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part 19 : AR love story

As the sun shined through the window curtains, the sunrays danced on her face. Stretching her arms and getting up, she found the bed next to hers empty. Anjali must have left earl y again, hmm wonder if she went to go see that guy..whats his name again..haa Atul. Smiling as she remembered her dii's love struck expressions whenever she talked about him.  She felt a blush creep up her cheeks as images of Armaan flashed in her mind. *Sigh* Di's not the only one in love'she smiled a little as she remembered yesterdays events, the breakfast, the way he came to pick her up from work, the car ride home'.just everything.

Coming out of the shower she turned on the radio as one of her favorite songs played..
Dekho zara'
kitna haseen hai
phir yeh sama'
hai na'
jee le zara
ek pal mila jo tanhai ka
hai na'
She smiled as she remembered her moments with Armaan. The dance on the rooftop, their time at the beach'..
Picked out an orange and pink chudidaar..
Vohi hasna hasana
kuch kehe ke yun sharmana
kuch baatein yunhi
aankhon se hi kar jaana
na chaand lagta hai
ye chehra tak pe jaana
ab aa gaye ho toh naa phir jaanaaa'
Sitting in front of the mirror brushing her hair she thought of how his close proximity made her blush'
yehi duaa' yun hi sadaa'
tere liye' dhadke jiya'
aahaa aaaa..
dhadke jiya'
yeh raasta gum hoga
yeh darr tumhe hai na
mai aas paas hi kahin hoon
itna yakeen toh hai na

teri har aahat ka
chup chupke peeche peeche aana
mujhe tanhayi mai tera ek lamha de jaana
shayad yeh lamha di phir khuda ka
tere mere milne ka socha hai bahana
Armaan was listening to the same song, and was reminiscing of his time with Riddhima. The way he was always thinking of excuses to try and meet her. Her eyes, her smile,  her child like nature, everything about her warmed his heart.
yehi duaa' yun hi sadaa'
tere liye' dhadke jiya'
aahaa aahaa
dhadke jiya'
oohhooo'. oohhoo..
Running out to the room of her balcony, Riddhima spun around in a circle with her arms wide'
palkein yun jhuki toh kuch hua tha
yeh pal jaise ruk sa gaya tha
mere sapnon mein bhi har baar tu aana
ab aa jo gaye ho toh na phir jaana
He thought of how she always lowered her eyes when she was shy'she was soo beautiful
yehi duaa' yun hi sadaa'
tere liye' dhadke jiya'
aahaa aaaa
dhadke jiyaaa'
dhadke jiyaaa'
dhadke jiya'

