Wednesday, 9 August 2017

part 3 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan took a few steps towards Riddhima and he was face to face with her. He looked into Riddhima's cold and contemptuous eyes while his eyes said it all''..that he still loved her'''.he was hurt''''and was trying his best to hate her. Armaan wanted to be angry on her, wanted to shout on her but he knew he couldn't. Instead he touched her left cheek and felt the same sensation that he used to get when they were together and finally Armaan lost control'''..his tears started to flow and he hugged
Riddhima tightly'''the hug was one of love and passion but that passionate hug failed to arouse any feelings in Riddhima but when Armaan kissed her hair, she harshly pushed him back and said in a highly poisonous voice, 'Don't you ever dare touch me' but once again she calmed herself down and said in a level voice, 'Dr.Armaan I am waiting to start my work here so if you don't mind I would like you to quickly give me my duties'
Armaan was shocked and his anger returned. He clutched her elbow and pulled her towards himself and asked her, 'Why?' his voice choked and finally he left her elbow and got his breath back and said in a painful voice, 'Did you never love me Riddhim? Was that all just a game? A big bluff? How could you forget our love and marry that Vivek? Was it because of his money?'
When Riddhima didn't reply Armaan pushed her and pinned her against the wall and said in a menacing voice, 'answer me damn it or I swear to god I'll kill you' but even this didn't change Riddhima's expression and she said in the same normal tone, 'Look Armaan what we had was past and I wouldn't deny that it was fun'''infact I had a really good time with you but I have forgotten all that and Riddhima Gupta doesn't believe in digging the past' She got out of his grip and strolled in the office with the same cold poise and confidence.
Now Armaan was deeply hurt and in return wanted to insult her so he said in a cool voice, 'Alright Dr.Riddhima gupta you don't want to dwell on the past we won't'''' lets talk about what other fun you had, apart from me of course, in USA. I mean I read your file and it was very interesting. Your divorce really intrigues me'''.Was it fun cheating on your husband and sleeping around with his friends.' he expected anger but instead she turned around and said in a very normal way, 'Well Dr.Armaan as I just said lets not talk about the past and anyways you have read the file about my divorce. I have been accused of sleeping with my husband's friends and it has been proved so I don't think there is anything left to be discussed about it and as for fun'..well you can guess it yourself. And now I would really request you to not waste my time any further and assign me my duties.'
She spoke as if she was absolutely indifferent to the accusations and Armaan himself and this indifference of hers pierced Armaan's heart but before he could respond Dr.Shubhankar was back with a file which he handed over to Riddhima and explained her duties and when Riddhima was about to leave he said in a very low voice with his head bent, 'Dr.Riddhima'.uh'.I don't mean to embarrass you'..uh in any way but just so that you know your secret is safe with me and Dr.Armaan' she nodded and left the cabin.
The moment she came out Dr.Rahul came in front of her and introduced himself all over again to which Riddhima simply smirked and said, 'Well Dr.Rahul I think we have already met but if you still want me to introduce myself again I'll''.' but before she could continue any further Rahul said in a very embarrassed tone, 'Oh am so sorry but its just that I am so pleased to meet you that I totally forgot and I have heard you are one of the best Cardiologist of USA. You are simply awesome and''..' but this time Rahul was cut off by Riddhima's highly arrogant remark which she gave in a very innocent voice, 'Please Dr.Rahul don't say that I am the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life and you fear that you are already in love with me. You'll say it eventually but for now lets postpone it and apart from it I think we'll get along very nicely. I'll see you later' and with that Riddhima left a dumbstruck Rahul standing in the corridor but he still wasn't fazed and was determined to impress her.
Riddhima was given her lab coat and her pager and had 3patients to attend to out of which one of them was a small girl who was very stubborn. So Riddhima decided that she'll have to deal with her differently so she left the case for the next day. Just when she was coming out of the ward her pager buzzed and she was summoned to the confrence room where she had to introduce herself and talk about her experience in USA, especially about one of the social camps that her hospital had organized to help the poor and treat them for free'''
'I have to talk about my experience at the camp''''..Well I hated it badly because we didn't make any money out it and I don't think those people were worth saving from the disease because there life is a living hell and now if they wont die from the disease they'll die from hunger and poverty.' She knew that the people sitting there were probably going to hate her for the rest of their lives but she didn't care. She knew the world was full of hypocrites and so she continued absolutely unperturbed. 'One of the families had 9 children, supported by the parish and the tenth one was on its way and already those 9 kids were starving'''..I honestly think that these people more then treatment needed to be educated because anyways this illiteracy is going to kill them someday.' When she finished there were a few claps of angry applause so she raised her hand and said, 'You don't have to applaud. I don't expect it'
With that the conference was over and once again Rahul made his way towards Riddhima in order to praise her speech which Riddhima very well knew wasn't liked by anyone. He said to her, 'Dr.Riddhima I am very impressed by your speech and I think it was very good that you spoke your mind.' Riddhima knew what Rahul was trying to do so she leaned toward him and said, 'Look what you just said is exactly the right thing to say but not to me. That's exactly what I would expect you to say and I don't like people who say what I expect them to say. I would have liked it if u would have said that 'what I said in the speech was highly rude and I am a very selfish person and you don't appreciate that and am not worth being a doctor'' 'Is that what you think' asked Rahul to which Riddhima flatly replied, 'No, but I don't like people to say what they think I think.'
Armaan , who had heard Riddhima's speech and also her conversation with Rahul, was deeply disturbed and needed to think so he took the day off and went back home. The moment he reached his home he closed the door and with his back against it he slid down to the floor and started staring at the carpet in front of him as if it would come to life and give him all his answers.
He was hurt, angry and more than anything confused.
He slowly got up and walked to the table in front of him and placed both his hands over it and slowly, almost in a whisper, repeated the question in his mind, 'why? Why? WHY????????' he started screaming the question into the thin air and threw the vase on the table with all his might''. 'Why is she behaving like this? Why did she leave me? Why did she marry that b******? Why wouldn't she explain? Why is she doing this to me?' he sobbed and shouted like a maniac. He picked up the mirror and broke it into a million pieces'''he picked all the things and threw them on the floor in just one go'''and then he himself fell on his knees and onto the glass pieces'''..they pierced his skin but he didn't feel the pain he was busy sobbing for the love that he had lost and was now after 4 years back to destroy him once again. Armaan saw the blood coming out of his hands''.he raised his hands to his face and started laughing loudly and said in a very high, almost shouting voice, answering his own questions 'She left me because of his money. She slept with his friends. She never loved me'''.she never loved me'''.she cheated me''..she fooled me'''.I hate her'''..I hate her'''..I love her'''.' and with that Armaan collapsed on the floor and kept crying the whole night.
While Riddhima was also very tired studying the little girl's case'' she decided to leave and knew that she won't be at peace tonight'''..when she was inside her house she threw her bag on the chair in the dining space and pulled her hand through her hair''..she tucked her hair behind her ear and sat down on the chair at the head of the table'''.the whole day's events went through her mind and then she saw her reflection in the glass of the table. She touched her left cheek where Armaan had touched her and felt what he had felt then. She had changed so much and knew there's no going back'''.She still cared for him but knew it can never be the same'..she can never love him or anyone for that matter.
Her mind was irrevocably set. She knew that now she'll have to face him everyday but she had promised herself that she wouldn't let him know about the past''..she walked towards the window in her room and kept looking towards the moon wondering what her future held for her but before her mind could wander back to the past she picked up a file and once again started working on the little girls case which for her now was
the goal of her life.


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