Monday, 7 August 2017

part 2 : The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima wore a gray skirt and a white shirt to Sanjeevani emphasizing her curves perfectly''''She had given up her simple salwar kameez 6 months back along with the innocence of Riddhima gupta which was lost once she became Mrs.Riddhima vivek khanna.
She was well aware of how beautiful her body was and had no fears in flaunting it though that very curvaceous beautiful body of hers had been the cause of all her troubles in the past.

Now as she parked her car outside Sanjeevani'''..she took a glance at the building and just for a second she had the same old innocent smile playing on her lips but it vanished as soon as it had appeared. She got out of her car and walked towards Sanjeevani stopping people in their track to see who the beautiful lady was. When Riddhima had entered the hospital she stopped and took in her surroundings which she heartily approved because Sanjeevani had improved a lot and was now an even better built and equipped hospital infact the best Mumbai had.
Just the way Riddhima was observing Sanjeevani, she too was being observed by a group of doctors out of which only two knew about her past - at least whatever information the documents held- Dr.Shubhankar and Dr.Armaan. Along with them there were two other doctors Dr.Rahul and Dr.Anjali. Dr.Rahul was absolutely spellbound by the beauty they were observing.
Riddhima's slender body had lines that were long and exaggerated and she looked like a stylized drawing of a woman and made a normal being appear heavy and ugly beside her. She looked strangely elegant in her well tailored suit. She had grey eyes that were edged by parallel lines of lashes. She had an air of coldness around her and a beautifully vicious mouth.
She made people realize what it was that artists spoke about when they spoke of beauty.
While Dr.Rahul was absolutely mesmerized by her beauty , Dr.Armaan was shocked beyond belief; he couldn't believe that this woman was the same Riddhima he had been in love with. His Riddhima was a very simple girl and had the innocence of a child whereas the women they were observing along with being beautiful was somebody cold and menacing.
When they heard a knock on the door Dr.Shubhankar quickly switched off the T.V which was connected to the camera in corridor. As Shubhankar allowed the person to come in they saw Riddhima entering the cabin and once again Dr.Rahul was amazed by her beauty and Dr.Anjali was equally impressed but Dr.Armaan was obviously shocked. Dr.Shubhankar guessed that the decision made by the trustees was indeed correct.
It was now Riddhima's turn to be shocked as she saw Armaan standing there. She had completely forgotten him in the last 3years and the fact that they had once been interns at that very place but as she was a master at faking expressions she within no time managed to get the same cold smile back on her lips and very elegantly moved towards the man sitting in a black leather chair at the head of the table whom she correctly deduced must be the head of Sanjeevani. She extended her hand toward him and said, 'Dr.Riddhima gupta' with great elegance and style. Dr.shubhankar introduced himself and started introducing the rest of the team, 'Dr.Riddhima these are the beat doctors of Sanjeevani- Dr.Armaan'.'
Riddhima bowed gravely and moved her eyes to the next person- Armaan noticed that her eyes were contemptuous but they left him with a cold sense of cruelty. He replied with an equally grave bow. Rahul extended his hand towards Riddhima which she accepted with a lot of grace and the same contempt and then she was introduced to Dr.Anjali whom she met with a smile. Just when the introduction was done Dr.Shubhankar's pager buzzed and he asked Dr.Anjali and Dr.Rahul to follow him leaving Dr.Riddhima with Dr.Armaan to know her duties.
For the first time after 4years Armaan and Riddhima were left alone and while Armaan had a huge number of questions that he wanted to ask her, Riddhima was coolly waiting for her duties to be assigned.


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