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part 5 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



After 3 hours ...

@ Dinning Area

Tu meri

Neendo me

Sota hai...

"Dad Mom.. Kya main in teen saalo mein... Main zyada tar New York rehta tha??" Armaan asked slowly while keeping his spoon down on plate and looked at everyone who were staring at him

"Ammm haan... In fact tu sirf New York hi nai... Aur b bahot se jagah tu busy rehta tha" Dev lied knowingly coz he knew if he got to know that he stayed in New York he will definately think about Kiya and then Armaan looked at Shilpa who immediately looked down at her plate she was sitting infront of him

"Haan Puttarji... Aap hamesa ki tarah busy rehte thae... Apni family ko chod k" Billy said in his fun way making everyone smile while he rolled his eyes

"Haan par ab dhyaan do Armaan beta" Dadaji spoke smilingly

"Haan bilkul ab ye sirf aaraam karega" Dadi smiled when Armaan's eyes landed on Anant who was sitting on his baby seat while Aditi was trying to make him eat but he was pushing the spoon everytime

"De main try karun" Shilpa took the spoon from her hand and tried to feed him but he looked at another side pushing the spoon They both tried many times but everytime he pushed Armaan chuckled seeing their annoying faces

"Hmm... I'll try" Armaan took a seat beside Anant who was just beside Shilpa to which the whole family stared him amusedly "Spoon do" he spoke normally to Shilpa forwarding his hand towards her but he was staring at Anant while Shilpa was in daze

"De.. Usko" Aditi whispered in her ear softly while nudging her which made her come out from her trance and when Armaan looked at her for spoon which she passed to him slowly

"Aaj hi dena hai" saying this he took the spoon from her hand making everyone smile while she looked down "Hmm..." he forwarded the morsel ful of spoon towards Anant who looked at him for sometime "Nai khana thik hai... Maib kha leta hun" he smiled and took the spoon slowly towards his mouth which made Anant shocked

"Naiii... Merrraaa" Anant tried to snatch the spoon and everyone laughed seeing Anant n Armaan "Do..." he tried to jump from his seat

"Aree nai yaar gir jayga tu... Ye lo" Armaan grinned and forwarded the spoon towards Anant who smiled wide and started eating from Armaan's hand

"Wow!! Naa Mamma k haat se naa Maasi k haath se... Seedhe Chachu k haath se khaya na" Aditi spoke smilingly to which Anant clapped making everyone laugh and Armaan smiled

"Acha hai... Ye antic piece tumpe nai gaya" Armaan mocked Aditi who smacked his head lightly "Ye to Malik boy hai... Right" he looked at Anant who laughed clappingly to which everyone smiled seeing Armaan normal

"Armaan... Mujhe khushi hai ki aap apni family pe dhyaan de rahe hai... Par kaash ek baar aap mujhe b dekh lete" she thought staring at him who was playing wd Anant

ArSh' Room

Tu mere

Ashko me

Rota hai...

"Kahan souun... Couch pe ki Bed pe" she bit her nails moving tro and fro "Agar tu Couch pe soyi... Tu puri zindagi Couch pe hi soyegi... Aur agar Bed pe soyi to Armaan kya sochenge mere baare mein" she blabbered nervously "Dekh Shilpa unhe jo sochna hai soche... Tu soja" her mind hit her and immediately she laid on her side pulling a blanket up on herself wd one pillow infront and other behind her back and hugging the pillow closed her eyes and after 30 minutes Armaan entered in room "Hmmm..." taking a sigh he dialed Rehaan's number who picked after two rings "Hello!!" he spoke immediatly as Rehaan received

"Haan Bhaijaan... Kaise hai aap" Rehaan smiled hearing him

"Main thik hun yaar... Tujhse kuch puchna hai" he spoke slowly while entering in balcony

"Haan Bhaaijaan puchiye na... Aapko kabse permission leni pad rahi hai" Rehaan spoke smilingly sitting on bed coz Dev already informed him about Armaan's doubts

"Kiya k baare mein" he directly asked which made Rehaan shocked "Uska kya hua in teen saalon mein..." he asked that question which was bothering him since he got conscious

"Bhaijaan... Vo" somewhere Rehaan knew that he will ask this question so he & Dev already made a story to inform him "Kiya Kabir se shaadi karne wali hai... Kyub ki jab unhe pata chala ki aap unko diya huaa promise bhul gaye ho aur Bhabhi ko dekhne k baad unhone decide kar liya... Ki vo aapko bhul k aage badhengi" he made that story which Dev told him to say

"Sach mein..." he smiled "Chalo kuch to acha huaa... In teen saalon mein" he took a sigh "Thanks yaar ye good news dene k liye... I am at peace now..." he looked at the Sky "Acha sunn parso se main Hospital aa raha hun.. Mujhe saari details chahiyee.. In teen saal teen mahino ki" he ordered

"Bhaijaan aapko.. Aaram karne ki jarurat hai... Aur aap kaampe" Rehaan asked concernedly

"Rehaan tu ache se jaanta hai... Meri pehli Priority mere Patients hai... To tu sab kuch ready karna parso tak main aaunga... Gud night" Saying this he disconnects the call

"Par... Bha..." Rehaan shook his head " Chalo Bhaaijaan ko to jhut bol diya... Ab Kabir se baat karni hi hogi ki vo Jaldi Kiya ko manaye... Engagement k liye... Aur us tak ye baat nai pahochni chahiye ki bhaaijaan ko sab yaad aa gaya hai" Rehaan thought worriedly and dialed Kabir's number

"Chalo ek tension utri sar se" Armaan smiled moving inside his room and stopped seeing her sleeping figure "Finally ab khudse kiya huaa vaada pura kar paaunga... Jo tumhare liye tha" he thought and bend above her who was sleeping soundlessly her head was hidden by the blanket he chuckled and slowly pulled the blanket little down to see her face an unknown smiled reached his lips and shaking his head he moved at another side of bed and laid straight "Hmm" taking a sigh he looked at her whose back was towards him and closing his eyes he too drifted in sleep peacefully, finally a biggest weight was lifted from his brain Kiya's matter was solved and he is relieved!

