Monday, 21 August 2017

part 6 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"I fell in love again with his unchanging soul."

Love still remains no-matter Your Partner may forget those memories u both had cherished together still..there is hope to get back your Love...Armaan and Shilpa did overcame from that unexpected mishap! :o But, did they had an idea that they'll be Back to the place from where they had began wd?:( After what happened to Armaan he gets back to his old self n skipped those 3 years of their Love ... But then Will Shilpa make him fall for her again? ;) 

"Don't you see what's happened? You wanted to be in love again. To feel that feeling where a man you hardly know gazes into your eyes and seems to be the only human being who ever understood the real you."


One week later

Tu aata hai seene me

Jab jab saanse bharti hun

Tere dil ki galliyon se

Mai har roz gujarti hun...

"Offo!! Kya karun agar ek b chiz sahi jagah pe nai rakha to Mr Akdu Malik... Ache se class lenge meri" she muttered under her breath while putting the books on shelf properly "Aur abi taiyaar b hona hai... Offo kitna kaam hai" she blabbered correcting the cuisions on couch when her 'Duppata' fell on couch from her shoulder "Nai giro... Tum b gerro..." she spoke angrily and threw the 'Duppata' on bed and after fifteen minutes of cleaning the room she took a sigh "Pheww... Ho gaya finally" she stretched her arms tiredly "I miss my old careless Armaan" she said sadly sitting on couch Yes she got to know a new thing about her this brand old cold husband yes, she called him new husband that's because he loves cleanliness he would never threw his things anywhere n everywhere ,he keep his things properly even his car keys should be kept properly on the side table she remembered once she forgot to pick her sandals which was just beside the couch on floor and as he entered in the room he almost warned her to keep her things properly and even when this was not enough she threwed her 'Duppata' on bed carelessly feeling tired and when he saw it he was like 'In sab cheezo k liye wardrobe bana hai' he almost made her scared of him He always wants his things properly infact he also wants his coffee on time but busy in work he always forgot to take his breakfast Yes he had made their room his office Coz he had bought all the files which was related in these three years cases from hospital in their room She almost fainted when she saw him reading a book which was related to some War Seriously? a War come on! even she read love stories/novel Yeah, she knew he reads books too but that was not those of some War related he did read adventurous thriller murder mysteries but here? this old cold husband was far away from the one she had known and about this week many things happened after they fell they both were lost in each other but his cell's ring made them come out from their dream land so he grabbed his phone where as she went to sleep next day only her Parents came to met him who was more comfortable than before but one thing which was still the same in him is his nature the way he was wd her Parents and her brothers & sisters she was shocked that Armaan used to behave like this? coz she had told him about her Dad but now why did he behaved like before she never told to him but never mind he is different anything he can do She got to know more about him in this week he is kind but sometimes behaves rudly somehow this week ended wd him coz she was close too him yet away from his heart Somewhere she thoughts as if someone had jerked her from a beautiful dream through which she would never want to come out he was a handsome caring and a loving prince of whom every single girl would dream of but now as if she is thrown on some very bad nightmare from where she wanted to run away sometimes she thought May be she is dreaming but seeing the surrounding she understood that its real and Today she has kept a fast for him which is for 24 hours wdout water Yeah yesterday Dadi had consulted a Priest about his health to which he prescribed that his life is in danger which can only protected by his wife whom should fast for 24 hours wdout water for his life and hearing this Ananya refused but Shilpa agreed only for him & his safety she knows it is a superstition yet if she didn't had loved him then she definatly would had rejected but only for his sake she agreed she had seen how those eight men attacked him which she would never wish to witness again so making Ananya agreed she keep the fast & wakingup at 6 AM seeing first thing in morning which was his face who was sleeping soundlessly how she wished to kiss him touch him but she knew that her one step could part him away from her coz she had seen his reaction when she had hugged him in the Parking lot so leaving him sleeping and she was reminded to consume something but she was too late to eat anything coz she had to wake at 4 AM but she was late so she have to wait till next morning's 4 AM and Since morning she was awake and guess what Armaan didn't have any idea about that she is keeping fast for him which is particularly wdout water and that too for 24 hours or else he would have directly thrown the Priest out from his house "Ab change karlun" saying this she took a saari and went inside washroom after 20 minutes later she came out "Bas ye baal bana loon fir ho gaya" she spoke softly while combing her hairs wearing an orange & yellow saari wd orange bangles in her hands "I hope... Ye puja kuch rang laaye Armaan k liye" she whispered wearing earings in her ears when

"SHILPA BETA JALDI KARO" Ananya's loud voice which tool her attentiom

"JII..." She shouted back "Ohno... Jaldi Shilpa" she said to herself and putting on the vermilion in between her parted hairs "Bas ye reh gaya hai" picking the wedding chain she wore in her neck and looked at herself "Hmmm..." she took a sigh seeing herself in mirror she is looking so stunning that she didn't recognized herself coz she had gain some weight which she lost after her miscarriage and now She is looking like a new bride only for him

Two hours later...

