Wednesday, 16 August 2017

PART -21 :I'll be ur destiny at every step u take,


it's been a week now n everybody accepted AR relationship though ananya didn't make conversations with ridhima but she accepted her as her son 's wife but not her daughter in law
she said to armaan n raj that she needs some more time to accept ridhima completely
she needs her own space to which raj n armaan agreed...

padma got to know abt ridhima n armaan's marriage by muskaan as padma met muskaan once n muskaan told everything regarding AR n how ridhima landed at her place
padma felt very guilty for not listening to her daughter n she was not there with ridhima when she needs her mother most
that killed her many times n padma decided to meet ridhima once
where as shashank remain same though he got to know abt AR BUT he again kept ridhima at fault for spoiling his image n his hatred towards ridhima increased more

anjali became quiet n she accepted the fact that armaan never loved her
it was one sided through her side n she became same workaholic anjali khanna which she used to before
apart from work she wasn't talking to armaan much n armaan noticed the change in her n sometimes he took first step to become friends with Anji but this time anjali refused his friendship offer n told him to behave thorough professional

nikki was the most happiest person in the world after she got to know abt AR marriage n she still play the role of cupid
for AR
n armaan n nikita friendship got more stronger than before

Atul remain same silent lover of anjali
n Rahul. n muskaan love was growing stronger day by day
n they both decided to confess to eachother soon

n now the most important person of armaan's life

the most toughest nut to crack
the more armaan wanted to make things clear
the more ridhima was running away from him

she never talked much with him even when they are at home
ridhima stopped going to office as she decided to stay at home n spent time with Armaan's daadi
who came to stay with them n it was armaan's idea to bring daadi home as ridhima wasn't feeling like home living with the mallik's
so daadi was the only option left for armaan who will make ridhima comfortable in their home n as daadi welcomed ridhima with motherly affection ridhima opened up with her alottt
she used to cry infront of daadi By sleeping on her lap
daadi became her best friend...

mallik mansion

morning @7 am

AR room

ridhima was sleeping on the bed n armaan slept on the couch as it's daily habit
most of the times ridhima tried to sleep on couch but armaan simply refused her to do so

without making any fuss she did as he said

armaan's phn ringed n his sleep got disturbed

he sat on the couch n took his phn n picked up the call

Ar - hello

muski - good morning sir

Ar -  good morning muskaan
itni subah phn kiya mujhe
is everything alright

muski - yeah sir sab theek hai
n sorry to disturb u sir

Ar - no no its fine
bolo kuch kehna tha

muski - sir actually woh
padma aunty ridzi se milna chahrahi thi

Ar - hmm

muski - toh kya aap aaj ridzi ko mere yahan chod denge
sirf ek din ke liye
actually sir padma aunty ki saari misunderstandings clear hogayi toh woh bass ek baar ridzi se milna chahti hai
agar aap permission dedoge toh...

Ar - isme meri permission ki kya baat hai muskaan
woh ridhima ki maa hai
woh ridhima se kabhi bhi mil sakti hai
i will drop her at your place

muski - thank you sooo much sir
thanks alottt

Ar - isme thanks ki kya baat hai muskaan
mai ek maa ko ek beti se door toh nahi raksakta na infact i am happy to know ke saari misunderstandings clear hogayi
finally ridhima ko uski maa waapis milgayi
woh khush hogi
aur ridhima ki khushi ke liye toh mai kisi se bhi ladsakta hun
apni khismat se bhi

muskaan smiles n said

muski - sir ridhima iss duniya ki sabse lucky girl hai ke usey aap miley

he smiles n said

Ar - mai lucky hun kyun ki mujhe ridhima mili hai

muskaan smiles n armaan said

Ar - Enjoy your sunday muskaan

muski - thank you sir

they both hung up the call n armaan looked at ridhima who was sleeping

he went near her n bent down n kissed on her forehead

Ar - aaj ek aur khushi tumhara intezaar karrahi hai ridhima
bass iss baar Rona mat

he knows that she will break down infront of her mother after meeting her for such a long time

