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part 5 : AR love story

Ra: Armaan couldn't you just have tried to get along with her for one night? Seems like to me that you guys had a bad start, maybe if you would have shown her that your really not that rude, then maybe she would have changed her mind.

Ar: What ever bhaiyya, I don't think a girl as stubborn as that would ever change her mind.

Rahul laughed: Too bad your charms didn't work on her, otherwise she would have definitely agreed. But I guess it just wasn't in your kismat to get that land.

Armaan thought about what his brother just said " Too bad your charms didn't work on her, otherwise she would have definitely agreed"

Ar:  Bhaiyya your such a genius, that's just perfect

Ra: What's perfect Armaan?

Ar: Think about it bro, what did you just say  about my charms not working on her, what if I do make my charms work on her?

Ra: So you mean your going to make her fall for you, Armaan you can't be serious!  Your doing all this just for a piece of land?

Ar: Yeah bhaiyya, I'm going to do exactly that. And what do you just a piece of land, it's not just a piece of land, it's my dream bhaiyya.

Ra:   Yeah Armaan I know it's your dream, but first of all, I don't think she's the type of girl who will fall for your charms, it's impossible. And even if she does, you'll end up hurting her. Do you really want to do that?  And what about Anjali?

Ar: Bhaiyya,  it's my job to make it possible, and she's been so mean to me already, I think she deserves it even if I do hurt her. Plus I don't think she's the type that would get hurt so easily. he seems like she has a pretty tough shell. Bhaiyya you know I've never taken No for an answer, then why should I now? As far as Anjali goes, I'll handle it. And by the way whose side are you on., mine or hers?

Ra: You know I'm always on your side Armaan, but…

Ar: Okay then, no buts of ifs. It's final your on my side! I think we should leave now, it's getting pretty late. Where are you staying right now?

Ra: Well I promised Muskaan  I would stay  with her, but we can get together when ever we want. I'm just a phone call away okay?

Ar: Okay. Let's leave now shall we?

They both walked to their cars and said bye to each other. Armaan drove back to his hotel, he was thinking about Anjali. He had told Rahul that he would handle it, but he wasn't so sure. Should he tell Anjali, would she support him in this? Or would she get angry at me for even thinking of such an idea? Maybe it's better if I don't tell her until later thought Armaan.  He changed his clothes as he got back into his hotel room. He turned over his blanket and got into bed, better get a good nights sleep Armaan, Mission Impossible starts tomorrow.

Armaan woke up and ran straight into the bathroom. He didn't want to be late for jogging, he couldn't afford to miss her. This was the only place he was sure she'd be at. He brushed his teeth and changed into his jogging sweats quickly. He went out for his jog,  the same place where he went last time and hit into her.
He spotted her jogging ahead, he  quickened up his speed and caught up with her.

Ar: Hey

R: Tum? What do you want?

Ar: Yeah mein. Look I'm sorry, I really shouldn't have been so rude to you last night. I don't know , I think we've just started off on the wrong foot. Will you forgive me please?

Ridhima was surprised. Why's he being so nice all of a sudden? She wondered. There's definitely something wrong here…..

R: I don' know, this seems a little odd you just apologizing to me all of a sudden….

Ar:  Fine to be honest I probably would've never realized how rude I've been to you if it wasn't for my brother. But you know that it just wasn't only me, it was you also, it was the both of us. But he just made me realize that maybe we just started off wrong, and I thought how about we give it another shot?  I'm honestly sorry. What do you say friends?

He seems pretty sincere and genuinely sorry. I think he's right maybe we just started off on the wrong foot thought Ridhima.

R: Alright friends, and I'm sorry also. I guess I can be a little hot headed at times

Armaan smiled: Well how about we  celebrate our new found friendship tonight,?

R: I don't think…

Ar: Oh c'mon, you just said we were friends, if you really mean it then meet me at the same place we met last night,  Ocean Blue's at 8. I'll be waiting for you.

Armaan turned around and started jogging the other way. He didn't want to give her a chance to say anything, especially No. He was confident that she'd be there tonight,. But now what? thought Armaan. He had gotten her to agree to be friends, and even convinced her to have dinner with him tonight? But what was he going to do there to make her feel like she thought of him as more than friends, or to even make her feel the slightest bit of  attraction towards him? Armaan think man, think. What should I wear tonight? he thought. Hmm let's go back to the hotel and see what you have.


Armaan checked himself out one more time, he had worn a white collared shirt with blue jeans. Hmm looking good armaan not bad at all. Okay but now on a serious note, where is Ridhima? She's late again, just like last time thought armaan. I think she likes to make me wait thought armaan as he sighed. He looked up and saw her. She was wearing a red chudidar (the one she wore when they went to the movies, the "saucy laal" one.) oyye hoyye, she's looking beautiful thought Armaan. "Wait what was  I just thinking,  you must not be feeling well today why else would you think that about her ?" said Armaan to himself.

R: Armaan?

Armaan looked up and saw her standing there.
Ar: Oh hi ridhima

R: Hi, umm are you feelin okay?

Ar: Yea, why?

R: Then why were you talking to your self?

Ar: Ohh that, umm don't worry about it. So why were you late if you don't mind me asking.

R: Sorry for being late, I was just caught up in hospital duty

Ar: Hospital? Oh so you're a doctor

Ridhima smiled: Yes I am, I work at Sanjeevani.

Ar: So do like the whole busy life of a doctor?

R: Yes I do, I love the feeling I get when I save a life, it's just different. Or when I help deliver a baby, the look on the mothers face, when she holds her new born in her hands is just I don't know how to explain Armaan, I just always knew I wanted to be a doctor, ever since I was little. I don't mind the long working hours or being called in on emergency because I'm spending my time doing something I love.

She watched him smile, she couldn't help but notice those dimples. They made her smile, they were so cute she thought. She'd noticed him stare at her when she walked in, but decided to ignore it. But deep down she got this tingling sensation in her stomach when she noticed his eyes on her, they had this weird intensity in them. She heard his voice speak again.

Ar: So I guess you really love what you do.

R: Yeah I do, I really do

A  waiter came over to ask their order

W: What would you guys like to have tonight?

R: I'll have vegetarian noodles

A: Make that two plates, because I'll have the same

The waiter left with there order, and soon came back with two plates of vegetarian noodles.

R: So you like vegetarian noodles?

Ar: Not like, try LOVE. I absolutely love any types of noodles.

R: Same here! I especially love the noodles from here, they're the best.

Armaan took a bite of his noodles…"mmm yes they are" he said

They had a small chit chat over dinner.

Ar: So, do you want dessert?

R: No thank you.
Ridhima turned to see couples dancing around her, she smiled. She always loved seeing two people in love, it was the sweetest  thing ever. Too bad she hadn't found her Mr. Right yet.

Armaan saw her staring at the couples:" Would you like to dance?"

Ridhima looked back at Armaan, he was holding his hand out, waiting for her to answer.

Ridhima smiled: Sure why not

Precap for next part: Armaan and Ridhima's first dance


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