Next Morning

Sargoshi hai

Si hai

Khayaalo me...

"Amm yaar... Kya karun" Armaan spoke confusedly staring at his line of clothes in the Wardrobe he was standing only in his towel when Shilpa entered in room holding some clothes in her hands

"Isse Wardrobe mein b rakhna hai" she muttered under his breath walking towards the wardrobe when her leg slipped making the clothes fell from her hands "Aahhh..." she whined closing her eyes as she fall ahead but felt two muscular arms were holding her, his hands were on her waist while her hands were on his bare chest who was staring at her face who slowly opened her eyes not feeling her self in pain but when she looked at him her eyes widened which made him to put his palm on her mouth

"Chillaana mat... See the thing is main kapde dhudh raha tha... To isiliye main aise bahar aaya..." he spoke sternly which made her frown that why is he saying this?? But then she understood what he was thinking

"Le... Armaan ko lagta hai tu unhe shirtless dekh k chillaygi... Jaise pehli baar chillayee thi.. But unhe thodi pata ki tu unhe..." her mind spoke which made her to pull herself back from his hold blushing and she turned her back towards him controlling her desires she only knows how she controlled herself not to kiss his cheek in the Morning as she woke up and found herself close to his face who was sleeping soundlessly she caressed his hairs which were fell on his forehead and she was about to kiss his cheek when she pulled herself back remembering his memory back scene and immediately she rushed inside Washroom

"Ye aaj b aise hi behave karti hai... That means kya sach mein hamare bich kuch nai tha??" his heart questioned "Whatever... Acha hi hai aisa kuch nai tha..." his mind make him shook his head "Mere... Kapde" he asked slowly to which she bend down and picked his ironed clothes

"Hmm.." turning around she passed him, staring down which made him annoyed that why she has to always look down when he himself is standing infront of her?? But ignoring everything he took his clothes from her hand who immediately went from there

"Ajeeb nai hai ye" He said to himself when his eyes landed on his one shirt which was still on floor "Aur bewkoof b hai" shaking his head he bend down to pick

@ Jewellery Shop

Tu na ho

Fir b tu

Hota hai...

"Haan Aditi... Maine le liya hai tera... Necklace aur Mummiji k Kangan b... But ye Driver abhi tak kyun nai aaya" Shilpa spoke on Phone standing outside a Jewellery Shop wd some shopping bags in her hand

"Vo nai aayga... Par koi aur jaroor aayga" Aditi said smilingly

"Kaun??" she questioned

"Armaan" she chirped but hearing this, shopping bags fell from her hand

"Kya?? Armaan?? Kyun??" she asked shockingly "Please mat bhej... Main rickshaw, taxi, bus kuch b leke aa jaaungi... Par Armaan nai" she requested picking her bags from ground

"Maar khaygi tu... Itni mehanat se maine aur Mummiji ne manaya usse bhejne k liye... Aur tu" Aditi scolded which made her look down "Tu kyun bhaag rahi hai Armaan se... Tu khud soch agar kal ko Armaan ko sab kuch yaad aa jaayga to vo kya sochega... Jab usse teri sabse zyada jaroorat thi... To tu bhaag rahi thi usse" she tried to make her understand which worked also

"Acha thik hai... Kab tak aaynge vo" she asked wd a pout making Aditi giggled

"Thodi daer pehle vo nikla... To pahuchne wala hi hoga..." she smiled "Aur haan... Armaan ne tera number liya mujhse... Kyun ki uske Phone mein to usne Bracelet likha hai to shayad samjha nai hoga... Thik hai bye" She informed but Shilpa can hear her teasing tone

"Haan thik hai... Bye" saying this she hang up the call and looked at her Phone where his name was saved 'Mr Supercool' she traced his name lovingly "I am sorry mere Supercool" her eyes got moist and rubbing it she immediately replaced it wd 'Armaan' when her cell started ringing flashing 'Armaan'

"Kahan ho tum" he asked as he heard 'Hello' from her

"Main... Je..wellery shop k... Bahar" she fumbled

"Fine... Main aa raha hun... Vaha se hilna b mat" He almost ordered her! while concentrating on road

"Aur agar hil gayi to" it just slipped from her mouth

"To.. Chod k chala jaunga dhundhunga nai" he replied strictly which made her gulped

"Nai.. Nai mani to yehi hun... Aap jaldi aao" she spoke hurriedly which made him to control his chuckle

"Hmm..." saying this he hungs the call and chuckled which he was controlling and taking his car on right side

"Pata nai kab tak aaynge" She looked on road where vehicles where coming and going when she heard some noise behind her she looked back where four mans were breaking the glass door of the Jewellery shop it made her shocked they were breaking everything while the Goldsmith tried to stop them they were not looking like thief's she saw one of a man was warning that move from here, every person who was standing near the shop when a man approached towards her

"Aye ladki jaa yahan se..." he spoke angrily pointing a knife at her

"Kyun??" she questioned wdout any fear

"Kyun ki hum keh rahe hai... Is dukaan k malik... Isne rent nai chukaya... To isse maar padi aur agar tu yahan se gayi nai... To tera b haal aisa hi karenge" he warned pointing his knife to which she looked at the mans, who were breaking the things

"Aap aisa kaise kar sakte hai... Main Police ko bulaungi... Agar aapne kuch kiya to" she warned and moved her hand to dial Police's number when a man came from behind

"Jab sab chup chap chale gaye... To tu yahan kya kar rahi hai" he spoke angrily and snatched her phone

"Kyun ki main baki sab ki tarah darpok nai hun... Do mera Phone" she spoke angrily trying to take her Phone back

"Dekh tujhse dushmani nai hai... Jaa yahan se..." he warned her last time

"Nai jaa sakti... Main kisi ka wait kar rahin hun" She spoke strongly when the man moved his hand to slap her but someone gripped his hand coming infront of her who got frightened and closed her eyes thinking she is gone now

"Dare you touch her" His deep voice made her open her eyes instantly she moved her head to look and found her one and only Husband

"Armaan" she whispered slowly wd a smile

"Tu kaun??" Man questioned

"Tujhe isse kya... Problem kya hai... Himmat kaise hui uspe haath uthane ki" he spoke calmly which made Shilpa to grip his arm tightly making him to look at her

"Dekh hamari isse koi dushmani nai... Bas hum ye chahte thae ki ye hat jaaye yahan se" the man spoke in warning tone to which Armaan looked at the Shop whose condition was worst to watch then he looked at the Goldsmith who was scared taking a sigh he looked at Shilpa who was also scared he knew if he will fight wd them they can harm Shilpa so better he should leave!