Ar - aaj Sunday hai aur Dekho jis din ka intezaar mai pichle ek hafte se karraha tha ke Sunday ko madam ke paas koi bahana nahi hoga
mujhse door bhaagne ka... khud aaj mai tumhe muskaan ke paas chod raha hun
but dnt wry shaam ko jaldi aajaunga waapas lene
aur jab please aap Hasti hui milna mujhse

he smiles at her as his whispering makes her frown n she covered her face with the blanket as she is getting disturbed in her sleep but did not know that it's armaan who was talking sweetly with her

he smiles n shook his head at her

after sometime ridhima too woke up n both got ready
armaan dressed in his black jeans n denims shirt n he was looking sooo hot
n ridhima dressed in chocolate brown color simple straight cut churidaar dress with long sleeves
it has simple n gorgeous work on neck n sleeves. with peach color duppata
n she looked breath taking in that outfit with her hair loosened n without any makeup on her face... asusual she wore mangalsutra n small diamond stud earrings

they had their breakfast n armaan told everyone that he is taking ridhima out for a day

daadi - arey Waah
ye toh bahot achi baat hai

raj - haan beta armaan tumhe kaam se fursat kaha jo tum ridhima ko kahi ghumane lejao
but ye kaam tumne bilkul sahi kiya hai

ananya did not said anything where as ridhima heartbeat raised

she was nervous that for the first time she is going out with him

n armaan looked at her n very well guessed that she may be nervous
but Lil did she know that all her nervousness will flew away when she will meet her mother

ar - Acha daadi
hum chalte hai
ridhima chalo

ridhima touch elders feet n every one gave their blessings n both AR went out

AR in car

ar - nervous??

ridhima looked at him n shook her head

ar - toh phir aise kyun lagraha hai mujje ke tum nervous ho

ri - nahi aisi Koi baat nahi hai ( while fidgeting her duppata)

ar - dnt worry mai kuch aisa waisa nahi karunga trust me

she popped her eyes out n he smiled at her n droves off

after a very long n silent ride armaan halted the car infront of muskaan 's complex

ridhima looked the place n looked back at armaan n asked

ri - hum yahan kyun aaye hai

ar - actually maine ghr pe jhoot kaha tha
mai tumhe muskaan ke yahan hi chodne aaya tha

ri - kyun

ar - Woh tum jaakar usse pooch lo
andar ek surprise tumhara wait karraha hai

ri - surprise??

ar - haan
shaam ko aaunga tumhe lene
take care

she got down from the car n armaan waved her

she went inside the building with question mark on her face...

The door bell rings n muskaan went to open the door

muski - ridzi

she hugged her n ridhima hugged her back

ridzi - kaisi hai muski

muski - bilkul theek
tu bata

ridzi - mai bhi theek hun

muski - arey andar chal na yaar
saara din bahar hi khadi hogi kya

she pulled her inside n ridhima smiles n said

ridzi - tu itni excited kyun hai aaj
kya baat hai

muski smiles n pointed her finger at front

ridhima smiles n looked at the direction n was surprised to see padma standing there with tears shining in her eyes

muski - surpriseee

ridhima looked back at muskaan who nods her head n again she looked back at padma

ridzi - maa

she had tears in her eyes n padma came forward slowly

ridhima ran towards her n hugged her tight n padma too hugged her back

muskaan smiles with tears in her eyes while watching the mother daughter reunion

ridhima cried alottt n padma too cried along her
she kissed on her daughters head n caressed her hair

after a long hug both mother daughter duo came out of the hug n padma wiped ridhima 's tears n said

padma - bahot roliya Tuney
ab tere muskuraane ke din aagaye
nahi rotey beta

ridhima nods n hugged her back again n cried her heart out

padma -  bass kar beta
bass kar
mai Aagayi hun na tere pass
ab tu bilkul bhi Akeli nahi hai
Teri maa tere Saath hai
chup hoja meri bacchi

ridzi - ab aap mujhe apne se kabhi door mat karna maa ( while crying)
kabhi mat karna

padma - kabhi nahi karungi
hamesha tere saath rahungi
chahe koi tera saath dey ya nahi
mai Tera saath kabhi nahi chodungi

both sat on the sofa n muskaan went inside to gave them their own time
n to sort out their misunderstandings

