum se hi'.do you like that song?
R: Yeah I love it. I wish I could whistle like that
Getting a mischievous grin on his face: Oh so you can whistle at good looking guys? winking at her
Slapping him on his arm R: ARMAAN!!
He laughed as the waitress came over and put their plates of breakfast on he table along with the two glasses of orange juice they both had ordered.
Grabbing her glass of orange juice she sipped out of it. Still angry from his last comment as she squinted her eyes at him in anger.
Oyye Hoyye ghuse main bhi bohut khub surat lakthi hain.
Lifting his hands in the air as if to say "I surrender" he said: Okay okay,I'm sorry, I'm sorry I won't say that again.
R: Good you better not..smiling at him.
A: But you know you deserve it after what you did last night
Confused R: What did I do last night?
A: You never called me back, even after promising.
R: Oh Armaan, it was late and I know you weren't waiting for my call. Stop joking. Giggling a little but stopped when she saw his serious expression'gazing at her intently
A:  I did wait for your call.
She felt the butterflies again as she stared into his eyes. Should she tell him she wanted to call him but was scared because it was late? That she even dialed his number and called it but kept cutting the call before it even went through?
R: I wanted to call you'
A: Why didn't you then?
R: I was scared..it was late at night and what if you were sleeping?
A: I wasn't. Smiling a little at her to lighten up the atmosphere'he hadn't meant for it to get this tense. He was just teasing her at first, but the truth was he did wait for her call. But now that he knew she wanted to call him too..that just made him soo happy. So he wasn't the only one feeling something  between them.
They continued eating their breakfast while talking here and there. They both didn't realize when time flew by and it was time for Riddhima to get to work. They both didn't want to depart from each other..but neither said anything.
As he stopped his car outside of Sanjeevani he watched her open the door to leave. Grabbing her hand lightly  to stop her
A (softly whispering): Riddhima'
She turned around a little to face him'she could feel her heart beating overtime at his small touch
A: Umm have a nice day at work. Bye
Frowning a little at his words she responded back wit h a thanks. Was she expecting more from him? Well right now she needed to try and push his thoughts out of her mind'she had a long day at work.
Walking inside his house he sat on the sofa in thought. Her face kept flashing in his mind'he could have swore he noticed a frown on her face'was she disappointed that he didn't say something more'or do something more? He didn't know what had gotten into him'he'd wanted to kiss her ..and tell her that he'd miss her'that he didn't want her to leave to go to work. He was falling for her'big time.
Ra: So when are you going to tell her you love her?
He looked up to find his brother standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.
A: I don't know what you are talking about
Ra: Armaan stop playing. You are in love with her, and you know it'stop denying it.
Sighing a little :Okay Okay I am in love with her. But what if she doesn't share the same feelings for me? I know that she feels something for me...but what if it's not love?
Sitting down beside his little brother Ra: Armaan'I can tell you with confidence that she does. You just need to tell her before its too late.

As she walked down the steps of Sanjeevani hospital she nearly almost skipped a step when she saw Armaan leaning his back against  his car. Is he really there? Or am I dreaming?
She burst into a big smile when he straightened his posture when he saw her. He really is there. He came to pick me up..aww. This guy is too good to be true.
He smiled back as he saw her smiling at him. All his doubts were washed away, she did love him. Her eyes expressed it all, and he could tell she was more than happy on seeing him here.
They both walked towards each other.
A: I thought I'd pick you up. I didn't think it wouldn't have been safe for you to go in a rickshaw this late at night. ..and..
R(interrupting him): It's okay Armaan. You don't need to give an explanation..I'm glad you came to pick me up.
He smiled at her as he opened the car door for her.
It was mostly a silent car ride. Yet there silence was speaking volumes. It was like they say "The end of a new beginning"

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