@ Temple

Hawa k jaise chalta hai tu

Mai rait jaise mudti hun

Kon tujhe yun pyaar karegaa

Jaise mai karti hun


"Pandit ji thoda jaldi karenge" an irritated Armaan spoke to the Priest who was chanting some 'Mantra's' while the smoke of 'Havan' was burning his eyes wd the heat

"Armaan thodi daer k liye... Shaant baith jaao" Ananya scolded who was sitting beside him

"Haa... Seekho kuch Shilpa se" Dadi hit his head lightly from behind

"Yaa rite..." He rolled his eyes and looked beside his right side where Shilpa was sitting quietly wd her eyes closed while folding her hands a light smile reached her lips not everything is changed in him he used to behave like this before also he never likes to sit in 'Puja' n all he always feel annoyed or irritated by this things

"Chalo kuch cheeze abi b common hai" she thought while praying for his safety

"Jaldi karo yaar" he spoke tiredly

"Beta do minute aur shaant hojao" the Priest spoke politely

"Yaa kabse do minute hi to ho rahe hai... Aur ye dhuaan kab band hoga" He spoke annoyingly

"Haa yaar kabse ye... Havan chalu hai khatam hi nai ho raha" Dev rubbed his eyes

"Haa acha hai... Anant Aditi k saath bahar hai" Billy spoke removing his glasses

"Bas ek minute aur" Priest said smilingly making everyone smile except Armaan who was making faces

"Tumhe irritate nai ho raha??" he whispered in her ear slowly making her opened her eyes

"Ho raha hai... Aapse zyada ho raha hai... Par aisa kar nai sakti na.." she replied slowly wdout looking at him who smiled and thought to end this only for her

"Bas bahoot huaa ho gaya" he spoke and stood up making everyone shocked

"Armaan..." Ananya spoke angrily

"Mom bas... Yaar" he spoke annoyingly puttiing the stole down which had been put on him, making everyone stood up

"Beta bas havan.. Mein ye aakhiri chiz daalni hai" Priest spoke polietly forwarding a plate where camphor was put

"Acha to ye baat hai... Lijiye ho gaya" saying this he put the camphor on fire and stood up "Lo ho gaya khatam... Chalo utho Shilpa" he spoke calmly and gripped Shilpa's hand to make her stand, who was stunned by his actions

"Hey bhagwaan... Ye ladka" Dadi held her head while Dev laughed

"Hoo gaya na... Khatam" Dev spoke laughingly making everyone angry

"Aapke ghar k bete toh puja kharab... Kar Dete hai" Priest shook his head to which all family members glared the both while Shilpa controlled her giggle

"Aap batao puja khatam ki nai" Armaan asked calmly holding Shilpa's hand who was stunned by his action that how he knows that she was about to fall coz of weakness

"Haa puja khatam par" Priest tried to say

"Bas ho gaya fir..." Armaan looked at his family member who shook their heads "To fir ghar chalen" he looked at Dev who high five making Shilpa to look at his handsome face adoring it

"Kabhi tum kisi puja mein shaant baithoge Armaan??" Ananya said angrily

"Shukar manao apni shaadi mein isne aisi harkate nai ki... Varna lene k dene pad jaate" Dadaji joked making everyone smiled which made Shilpa smile too except Armaan

"Whatever.." he rolled his eyes "Chalo ab ghar chalo mujhe bhook lag rahi hai" he said annoyingly where as Shilpa was only staring him when

"Acha apne bado ka aashirwad to lelo beta.." At last Priest has to agree

"Jiii zaroor" Armaan smiled and looked at Shilpa who immediatly looked down making him shook his head "Ek din zaroor puchunga iska reason... Ki aakhir ye hamesha neeche kyub dekhti hai" he thought when she looked up at him and he gestured wid his eyes to take blessings from their elders and she nodded they bend to take blessing from Dada & Dadi and as they bend his hands touched wd hers which made them to look at each other but looking into his eyes she lowered hers making him smile

"Khush raho dono..." Dadi kept her hand on them

"Khush k saath saath... Saath raho hamesha" Dada ji spoke in fun way as they stood to which Shilpa smiled and Armaan shook his head and they both bend to touch his Parent's feet

"Armaan... Tum peetoge mere haath se" Ananya smacked his back who stood

"Mom... Please" he made a face making Ananya smacked his head

"Jeete raho dono" Billy smiled keeping his hand on Shilpa's head who smiled

"Armaan Pandit ji ka b" Ananya whispered in his ear who made face

"Mom..." he looked away but Ananya glared "Fine..." he agreed and wdout Shilpa's acknowledge he gripped her hand making her startled and bending to touch feet while Priest was stunned that who was getting irritated few minutes ago is taking blessings from him "Aashirwaad nai denge Pandit ji" he spoke after they stood where as Shilpa was feeling tierdness in her body "Haa beta tum dono hamesha khush raho" after composing himself the Priest smiled

"Oye mera b" Dev teased to which he rolled his eyes and moved out wd Dev following everyone except Ananya & Shilpa

"Tum thik ho na beta??" Ananya questioned as she saw Shilpa's weak condition

"Haa... Bas ye sab kuch heavy hai... To ajeeb lag raha hai" she replied weakly to which Ananya caressed her hairs while walking wd her

