Tuesday, 1 August 2017

part 4 : AR love story

Pre cap: Armaan and Ridhima meet for lunch and have there lunch meeting. Ridhima refuses to give the land to Armaan and they end up arguing again. Armaan decided to clear his mind by going on a long drive...and on the way his phone rang....

 Note: R= Ridhima and Ra= Rahul
Ar: Hey bro…whats up?
R: Hey armaan ..not much I'm in India now!!!
Ar: Oh my god bhaiyya, where are you, I'm coming to meet you!
R: Calm down armaan, I'm with Muski on her way to her parents house….I'm going to drop her off there and let her stay there for a bit, it'll be good for her I think. But after I drop her off I'll come and visit you…just tell me when and where.

Ar: How about we meet for dinner tonight at Ocean Blues at 8:00?
R: Alright I'll be there, so by the way how did your meeting go?
Armaan sighed…he didn't really feel like having to tell his brother he got rejected…but he knew he had too.
Ar: I'll tell you all about it when I meet you tonight.
R: Okay bye
Ar: Bye

Girl: Sapna where are you? I've been waiting for half an hour, where are you?

S: Sorry Ridz, but I just got paiged for an emergency at the hospital, I can't come…so so so sorry.
Ridhima sighed: It's okay Sapna, hospital duty comes first. We can have dinner together some other time.
S: Thanks ridz for understanding….I gotta go now…bye
R: Bye
Well there's no point in staying here now, might as well leave she thought. As she got up she felt her self bump into somebody….and she felt her new shirt get soaked.
Guy: I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there…here take some napkins…
The guy hurriedly tried to clean her shirt….hmm she thought atleast he has manners enough to say sorry..unlike that other guy…what was his name again…oh yeah..armaan..that was it. She saw the guy snap his fingers in front of her
Guy: Hello?
R: Oh yeah sorry just got lost in thought. But don't worry about the shirt, I was about to go home anyways.
Guy: My names Rahul….and you are?
R: My names Ridhima….nice to meet you.
Ra: The pleasure is all mine, by the way what were you doing here all alone if you don't mind me asking
R: I was waiting for a friend but then she had an emergency and had to cancel..
Ra: Ohh so that's why you were leaving because you don't want to be alone, how about you keep me company until my brother comes?
R: Umm….
Ra: Please, it'll be my way of making up for spilling my drink on you…
Ridhima smiled: Alright sure.
Ra: So have you lived in India your entire life?
R: Yeah pretty much, I was born and raised here in Mumbai, and you?
Ra: Well me and my bro were born here, but then when I was about 4 we moved to London and now we only come back to visit every once in a while.
R: Whose "we"
Ra: "We" is my brother ,my wife, and me.
R: Your married?
Ra: Yes I am and I'm going to soon be a father, my wifes pregnant?
R: Oh really? Congratulations, do you know if it's a girl or a boy?
Ra: I don't really know, but I would love to have a baby girl that's just like my wife.
R: Aww that's sweet, where is your wife right now?
Ra: She's at her parents house right now, I'm letting her spend a few days there.
Rahul hears his phone ring and picks up
Ar: Hey bhaiyya, I'm so sorry I'm late I'm coming in right now.
Ra: Okay bye
R: Will you excuse me while I use the ladies room.
She got up to go to the ladies room, armaan see's her as she was walking to the ladies restroom.
What was she doing with Rahul bhaiyya? Does he know her? Armaan thought,.
Armaan walked up to Rahul and gave him a hug.
Ar: Hey bhaiyya, what were you doing with that Miss Ridhima?
Ra: Oh you know her?
Ar: Yea I know her, she's the "Miss Gupta" I had a meeting with!
Ra: Oh so how did that go?
Ar: Not so well, she refused to give me the land, and she wouldn't even tell me why. I mean yeah I know I argued with her the first time I saw her, but then once I realized that she's Miss Gupta I said sorry to her, and she still said no. God you know that Miss Ridhima has a lot of attitude, and by the way going back to my first queston, what were you doing with er?
Ra: I hit into her and we just started talking….she seems like a nice girl Armaan.
Ar: Nice girl my foot. I hit into her and we get into an argument, even though she bumped into me first.
Ra: Armaan, just forget it. We'll talk about this later, she's coming our way right now….be nice to her
Ridhima walked back to the table, she had seen Armaan with Rahul and was wondering what a rude guy like armaan was doing with such a sweet guy like Rahul.
R: What are you doing here? She asked staring directly at Armaan
Ar: Why can't I be here? I'm here to see my brother, you have a problem with that?
R: What?!?!? Rahuls your brother?
Ar: Yeah, why do you sound so shocked ?
R: Nothing it's just that you guys are soo different, Rahuls soo sweet and your so ugh…just soo rude!
Ar: Well I'm not here to argue with you tonight, I'm here to have dinner with my brother..do you mind?
Ra: Armaan…stop it,..Ridhima why don't you join us for dinner?
Armaan looked at Rahul shocked, he couldn't believe his brother was inviting the girl that had said "No" to his younger brother, and not only that she had given him soo much attitude.
R: No thank you Rahul, I don't feel like wasting my precious time with somebody like him, I'm sorry, But it was nice meeting you Rahul. Have a nice night.
Ar: Oh I think that's the first time we've agreed on something , I don't feel like wasting my precious time on you either. Have a nice life Miss Ridhima.
Ridhima just turned around and walked out. She could care less about what he said. All she knew was that she hoped she never saw him again.


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