Saturday, 19 August 2017

part 6 : The Painful Side Of Love

He came and stood next to her and was staring at her intently when she turned around and glared at him and this made him chuckle. Riddhima asked him in an irritated voice, 'What do you find so amusing?'
'Cam will you please leave me alone?'

Riddhima was highly irritated partially because of his constant stares and partially because of his stupid remarks.
'Why do you keep staring at me?' she finally asked.
'Its just one of my ways of having a good time. Besides you are the only woman worth watching.'
He moved a little closer to her and whispered in her ear, 'What a magnificent waste Riddhima!'
She blushed profusely and made a move to escape. Camerone always did that to her. He was one man whom she truly cherished having in her life. She had met him in USA and he had helped her a lot and they had built a strong friendship. But their friendship wasn't the type in which they had normal and direct conversations in fact it was just the opposite. They irritated each other as much as possible. Riddhima could be her true self with him, without any pretensions because he knew everything about her past.

Now almost everyone was on the dance floor. Rahul requested Riddhima to dance with him and she couldn't refuse him. But as luck would have it the moment they stepped onto the dance floor the DJ started playing an intensely slow romantic number. Rahul nervously extended his hand towards Riddhima which she graciously accepted and placed her other hand on his shoulder.
Armaan was standing on the bar when he saw Riddhima dancing with Rahul. He ordered himself a drink and kept his eyes on them. He saw them talking and then Rahul whispered something in Riddhima's ear which made her laugh and for a moment Armaan's heart skipped a beat. He had seen Riddhima laugh like that after 4years but again his mind swarmed with jealousy as he realized that it was because of Rahul and not him that she was laughing. He already had 9 shots of vodka and was still drinking but when he saw getting Rahul get a little more closer to Riddhima he couldn't take it any more and moved towards the dance floor. He grabbed Riddhima's elbow and pulled her to himself. She crashed into Armaan's chest. Rahul was really confused but then he had no other option but to leave the dance floor.
'Seems like Dr.Riddhima was having a lot of FUN'
'Are you drunk?' Riddhima went numb when this realization struck her.
'Why do you care? I have been drinking like this from last 4years when you were probably sleeping with a different man everyday.'
Riddhima looked into Armaan's eyes and a smile crept over her face and she hissed, 'Don't tell me you are going to start that all over again.'
He grabbed her elbow and took her outside the hall. Riddhima had no option but to walk with him because she knew if she wouldn't he'll probably drag her and that would create a scene which she didn't want so she quietly followed him. What Riddhima wasn't expecting was to be pushed into a huge laundry room but that was what Armaan did. When she turned around and looked at Armaan she saw murder in his eyes and she felt that she wasn't with Armaan''''whom she saw was an entirely different man.
While Armaan was moving towards Riddhima, she was moving backwards but before she could take another step backwards he grabbed her arms and pulled her towards himself and said in a murderous voice, '4 years is a very very long time Riddhima. I died a new death everyday. The very thought of imaging you with that slime ball Vivek killed me. I kept asking myself 'what did I do that you left me all alone after promising me upteenth time to never leave me'. Today I need answers.'
'Look Armaan its no use alright besides'..
'Shut up! Today I need answers and I am going to get them somehow.
Okay tell me did you have a good time in USA' When Riddhima didn't answer Armaan pushed her onto the floor and removing his jacket said, 'Seems like you didn't. So how about if I give the high and mighty Dr.Riddhima a very fun time' he pounced on Riddhima while Riddhima just froze. She couldn't believe that the man she had almost worshipped was doing this to her. Her eyes widened. He lowered himself down, as if paused in a mid push up.
'Armaan do you even know what you are doing? You are going to regret this.' Riddhima said in a painful voice trying to get out if his grip.
'I didn't know that whores like you could be scared. This is not new to you Riddhima' When Armaan was bringing his face closer to Riddhima he was pulled back and was given a really hard punch on his face. Blood came gushing out of his nose and then he heard Camerone Monroe saying to Riddhima with great concern in his voice, 'Riddhima are you all right. Cummon baby get up.' He helped Riddhima up and then said to Armaan, 'You son of a ***** do you have any idea what you were about to do. She sacrificed her life for you and you''
'Cam' He was cut off by Riddhima's sharp voice. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of there. Armaan stood there for a while and then Cam's words came rushing back to him she sacrificed her life because of you'' she sacrificed her life because of you''..she scarificed her life because of you. Armaan dashed out to find him. He saw him in the parking lot waving good bye to Riddhima's car. Armaan saw the anger return to his face when he saw him. Armaan rushed to him and asked him immediately, 'Why did Riddhima marry Vivek?'

Camerone looked at him and the anger came rushing back to him. He moved toward Armaan and grabbed his collar and pushed him against the door of his car and said in the coldest voice possible, 'Because she loved you.' With that he left Armaan's collar and punched him in his abdomen. Armaan doubled with pain. Cam pulled him upwards and smacked him hard across the face. Armaan was lying on the floor. Satisfied Cam made a move towards his car but Armaan grabbed his leg and said almost begging, 'please tell me the truth or just kill me.' Cam's anger melted. He helped Armaan on his feet and started, 'Do you remember 4years back you were suffering with brain tumour and had no money for the operation but then out of the blue somebody gave the money for it. Do you know who did that?'
Armaan had no idea where the conversation was headed but he answered nonetheless, 'Ya, one of my patients had sent it to thank me for saving his life during an operation but '..
Before Armaan could continue Camerone said 'And Riddhima told you that didn't she?' When Armaan nodded in agreement he continued 'She lied to you. Vivek had given that money to her in return of her agreeing to marry him. She married him to save your life Armaan. You needed to get the operation done urgently. She might have waited but she loved you way too much to do that. She sacrificed herself to see you safe and happy.'
Armaan's world came crashing down a second time. He felt dizzy and before he know he collapsed onto the floor.


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