"Hmm sorry... Actaully maine hi isse kaha tha... Mera wait kare... So sorry" he apologized and gripped Shilpa's hand "Chalo" he looked at Shilpa who was staring him confusedly that why he didn't scold them for doing this but he moved ahead wd her hand still on his grip when

"Armaan... Mera Phone unke pass" she said pulling him back who glared "Mera... Phone" she looked down seeing him glaring her

"Tum yehi ruko..." he spoke calmly and moved towards the man "Excuse me... Meri Wife ka Phone aapke pass hai" he tapped on the man's shoulder who quietly handed the Phone and taking it he came towards her "Chalo baitho..." giving the Phone he opened the Car's door

"Kaisa insaan hai... Madad karne ki wajaye... Ye wahan se chala aaya... Ye mere Armaan ho hi nai sakte" she thought angrily as she sat inside the Car on passenger seat

"Hello... Bandra Police station... Yaa mujhe ek complain file karni hai" He spoke on Bluetooth while starting the Car where as she looked at him "Bandra Kansihq Jewellary shop mein kuch gunde tod phod kar rahe hai to please jaake aap dekh lo... Yaa... Armaan Malik... Thank u" saying this he off his Bluetooth and concentrated on road where as Shilpa looked at window smilingly

"Itna b bura nai hai" she thought wd a smile

"Achi khaasi lad leti hai... Bheed gayi thi unse... Fir mere saamne kyun nai bolti" he thought taking U side on road "Sach mein ajeeb hai ye" he thought


"Armaan... Mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai" Ananaya spoke loudly as Armaan decends from stairs

"Mom abhi nai... Late ho raha hai mujhe" He spoke hurriedly

"Armaan... Sunn liya karo kabhi" Ananya spoke angrily putting the magazines on table to which Billy gestured him to come he was sitting on sofa

"Fine... Boliye Mom" he spoke to which she moved towards him

"Dekho Armaan... Aaj shaam maine tumhare aur Shilpa k naam se ek table book kiya hai... Dinner k liye" She announced calmly

"What the heck!! Mom" he was shocked "Main nai jaaunga" he immediately refused

"Armaan... Tum kyun bhool rahe ho ki tumhari shaadi ho chuki hai... Jitna tum usse door jaaoge utna tum dono mein distance aayngi" Ananya spoke normally

"Mom I need time ok... Sab kuch itni jaldi nai accept kar sakta... Main janta hi kitna hun usko" He spoke annoyingly

"To jaano... Rahoge uske saath tabhi to usko samajh paaoge" Billy said while putting his hand on his shoulder

"Gosh... Aap dono..." he spoke annoyingly "Fine... Aapki bahu se keh dena ready rahe.. Main aa jaunga lene" he said controlling his temper and moved ahead

"Kahan jaa rahe ho??" Ananya asked angrily to which Billy hide his smile knowing how will he react

"Ghumne..." an instant sarcastic answer from him to which Billy burst laughingly while Ananya glared "Kuch kaam hai Mom Arjun se... Ussi se milne jaa raha hun... Aur kuch" he said tiredly

"Nai... Par jaldi aana" she ordered hiding her smile to which he shook his head and went from there "Billy aapko hassi aa rahi hai... Aisa hi rahega to kaise chalega" she looked at Billy who was still controlling his chuckle

"Aree... Usse time do... Samajh jayga vo" he assured

"Jaldi samjhe to acha hai" she shook her head making Billy smiled

ArSh's Room

Hai seelaaa

Tu meree

Dard kaaa

Yehi dilse

Duaayeen hai...

"Kyun itna mushkil ho raha hai... Kab aapko sab yaad aayga Armaan... Main aur aise nai reh sakti... Sab kuch firse shuru karna... Nai hoga mujhse" she whispered staring at the Sky wd moist eyes "Kyun hamesha main... Kyun mujhe hi sab kuch thik karna hota hai.. Pehle Shao pao... Hamara baby... Aur ab Armaan... Kaise rahungi main" she sniffed gripping the railing tightly she was in her balcony after dropping her home he warned her to be careful for next time and don't argue wd anyone and saying this he went from there leaving her shattered and broken since then she was crying "Ye mere Armaan nai hai... Main nai reh paaungi inke saath" she cried and turned towards her room crying bitterly "I hate him" she cried when

Teri galliyaa

Galliyaa teri Galliyaaa

Mujhko bhave

Galiyaa teri galliyaa

Yuhin tadpaave

Galliyaa teri galliyaa...

"Bracelet..." his voice made her stopped and she lifted her eyes to look at him who was smiling standing in front of him"I luv u too" he smiled and looked down on floor pressing his lips which made her cry more!