As the song came to an end, Riddhima ran downstairs, a part of her hoping that he had come to pick her up again.
She lightly tapped her head for thinking like that. Just because he practically spent the whole day with her yesterday, doesn't mean he will everyday
Reading over a file she felt her phone vibrate..
1 new message'Armaan: Hello beautiful, missing me?
Her face beamed at the sight of his message'.
Riddhing: Yess, A lot!
Tcha Riddhima, you can't send that. Erasing her message..she thought of something better to send'.
R: No.. why would I? I don't dream about you at work Armaan
A: Ohhh so you mean you do dream about me..just not at work?
She stared at the message, darn it..he always knew how to trap her with his smart replies! Now what could she say?
R: Haha Armaan, you can make yourself feel satisfied by thinking that'even if its not true J
A: Ouch, that hurt Riddhima
R: Hehe, Armaan I'm not allowed to text at work..we'll talk later!
Shoving her cell in her coat pocket, she stood up as she saw Sapna heading in towards her cabin. Having your cell phone out during work was a no no, not that Sapna would blab..she wouldn't'but she would definitely question to find out who it was'and well..she wasn't ready to tell at the moment..
S: Ridzy yaar, chal. Lets go to the canteen and get some lunch? It's lunch time already..
R: Hmm I'm coming Sapna'
Taking out her cell phone, she checked the time.  She had one new message from Armaan'
A: Fine, fine you can go. But I'll come and pick you up from work, we can go out for some coffee.
Heading outside, she saw Armaan leaning against his car waiting for her. It warmed her heart to see him standing there..waiting for her
Walking towards him, she stopped only a few inches before him. Looking up she noticed his intense gaze on her'
Complete captivated under his charm, she forgot what she had  come to say to him. Staring back into his grey blue eyes'she felt her stomach doing summersaults.
Armaa..she stopped speaking when she felt his finger on her lips'
She looked up into his eyes with a questioning look
Tucking the strands of hair behind her ear, he kissed her forehead.
Closing her eye at the touch of his lips on her forehead, her heart warmed at his small gesture.
Riddhima, you look beautiful. She felt her cheeks color at his comment'
As he tucked another strand of hair behind her  ear, she looked up at him,
A: Lets go get a cup of coffee, shall we?
R:Armaan who, actually'
A:Whats wrong Riddhima?
R: I can't come out today. 'I'm really sorry. But Fridays is movie night at my house..
A: It's okay Riddhima' I understand. C'mon I'll drop you home
Her heart sank at the disheartened look on his face. He may have understood, but he was still disappointed. As he started walking away from her..she stopped him by holding his hand..
He turned around giving her a questioning look..but yet at the same time happy that she was holding his hand..
R: Armaan, I was thinking how about you join us?  Mom would love to meet you..and plus its really not that bad I assure you. We order a box of pizza, pop some popcorn, and put on some good film and just enjoy ourselves.  I mean you don't have to come'but..
A: Shhh Riddhima, I would love to join you..but are you sure? Your mom and Anjiwon't mind na?
R: Of course not! They would love to have you join us..
Smiling at her..his heart warmed at her excited nature. For a second he was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be able to spend time with her'but this seemed even better. It would be nice to get to know her family'
Entering the house she headed straight for the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Yelling on her way upstairs to Armaan: Hey Armaan make yourself at home. I'll be right back..just need to freshen up.
He looked around the house'it hadn't changed much since he last saw it. But last time had been a whole different story, that was when he had lost her. He shuddered at that thought, he didn't want to lose her again.
P: Hello..
A: Oh hi aunty, you must be Riddhima's mom na? I'm her friend..Armaan. Actually Riddhima invited me over for the movie night..I hope you don't mind..
P: No not at all beta. Actually its good that you came, Anjali already said she wouldn't be able to make it..soo its good that you came.
The ringing of the door bell brought them out of their conversation'
Opening the door he saw the pizza  guy at the door. Heading towards the door he took the box of pizza from Padma and put it on the table. Padma shut the door after paying the delivery boy.
P: I hope you don't mind pizza na? Its out usual for movie nights'
A: No not at all aunty, I love pizza. So what movie will we be watching tonight?
Kuch Kuch Hota Hain..he looked up at the stairs to see Riddhima standing there. She was wearing grey sweatpants with an overly large Winnie the Pooh shirt. Her hair tied up in a messy bun, with a few strands falling over her head. In one word she looked'adorable. His heart skipped a beat seeing her dressed like this, she looked soo beautiful even in this outfit. She seemed so much at home, and he could just imagine her walking around his house too..noo correction, their house'in these clothes. He smiled a bit at the last thought..
A: Kuch Kuch Hota Hain huh? I thought you said you  didn't like SRK?
R: Nooo Armaan, I never said that. I just said he's not my favorite, that doesn't mean I don't like him. Sheesh..don't just make assumptions like that. She walked past him lightly hitting him on the back of his head.
Padma smiled at this little interaction between her daughter and Armaan. She could tell they were both more than "friends". If she wasn't wrong..from the look Armaan had on his face a few minutes ago..she could tell that Armaan was quite smitten by his daughter. And well knowing her daughter she could tell that Riddhima was under his charm too'and to be quite frank..she liked Armaan for her daughter. He was undoubtedly good looking, he was sweet, and had this certain charm to him. But most of all she could tell that he would keep Riddhima happy for the rest of her life, and well that's all that really mattered.
P: Excuse me beta, I'll go and make some popcorn'.
R: Okay Mom. I'll put on the movie till then
Running after her and grabbing her hand...he pulled her towards him..blowing on the strands of her hair out of her face..
She closed her eyes at the touch of his breath...lightly whispering'Armaan'mom will see!
A: Soo your saying that its okay to do this if nobody see's?
Looking up to see the naughty expression on his face'she suddenly made a shocked expression on her face'.Mom??
He quickly let go of her, only to see her burst into a fit of giggles'but before he could do anything else Padma walked outside with the bowl of popcorn and  some plates'
Going over to her. he took the bowl of  popcorn  and plates from her and placed them on the living room table.
A: Aunty is there anything else?
P: haan, theres some drinks and cups inside the kitchen..
A: I'll go get them'
Riddhima smiled at the small exchange between her mom and Armaan. He had just whispered something to her mom'and she could see her mom laughing. Her heart warmed at the sight, Armaan was a true gem. After her fathers death, her mom had always been a tad lonely. But now seeing her mom with Armaan, and laughing'well what more could  she want?
She turned back around to see the movie. It was the scene where  Kajol was leaving SRK. She could feel tears start to form around her eyes.....a hand jut out in front of her holding a tissue.
Riddhima, I don't understand why you girls cry during films..I mean seriously..
Grabbing the tissue from him she wiped her tears..Shut Up Armaan! Just because guys don't have any insensitive doesn't mean girls are too. It's such a sad scene..!!
Smiling at her as she turned around and got engrossed in the film again'she was soo cute!! This was  definitely better than going out for a cup of coffee.
Padma noticed the goosebumps on his arms..he was shivering slightly'Armaan are you cold?
A: Just a little aunty'
But before Padma could say anything'R: Here'share the blanket with me..its big enough of two people..
A: No its fine Riddhima'
P: Noo go ahead beta, your freezing..
Sitting down beside her on the floor, he watched her spread the blanket over the both of them. He smiled, this was perfect. Sharing a blanket with the love of his life, watching a film...spending time with her. What more could he want? He had this sudden urge to kiss her on her temple..this moment was just soo perfect. He observed her, as her eyes were glued to the screen'she was soo engrossed in the film. Turning towards the was the scene where SRK and Kajol are completely drenched, SRK plays a small tune with his fingers and they were sharing a dance. Turning back towards Riddhima..he noticed a small smile playing on her lips. Grabbing her hand tightly under the blanket, he turned back towards the screen and acted completely normal.
Riddhima stared at him a little shocked but then turned back towards the screen before her mom noticed anything. A small smile crept on her she felt her small delicated hand in his big strong one. Her hands felt warm in his, this moment was too perfect, and she just didn't want it to end.
As the movie ended Padma said walked Armaan to the door.
P: Armaan beta, do come again okay?
A; Of course aunty, it will be my pleasure..
Smiling at him, bye beta..
A: Byee'
Turning around to leave, he stopped when he heard Riddhima's voice telling him to stop. ..I'll walk you to your car Armaan..
He walked with her to his car..both standing there in silence..
He lightly held her hand and squeezed it'I really had a great time Riddhima. It was fun with you and your mom, we should do this more often.
She blushed slightly as she remembered the event from today, the way he had held her close, the way she had tricked him into thinking that her mom was there, and the way she had shared a blanket with him..and he had held her hand. Yeah..she wouldn't mind doing that again.
Smiling at his slightly, she  said bye to him.
He waited inside the car until she walked back into the house and then drove off.
Riddhima stared at the sparkling rock on Anjali's finger, still in utter disbelief. She's engaged? but'she's only known him for as long as I've known Armaan. If Atul can propose to Anjali by now, then why can't Armaan tell me he loves me? Ugh!
A: Riddhima?
R: Yes di..
A: Aren't you happy for me?
R: Yess dii, I'm soo happy.
Hugging Anjali'She truly was happy for her..she deserved this!
R:Hey Anjali, I want to meet my to be jiju soon okay?  I have to make sure na? that he's perfect for you..and that he'll always keep you happy..
Next morning
She grabbed her cell phone and keys, and ran down the stairs in a sky blue chudidaar. No time for breakfast today, it was already time to leave!
Opening the door to her house,,she almost skipped a step and fell when she saw Armaan standing  there waiting for her. On any other day she would have been happy, but right now she was a bit irritated at him. Atul had proposed to Anjali for marriage by now, and what had Armaan done? Nothing..:(
Walking towards him she sat inside his car in the passenger's seat'with out as so much as a hi.
Armaan was a bit confused by her behavior. What's wrong with her?
Getting inside the drivers seat he turned on the car.
A: Hello'
R: Hi.
A: Okay'do you want to go get some breakfast before  I drop you off?
 R: No
A: What's with the monotone replies? Are you okay Riddhima?

