Friday, 11 August 2017

part 4 : The Painful Side Of Love

'It is no surprise to me that hardly anyone tells the truth about how they feel. The smart ones keep themselves to themselves for good reason. Why would you want to tell anyone anything that's dear to you? Even when you like them and want nothing more than to be closer than close to them? It's so painful to be next to someone you feel strongly about and know you can't say the things you want to.'

As Riddhima again and again read the thought written on the board she felt a strange sensation creeping through her'''she felt as if somebody had purposely written it on the board for her to read it'''.but before the thought could envelope her she was summoned in by Dr.Mishra.
Dr.Mishra was the doctor who had been taking care of the little girl but as her disease had grown and gone out of control she was admitted in Sanjeevani and Riddhima was there to discuss with him about that very case. This little girl in question was actually the finance minister's daughter Ayna so a lot depended on her operation and that is why it was really important for Riddhima to succeed at it.
Riddhima's patients and her profession meant a lot to her because it was the only thing where there were no pretensions and Riddhima could be just herself and this very profession of hers had provided her peace and escape in those painful years''..the only that always gave her genuine happiness.
Riddhima had a lengthy meeting with Dr.Mishra after which they both left for Sanjeevani. Ayna had her final operation that day.
The moment they entered in Sanjeevani a number of cameras flashed at them'''.a lot of media had gathered for the operation''''.Questions were whirled at Riddhima''''She simply raised her hand with the same poise that came naturally to her and said, 'Gentlemen, please. The operation is going to begin in half an hour and will go on for 3hours and I assure you the results will be positive. Now please excuse me I have a lot of arrangements to make.' With that she left the camera men appreciating her guts and confidence. Dr.Mishra was rooted to his spot and was relieving from the shock that Dr.Riddhima had just given him. How could she say that? He wondered because the chances of the operation being a success were very slim but she had very confidently told the press that everything will be fine.
'The woman's crazy' muttered Dr.Mishra under his breath.
The same shock had struck Dr.Shubhankar, Dr.Anjali, Dr.Rahul and Dr.Armaan who had heard Riddhima's last comment.
Dr.Rahul like always was impressed. Dr.Anjali thought that the new cardiologist was highly arrogant and she didn't approve of it. Dr.Shubhankar was a nervous wreck. While Armaan was once again wondering what had gotten into her'''.She was never overconfident infact she was always extra careful when it came to her profession. He knew he had to talk to her.
'Dr.Shashank, Dr.Riddhima has told the press that she will save Ayna but the chances are very slim sir. She should not have said that. We are already in a tough situation but this comment of hers had made it even worse for us. What are we going to do?'
Shubhankar said it all in a single breath wiping the sweat from his forehead. Dr.Shashank had heard everything very calmly and was now considering everything that might happen if Riddhima's statement does not come out to be true.
'Arrrreee hume to pehle se he pata tha ki ye doctor sahiba hamare Sanjeevani ke liye thik nahi hai''''.bahut ghamandi or gusse vaali hai''''us din hum par bhi baras pati thi''''bhala humse bhi koi is tarah baat karta hai kya?' commented Omar bhai to his fellow peon who nodded in agreement and after a while said, 'jo bhi ho bhai'''.dikhti bahut badhiya hai' and they both burst out laughing forgetting the crisis at hand.
'What the hell does she think of herself''''.how could she just claim that the results will be in her favour and that too without consulting the senior doctors. Its highly irresponsible of her' said a pissed of Anjali but Dr.Rahul was looking at the situation with a different perspective and had a different thing to say, 'Anjali we should not underestimate her''''.she's one of the best cardiologist'''She knows what she is doing. We should trust and support her' 'oh! Rahul you are too naive. Fine, she is the best cardiologists but still she should not have said that'''what if she fails?' but Rahul would not budge from his belief because he had noticed something different in her eyes which had compelled him to believe her.
So he simply smiled when he heard Anjali expressing her disagreement towards the whole issue.
While everyone was busy wondering what's going to happen''..Armaan was standing behind Riddhima who had not even noticed his presence and was busy preparing for the operation. He saw the dedication and sincerity in her eyes which filled him with warmth reminding him of his Riddhima but when Riddhima lifted her face from the file, she was reading and saw Armaan standing there her eyes again went cold.
She raised her eyebrow asking him the reason for the uncalled intrusion''''.. He said in a haughty voice, 'You do think everything's a game out here don't you?' When Riddhima did not answer him he moved closer to her and said in an almost angry voice 'do you realize we have Sanjeevanis reputation at stake. Just because of that comment of yours it looks like Sanjeevani is sure of its success, which is almost impossible, and takes the responsibility of the consequences' Riddhima lifted the left side of her lips in an arrogant smile and said, 'Oh! Dr.Armaan when will you stop interfering into things which don't concern you?' Armaan raised his finger towards her face and said in a cold and harsh voice, 'Listen Dr.Riddhima I have been working here for last 6 years. Sanjeevani is my life and I would not let you mess with it'
Riddhima replied in a level voice, 'save your breath Dr.Armaan. Wait for the operation to get over and then we'll definitely talk'''..for now I have to leave.'
Riddhima was standing outside the operation theater facing all the doctors. No one wished her luck because they saw no use in doing that but Dr.Rahul came forward and clasped her hand and said in a warm voice, 'Best of luck. Be calm. I'll be right here to congratulate you once the operation gets over.' Riddhima was touched by his level of faith in her so she for a change gave him a genuine smile and left for the operation.
3hours later Riddhima stepped out of the OT covered in sweat. All the doctors stood up to hear the much dreaded news but Riddhima did not utter a word. She was biting her lower lip and finally said in a very low voice, 'I am sorry to disappoint you guys. I should not have made the comment at press meet. I was at fault'


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