"Armaan..." she whispered looking at him who looked at her and raised his bows

"Bas itna hi pyaar karti ho mujhse...??" he asked softly to which she nodded her head in NO "To fir... Ro kyun rahi ho... u have to Win me" he smiled "Stay wd me... And don't forget... I am madly in love wd u" he whispered slowly to which she moved her hand to touch his face when he suddenly vanished making her cry more "Armaan please... Main aise nai reh paungi aapke karib hoke aapse dur" She sat on her knees and cried "Bas Shilpa... Tu itni jaldi haar nai maan sakti... Tujhe apne Armaan k liye... Armaan ka dil jitna hoga" her heart encourage her to which she wiped her tears and stood up "Main haar nai maan sakti" she whispered in strong voice "Kuch b ho jaaye main Armaan ka dil jaroor jeetungi... Haa" her voice was confident and clearing her face she went inside their room for washing her face

Arjun's Apartment

"Tu samajh nai raha Armaan... Tera abhi abhi accident huaa hai... Tu kyaa karega jaankar" Arjun tried to make him understand

"Dekh Arjun main pehle b keh chuka hun... Ki mujhe sympathy nai chahiyee... Aur yaar at least itna bata de.. Ki actaully mein Shakti ja kya huaa? Uske case ka kya huaa? Ab meri family ko koi khatra to nai?? Aur mere saath usne kya kya kiya in teen saalo mein??" He fired one after one his questions which made Arjun chuckled

"Chahe kuch b ho jaaye... Armaan Malik patience nai rakh sakta haina" he said smilingly putting his coffee mug on table

"Tu bas bata yaar" he requested

"Fine... Tera accident hone k baad usne tujhe bahot dhundha NY mein... But tu nai mila... Fir shayad usne tujhpe Panchgani mein b attack kiya tha... Aur fir tujhe blackmail kiya maarne ki dhamki se... To tune usse mera address de diya Hydrabad wala... Vo vaha aaya tujhe dhundha... But usse main mila mujhpe b usne attack kiya... Fir shayad usse pata chala tu yaha nai rehta" he was informing moving here and there "Fir usne tere Dad k gadi ka break-fail kiya aur shayad Bhabhi b thi usme" he informed but hearing this he stood up

"What?? Dad k gadi ka break-fail??" he asked shockingly

"Haan..." Arjun nodded "Aur fir usne tujhe blackmail kiya... Tu gaya usse milne... Infact tunse usse bahoot maar k bandha tha... Uske ek aadmi ne tujhpe peeche se attack kiya... Aur fir tujhe yaad aa gaya... Bas" he finished

"How dare he touch my family" anger was clearly visible from his face

"Armaan... Ab vo Jail mein hai" he calm him down

"That means... Ab koi danger nai haina" he asked doubtfully to which Arjun just stared him "O come on... Arjun bata b" he asked angrily coming infront of him

"Pata nai... Kyun ki Jail mein Shakti baar baar keh raha tha... Ki uska Baap tujhe nai chodega" he informed calmly

"Main nai darta kisi se" he spoke angrily

"Par agar vo tere family ko kuch kar denge to" Arjun asked

"Dare he touch them" he spoke confidently sat on sofa

"Armaan meri ek baat maanega??" Arjun asked calmly to which he nodded "Tu kuch mahino k liye yahan se dur chala jayga... Jab tak mujhe Shakti k family k baare mein kuch pata nai chal jaaye" he said calmly

"R u mad Arjun... Tu mujhe bhaagne k liye keh raha hai... Tu ache se janta hai main kabhi musibat se nai bhaagta" he stood up angrily

"Haan janta hun... But tuhi soch agar tere baare mein uske Father ko pata chal jaaye... To vo to tere saath teri family ko b maardega... Tab kya karega tu" he asked strictly which made him quiet "Dekh main janta hun ki tu kabhi peeche nai hat ta but... Agar usse tere baare mein pata chala.. To teri family k baare mein b pata chalega... Isse acha jab tu seher mein usko milega hi nai... To teri family b safe rahegi bas kuch mahino k liye jab tak mujhe Shakti k Father k baare mein pata na chal jaaye" he said politely "Dammm... Kabhi socha nai tha ki kisi ki help karke... Apni life musibat mein laa dunga" He rubbed his face frustrated "Acha Mujhe us Shakti se milna hai" he directly asked

"Vo NY k Jail mein hai kyun ki vo vaha ka bhaaga huaa Criminal hai... Jispe ab aur cases charged hai" Arjun informed sitting on sofa

"Jab vo andar hai... To tension kis baat ka... Aur koi proof hai ki uska Father mujhpe attack karega" Armaan asked sitting opposite him

"Proof ka to nai pata but doubt jaroor hai mujhe" Arjun replied

"Dekh Arjun jab tak mujhe khud yakeen nai ho jaayga ki I am in danger... Tab tak main Mumbai nai chodunga" He announced calmly to which Arjun shook his head knowing its no use to make him understand so he nodded defeated making Armaan smiled


In Restaurant

Kaisa hai


Tera mera

"Kya bolun... Isiliye yaar Arrange marriage mein shaadi se pehle hi mill k baat kar lena chahiye... Taki aage problem na ho... Agar tune ye kaam pehle kiya hota to tu aaj aise nai baitha hota..." Armaan thought staring at Shilpa who was sitting quietly infront of him looking down playing wd her fingers nervously "But the question is... In teen saalon mein kya aisa koi mauka nai aaya hoga.. Jab humne baat ki hogi.. Mera to main samajh raha hun but iska reaction kuch samajh nai raha... At least isse to normal hona chahiye" his mind said "Par Armaan ye to shuru se hi weird hai... Bolti b kam hai... Naah tu bhul gaya pehli baar jab tune isse dekha tha aisi to bilkul nai thi fir ab kyun... May be iske liye nai bol rahi ho... Kyun ki main suddenly sab kuch bhul gaya... Gosh sab kuch itna complicated kyun hai" he was debating inside his Brain while tapping on table

"Shilpa zubaan pe taala kyun lag gaya tere... Armaan k liye sab naya hai tere liye thodi... Tu hi kuch bolde..." she smacked herself mentally "Hamari pehli DATE kitni achi thi... Sab kuch kitna easy tha... Aur ab kitna awkward... Kyun ki mere Armaan ne sab kuch easy kar diya tha... But ab sab kuch utna hi mushkil.. Kahin se b ye mere Armaan nai lagte" she thought and glanced at him who was staring out "Trust me agar Armaan ki yaadast nai jaati aur vo mera dil nai jeete... To shayad hi ye shaadi ab tak tikti... Kyun ki tujhe to inme interest nai hota aur inhe dekhe main shart laga sakti hun ki ye teri taraf dhyaan b nai dete... Pata nai kaise tab ye shaadi teen saal tak tikti" she shook her head staring at him who was doing something on Phone "Ab to aisa lagta hai... Gale se khana b nai utrega... Kaise rahungi main... Inke saath God please help me" she prayed staring up at the sky

