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part 2: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


ArSh's Room

Tere karam

Dono lootere lagde...

"Hmmm... Finally meri Bracelet mere pass" he laid beside her who was sleeping calmly gripping pillow tightly till her chest he smiled knowing very well that when she felt scared or lonely she hugged the pillow like this only infact all the pillows around her one behind her back one under head one hugging it he turned towards her and tucking her hairs behind her ear he kissed her head and slowly, carefully removed the pillow from her grip and pulled her closer by her waist "Kaise kahun yaar... Ki tumhare bina meri zindagi kuch b nai hai... Pata nai kab tum pyaar se b zyada ban gayi yaar... Meri zindagi mein tum sab se uper ho tum... Pata nai aisa kya kiya tumne ki tumhare liye main kisi ko b chod sakta hun... Kash tum samajh sakti ki faisla lena mere liye kitna mushkil tha... Kash main tumhe bata sakta..." He whispered staring at her lovely face but at this time its looking weak now he held her hand "Ki mujhe b dukh hai Bracelet apne bacche k khone ka.. Main kisse share karun apna dukh" he whispered wd moist eyes and laying straight he looked at the ceilling a tear landed from his eyes which he cleared also when

"Armaan..." she said in sleepy tone and put her hand on his chest making him looked at her

"Hmmm... Meri jaan" he took a sigh and hugged her tightly "Mere liye sirf tum kaafi ho... Aur koi nai" saying this he too closed his eyes and sleep took over him

Hoo tujh bin suraj me aag nai re

Tujh bin koyal me raag nai re

Chandaniyaa to barse

Fir ku mere haath andhere lagade...

3:50 AM

"Uummm" Shilpa stirred coz of the loud alarm "Armaan... Dekho naa" she nudged him sleeply

"Kyaa Yaar..." he rubbed his face and looked at the phone which was beside the pillow "Oo Shit!!" he sat shockingly "Chaar bajne wale hai... Bracelet utho..." he looked down at Shilpa "Tch! Bracelet..." he nudged her who made a face and hide her face in blanket "Tum aise nai maanogi" saying this he got down from bed and pulling her blanket almost throwing it away he picked her up

"Armaan..." she whined and opened her eyes as she felt the cold floor under her feet "Armaan kya hai... Ye" she looked at him who caged her b/w him and the glass wall

"See time nai hai zyada... Hume abhi nikalna hoga... To please aap ready ho jaye varna mujhe aata hai aapko ready karna" he spoke polietly making her to look away from him and found themselves in bathroom under the shower room

"Armaan..." she glared trying to push him but he gripped her hand tightly

"I think time bachane k liye dono saath mein ready ho jaaye" he asked in normal tone but she can surely catch the naughtiness in it!

"Jii nai... Main khud ready ho jaungi" she replied normally making him kiss her head

"Main sirf dus minute wait karunga bahar... Agar tum nai aayi na... To main andar aajaunga" he warned teasingly moving closer to her

"Ji nai uski naubat nai aaygi... Ab jaaiye" she lightly pushed him who smiled and after giving a kiss to her cheek he left

Adhoori adhoori

Adhoori hai kahani

Adhoora alvida

Yuhin yuhin reh na jaaye

Adhoora sada...

In Kerala

Night time

"Ye ab tak aaya kyun nai... Zyada gussa hai kya" she whispered to herself slowly looking at the door wearing a yellow loose top which was has boat neck but wd rubber style and it has sleeves till her elbow white pant just above her anklet she has made her hairs in loose pony, earrings were small small ,her eyes had mascara and liner not to forget her wedding chain was around her neck "Tu naa ek dum pagal hai... Gadhi" she smacked herself mentally while putting the plates on table

Today in the Morning, they came here since after bidding bye to Aditi who was the only person awake at that time and taking tickets from Rehaan who was waiting in Airport they catched the flight. In flight, he tried many attempts to talk wd her but she ignored but when the flight was taking off she gripped his hand tightly which definately made him show his dimples so he tried to made her jealous!