"By God! Tum giraoge use" Aditi tried to take Anant who was on Armaan's hold

"Naahhh... I don't think so" he spoke wdout looking at her while he was throwing Anant on air but immediatly catched also where as Anant is enjoying this he was laughing his heart out

"Chale ab ghar chalen" Dev spoke smilingly clicking pics of Armaan & Anant They four were standing outside the Temple beside their car

"Chalo baccho ghar jana hai" Billy called loudly standing beside his car

"Haa..." Dev shouted back making the three looked at him Poor Anant's laugh vanished as Armaan stopped he looked at him for his answer

"Kal karenge... Hmmm" Armaan spoke in kidish tone to Anant who smiled

"Aaayyyeee..." he clapped showing his little teeth's which made Armaan kiss his cheeks

"Do..." Aditi forwarded her hands to take him back but he hide his face in Armaan's neck "Mujhe doubt hai ki ye mera hi beta hai" she asked slowly making Armaan & Dev laugh

"De mujhe" Dev spoke smilingly forwarding his hand to which Anant jumped on his hands making Aditi's mouth fell and Armaan laughed

"Oh my god!!" Armaan controlled his laugh

"Tum jao apne car mein" Aditi pointed angrily

"Yaa rite" Armaan nodded and moved towards his car and everyone got seated at their cars Dada Dadi Ananya & Billy were in one car , Aditi Dev & Anant were in one where as Armaan & Shilpa were in one "Come on jaldi karo" he said as she opened the car's door and sat inside "Chalen..." after wearing his goggles he asked staring at her who just nod in YES and he started his car

"Gosshhh... Pyaar mein kya kya nai karna padta... Kabhi kabaal paani b nai naseeb hota" she thought staring outside the window "Aur aaj uper se ye dhoop b... Tej hai" she closed her eyes tightly relaxing on seat to which Armaan looked at her

"Ye itni thaki hui kyun hai... Oo haa itne daer agar vo Pandit bithayga to hoga hi" he thought concentrating on road when he stopped his car as some sheep's were gathered infront of the car he shifted his head on her who was sleeping quietly unaware of the surroundings the heat of the sun was making some sweats on her forehead seeing this he closed the window but stopped seeing her head a little out so very carefully he hold her head and closed the window slowly then adjusted her head on seat "Kitni innocent lag rahi hai... Aur beautiful b" he thought tucking her hairs behind her ear when his eyes landed on her forehead where a small 'Bindi' was put and below a slight 'Tilak' was put which was melting coz of heat so moving his hand hesitantly on her forehead he rubbed that wd his thumb and this incident reminded him their marriage where her vermilion had fell on her nose and he was about to remove that but Aditi gestured not to do so, this infront of everyone at that time he didn't had that right but right now he have all the rights on her then something strikes his brain what if she wake and found him so close to her what will she think of him so he moved back on his seat to switched on the AC When he heard loud noise of cars behind his he immediately looked at her looking if she has awaken or not but seeing her still sleeping he took a sigh and looked ahead on road which is empty now so he started his car driving slowly but carefully "Dammn ye trafic" he muttered seeing the line of traffic which was quite big one "Koi aur raasta... Haa hai but vo to kaafi long hai... Par isse to acha hi hai... Leta hun..." he whispered seeing the traffic and moved his car back taking a longcut road which was surrounded by some trees & grasses when he thought to call Dev to ask where they were " Haa Dev Tum log ghar pahuch gaye" he asked after putting on the bluethooth

"Nai yaar raaste mein hai.. Mom Dad ki car aage hai" he informed

"Hmm... Acha main longcut leke aa raha hun... Kyun ki bahoot traffic thi yaar... Mom Dad ko bata dena... Bye" saying this he put off the bluetooth and concentrated on road which was on its worst condition while the car also was moving as if someone is dragging it ,the road is not build properly everywhere small stones pebbles were welcoming him so the car was jumping which leads as in of its consequence Shilpa's head to hit the window!

Meri nazar ka safar

Tujhpe hi aake ruke...

"Aawww..." she whinced blinking her eyes while holding her head

"Sorryyy... Actually road kharab haina... So... Tumhe kahin lagi to nai" he spoke calmly but seeing her weak face he stopped his car "Kya huaa zyada lagi??" he asked concernedly moving his hands on her head who looked at him

"Nai thik hun main" she replied softly staring at him who was soo close to her but immediately lowered her eyes down

"Hmmm..." he said slowly and again started the car which struggled to start "Isse kya huaa ye start kyun nai ho rahi" he frowned to which Shilpa looked outside the window seeing this strange place she got confused

"Armaan... Hum yaha kaise... I think ye road ghar ki taraf nai jaati" she said still staring outside the window

"Dammm... Ab isse kya huaa" he spoke angrily as the car was not moving from its place

"Armaan... Ye.." she turned to ask about the road but was immediately cut by his voice