"Tum kya khaogi??" at last he asked after thinking many questions to start the conversation keeping his Phone on table

"Amm... Kuch b" she replied slowly looking up at him

Ye chehra

Fir b

Kitna gehra...
"No tell me tumhe khane mein acha kya lagta hai??" he asked politely

"Amm... Chineese" she replied tucking her hairs behind her ear lowering her lashes and now he observed her the cool breeze was kissing her cheeks her hairs were floating in air some hair strands were touching her pink rosy lips his eyes scanned her face for which he said Yes to this marriage her red anarkali was perfectly suiting her she had opened her hairs, small earrings were dangling on her ears, while her lashes were down feeling his gaze

"Nice... Main order karta hun..." he spoke still staring at her who wanted to say NO he can order his choice food but her stupid mouth didn't let her "Gosh... Ye to muh hi nai kholti" he thought and called the Waiter

"Tu pagal hai... Sach mein Shilpa" She thought staring at him who was ordering the food while the Waiter was nodding in YES wearing a white shirt wd denim jeans, he is looking handsome specially the hairs which he gelled for the first time! She remembered how she took her whole two hours for choosing a dress and getting ready after all she must look good infront of him so that he would notice her presence but when she went downstairs he was talking on Phone and gestured her to follow him by his hand and when they sat in Car he didn't even looked at her stopping the Car in Parking lot he moved out and opened her side's Car door and as she stepped out she remembered their first Date, its a different restaurant but somewhere it reminded her about their first date, but he is not romantic as he was before They both sat on a corner side of the table which Ananya had booked for them on balcony side where there was less table almost three tables were there which were empty right now except their table it was very romantic side which was decorated wd flowers, chineese lights candles and the Moon was garnishing wd its shine from here they can see the view of Sea its similar to their first date's restaurant but its little different from that just like Armaan

"So..." his voice made her come out from her thoughts and she looked at him "Tell me about urself" he asked directly staring at her who looked at him

"Amm... Kyun?" She questioned slowly

"Book likhni hai" a sarcastic answer from him which made her smile "Aise hi jaanne k liye" he spoke calmly

"Amm.. Aise kaise koi apne baare mein bata sakta hai... I mean mujhe itna nai pata apne baare mein" she said softly

"Apna naam to pata haina..." he asked wd a smile which made her smile too and she nodded in YES when the Waiter came wd their order

"Sir... Ur order" Waiter smiled keeping the food on table

"Thanks" he smiled politely to which the Waiter nodded and went from there leaving the two alone

"Ho gaya ab to... Tu bina baat kiye khaygi nai... Aur inko dekh k lagta hai ki ye baat bina kiye hi khaynge" she thought confusedly "Ek kaam kar tu hi inko engage kar baato mein" her heart spoke "huh... Yehi baat karegi.. Zubaan tak nai khol sakti uske saamne.. Aur baat karegi" her mind mocked at her "Kyun nai kar sakti... Zaroor karegi... Proove kar Shilpa" her heart encourages her to which she nodded when

"Amm... Shilpa" he called her whose heart sanked hearing 'Shilpa' instead of 'Bracelet' from his mouth "Tum sunn rahi ho na" he said slowly to which she nodded quietly "Actually mujhe kuch clear karna hai... I mean I know sab kuch weird hai... But trust me main kuch b jaan bujhkar nai kar raha hun... I need time for..." he tried to cleared but her voice made him stop

"Armaan... I can understand" she said in understanding manner "So... Itna to chalta hai" she smiled which made him smile

"Thanks" He spoke while taking a morsel in his mouth "Khao.." he said pointing at her plate who nodded and they started eating their food quietly but it is killing her from inside so she started

"Armaan" she said slowly staring up at him who nodded

Ye lamhe

Lamhe ye

Resham se...

"Yaar ye itne ache se kaise mera naam le leti hai... Yaa fir main hi zyada soch raha hun" he thought staring at her

"Aapko pata hai.. Aditya aur Aaysha ko ek beti hui hai... Jiska naam Shivya hai" she informed happily which made him shocked

"What?? Sach mein??" he asked shockingly to which she nodded wd a giggle

"Haan... Anant se do mahine choti hai vo... Aur aapko pata hai.. Avinash-Shagun ne shaadi kar li hai.. Ab vo Paris mein settled hai..." she informed while chewing her food which made him amused he already knew about 'Avi-Shagun' coz Avi had called him few days ago but he wanted to hear from her

"Aur kya kya huaa tha??" he asked amusedly staring at her whose expressions were too good to watch

"Aur haan... Meri dono choti behno ki shaadi ho gayi... Aur haa Rehaan Surbhi ki engagement ho gayi... Aur..." she was telling this by counting her fingers which made him chuckled Yes this is the girl whom he first saw in the Party where she yelled at a boy saying 'Rakho mere sar par... Rakho rakho' in sarcastic way

"Ye bolti b hai... Vo b itna" he thought staring at her who was giving all the informations thoughtfully but right now she is looking cute to him and wd this they started eating she being informing him while he was nodding and in b/w asking random questions which she was answering happily infact more frankly

20 minutes later...