padma - mujje tere aur armaan ke baarein mei sab pata Chal gaya

ridhima looked at her n padma smiles n caressed her hair n said

padma - itni hairan kyun horahi hai
muskaan ne mujje sab bata diya

ridzi - maa maine kuch ghalath nahi Kiya
please mera vishwaas kijiye

padma - arey beta
mujje pata hai ke meri beti kabhi ghalath nahi hosakti
na tab thi aur na aaj hai
balke ghalath faisla toh maine aur tere papa ne liya tha
Teri shaadi aise ghr mei karwayi Jahan Rishton ka koi mol nahi tha
Jahan rishte ki dor paiso se bandhi thi

ridhima bowed her head down n wiped her tears

padma looked at her n said while wiping her tears

padma - bass mai tujhse sirf ek baat poochna chahti hun
Sach Sach batana
aur iss baar sirf kehne ke liye mat bolna
apne dil se pooch kar jawab dena

ridhima nods n padma asked

padma - kya tu iss shaadi se khush hai??
kya tu armaan ko pasand karti hai??

ridhima looked at her n two more tears dropped down her cheeks

padma - bol na bete

ridzi - maa

padma - haan bol

ridzi - Armaan jaisa jeevan saathi paakar koi khush kaise nahi rehsakta hai
maine hamesha se socha tha jab mai armaan  se milti thi
ke Woh ladki bahot khush khismat hogi jiski shaadi armaan se hogi
par kabhi ye nahi socha tha ke Woh khush khismat mai hun
kabhi mujhe unhone ajnabee ki tarah treat nahi Kiya
jabse mai unse mili hun Tabse mera aisa khayal rakha hai Jaise ki mai Unki koi apni hun
mujhe har musibat se bachaya
mere har mushkil mod par mera saath diya
mujh par koi aanch aane nahi di
mere liye saari duniya se lad baithey
yahan tak ke unhone apni maa ke khilaaf jaakar mera saath diya maa

tears continuously dropped down her cheeks n padma smiles more after knowing the truth from her daughter's mouth

ri - jab bhi mai unke saath hoti thi tab mai bahot safe feel karti thi
aur woh jab mere pass nahi hotey toh mujhe ajeeb sa darr laga rehta tha
uss samay shayad hi mai ye sab ignore kardeti thi Kyunki jab mai ek divorcee jo thi
mujhe aise mehsoos karna ka haqq nahi tha
aur ab dekhiye phir se suhaagan. bangayi
woh bhi armaan ki patni ke roop mei...
par isme armaan ki kya ghalti maa
kyun bhagwaan ne Unki khismat mei mujhe likh diya jab ke mai unhe woh khushiya nahi desakti jo ek Patni apne Pati ko Deti hai
mujje toh khush khismat bana diya bhagwaan ne
par armaan ki zindagi kyun kharab ki mujhe Unki patni banakar

padma shook her head n said

padma - aise nahi kehte beta

ridhima hugged her n cried again

ridzi - toh phir mai kya karun maa
aap hi batayie
aisa kya karun jisse mujhe ye lagey ke mai armaan sir ke layakh hun
kya karun aisa

padma caressed her back n said

padma - jo hua usey Bhool ja meri bacchi
jo bura hona tha woh hochuka ab bass tu apni aane waali zindagi ke baarein mei soch Jahan khushiya hi khushiya hongi
Jahan armaan hai tere saath

ridhima came out of the hug while taking hiccups n padma said

padma - dekh beta
bhagwaan ne aur zindagi ne tujhe dubaara. maukha diya hai apni khismat savaarne ka
ab peechey mudkar mat dekh meri bacchi...
ridhima tere liye armaan saari duniya se lad gaya sirf tujhe khushiya dene... tu bass uska saath Deti jaa baaki sab upar waale par chodte
apni maa ki baat maanegi na??

ridhima wiped her tears n nods in head

padma smiles n kissed on her forehead

just then ridhima remembered abt shashank n asked her

ri - maa
papa nahi aaye??

padma looked down n dnt knw what to say

ridhima asked again

ridzi - bolo na maa
papa kyun nahi aaye??

padma - bete woh unhe kuch zaroori kaam aagaya tha issiliye...

ridzi - ab aap mujhse jhoot bhi bolne lagey maa??