"Do minute shant rahogi" he spoke angrily which made her scared but ignoring it he moved out from the car leaving her angry "Ye to thik hai fir" closing the front engine he checked which was normal then moving some steps back he checked the tyre "Oh no..." he closed his eyes seeing the back's two wheels were punctured "I think humein garage dhundhna hoga" sitting inside the car he informed her who was angry but knowing his mood she let go

"To fir ab..." she asked normally making him stared her here he thought she will not talk to him but hearing her normal voice he adored her

"To ab... Chalke chalna padega" He spoke slowly staring at her whose eyes widened hearing this

"Chalke vo b ispe..." she said worriedly staring down at her saari which made him smile

"Haa... Ab utaro" saying this he moved out from the car

"Agar main chali to mujhe pyaas lagegi... Aur mera fast tut gaya to" she whispered to herself "Mujhe khud ko control karna hoga... Haa" she said slowly and moved out from the car and after locking the car they started walking ahead slowly Armaan wd his Phone while Our Poor Tinkerbell was walking carefully holding her saari managing her sandals "Mujhe samajh mein nai aata... Saari ko India ka sabse bada tradition banane ki kya jarurat thi... Jab ki vo baaki sab dresses se zyada exposing aur revealing hai... Usse acha to Dress hai comfortable or carefree hai" she was cursing the saari in her mind wdout bothering to look at him who is walking ahead busy in his Phone when her sandal got unbalanced on road "Aaahhh..." she whined in pain as she fell down holding her leg which took his attention

"Kya huaa??" he asked worriedly kneeling in front of her who was holding her leg

"Dikh nai raha lag gayi mujhe" she looked up at him still holding her leg

"Sambhal k nai chal sakti... Bewkoof... Dikhao mujhe" he scolded her whose mouth fell hearing 'Bewkoof' from him where as he carefully took out her sandals and holded her one leg "Kismein lagi isme...??" he asked staring at her who nodded in NO " To isme... Yaha" he helds her other leg to which she nodded and he started massaging her ankle carefully

Kehne ko baaki hai


Kehna tha jo

Keh chuki...

"Aahhh..." she whined as he carefully rubbed her ankle and gripping his shoulder tightly she closed her eyes making him looked at her and caressed her ankle softly which was soothing for her he can see her relaxing face

"Ho gaya ab utho" he spoke as she opened her eyes to which she nodded and he stoods but seeing her struggling he forwarded his hand towards her who looked at him "Chalo" he said slowly to which she kept her hand on his hesitantly and wd the help of him she stood up "Chal paogi..." he asked softly to which she nodded

"Par usse pehle" she said slowly making him raised his bows to which she smiled and gripping his jacket tightly from front wd her one hand and wd her other she removed her sandals making him amused by her act "See ho gaya" she said happily staring at him who crossed his arms

"Acha... Aur isse hoga kyaa??" he asked in strict tone making her smile

"Aree isse... Mujhe chalne mein problem nai hogi... Aur ye jo musibat maine pehni hai vo b thoda comfortable rahega" she said smartly pointing at her saari to which he hide his smile

"Aur agar bina sandal k chalogi to pair mein kuch chub jayga" he spoke sternly

"Nai chubega... U don't worry... Main to baarish mein b road pe aise hi chalti thi Collage mein... U know just to feel the rain" she said nonchalantly holding his arm which made him to look down where she had gripped him , his heartbeat skipped

"Whatever!! Agar kuch huaa to main nai janta" shaking his head he removed her hand and moved ahead which made her sad coz he removed her hand from his arm

"Fine I can walk..." she said proudly matching his steps and while her sandals were in her one hand and other was busy holding the saari from down

"We will see..." he shook his head

"Haa... Dekh lena... Mujhe kuch nai hog... Aaahhha..." She said proudly but whined in pain as her feet made contact wd a sharp stone

"See kaha tha na... Ab dekho... Khadi raho chup chap" he scolded holding her by her one arm who was in deep pain

"Aaww..." she whined as she put her feet down when he snatched her sandals and almost threw near her feet

"Pehno... Chup chap" he ordered to which she pouted "Pehno" he glared to which she looked down and wd pouting lips wore her sandals " Ab chalo" he said and moved ahead when she tried to walk but fell on his back making him startled and his goggles fell down

"Sorry vo..." she apologized moving away from him who picked his goggles from ground and wdout saying anything gripped her hand moving ahead making her stunned for sometimes but smiled seeing their hands and tried to walk wd him who was walking slowly only for her "Armaan... Hum kab tak pahuchenge" she asked normally ending this silence

"Pata nai... I think 15 minutes aur" he replied slowly looking at the trees

"I hope hum jaldi ghar pahuche... Kyun ki ab to shaam b honewali hai" she said worriedly gripping his arm wd her other hand which defiantly took his attention


"Yaahh.." he whispered when his cell phone ringged made him looked down and leaving her hands he moved ahead "Haa bol Arjun" he said as he received the call where as Shilpa was standing quietly waiting for him

"Armaan sunn... Jinhone tujhpe attack kiya tha vo log Shakti k father Prajapati k aadmi thae" he informed carefully which made him angry