Kho jaaye

Kho na jaaye


"Haan main kal subhe aake dekhta hun" Armaan said on Phone while Shilpa was following him they both were in Parking lot where there were less Cars and the dim lights were on he was talking on Phone moving here & there while our poor Bracelet was standing beside their Car staring up at the Sky where wasn't any Moon only the stars were shinning

"Kaash koi taara aaj tut jaaye" she prayed looking above she was waiting for any star to break so that she can make wish for his memory

"Haan thik hai... Kal Hospital mein aata hun... Bye" saying this he hung up the Phone "Shil..." his words left incomplete seeing this beautiful view she was looking at the Sky her back was touched against the Car door while her hairs were touching her lips the cool breeze was making the atmosphere romantic he moved ahead when her eyes landed on him and she straightened herself looking here & there when her hairs float on her face trying to remove her finger lightly touched her one eye

"Aawww" she whinced holding her one to which he ran towards her

"Kya huaa??" he asked worriedly standing infront of her

"Mera finger aankh mein touch ho gaya" she said painfully holding her eye

"Tch... Dekh k kuch nai kar sakti naa... Laao dikhao" he scolded and moved his hands towards her face but hessistated for a second but seeing her in pain he slowly removed her hands "Haath hatao... Main dekhta hun" he whispered slowly and hessistatly cupped her face who has closed her eyes

"Aaahhh" she whinced as he opened her one eye wd his finger

Kaafilaaa aa

Waqt kaaa aaa

Rokaleee ee

Ab dil se juda na hoo...

"Ssshhh relax..." he whispered and blew air on her eye making her relaxed she gripped his shirt tightly "Hmmm ab aankhe kholo" he said softly to which she opened her eyes fully blinking it for seconds first thing they saw each others eyes his one hand was still on her face while some strands of hairs were coming on her lips which he hessitatly removed by his fingers which lightly brushed her lips making her heart skipped and the same happened to him and a current passed in him they both were lost in each others eyes when gun Shot on just beside their Car made them looked at it

"Armaan..." she gripped his hand moving closer to him scaredly while he was looking around when from a Car's rear mirror he saw a man behind them wd a rod in his hand so pushing her side turning around he gripped the man's rod in his fist "Aahh.." she whined as she fell on Car's door where as he punched the man hard on his stomach taking the rod from his hand when another man attacked him "Armaan... Peeche" she shouted as she saw another man behind him anger took over him throwing the rod on ground he hit the man hard and same did wd other man also when he looked at Shilpa who was shocked to see this sight while a man was behind her

"Shilpa..." pulling her closer he caught hold of the man's hand who had a sharp knife to kill her and making her side hurriedly he banged the man to the Car by his collar and punched hard

"Armaan... Chodiye usse" she ran towards him who was still beating he man

"Chalo..." grabbing her wrist he moved to go ahead when they were surrounded by six men

"Armaan ye log kaun hai??" she asked scarily holding his arm where as he was glaring the men angrily moving his hand on his arm he removed her hold which made her stunned she looked at his face who was staring at the men who were ready to attack them he moved his hand and made her stand behind him who gripped his shirt tightly from behind scarred, they attacked on them from behind him on Shilpa he immediatly held his hand while holding her one hand on his hold he beat that man angrily making Shilpa shocked when a men pointed his gun at them to which they stopped and she got scared but when Armaan is here so why to fear? Wink immediatly he kicked the man's hand which resulted the gun above them and it landed in his hand

"Too bad..." he smirked pointing the gun and moved back towards a Car still holding her hand "Chalo..." pulling her closer he made her stand behind a Car who was still stunned to see him fighting which she never saw before "Yahan... Khadi rehna aur hilna b mat" he ordered hurriedly and turned to go when

"Kyun??" she asked worriedly to which he glared

"Painting banani hai... Aur kuch" he said sarcastically which made her quiet and moving ahead throwing the Gun on a corner he picked that rod by his leg and griping in his hand he started beating like a Hero which was very shocking for her coz she never saw him fighting like this she only saw when he had punched a boxer in boxing court that was it but right now he was giving her shocked

"Armaan" she shouted worriedly putting her hands on her mouth as she saw a man punched his face which leaded blood from his mouth he immediately rubbed and glaring the man he hit wd the rod which resulted the man on floor when a man gripped Shilpa's hand "Aaahh... Chodo mujhe" she tried to free herself and wd her sandal she hit on his leg which didn't affected the man so she dig her nails in his hand

"Aaahhh..." the man whined in pain living her hand and moved to slap her who turned to go when Armaan hold that man's hand while Shilpa bumped wd his chest

"Dare u..." he gritted while pushing her side who was staring him and punched that man who landed on floor "Idhar aao" taking her hand he ran towards their car opening the door he pushed her inside and immediately locked the doors

"Armaaan... Kholo" she banged the window trying to open the door scarily this time she didn't wanted to loose him her eyes already got moist

"Soo... Kisne bheja..." picking a man from his collar he asked angrily bending to his level who was on ground not before beating everyone like hell "Tell me" he shouted but the man fainted making him angry "Dammm" he stood putting his hairs aside he rubbed his forehead when

"Aa... Armaan" she coughed trying to opened the door which made him looked at her taking out the keys and remote he opened the door "Armaan aap thik to ho" she hugged him scarily as she came out from the Car which made him stunned and a current passed through him to which he immediately moved back making her realize about his condition "Sorry..." she whispered softly staring down

"Hmmm" he nodded and moved ahead to see he men which were on ground now

"Haawww" she put her hands on her mouth in shock seeing their condition

"Haa Atul... Teen Ambulance bhej... Jaldi... Spice Restaurant k Parking lot mein... Thik hai thoda jaldi par" he ordered strictly and hungs the call She was hell shocked to see his this side as if Allu Arjun's soul has gotten into him no actually he is more powerful than him eight men were on ground beaten by him definitely he is not her Armaan he is his twin brother Yes twin brother may be he got separated in some fair "Tch... Kya haal bana diya inhone inka... Kitne khatarnak hai ye... Jallaad types... Ye Akdu Sadu Jallaad mera Armaan nai ho sakta" she thought and looked at him who was talking wd the Security Guards and Restaurant's Manger who just came to see the matter while Armaan was explaining everything

"Ok Sir... Sorry for that... Hum dhyaan denge abse" the Manager apologized to which he nodded