padma looked at her n ridhima wiped her tears n said

ridzi - papa ne mujhe maaf nahi Kiya na

padma shook her head n said

padma - nahi bete aisi Koi baat nahi hai

ridzi - maa please atleast jhoot mat boliye
mujhe pata hai
papa ne mujhe maaf nahi Kiya hoga

padma - tu tension mat le beta
dekhna ek din tere papa bhi tujhe samjhenge
Jaise mujje sab Sach pata Chal gaya waise hi unhe bhi sab pata Chal jayega
tu fikr mat kar

she caressed her hair n ridhima nods n smiles at her

muskaan 's room

muski dialled nikita's phn but it was showing busy
she shrugged her shoulders n kept her phn aside n just then her phn rings

she took her mobile n a sweet smile crept on her cheeks

she picked up the phn

muski - hello

Rahul - hi muskaan

muski - hi Rahul

Rahul - busy thi kya

muski - nahi bass aise hi baithkar thi

Rahul - ok

Muski - Rahul tujhe pata hai aaj
ridhima aur padma aunty itne Dino ke baadh ek dusre se mile hai aur unke beech ki saari ghalath fehmiya door hogayi

Rahul - that's  such a good news yaar

muski - ab sab kuch theek hojayega
ridhima ko uska khoya hua parivaar  waapas milgaya
mai bata nahi sakti tujhe Rahul kitni khush hun mai

Rahul - Woh toh Teri awaaz se hi pata lagraha hai muski
tu khush toh mai bhi khush

muski - kya??

Rahul - i mean ke ridhima khush toh tu bhi toh khush hogi na
aur hum sab bhi khush honge

he slightly hit his head n muski smiles n said

muski - haan woh toh hai

Rahul - Acha Chal mai tujhse baadh mei baat karta hun

muski - ok

they hung up the call n muski giggles n Rahul said

Rahul - Abey yaar
poppat bana lega kya apne aap ka uske saamne

he sighed at himself

after dropping ridhimaaa
armaan went to club which is named space snooker club in his city just to have fun with his buddy yuvraaj

they both were playing snooker n yuvraaj said while playing

yuvi - kya yaar shaadi ke baadh itna busy hogaya tu
apne iss dost ko time hi nahi deraha

ar- shut up yuvi
tujhe  pata hai. na ke meri aur ridhima ki shaadi kaise hui hai right!?

yuvi - chill yaar
mazakh karraha tha

ar - i knw dude

yuvi - so
how's ridhima

ar - fine

yuvi - just fine??

ar - i mean theek hai
par baat nahi karti mujhse yaar
ghr pe sabse baat karti hai
sirf madam ko mujhse baat karne mei koi interest nahi hai

he smiles n yuvi said

yuvi - i knw
uske liye bahot difficult horaha hoga adjust karne
generally ladkiyon ko bahot time lagta hai naye ghr mei adjust hone aur yahan toh it's ridhima jo pehle se hi reserved rehti thi toh isey bhi thoda time lagega hi

armaan nods n yuvi said

yuvi - aur wAise bhi Tuney aise bechari ko shock diya ke Woh tujhse baat karey bhi toh kaise Karey

armaan looked at yuvi n said

ar - i knw yuvi
maine bahot jaldi mei faisla liya but kya karun yaar mere pass koi choice hi nahi tha

yuvi - hmm
tu ghalath nahi hai armaan bass halath ghalath they
anyways yaar
jo hua so hua
ab bass tu zyaada tension mat le
ridhima khud apne aap tujhse open up hogi
dnt wry

ar - pata hai mujhe
mujje bass usey uske shell mei se nikaalna hai
Jahan usne apne aap ko bandh karke rakha hai
n i think woh din zyaada door nahi hai jab ridhima khud hamare rishte ko accept karegi aur apna past bhula kar mere saath apna present jiyegi...

yuvi smiles n said

yuvi - zaroor hoga yaar
jaisa tu chah raha hai waise hi hoga

armaan nods n smiles to himself

back to muskaan 's flat

after talking to Rahul muskaan went out n saw ridhima n padma smiling n talking to eachother

she smiles n just to make atmosphere Lil light she said

muski- chalo ji
shukar hai baba ji ka
ke aap Dono ka Rona dhona khatam hogaya
warna mera ghr bhi titanic ki ship ki tarah doob jaata aap Dono ke aansu se
haan nai toh

