Thursday, 17 August 2017

part 5 : The Painful Side Of Love

'I did not know that being the head cardiologist also does not give me the right to release statements in press. However now I am aware of the rules. I have done my work successfully but the bleeding was profuse, sugar level was high due to which BP fluctuated so now we will have to wait for the final results and see if her body responds properly.'

But before Riddhima could move Armaan blocked her way and said in a menacing voice, 'what if her body responds negatively and we loose her life in the process? You should not have made the statement in the press'
'Dr.Armaan I don't know why I have this feeling that you don't want me to succeed, maybe so that you can laugh in my face but whatever it may be I can't care less. Anyways it doesn't concern you.' and then she turned around and addressed all the doctors present there, 'I promise you people whatever the consequences may be you won't have to face the press I'll do the talking and I'll also take the entire responsibility. So know I request you to wait for the results.'
Riddhima was just as nervous as the others were because she too had started to doubt her decision. Anjali had passed a number of nasty comments. The only two people who were observing everything silently were Dr.Armaan and Dr.Rahul- former because of his utter disbelief in Riddhima's conduct while the latter because of his immense faith in Riddhima's decision.
Finally the wait was over'''.Riddhima went inside to check on Ayna and returned with a blank expression. She approached Armaan and threw the words at his face, 'Guess you should learn to trust your colleagues' and then addressing everyone she said, 'Ayna is absolutely fine but needs to rest'. This time Riddhima's way was blocked by Dr.Rahul who came to congratulate her. Riddhima was very happy so she tightly clasped his hand and with gratitude in her eyes said, 'Thank you so much for trusting me. Your words before the operation gave me a lot of peace.' At that moment Rahul felt like a star''''He was on cloud number 9 while Armaan watched all that with a hurt look so he decided to apologise, 'Riddhima I am sorry. I should have trusted you. Its just that''well ! I have no excuses. I know I have hurt you but''' but before Armaan could complete his sentence Riddhima said very coolly, 'You didn't hurt me Dr.Armaan'''everybody out here doubted me so I just wanted to prove myself and that I did. You don't have to feel sorry.' Anyone might have found her words completely normal, in fact forgiving but Armaan knew that was indifference'''.she was trying to show that his doubting her didn't hurt her'''Armaan was really hurt.
'Dr.Riddhima' Riddhima stopped in her track when she heard dr.Shubhankar calling her. 'Dr.Riddhima we are throwing a party to celebrate this very prestigious success of yours. All the significant people are going to be there. You have to meet them. We are proud to have you working in our hospital. Its in your honour so you have to join us. Its at 8:30pm at Hotel Hayat.' Riddhima agreed.
The hall where the party was held was lavishly decorated. Riddhima stood at the door and observed the surroundings as one of her habits. She needed to know everything about the territory she was venturing in.
Everyone there was happy and gay'''.Riddhima could not continue her observation because the minister had noticed her and had called her. He introduced her to everyone, thanked her and complimented her about her appearance. The entire crowd applauded for her. The party was in full swing now. Armaan noticed Riddhima standing in a corner. She was wearing a black evening gown. Its bodice was falling on one arm and shoulder leaving the other one naked. She was, Armaan noticed, the most beautiful women present in that hall.
Armaan was trying to lessen the distance between them so he walked a little towards her and that is when he heard two people talking, 'Oh! But her comment at the press still shows her as an over confident person. I have heard that she is a very cold women. She is a workaholic and work is the only thing she is good at. Did you hear her speech about the social work camp? She has no soul'''..just an insensitive robot.' Armaan didn't want to hear more so he moved back to his previous spot and settled his eyes once again on Riddhima.
The party almost stopped as everyone saw Cameron Monroe entering the party. The hall was filled with his presence. His tall and slender figure filled everyone with awe and admiration. His body was very well sculpted. His features were very fine as if god had been extra careful with it. His hair were black brown and were swept back. His eyes were deep blue. He had the looks of a Hollywood star but he wasn't one. He was one of the most successful industrialist and owned a few companies in India too.
He walked into the crowd as if he owned the place. Heads turned to watch him.
Riddhima stood still when she saw him approaching. He bowed to her and smiled. He did not stop but had stopped the moment in his mind. He exchanged pleasantries with everyone present there and complimented every next women. Finally he settled in a corner to observe everyone.
Rahul came and stood next to Riddhima. She smiled at him, 'You look stunningly gorgeous.' Rahul complemented her with awe and admiration. She smiled at him and thanked him without any trace of arrogance. 'Isn't this place beautiful.' She said looking at the room but Rahul wasn't looking at the room instead he was looking at the shadows forming on her naked shoulder. Somebody summoned Riddhima so she left in that direction but three pairs of eyes were constantly following her every movement- Armaan, Cameron and Rahul.
Riddhima was highly bored by the party so she settled near the staircase where no one would notice her but unfortunately for her somebody did and she saw Cameron Monroe approaching her.


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