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part 7 & 8: The Painful Side Of Love

part 7 :

Armaan finally opened his eyes and found himself in a hospital bed with Camerone Monroe standing outside the ward talking to the doctor.
He once again closed his eyes and remembered all that had happened today and 4 years back.
'How could she be so foolish? She married that filthy man to arrange money for my operation.'
'True, after all she loved you and we are all fools in love.' Camerone came inside the ward and sat next to Armaan.

'But you don't understand Mr.Monroe she could have waited and we would have told the hospital authorities and they would have gladly paid the expenses'
'I know but they would have charged it from your services then. You would have been deprived of your salary for quite some time and Riddhima told me that you had a little sister to take care of. Your parents had died in a car crash. Cummon Armaan, face it man she did all this for you. She loved you too much to think of any consequences. She did what her heart told her to do.'
Armaan sighed heavily. He now knew the truth but still had a lot of questions in his mind. He knew he had to apologies to Riddhima so he said, 'I am going to apologies to Riddhima and'''
'Oh no dude! You can't let her know that you know the truth because then she'll figure out that it's me who told you the truth and then I'll be dead in no time. Please buddy don't let her know that you know the truth and anyways your apologizing is no good.'
Cam said all that with a worried expression on his face. He had promised Riddhima to never tell anyone the truth and he didn't want to loose her trust.
'But Mr.Monroe how do you and Riddhima know each other?'
'Oh that! We guys met in USA and since then have been best of friends.'
Armaan was amazed. Camerone Monroe- the biggest industrialist and a big time Casanova was friends with his sweet, innocent Riddhima. But he chose to ignore that thought and do what was right at the moment.
'I hope you have forgiven me for my conduct Mr.Monroe.' Armaan had a hopeful expression on his face.
'Well! Not exactly. What you did with Riddhima is unpardonable but then I guess you were really broken and also highly drunk. So in a way you are forgiven but I am not sorry for beating the crap out of you and I'll do that again if I see you hurting Riddhima ever again or'
'Or?' asked a really nervous Armaan
'Or if you call me Mr.Monroe again. It makes me feel like a 60year old. It's Camerone for you.'
Armaan smiled after a long time and shook hands with Camerone.
Riddhima was reading a case file when she heard the doorbell. Keeping the files down she moved to open the door. She saw Camerone standing outside with his back towards her.
'Ahhhhhhhhhh''''.'Camerone turned to face Riddhima and screamed looking at her and taking a few steps backwards.
'Oh my god Riddhima how many times do I have to tell you to please keep your make-up on when I come visiting. My poor heart.' Camerone said in a scared voice placing a hand over his chest.
'Now please go and do something to your damaged face and prepare something for me to eat.'
He pushed Riddhima aside and moved inside but when he saw Riddhima still standing near the gate with her hands on her hips and an irritated expression on her face. He said, 'What? Look I am really tired alright. So hurry up.' With that he moved towards the dining table and settled down on the chair. Riddhima went towards him and stood facing him and then said, 'Did Armaan beat you up and banged your head against the wall.Is that why you are behaving like a total nut.' Camerone stood up and looked at Riddhima and started laughing and finally managed, 'Do you really think that lover boy of yours could even touch me let alone beat me up? I am CAMERONE MONROE for god sake.'
'I am CAMERONE MONROE for god sake' she mimicked him and left with an angry expression. He followed her and with a solemn expression and placing his hand on her shoulders asked her, 'Riddhima are you alright after all that happened there?'
'Oh ya I am absolutely fine. Just forget it. Thanks for being '''
But before she could complete her sentence he placed a finger on her lips and said, 'You don't have to thank me baby. I'll be always there with you but tell me will you ever be able to forgive Armaan?'
'I don't hold any grudges against him its not his fault but what he did today made me feel that he too is just like every other man. I don't think I can ever trust him again but it doesn't matter because I don't love him anymore so it doesn't hurt. Go freshen up and I'll place the dinner on the table.'
When Riddhima left Camerone said to himself, 'Armaan my boy you are in for a real challenge.'