"Hmm" he nodded and turned to look at her who was still in some delima that he actually beated this eight men alone "Chalo gadi mein baitho" he said slowly staring at her who looked at him scaredly

"Armaan ye sab kaun thae... Aur ye humpe attack kyun kar rahe thae??" she questioned scarily to which he rolled his eyes

"Koi b ho... Chalo ab" he spoke calmly

"Aise kaise... Inhone humpe attack kiya aappe attack kiya jaanna to padega na kyun??" she again questioned but this time wdout fear staring at him who glared "I mean... Fir agar attack kiya to??" she asked slowly looking down scared of his glare what if he again got angry and slap her too.. no

"Nai karenge chalo.." taking her hand in his he moved ahead while she was looking at the men who were on floor

"Bechaare... Par in sabne humpe attack kyun kiya" turning at them she was thinking "Fir b maarne k baad Ambulance kyun bulaaya" she thought and looked at him who was holding her hand still and opening the Car's door he made her sat in passenger seat and sat on driving seat "Kya pata maarne k baad realize hua ho ki nai maarna chahiye tha... But sach mein ye to Khatarnak Khiladi nikle" she was continuouly thinking over this

"Not bad... Mujhe laga nai tha ye itni strong hogi.. Par khudko protect karna aata hai isko... Naakhun se attack kiya great" he was thinking while driving and looked at her nails which were not so big but was perfect "Par vo log the kaun... Hope Arjun pata laga le jaldi" he thought concentrating on road Today she saw a different Armaan who is far away from her Armaan while he is still confused wd his Present


"Mummiji agar aap dekhti to chauk jaati... Kya maara un Gundo ko.. I mean mauka hi nai diya unhe kuch bolne ka..." Shilpa was saying all this to Ananya Aditi & Dev who were sitting and listening her complain ,Since the time she came where as Armaan was up in room "Aap logo ne itni badi baat chupaaiye mujhse... Ki Armaan ko maar peet aati hai... Sach bataiyee na mere Armaan kahan hai ye zaroor unka koi judwa bhai hai... Haa" she said slowly making everyone smile

"Nai yaar yehi tumhara Armaan hai... Kyun ki Armaan ek Boxing Champion hai ye to tum janti ho but shayad ye nai janti ki usko... Martial Art b aati hai... Bas shayad kabhi mauka nai mila hoga dikhane ka" Dev took his side smilingly

"Par vo log thae kaun??" Aditi asked

"Armaan ne bola na... Unko kisi aur pe attack karna tha.. Aur unko laga Armaan vohi hai... Bas aur kya" Ananya said which made Aditi convinced except two person Shilpa who had saw the fighting from her naked eyes and it was clearly seen that they had been there for them & Dev coz already had doubt on Shakti's Father

"Fir tum dono ko chot to naiyee aayyee na??" Aditi asked concernedly

"Nai Aditi.. Infact chot to unko aayi hogi... Itni buri tarah se peeta jo unko Armaan ne... Ab main samjhi.. Ki Armaan ne Six packs kyun banvaye... I mean tabhi main kahun ki ek Doctor k pass Six packs aur muscles kyun hai" she said doubtfully keeping her index finger on her chin making everyone giggle "Trust me Sher lag rahe... Vo White Tiger jaise ki abhi kha jaaynge... Kitne Akdu Sadu Khadus hai ye... I mean Armaan naam k bilkul opposite... Jaise Jallaad ho koi... Body builder types" she complained standing up when Armaan enters in the Hall hearing everything "Inka naam Armaan nai Akdu Armaan Malik hona chahiyee tha... I mean manner hi nai hai baat karne ka" she spoke angrily when Dev saw Armaan wd angry look

"Aree Armaan tu kab aaya??" he asked knowingly making her alert who was about to open her mouth but hearing his name she turned around but seeing his glare she immediatly turned back closing her eyes fearly while Aditi & Ananya too got up

"Aaj to tu gayi..." she mumbled and gulped

"Abhi aaya... Aur kya bakwaas kar rahi thi tum" he asked angrily turning her towards him "Tum..." he pointed his finger at her who immediately ran behind Ananya

"Mummiji" she hide behind her who giggled

"Armaan..." Ananya glared

"Sambhal k rakhiye apni bahu ko" saying this he moved up stairs angrily making Aditi laugh and Dev smile

"Ab main andar kaise jaungi" Shilpa asked worriedly coming infront of Ananya

"Jaise jaate hai darwaaje se" Aditi joked to which she glared

"Kyun nai jaa sakti tum... Tumhara b kamra hai vo" Ananya smiled

"Mummiji vo mera nai... Sher ka gufa(Cave) hai vo... Main nai jaungi" she pouted which made Dev smiled

"Ab jana to tumhe hai hi... Par ab main jaa raha hun sone so... Gud night ladies" Dev said stretching his arms and went upstairs

"Haan mujhe b neend aa rahi hai... Gud night" Aditi took yawning and giving Shilpa side hug she went upstairs

"Tum aao idhar baitho" Ananya patted beside her who was standing while Ananya was sitting on sofa "Kyun itna darr rahi ho usse... Vo to sirf dikhane k liye sher hai... Andar se bahoot sensitive hai vo" she informed smilingly as Shilpa put her head on her lap

"Kya vo hamesha se aise thae Mummiji..." she asked slowly

"Nai.. Vo bachpan se hi cool raha hai chahe koi b problem ho... Vo chutkiyo mein solve karta tha... Bas ek chiz jo kabhi nai badli uska gussa..." she informed

"To fir... Vo itne khadush kaise ho gaye" she asked softly staring up at her face who caress her hairs

"Halaat insaan ko sab kuch sikhati hai... Jab usko laga uski wajah se kisi ki zindagi kharab ho gayi hai... Usne khudko hi badal diya... Armaan kuch b dekh sakta hai par kisi ki jaan jaate nai dekh sakta... Isiliye Patients uski sabse pehli Duty hote hai" she informed lovingly making Shilpa smile