padma laughed n ridhima shook her head at her stupid frnd

padma - tu aur tera bachpana
abhi bhi wAise hi hai tu

muski smiles n went towards her n sat besides padma n said

muski - bilkul aunty
aur wAise bhi mujhe aapne apni iss rondu ki tarah samjha hai kya jo din raat rote rehti hai aur doosro ko bhi rulati hai

ridhima mouth opened wide n said

ri - maa Dekho na isey

muski laughed at her own style n padma too joined her
ridhima frowns n said

ri - maa aap bhi iske saath milkar mera mazakh udaa rahe ho

padma -( controlled her laugh n said)  arey nahi beta
mai toh bass aise hi

muski - pata hai aunty Aapki beti ka bus train plane ya kuch bhi Chale na toh ye din bhar TV soaps ki heroine ki tarah roti rahegi aur apne aas paas ki trp badhayegi
kyun ridzi

n she started laughing again

ridhima got up with a cushion in her hand n before ridhima hits her muskaan ran in the whole house making ridhima run behind her

ridzi - muski ki bacchi
ruk tujhe abhi batati hun

muski - ja ja rondu

ridzi - muski Tuney ek aur baar mujhe rondu bulaya na toh dekh
acha nahi hoga

muski - rondu rondu rondu
le bula liya kya karegi

ridzi - ab toh tu nahi Bachegi

they ran in the whole house n padma laughed at them

padma - pata nahi Inn Dono ka bachpana Kab jayega

just then door bell rings n padma went to open the door

n there she saw armaan standing there with smile on his face

padma - Armaan

he touched his feet n padma gave him blessings

padma - khush raho

he came inside n padma said

padma- thank you beta
meri beti ke zindagi mei aane ke liye

she joined her hands n armaan hold her hands n said

ar - aap ye kya karrahi hai aunty
meri aur ridhima ki jodi toh upar waale ne khud banayi hai
hum dono ke naseeb mei hamara milna likha tha
isme maine kuch nahi Kiya

padma smiles n caressed his hair n said

padma - bhagwaan Karey tum Dono ki jodi hamesha salamat rahe

armaan smiles n padma said

padma - tum baitho mai tumhare liye Chai banakar laati hun

ar - arey nahi aunty iski koi zaroorat nahi hai

padma - zaroorat kaise nahi hai
mere damadh ho tum aur mujhe khushi hogi tumhare liye kuch bhi karungi toh
mai aayi

she went inside the kitchen n he went forward n there he saw his love running like a child behind muskaan with pillow in her hand

Bol Do Na Zara ( from the movie AZHAR)


he smiles seeing her smiling n laughing n behaving like a kid

he never saw this side of her n it was indeed a pleasure to see her in this way

muskaan saw armaan n she intentionally pushed ridhima infront of armaan n before ridhima landed on floor
he held her through her waist n pulled towards him

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin

her hands landed on his chest n her face hides in the crook of his neck

Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin

muskaan smiles n went inside leaving this two n armaan smiles n ridhima closed her eyes

Dekha jabse hai chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin

but suddenly she felt that she is in someone's arm n this touch is so familiar

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

she slowly came out from the hug still holding his shirt in her fist n saw armaan smiling at her n his eyes were filled with soo much of love for her

music starts again

they both got drowned in eachother's eyes n they both share an beautiful eyelock
he smiles wide at her n she smiles back lightly

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo

he placed her trendils of her hair behind her ear n ridhima was still lost in his eyes

Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano

her grip on his shirt got tight n he looked down at her hand n smiles wide

Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

he looked at her again n she looked down at her hand n looked at him again

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

she left her hand n he left her too n they both looked at eachother

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

she was abt to go but her mangalsutra got stuck in his shirt n they both looked at eachother again

music starts again

 n they both were drowned in eachother's eyes while taking out the mangalsutra

he detangled her mangalsutra n she was abt to go

Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bhiga dengi jab baarishein

 but he held her hand n her breath got stuck in her throat

Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein

she breathes heavily n armaan moved forward

Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin

 he slowly made her turn towards him n she looked down...

then song stops n armaan lift ridhima ' s chin up n said

ar - tum muskurate hue bahot khoobsurat lagti ho ridhima
i wish ke tumhari har muskurahat ki wajah mai banu ( he whispered near her lips n she did not dare to look at him)