Riddhima was standing next to Rahul outside the general ward when he saw her. They were discussing something, probably some case Armaan thought. He told himself not to get jealous especially now when he knew the truth and knew that Riddhima loved him. Then he remembered her cold behavior but he assured himself that if she didn't love him anymore then he'll make her fall in love with him all over again. He cleared his mind of all negative thoughts when he saw her coming in his direction. He smiled towards her and she smiled right back. 'Damn it! Why the hell she is so calm when she should be yelling at me but just now she passed a smile at me as if everything is normal.' he swore pungently under his breath and moved towards her cabin.
When she allowed he went inside and stood in front of her on the other side of the table with his head bent and hands gripping the chair. He was nervous like hell. Riddhima waited for him to speak for 5 seconds but when he didn't she got back to her work. 'I am sorry Riddhima' he finally said 'I am really very sorry' Armaan's voice choked and Riddhima noticed it and quickly said 'It's okay Dr.Armaan you are forgiven so now please'
But she was cut off by Armaan's angry voice 'No, it's not okay damn it. Why the hell don't you yell and shout at me? Why the hell aren't you angry at me? Oh god! I almost raped you last night Riddhima.' Armaan had moved closer to her and was gripping the arms of her chair and was staring straight into her eyes. Riddhima got up from her chair and very calmly folded her hands in front of her chest and said in an equally calm voice, 'The fact is Dr.Armaan you didn't rape me so I have nothing to be angry about.' Armaan placed his hands on her shoulder and then gripped them tightly. 'Riddhima why don't you tell me why you married him?' Riddhima jerked his hands away and her eyes went as cold as steel 'Oh! So that's why you are here, not to apologise but to know the reason why I left you. Why do you care Armaan? Nothing can be changed now. I know your ego is wounded badly that I left you for some other man or maybe for money. Your ego made you do all that last night and your ego brought you here. For heavens sake, please leave me alone.' Riddhima was shocked when Armaan fell down to his knees and starting sobbing with his head in his hands. She didn't know what to do. Her hands went sweaty and she felt helpless. She wanted to comfort him but knew she couldn't. She moved her hand to place it on his shoulder but when he moved his head she quickly took her hand back. Armaan stood up. He was looking at Riddhima. His tears were still flowing when he said to her 'You really think that I want to know the truth so that I can nurse my wounded ego? No Riddhima I love you and want to share your pains with you. I want you back in my life. I'll die without you.' Riddhima looked at the bruises on Armaan's face and her stomach churned. Wiping his tears he managed to smile and clasping her face he said, 'You don't want to tell me the truth, fine I'll never ask you again. But let's forget the past and start all over again.' Riddhima was shocked and touched. She couldn't believe it that Armaan was so cool and calm about it. She was divorced and blamed of adultery and he still wanted her back in his life. She was overwhelmed and forgetting everything she touched the scar on his jaw line but within seconds she realized what she was doing, she took a step backwards and with her head bent low she left the cabin. Armaan stood there for a while and then smiled to himself and said in a husky whisper, 'I know you still love me and very soon I'll make you confess it as well.'

After attending to all her cases Riddhima was walking in the corridor pondering over everything that had happened between her and Armaan. Then she remembered the bruises she had seen on Armaan's face and wondered if Camerone had beaten him up later. But that thought was dismissed when his words rung in her head and she wondered if he still loved her. Riddhima's head was hurting badly with all the work and the thinking. She placed two fingers on her temple and started massaging it wondering if she should go to the caf' and grab a coffee and just then a mug appeared in front of her with hot brewing coffee inside and without waiting she took the mug and after taking a sip she turned towards the person who gave it to her with a smile but when she didn't see anybody there she turned back to see if she can find someone and saw Armaan walking in the opposite direction with his face towards her taking reverse steps and a huge grin on his face. He gave her a flying kiss and just when he was about to turn he banged into a stretcher and fell down on his back. Riddhima couldn't help it and started laughing but when she saw Armaan staring at her with a lovey dovey look she brought back the cold look and walked away but as soon as she turned she smiled again and kept sipping the coffee.

Riddhima came back and opened the door of her house and stepped inside and saw Camerone reading some files. She threw her hand bag on a chair and went to him and with a serious look asked him, "Did you beat Armaan after i left fron the party yesterday?" Camerone looked up towards her and said in a teasing voice, "So you do care huh?" She narrowed her eyes at him and with a shrug said in a tired voice, "Why would I care?When are you leving for USA?" "You want me to leave? ooooooo I got it you want to invite your lover boy home huh?" Riddhima banged her hand over the table and shouted in anger, "You know it as well as I do that I and Armaan can never get back together. No matter how hard he try I am not going to fall in love again. Do you get it?"
With that she left and Camerone shouted back, "Just so that you know I am leaving tonight. I have to be back tomorrow."


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