"Tu sure hai??" he asked slowly

"Haa mere Assistant Shreekant Tripaathi ki pakki Report hai" Arjun said confidently

"Dammmn..." he said angrily

"Kya huaa Armaan??" Shilpa asked worriedly moving towards him

"Amm kuch nai vo network problem... Tum yehi rehna main bas thodi dur se aata hun... Udhar network hai" he lied calmly holding the Phone and hearing this she was not satisfied but knowing his anger she nodded obediently making him smile "Yehi rehna... Kahin jaana mat" saying this he walked ahead "Haa bol Arjun" he spoke calmly

"To tune kya socha hai... Tu jayga ki nai" Arjun asked directly

"Option nai hai... But meri b ek Shart hai" he said normally rubbing his forehead wd his finger

"Shart kaisi shart??" he frowned sitting on his chair

"Tu kisi b tarah ye information us tak pahucha dena ki main... uss jagah shift ho gaya hun" he said calmly making Arjun shocked

"Kya?? R u mad??" he asked shockingly "Yahan main tujhe bachane k liye kar raha hun... Aur tu khud musibat mod raha hai" he said loudly

"Arjun tu khud soch... Agar usne apne gunde yahan bheje mujhe maarne k liye to vo ye jarur pata lagayga ki main kaha hun... Aur mere naa rehne pe vo meri family ko maar dega to" he said calmly "To bhalai isime hai... Ki vo mere peeche rahe... Aur agar usse pata chal gaya ki main kaha hun to vo... Jarur mujhe dhundhega... Mere peeche aayga fir tu usse pakad lena aur jo action lena hai le lena" he spoke nonchalantly which made Arjun agreed while here Shilpa's condition was very bad coz from the past few minutes a dog was barking at her loudly which made her scared she tried to call him but he was little away from her busy on his Phone

"Hatto jaao..." she tried to push the dog who was barking at her loudly seeing the dog coming closer she ran scarred inside the forest which was just beside the road while the dog followed her

"I think tu sahi keh raha hai... Thik hai tu mujhe place bata dena... Main handle kar lunga" Arjun agreed

"Place to socha nai hai... Baad mein batata hun... Bye" saying this hungs the call "Ab zara GPS se pata lagaoon ki exactly ye Garage hai kahan" he whispered and searched on his Phone "Yes... Mil gaya... Sirf 10 minute" he smiled and turned to inform her "Shilpa" he said smilingly but seeing her not there he frowned

"Shilpa... Shilpaaa... Shilpaaa" he called loudly searching her here & there worriedly when something caught his eyes her Phone which was lying down on ground just at the entrance of Forest "Kya vo andar... Shilpa" picking the Phone he shouted but not hearing anything his heart started thumping loudly which was unknown to him but controlling everything he ran inside the forest only to search her

"Gaya kya..." she said scarily peeping out behind the tree Yes, as the dog ran behind her she hided behind a tree which was not far away from the road "Pheww... Gaya" she came ahead looking here & there for the dog when her eyes became wide looking her self lost in the forest "Armaaan...!!!" she shouted at her top of the lungs looking here and there her eyes got moist not finding him around her "Samajh nai... Aa raha kidhar jaaun" she spoke wiping her tears her fear more increased finding that the sun disappeared from the sky her pulses also going slow coz of weakness "Ar...maaan" she whispered scarily holding the tree while tears were making out from her eyes when she heard voice of bats & owls which made her frightened when she felt a tap on her shoulder startling her

Meri nigahen hai

Teri nigahon pe

Tujhe khabar kya

Aye bekhabar...
"Aaahhh..." she shouted scarily closing her eyes wdout even looking back

"Chup bilkul chup...!!" Armaan yelled putting his palm on her mouth making her quiet and looking at him her eyes got misty immediately she hugged him which was a shock for him a current passed him as she hugged him tightly while crying where as he was feeling '440 volt current' like Salmaan Khan's song 'Lag gaye 440 volt chunne se tere' and immediately he moved back making her sad "Tum thik to ho...??" he asked slowly to which she nodded quietly understanding his discomfort "R u mad?? Dimaag kharab hai tumhara?? Jab tumhe kaha tha vaha khade rehne ko kaha tha... To vaha se yaha aane ki kya jarurat thi" he shouted on her angrily which made her scared

"Voo... Mere... Peeche ek pagal dogi... Pad gaya tha jo zor zor se bhok raha tha... Maine aapko bulaya b but aap Phone pe busy thae... To main bhaag k yahan aa gayi aur gum gayi" she said slowly but scarred which made him closed his eyes

"Ek kutte se darr gayi... Stupid ladki... Ab chalo" he scolded and turned to go when she held his hand walking wd him who looked down at her hand then at her who was looking around the trees in fear "Gosshhh I think zyada darr gayi hai" he thought and moved ahead when he stopped looking at the three cross ways infront of him

"Kya huaa??" she asked slowly

"Yaad nai aa raha konse raaste se aaya tha" he said confusedly still looking at the ways to which she also looked ahead

"I think right one" she said slowly

"Naahh... Left one" he looked at her

"Nai Armaan right wala... Kyun ki mujhe ache se yaad hai ki main yehi se aayi thi" she said confidently leaving his hand

"Yaa rite... Aur mujhe ache se yaad hai ki main yehi se aaya tha..." he also said in same

"Armaan... Sachmein yehi raasta hai" she said calmly

"Aur main b keh raha hun... Ki yehi sahi hai" he also spoke calmly

"Armaan... Mujhe ache se yaad hai main yehi se aayi thi" this time she said a little loud

"O really!! Tabhi gum gayi... Jab pata hi tha ki ye sahi hai... To chali aati mera wait karne ki kya jarurt thi" crossing his arms he said calmly which hit her self respect and this scene was going on as in a gross argument was building up!