"See vo Air Hostess kitni hot haina" he commented a little loudly making her to look at theAirHostess who had wore a navy blue jacket wd white shirt and navy blue tight skirt till her knees wd stockings and sandal she was talking to a man polietly just two seat ahead of them while Armaan was still staring at her which made her more mad but she looked away from them at the window when

"Excuse me! Sir do u want something" the AirHostess asked as she came infront of them

"Ammm... No" Armaan smiled

"Mam u" She asked to Shilpa who passed a fake smile nodding in NO to which the AirHostess nodded and moved ahead

"Mast thi naa??" he asked teasingly to which she gave 'not-so-intrested' look and crossing her arms looked at the window making him angry now

"Seriously yaar tum abi gussa ho mujhse... Jo beet gaya usse bhul kyun nai jaati" he spoke annoyingly but when she didn't moved an inch "Fine... Mat karo baat main b nai karunga" he said angrily but wd a pout which made her to look at him who was looking in the magazine which brought a smile on her face and shaking her head she moved her hand towards his magazine

"Ultaa hai..." she spoke wd a teasing smile while making the magazine in proper way

"Tumhe isse kya... Kai ulta padhun yaa seedha... Ab to ulta hi padhunga" he again turned the magazine which made her to adore his cute anger but she is angry wd him so she again looked at the window and when the flight was landing she again gripped his hand but this time he tried to avoid her

After landing they reached at the same Cottage in which they have stayed before! Kerala reminds them many memories like it was their first place to visit together it also stores their closeness due to Shilpa's departure in fair and not to forget Mr. Hubby's realization that he loves her like madly and when they reached inside Cottage he directly landed on bed wdin a second he had gone in a sleep while Shilpa kept their bags properly and laid beside him

Adhoori adhoori

Adhoori hai kahani

Adhoora alvida

Yuhin yuhin reh na jaaye

Adhoora sada...

"I am soryy... Armaan pata nai kis baat ka gussa aape nikal rahi hun... Shayad is baat ka ki main aapko vo khushi nai de paai... Jiske aap sabse bade haq daar hai" she thought while ruffling his hairs lightly which made him relaxed she can see his face moving closer to his face she traced his face who stirs and put his one hand one her waist making her giggled "Mera.. Babu..." she pinched his nose lightly and hugging him she to drifted in sleep after some hours he opened his eyes feeling light and stretched his arm but frowned seeing her hugging him

"Oyyee hoyyee... Vaise to dekhti nai... Aur ab" he chuckled and after kissing her head he got up to take shower but when he came he didnt found her and after changing in denim open shirt wd white t shirt inside and beigh colour pant he moved to look for her "Bracelet.. " he called while folding his sleeves till his elbow "Bracelet" he looked in the hall but didn't found her worry took over him and he immediatly pulled his Phone out from his pocket to call her when he heared something fell from Kitchen he immediatly ran inside the Kitchen where he found his Dear Wife was making breakfast he took a sigh of relief and moved towards her slowly her back was facing him so she can't see him

"Huh..!!" she got startled by his sudden hold on her waist

Nanaaa... Naa..

Ho mahiyaa

Haath andhere lagade...

"Gosh! Bracelet main hun..." he put his chin on her shoulder making her relaxed "Vaise kabse... Bula raha tha kuch bola kyun nai" he asked softly nuzzling his nose in her neck making her grip loose on the bread and knife

"Armaan... Vo... Mera dyaan... Nai tha" she replied somehow ignoring his touches "Koi baat nai... So tell me aaj kaha jaaogi ghumne pehle" he asked slowly while giving few kisses on her neck which raised her heart beat while the bread & knife fell from her hand in the plate which made her alert and to push him away whatever came from her mouth first she blurted

"Mujhse kyun puch rahe hai... Saare faisle aap khud hi to lete hai... To ye b decide kar lijiye" moving away from him she blurted out and in next seconds regret also "Armaan... Mera vo matlab nai tha" she said slowly while moving towards him who was definitely hurt

Hoo tere bina

Oo maahiyaa din dariyaa

Nain jajeere lagade...