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

he noticed the change of expression on her face
n left her immediately

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

she dropped her gaze while blushing n armaan smiles while looking at other side


they both smiles looking everywhere but not at eachother

the song ends

muskaan cleared her throat n armaan looked at her n padma who were smiling n coming towards her

muski - hi armaan sir

ar - hi muskaan
how r u

muski - rocking sir
aur aap

ar - fine

muski - fine ya phir too much fine armaan sir

n she started laughing in her own style

armaan looked at ridhima who shook her head n bite her Lower lip while looking down n he smiles at muskaan 's teasing words...

padma - baitho na bete khade kyun ho

he nods n sat on the couch


after a silent ride armaan n ridhima arrived at Mallik Mansion n they both welcomed by very happy daadi n raj n after talking to them they both retired to their room

while armaan's gaze were fixed constantly on ridhima... where as ridhima was getting nervous by each passing second as she knows that he is looking at her

she placed her trendils behind her earlobe n finally spoke to him

ri - Armaan

he smiles n looked at her again n asked

ar - haan

she looked at him n said

ri - Thank You

ar - kis baat ke liye

ri -mujhe maa se milaane ke liye ( whispers slowly)

he shook his head n said

ar - ridhima tumhe thanks kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai
ye jo kuch bhi hua aaj woh meri wajah se nahi muskaan ki wajah se hua hai
agar tumhe Kisiko thank you kehna hai toh muskaan ko kaho
mujhe nahi

she looked down n he took his night track n was abt to go to bathroom she said

Ri - Armaan

he turned at her n she said

Ri -  mujje ek aur baat kehni hai

she nervously fidgets her duppata

ar - bolo

ri -actually mujje ye kehna hai ke...

ar - tumhe itna hesitate hone ki zaroorat nahi hai ridhima
tumhare dil mei jo bhi baat ho bina hesitate hue bolo
trust me
mujje bahot acha lagega

she nods n moved forward n said slowly

ri - itne Dino se jo bhi hua
mera matlab hai
jaisa bhi maine aapke saath behave kiya...
mujhe... waisa nahi karna chahiye tha...
i... am sorry

ar - ridhima tum...

ri - nahi armaan mujhe kehne dijiye

she looked in his eyes n said

ri - please

he nods n she continued

ri - Armaan maine itne din aapko bahot pareshaan Kiya
bahot ghalath behave kiya aapke saath
aur aapne mujhe kuch nahi kaha
mera saath detey rahe har baar
bina kuch kahey...
aur ab mai aapko zyaada pareshaan nahi karungi
Kyunki mai

she looked down nervously n whispered


he smiles at her n asked her again not believing his ears

ar - kya kaha tumne
ek baar
phirse kaho

she looked at him n blushed n turned her back at him not facing him as his gaze were making her more nervous

he smiles n went towards her n whispered near her ear

ar - jo abhi kaha tumne
please dubara. ek aur baar kehdo na

she looked at him sideways n said looking down

ri - mai hamare rishte ko apnana chahti hun
aapke saath apna har din bitaana chahti hun...
aapke saath apna sukh dukh baatna chahti hun
aapko woh saari khushiya dena chahti hun jo aapne hamesha se chaha hai

he smiles wide looking at her n she smiles looking down

he wants to take her in his arms
his happiness has no bounds
finally she wants to take a step ahead in their marriage by accepting their marriage

he dnt know what to say or do so without even looking at her
he was abt To go but she held his hand n it was another surprise to him

ri - aapka haqq hai mujh pe armaan

ar - jab tum ye baat meri aankhon mei dekh  kar kahogi bina kisi jhijhak ke
tab hamara rishta sahi maayno mei aagey badega. ridhima
ab jaisa hai waisa isey Rehne do

he looked back at her n she looked down he smiles n without holding her
he pecked her on her forehead

she closed her eyes as he did that

ar - welcome to my family
i mean our family Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik

he went in the bathroom while giving her a moment to herself.

she blushed n said while joining her hands

ri - mai apni zindagi ki ek Nayi shuruwat karne jarahi hun bhagwaan ji
mera saath dijiye...

she smiles wide n touched her forehead just where he kissed her...


hope u guys will like it
do tell me how it turned out as this part is very special to me
each n every line of this part is very special to my heart
hope u guys Love this part
fingers crossed
stay happy n blessed
with love

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