"Aapko lagta hai main aapka wait kar rahi thi" she asked angrily

"Offcourse! Yahan gaana to gaaogi nai" he said sarcastically making her more angry

"Fine... Agar aapko udhar se jaana hai to jaaiyee... Main khud akeli jaa sakti hun" she said wd an attitude "Mujhe kisi ki jarurat nai hai" she said angrily making him stunned to learn her attitude and turned to go when again she looked back at him who guessed that he did wrong

"Aur haa main aapka wait nai kar rahi thi... Bas darr gayi thi" saying this she walked while managing her saari She was hurt plus angry here she was scared and he was shouting on her "Unko kya lagta hai main akeli jaa nai sakti... Main jaa sakti hun... Jaruri nai ki har baar kisi ladke ki help loon" she muttered angrily but wd sad voice "I am missing u Armaan... Kab yaad aayga aapko... I don't like this Armaan" she thought while sniffing "Samjhte kya hai khudko... Malik surname hone se sabke maalik nai ban jaynge... Ladke hai na to proud to hoga hi after all pura world jo inka hai... Hum ladkiyaa to sirf show off k liye hai" she was cursing him still walking unaware of him who ran to catch her yet he was listening her he was smiling he was just behind her "Pata nai ladko k andar itna ego aata kahan se hai... Saari galti Parents ki hoti hai agar bachpan mein do kheech k lagaya hota yaa pyaar se samjhaya hota ki give some respect to women to itna ego aata hi nai... Jitna hume kehte hai ki respect ur husbands kuch inko sikhaate to shayad zindagi bahoot aasan hoti..." she spoke angrily to which he controlled his chuckle " Jerk idiot Stupid aur duniya mein jitni b gaaliyaan hai sab... Aur aaahhh" she was cursing wdout looking down and was about to land in a small hole , she closed her eyes tightly when he hold her wrist pulling her towards him and she almost banged wd his chest It take her a second to recognize who was holding her she opened her eyes slowly getting lost in his while he was holding her by her waist and her hands were on his chest whereas she can hear his thumping heart

"Taarifee baad mein karna... Abi chalo yaha se" he whispered wd light smile on his face which made her broke the eye lock and looked down at the hole "I think idhar se to koi raasta nai hai... Haina" he asked slowly but in teasing tone which made her move away from him slowly when she heard a loud roared of an animal and instantly moved closer to him scarred making him hide his smile "Chale raasta dhudhne" he asked pressing his lips to which she moved back wd pouted look "Chalen..." he asked carefully making her looked at him wd pouting lips

"Main akele chali jaaungi... Mujhe aapki help nai chahiyee.." she looked away from him and moved ahead making him shook his head

"Main tumse puch nai raha hun..." saying this he gripped her hand and walked ahead making her more angry but hearing the blurry voices of animals she kept her hand on his which was holding her hand

After 30 minutes...

Mai tujhse hi

Chup chupkar

Teri aankhen

Padti hun...

"Armaan aur kitni dur..." she asked again but this time tiredly her throat was getting dry feeling thirsty he was still holding her hand

"Bas... Pahuch gaye... Aaao" he looked back at her who can faint at anytime since fifteen minutes they both were walking after coming out from the forest wd the help of his Phone and in b/w he made a call to Dev informing his family that they were stuck in a traffic jam so they are staying in a Hotel which was a complete lie so that they won't worry about them "Shilpa... Tum thik ho" he asked worriedly seeing her state to which she gulped and nodded in YES "Bhuk lagi hai??" he asked softly to which she nodded in NO "Pyaas to jarur lagi hogi" as he said this she kept her head on his chest tiredly nodding in NO making him frown

"Neend aa rahi hai bas" she whispered in weak tone gripping his jacket tightly

"Hmmm... Don't worry... Vo dekho vahan pe ek ghar hai... Vaha se kuch help lete hai" he said softly and after struggling wd himself he kept his hands hessistatly on her who nodded in YES "Aaooo" taking her hand in his he walked ahead towards the small house which was not so away from them

"Sambhal khudko Shilpa... Agar tu apne aapko control nai kar paayi to tera fast tut jayga..." her mind encourages her to which she nodded walking slowly wd him her eyes were getting heavy when Armaan knocked at the door

"Jii..." a Woman asked strangely as she opened the door looking at the adorable couple

"Actually hamari car kharab ho gayi thi aur kahi pe b Garage nai mila... To kyaa aaj raat hum yaha stay kar sakte hai??" he explained as well as asked politely to which the women looked at him then at Shilpa whose eyes were looking tired