"Let it be... Bracelet... Saare faisle maine hi liye haina to fir fine... Abse nai lunga... Tumhe jo karna hai karo" he spoke hurtfully "But usse pehle mere is sawal ka jawab do..." he moved closer to her and pulled her towards him by her shoulder softly "Tumhe... Hamare bache k jaane ka dukh hai na... Jo ki is duniyaa mein aaya b nai tha na..." he whispered wd moist eyes "So tell me... Main tumhe kaise kho sakta tha... Tumhare saath to teen saal guzaare hai... Kaise tumhe kho sakta tha" he said softly pushing her lightly "Tumhe kya lagta hai dukh sirf tumhe huaa hai usse khone ka... Tumhare saath to main tha.. But kya tum kabhi puchne aayi ki main kya feel kar raha hun..." now his tone became angry "Mujhe kisi ki nai bas tumhari jarurat thi... But tum us waqt b mere saath nai thi..." he pointed at her hurtfully making her cry

"Sorry... Armaan" she cried looking down but hearing this he jerked her towards him

"Sorry... Se kya haan.. Aree yehi to waqt tha hamare saath hone ka... Ye proove karne ka ki... No matter what happen we will be wd each other... But nai... Tumhe to sirf apna dukh... Baki koi nai... Maine itni kamzor ladki se pyaar nai kiya tha Bracelet..." he took out all his anger and frustration which he was controlling since she blamed him

"Armaan..." she sniffed but he leaved her "Main..." she moved her hand to touch his face but he went from there angrily making her fell on floor crying bitterly So since then she waited for him but he didn't appeared afternoon gone evening but still no sign of him but composing herself she made his favourite food and set a dinner in back garden where a small tent was situated there she arranged lights & dinner table in tent also the lights were on trees and made a bed wd soft pillows and a blanket under the tree she was waiting for him and it was getting dark now

"Kya karun darr b lag raha hai" she whispered to herself and switching the lights off of the house she moved out in garden

5 minutes later...

Mai rahoon ya naa rahoon

Tum mujhme baaki rehna...

"Ye lights kyun band hai pure ghar ki" he frowned opening the door and looked here & there for her but he didn't called her Yes he is still angry wd her spending his whole day in a beach or here and there gulping dpwn his pain and anger he came here thinking she is alone in the house and definately she will get scared "Ye kahan gayi" a sudden woried got him not finding her anywhere when he looked at the source of light which was coming from garden he immediately ran there and stopped finding her putting the plates on table then his eyes traced the arrangements which she made he moved slowly ahead getting mesmerized by her look she is looking fresh and glowing like before

"Armaan..." she said happily as she saw him coming towards her slowly and wd in next minute he found her hugging him tightly "Kahan chale gayye the aap Armaan... Mujhe akela chod k... Main kitna darr gayi thi aapko nai pata..." she said softly hugging him more tightly who slowly hugged her back "I am sorry..." she sniffed parting from the hug but still holding his shirt "Boliye na kuch..." she looked at him wd moist eyes who just looked at her

"Mere bolne naa bolne se tumhe kya farq padta hai" he taunted staring at her blankly who cried

"Farq padta hai Armaan... Bahoot padta hai..." she kept her head in his chest "I am sorry for everything Armaan..." she sniffed making his anger vanished but he pretened to show some fake anger just to tease her

"Fine..." parting her he said sternly "Ache se maafi mango" he almost ordered in full serious tone making her scared and nodding in YES she held her ears

"I am sorry..." she said innocently wd moist eyes which made him to pull her hands down

"Heyyy... Bracelet..." he said softly pulling her closer by her hands making her confused "Tum rote waqt bilkul achi nai lagti... Mujhe meri Bracelet hasti chidti aur hitler wale roop mein pasand hai... Ye chup chap si gumsum aur rone wali ladki meri Bracelet nai ho sakti... So only for me try to stay always like urself... Promise me.." he tucked her strands behind her ear making her close her eyes whispering in YES "Aur I am sorry for morning... Bahoot kuch bol gaya na gusse mein" he apologized after kissing her eyes