R: I'm fine.
The rest of the car ride went by in silence. Armaan was very confused with Riddhima behavior'
Reaching Sanjeevani. Riddhima quickly got out of the car and  started to leave..
Riddhima wait'
Armaan my shift is about to start'she started walking back again but stopped when she felt him hold her hand and pull her back..
Riddhima, what's wrong?..
Lightly caressing her cheek with the back of his can tell me.
Not being able to hold it in anymore..she burst out on Armaan in anger : You want to know whats wrong? Well  lets start with some good news first, Atul proposed to Anjali'they are engaged now!
A: That's great!
R: I know it is. Guess how long they've known each other Armaan? For about as long as me and you have! If he can propose to her for marriage by now then why can't you tell me how you feel? Or do you not feel anything for me? The way you touch me, the way you care for me, you really not feel for me? If you don't then why do you act like we're a couple huh..? Answer me Armaan!!
Armaan stared at her slightly amused. He definitely wasn't expecting this outburst..
Riddhima looked down as she felt a her cheeks burn' Oh god did I really just say all that to Armaan? What was I thinking??
But before she could say anything else..Armaan put his finger under her chin and lifted up her face..tiliting his head slightly he touched his nose with hers'before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers.
She didn't respond back at first but slowly he felt her melt and kiss him back. It was a simple kiss, yet  this one kiss conveyed soo many emotions..for the both of them.She put her arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer.
Gently breaking away from the kiss'he placed his forehead against hers. Theirs eyes still closed'just standing there savoring the moment.
Riddhima was in shock, she could still feel his lips on hers.
He kissed her on her forehead..letting his lips linger their for a moment before he moved away.
A: I'll pick you up after work.  bye girlfriend'winking at her before he left.
She felt her cheeks turn a crimson red'did he really just call me girlfriend? As in now we are in an official relationship'

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