"Hmmm... Par yahan nai vo chota sa Cottage chalega" she said slowly

"Yaa offcourse... Thank u" he smiled to which she went inside after a minute she came and forwarded the key of the Cottage "Chalo Shilpa" he looked at her who smiled slowly and they walked inside the Cottage "Pheeww... Finally" he took a sigh as he opened the door and entered inside following by her who looked around the place it is very small but comfortable place where at one side were put some haystack which was looking like a bed at one side a small cot was kept which was not so far from the haystack while the whole Cottage was cleaned she looked at the cupboard where two lanterns were showing the light "See main yaha so jaata hun... Aur tum iss cot pe... Thik hai" saying this he opened the cupboard where he found some blankets & pillows throwing it on cot he removed his jacket leaving only his white t- shirt and started searching for water where as she made the bed putting the blanket on cot wd pillow she made her bed and also put a blanket on haystack wd a pillow & extra blanket when "Shilpa... Tum yehin raho mujhe kuch kaam hai main aata hun" he said normally checking his Phone while moving towards the door as he didn't found water in Cottage

"Ar...maaan" she said slowly but lovingly which made him stop in his tracks

"Yaar... Iski awaaz sachmein kitni meethi hai..." he thought staring back at her who was looking at him

"Mat jaayee na... Mujhe darr lag raha hai" she said innocently

"Don't worry... Main jaldi aaunga" he said calmly "Aur door ache se lock karlo... Main aata hun" saying this he turned before she could stop him when something striked his brain "Aur haa sona mat... Varna door kaun kholega" he looked back at him

"Main b chaloon" she asked slowly

"Nai tum yehi raho... Main aa raha hun na" this time he spoke sternly which made her look down "Lock karlo door" saying this he left leaving her scared

"Kyun itna khaalipan ho raha hai dil mein" she thought as she locked the door and sat on cot "Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha" she whispered and laid on cot weakly Yes, she is missing her old Armaan who is more caring than him he would have never left her in this condition! here, she is keeping fast for him and he didn't even noticed her that she had not eated anything since morning at least he should have asked once but no he didn't even cared now she is sniffing gripping the pillow tightly and after some times later a knock on door made her alert about him "Hmmm..." taking a deep breath she stood weakly and wiped her tears balancing herself she moved to opened the door and opening the door she found her Dear Husband was standing

"Sorry actualy..." he apologized but was cutted by her voice

"Its ok..." she whispered slowly walking inside while he locked the door and moved inside where as she sat on cot

"Hmmm..." he forwarded a minearle bottle towards her whose eyes widened "Sorry actualy itni raat ko mujhe sirf... Yehi mila... Saare shops band thae" he said slowly keeping a packet beside her while he sat on the haystack tierdly where as she was just staring at him! Is he the one whom she was cursing before? she looked at him wd a smile

"Kya hai isme..." she asked slowly just to hear his voice who was removing his shoes

"Vada Pao..." he said wdout looking at her but hearing this she smiled as it is one of her favourite street food but today it didn't made her happy as his gesture did !

"Aapne khaya" she asked lovingly to which he looked up at her who lowered her eyes down as always

"Nai..." he replied slowly "Tum kha lo... I am sure tumhe bhuk lagi hogi" he said wid a smile

"Kisi aur din hota to main kha leti... But aaj nai ho paayga ye Armaan... Ab to bhuk b nai hai" She thought staring at him lovingly but seeing him raising his bows she looked down "Mujhe bhuk nai hai..." she replied looking away from him making him frown

"Kyun??" he frowned stooding up

"Vo aise hi... Bas yuhin" she looked away from him rubbing her arms

"Kyaa?? Subhe se humne kuch nai khaya hai aur tumhe ab b bhuk nai hai" he narrowed his eyes to which she nodded YES "Ok... At least paani to peelo" he offered the bottle towards her who gulped

"Nai... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai" she said slowly still rubbing her arms which he noticed that she is feeling cold

"Great... Yahan mujhe itni bhuk lagi hai... Ki main marr raha hun... Aur tum" He said in disbelief and shaking his head he gulped the water from the bottle "Are u sure??" he asked looking at her who nodded in YES slowly "Hmmm" he forwarded his Jacket to her while taking a bite from his 'Vada Pao' where as she was staring him and wd shy smile she took the Jacket slowly "See main rakh raha hun... Tumhe jab bhuk lage khaa lena thik hai" he said after finishing his food while keeping the bottle & food for her on the small stoll and stretching his arms he jumped on the haystack bed