"Nai... Sahi bola aapne..." she said looking at him "I am sorry... Kyun ki.. Maine aapko neglect kiya blame kiya... Bina ye soche ki aape kya guzri hogi Armaan" she cupped his face wd wet eyes making him also emotional "Pata nai kya hogaya tha Armaan... Pehle Shao Pao... Fir ye.. Maan mein ek darsa baith gaya tha... Sab kitne khush thae aap kitne khush thae... Mujhe laga... Ki.." her voice became broken

"Sshhh... Let it be..." he wiped her tears "Sabse badi baat ye hai ki hum saath hai" he kissed her head who hugged him and after staying like this for minutes they parted "Mujhe bhook lagi hai" he said like a kid making her smile

"Mujhe b..." she spoke innocently to which he laugh

Mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri

Tum khwaabo me aate rehna...

"Tumhe bhook lagti hai..." he joked making her smack his arm wd a pout "Acha thik hai yaar chalo..." he pushed her ahead by her shoulder from back making her giggle

"Hmmm wow...Aloo k parathe... wd matar paneer lovely" he commented as she served the food in his plate and took a chair beside him smilingly "Tell me... Tumhe ye veggies kahan se mile... I mean ghar mein to sirf bread butter coffee k sivaye kuch nai tha... Kahin tumne bahar se order to nai kiya" he asked while chewing the food

"Offo!! Pehle use khatam karo tab pucho... Aur ye bahar se nai... Main bahar gayi thi... Veggies n all lene aur aake banaya" she informed normally making him stop to take another bite

"Bracelet... Tum maar khaogi ek din mere haath se.. Aise koi jaata hai... Ek to tum is seher ko janti nai... Aur uper se..." but before he could scold her more she inserted that bite in his mouth and he glared to which she gave a kiss by pouting her lips making him shook his head "Vaise tum dari nai akele... Pure din thi tum yahan" he asked putting a bite inside her mouth

"Haa... Bahot.. Infact mujhe to laga koi mujhe bula raha hai... Aur koi to dekh b raha hai..." she replied chewing the food

"Horror show banane ki jarurat nai hai... Chup chap khana khao" he said in strict way making her roll her eyes

"Armaan... Aaj aap pure din kahan thae" she asked while taking a sip of water

"Pehle to... Khana khao.. Baad mein paani peena... Isilye tumhe bhook nai lagti kyun ki tum pehle paani pee jaati ho" he scolded taking her glass away from her and inserted a bite inside her mouth "And about main kahan tha... To main ghum raha tha" he winked making her pout "Ok... Main beach pe tha akele" he informed slowly

"Solly.." she apologized while the food was still inside her mouth making him smile

"Its ohk..." he kissed her head and they started talking about the day which they spent wdout each other


20 minutes later

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna...

"I missed u Bracelet..." Armaan spoked softly as they both sat on the bed which was made up by Shilpa

"I missed u too" she spoke slowly to which he looked at her

"Yaa rite... Mere ek b phone nai pick kiya" he complained "Aur... I missed u too" he mimicked her getting a smack back from her "Phone se yaad aaya tumne... Mera phone kyun nai pick kiya ek b..." he asked angrily

"Pata nai..." she shrugged her shoulders confusedly which made him narrowed his eyes "Shayad... Mujhe darr tha Armaan... Ki main kaise aapko face karungi..." her voice became slow and broken "Aapka sapna toda tha... Aur darr b tha... Ki kahin aage main wapas mMaa nai bani to... Fir sabka kya hoga... Sab mujhe hi blame karenge" she looked down playing wd her fingers

"Tum itna negative kyun sochti ho..." he cupped her face making her looked up at him "Aisa kisne keh diya ki tumne mera sapna toda hai... Infact sapna to tab tut ta... Jab tumhe kuch ho jaata..." he wiped her tears slowly by his thumb "Jo b tha... Mujhe farq nai padta... Aur kiski himmat jo meri jaan ko blame kare... Bracelet ye har kisi k saath ho jaata hai... Duniya mein 70% cases mein kisi ko b unka pehla bacha nai milta..." he made her understand softly "Aur kisne kaha... Ki tum dobaara Maa nai ban sakti... Tum ban sakti ho yaar tumhare case mein koi complications nai hai" he informed slowly making her smile