"To kya mujhe mere Armaan kabhi nai milenge??" she asked innocently

"Milenge na... Agar tum usse wapas pehle jaisa bana do apne pyaar se... Uske Dad k dil se bahoot bada bojh utar jayga" ananya spoke lostly

"Par isme unki kya galti... Unhone to bhale k liye samjhaya tha jo ki sahi b tha... Isme badalne wali baat nai hai" she sat up

"Nai Shilpa... Armaan ka kaam k liye badalna thik hai par khudko badalna ye galat... Us din k baad se usne apne aapko itna busy kar liya ki khud k liye time nai rehta tha... Tumhe yakeen nai hoga par tumhari shaadi k do din pehle usne shaadi se mana kar diya tha gusse mein vo b is liye... Kyun ki uski kisi Patient ki death ho gayi thi... Vo to Dev ne samjhaya tab jakar usne haa ki" Ananya informed lostly which made her shocked That means if Dev had not made him understood then they would never have been together that means no Armaan "Yehi baat Billy ko guilt mein le jaati hai..." she looked at her smilingly

"Aapko pata hai... Maa Baap kabhi apne baccho k liye galat faisle nai karte... Kyun ki vo hamesha unki bhalaai sochte hai... Aur Armaan mein change aane ki wajah vo khud hai... May b unhe laga ho ki unki wajah se kisi ki jaan gayi... Aur vo apni naadani mein aur kisi ki jaan na le to... Khud ko hi badal diya isme kisi ki galti nai hai..." she said understandingly keeping her hand on Ananya's hand who smiled

"To fir... Tum wapas usko pehle jaisa bana dogi??" she asked teasingly

"Marna nai hai mujhe..." she giggled making Ananya also smiled

"Acha chalo raat bahot ho chuki hai... Sote hai" she stood to which Shilpa also stood up

"Gud night" she whished hugging her one n only Mother-in-law who hugged her back

"Gud night... Beta" saying this she went in her room leaving Shilpa

Teri galliyaa

Galliyaa teri Galliyaaa...

"Ab tu b chal..." she whispered taking a sigh and ascended on stairs "I hope Armaan so gaye ho" she prayed opening the door of her room which was empty right now she looked here & there but no sign of him "Lagta hai nai hai..." she smiled and locked the door of her room turning around she bumped wd him "Aaahhh.." she whined as she landed on him who tried to balance them but her leg slipped and she fell taking him wd herself coz she had gripped his shirt and wdin a minute they both were laying down on the floor wd him above her his hands were on her sides while her hands were on his chest her eyes were closed tightly and her hairs were scattered on her face he stared her quietly and moved his one hand to remove her hairs moving his face closer to her he removed her hairs seeing her face clearly who opened her green eyes to get lost in his blue one's! Is this the same eyes which he had saw the very first time in that Party? where his eyes were only looking for her, where he observed her antics specially her line which he didn't forget still now also 'Rakho mere sar par... Rakho rakho'.. Is this the same eyes which hit his head on their second meeting on the Road where she had spoken to him 'Sorrry... Sorrry' the Miss Sorry turned Miss Bracelet when she left her Bracelet on his hand ,Yes this the same eyes whose 'Duppata' fell on his head on their second meeting ! Yaah it is the same eyes whom he had choosed as his Life Partner her eyes speaks so much then her lips they were showing everything 'Innocence, Sadness, Happiness, Angriness ,Shyness, Worriedness' Everything which she has in her eyes when he first time saw her he had seen everything her tears, her anger, her annoyedness, Attitude and ofcourse her Smile, which made her eyes shine In second meeting, he only saw her Worried eyes when she hit him unintentionally In third meeting, he saw her Embarressed eyes coz her 'Duppata' had fell on him And offcourse their fourth meeting, where she mistook him as an Electrician from which angle he looked that but never mind at least he saw her real nature where her behaviour was normal. In their engagement, he saw Shyness in her eyes, In the Wedding Night, he saw Sadness Tears in her eyes which he didn't liked at all And in their firstnight, he saw loniness in her eyes Offcourse he saw her Scared by him which he never wanted to see again Her eyes is the only thing which always pulled him towards her that's why he always wanted to see her eyes when she looked down coz he can read her eyes!

Mujhko bhave

Galiyaa teri galliyaa

Yuhin tadpaave

Galliyaa teri galliyaa...
Where as for Shilpa it is far away from his thinking for her This is the same man Who tought her what is Love ?Who made her fell for him! Who changed her from an ordinary girl to a extra ordinary girl ! Who made her life beautiful wd his Unending Love ! Who changed her thinking from negative to positive ! Who made her more strong then she was before! Who turned her like she was in her College days ..Happy, Cheerful,Strong ,Naughty, Fun loving ,Who had not left ny stone unturned to bring her back to herself! She fell for him Who was Fun loving Chearfull Full of life, Mischivious but not this Armaan! whom she didn't knew When she first time hit his head she took him as a Stranger When her 'Duppata' fell on his head she was so embaressed that her 'Duppata' was over some Stranger's head When he dropped in her house she didn't had any idea that her marraige got fixed wd him but when she got to know about this from her sisters she didn't felt anything for him at that time she took him as normal Husbands who would over powers his wife just like he shouted her on Car when they were returning from her Parent's place after their marriage but when he held her hand in their first step to his house she felt a support And their first night was beyond her imagination coz she had thought he will force her but no infact he made her comfortable wd him she was angry when he left her but somewhere she was happy that at least she can live peacefully She didn't fell for that man she fell for him who returned from NY who made her fell for him! For whom she is crazily, madily in Love And now whom she will make him fall for her! They both were lost in each other's eyes wd their own thoughts they were so close to each other its new for him but for Shilpa this is not enough she will make him fall for her again like he was before Let's see she will win or not?

"Every heart has a PAIN. Only the way of expressing it is different. Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their SMILE."

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :v


ArSh lost in a Jungle ;)

ArSh shifted in Bhopal :)

Shilpa tries to win Armaan's heart <3

Shilpa & Surbhi getting 'Jealous' of Tanveer :/


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