Kon tujhe

Yun pyar karega

Jaise mai karti hun


"Bhook to bahoot lagi hai aur usse zyada pyaas... Par sirf aapke liye mujhe karna hoga... Aur soja beta tab tujhe bhuk b nai lagegi..." she thought staring at him who was sleeping soundlessly against his stomach and wearing the Jacket slowly as if feeling him she smiled shyly and again looked back at him who changed his position laying straight wd his one hand on side while other was on his stomach she giggled and pulling her legs up she laid on cot staring at him lovingly her eyes were getting heavy but she didn't want to sleep here she wanted to sleep near him when loud roaring of clouds made her scared "Oh no kitna andhera b hai" she whispered scaredly and wdout thinking anything she got up and carefully making space for herself she laid beside him who stirr a little hessistatly she kept her head on his chest while her one hand was on his waist closing her eyes she driffted in peacefull slumber after this tiring day she needed some relaxation she only knows how hungry she is right now but for his sake just for his life she accepted this stupid supersitious belief, if she was not married to him or had not loved him she must have said 'Mere fast rakhne se iski kaisi lambi umra ho sakti hai' but she has changed a lot only for him! died had that Strong Shilpa wayback long and now here was a Innocent & Vulnarlable Shilpa just for Him!

2 'o' Clock @ Night

"Amm..." Armaan stirred first, as his cell was vibarating in his jeans pocket and second, feeling something heavy on his chest opening his eyes groggily he looked at his chest where his Dear Wife's head was resting while she was hugging him who frowned finding her beside him and looked at the cot which was empty right now then shaking his head he carefully put his hands on her while holding her head wd his one hand and other was put on her waist he made her lay beside him while coming above her "Ye yaha kaise aayi" he thought staring at her adorable sleeping face he smiled seeing her hairs which came on her face tucking it by his fingers he looked at her "Kuch to hai tumme... Jo tum mujhe apni taraf kheechti ho" his heart said when he frowned feeling something vibrating in his jeans's pocket "Phone" his eyes widened and he tried to got up but her head was on his palm so hesitantly keeping his other hand on her cheek and carefully tried to placing her head on side wd when his face moved little closer to her that their lips were an inch apart his heartbeat skipped seeing them so close his thumb caresses her cheek lightly his eyes scanned her eyes his nose brushed her nose then his eyes looked at her perfect lips an urge came to him to kiss her when his cell's vibration brought him back from his unknown desire "Ye main kya soch raha tha... Idiot" he whispered looking away from her and instantly removed his hand from her cheek "Hello..." he said annoyingly as he recieved the call wdout checking the number

"Armaan... Aise koi baat karta hai apni Maa se" Ananya yelled angrily on which he looked back at the number's name

"Mom... Sorry..." he apologized "Aapne itni raat ko call kyun kiya??" he asked directly laying straight still his hand on her head who turned her position keeping her cheek on his palm which made his eyes big and he looked at her stunned by her act!

"Mujhe neend nai aa rahi thi ye socha k... Ki Shilpa ne kuch khaya hoga ki nai... Thik hai na vo" Ananya said concernly making him aware that he was in Phone

"Nai Mom vo boli ki usse bhuk nai hai... Aur vo so gayi" he informed still staring at her and tried to pull his hand back carefully which made her stirr and her lips brushed wd his palm and a current passed in him he immediatly pulled his hand back and was staring at his palm where her lips brushed when Ananya's shocked voice made him avert himself from her!

"Kyaa?? Ab tak nai khaya... Main janti thi is ladki ko ye jarur pura karegi... Apna vrat(fast)... Armaan pls abi usse kuch khilaao yaa fir paani hi pila do" Ananya said worriedly which made him confused

"Ek minute... Mom aap kehna kya chahte ho clear karo zara" He asked confusedly to which Ananya narrated everything making him shocked he remembered her saying 'Mujhe bhuk nai hai...' so that's why she refused to drink water and taking food "Mom... Aapne roka kyun nai usse... How can you believe this nonsense" he jerked up and almost blasted "Aap ache se jante ho ki main in sab baato ko nai maanta... Aur aap log to khush ho gaye hoge aapke type ki bahu mili hai aap sab ko... Ye b aadhi pagal hai jo in sab baato ko maanti hai..." he was saying this angrily wdout realizing she was sleeping beside him

"Armaan... Plz gussa baad mein karna... Pehle usse kuch khilaao kal raat se kuch nai khaya ussne... Subhe k chaar bajne k baad hi kuch khaygi vo... Plz jaao usse khilao kuch... Aur mujhe inform karo" Ananya ordered angrilly making him quiet who hung up the Phone and looked at her who was sleeping soundlessly

"Shilpa..." he tapped her cheek who turned her back at him "Shilpa utho..." he immediatly made her look at him

"Ammm..." she tried to push him "Sone do mujhe Armaan.." she said in sleepy tone turning again making him irritated

"Ab main samjha... Isse bhuk kyun nai lag rahi kyun ki... Subhe se to ye bas soo rahi hai... To bhuk kaise lagegi" he muttered under his breath angrily "Shilpa..." he again tried but seeing her not responding anything he gave up "Kuch to karna hoga..." he whispered slowly then something clicked inside his brain "Ye sahi hoga but... Isse akele chod k kaise jaaun" he looked back at her "Ajeeb hai ye... Pure 24 hours isne kuch khaya piyaa nai sirf mere liye" he mumbled staring at her adorable face "Sach mein ajeeb hai" he smiled tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear and shaking his head he moved back from her and started wearing his shoes

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