"Sach...?" she asked innocently keeping her hands on his which was on her cheeks

"Hmmm..." he kissed her eyes

"To fir.. Hum..." she said slowly but he cuts her

"No.. Not now... Bracelet..." he knew what she wanted to say to go for second time but Armaan didn't want anything which may hurt her coz her condition is bad at this time "Main chahta hun... Ki main pehle tumhare saath bahoot saara time spend karun... Fir bacche aaynge taki tum mujhe unke aane k baad bhul na jao" he said wd little complained voice which made her confusion clear and she smiled & He did it again "U know this is not the time... This is our time" he winked to which she kept her head on his shoulder slowly

"I think u r right" she hugged him smilingly who responded "Par Armaan aapko itni raat ko ghar nai aana chahiye tha..." she asked suddenly which made him close his one eye

"Tumne mera phone nai uthaya... To main aa gaya... Mujhe meri wife chahiye thi matlab thi" he spoke proudly to which she moved back from the hug

"Aisa kab hoga jab aap mere ghar pe sahi time pe aaynge...??" she asked crossing her arms who smiled and pulled her closer by her hands

"Jab tum sahi time pe mere paas aajaogi tab" he said wd a grin making her shook her head

"Acha tell me... Kerala ka plan kaise bana??" she asked putting her hands around his neck which made him pressed his lips

"Aa... Vo... Tumhare ghar pe... Jab koi reason nai mila... Batane k liye ki kyun aaya main..." he spoke carefully making her stunned "Aur fir Rehaan ko jaga k tickets book karwaye.. Dev aur Mom ko jaga ke bags" he smiled lightly seeing her stunned look

"You.." she was about to scold him when he held his ears innocently

"Sirf tumhare liye" he spoke slowly making her to remove his hand and kissed his cheeks which left a teasing grin on his face "See no one can ressist Armaan Malik's charm" he winked to which se shook her head smilingly "Acha tumne... Ye pony kyun banaya... Tum bilkul achi nai lagti..." he complained touching her pony which made her smile

"Aise hi" she replied looking ahead when he put his chin on her shoulder hugging her from back

"Main khol dunn" he asked kissing her cheek who smiled

"Ye b koi puchne wali baat hai.." she pinched his nose lightly who grinned

"Oyyeee hoyyee.." he said teasingly and started opening her pony's knots slowly making her shy not to forget in b/w kissing her cheek "See ho gaya" he smiled after opening her hairs

"Good... Shilpa ki jaan" she kissed his nose who showed his dimples

"Wrong Bracelet ki jaan" he pulled her closer who giggled

"Haa... Haa Bracelet ki jaan" she put her hands around his neck who pulled her closer

"Oyyee hoyyee" he touched his forehead wd her "I luv u" he whispered moving to kiss her who puts her hand on his lips making him frown

"Pehle mujhe kuch puchna hai... Aapse" she asked softly removing her hand from his lips who cupped her face

"Not before kissing u" and before she could say more he took her lips in his making her shocked sucking her lower lip he pulled her closer by her waist which made her respond the kiss and pulling him closer by his jacket she sucked his upperlip he kissed her so passionately that maked her out of breath and she pushed him lightly parting away and blushed while he nuzzled his nose in her hairs panting heavenly after all he had craved for so long

"Armaan" after few minutes of peacefull silence she whispered making him hummed in YES while hugging her tightly his head was rested on her shoulder "I am sorry... Jab mujhe aapke saath hona chahiye tha main nai thi.." her voice was soft while her hands were caressing his hairs slowly but hearing this he looked back at her

" Bracelet... Tu..." he was about to cut her but she put her palm on his lips

"Please... Mujhe bolne do..." she whispered slowly making him to nod in YES "I know Armaan aapke liye vo decision lena kitna mushkil hoga aur specially tab jab bola gaya hoga ye decision lene k liye" she looked at him wd moist eyes who already got emotional "Mujhe jaanna hai ki kya beeti thi aape Armaan" she cupped his face who looked away trying to grip his emotions "Please" she request making him to kiss her hands and he put his head on her lap holding her hand tightly

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