Monday, 7 August 2017

part 7 : AR love story

The suns rays seeped through the curtain and danced on Armaans face. He tried to block them by putting his hand in front of his face, but his efforts went in vain. He was awake now and couldn't fall back asleep. He yawned and stretched his arms. He got  out of his bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Armaan went in front of the mirror to comb his wet hair'.he smiled remembering the night before.
Hmmm'.maybe I should call her , or wait would she find that weird? But  you need to see her today anyways'.I mean how else are you going to spend time with her? Right'.okay yeah just call her man'theres no harm in it.
He grabbed his cell and went through his contacts list..good think  I asked for her number last night'too bad you didn't give her yours.

Ridhima heard her cell ringing.  Who would be callin em right now?

R: Hello?

Ar: Hi'.

R: Armaaan ?

The way she said his name made his stomach do flips.

Ar: How'd you know it was me?

She didn't know how to answer his question'..she herself didn't know how she knew it was him'she just did.

R: I don't know'I just knew (innocently)

The innocence in her voice made him smile'ohh she's soo cute he thought.

Ar: Okay'well I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me today?

R: I don't know if I can Armaan'.

Ar: Oh'..

She could hear the disappointment in his voice'..well maybe I can just have a cup of coffee with him?

R: Well maybe we can meet for a quick cup of coffee? It's just that I can't stay for long, I have a lot to do in the hospital today.

Ar: Alright then coffee it is, but when?

R: Umm well there's this coffee place called Mocha Caf' near my hospital, we can meet there during my lunch break'around 1?

Ar: Alright I'll be there, see you then.

R; Bye Armaan

He smiled: Bye Ridhima'.

For the first time in all of their visits, Ridhima was early. She was thinking about Armaan'he was soo different than what she had though him to be. I think I just judged  him too quickly, he's actually not thaat rude, actually he's not rude at all. And he has the cutest dimples ever she thought. She blushed thinking about how close they had been last night while dancing. She could still remember how his breath felt on her.
She looked up at the caf' door to see if he was here, and he was. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt that fitted his muscular body perfectly and blue jeans. His hair was slightly  wet and a few strands of those wet hair were falling over his forehead. In one word he looked breath taking.  How could somebody look soo good?  she thought.

He saw her staring, he knew he was effecting her. How about a little teasing Armaan, this should be fun  he thought.  He smiled walking over to where she was sitting .

Ar: You know, you could just compliment me on how good I look instead of staring at me.

She looked away, embarrassed on being caught. He laughed a little as he saw her getting embarrassed.

R: Speaking of compliments, you  could have also complimented me last night I know you were staring at me when I walked in.

She was surprised with her self, Woah ridz'are you sure you wanted to say that? Oh well now that you've started this you can't back down.

Armaan moved near her face: Well if you saw me looking at you last night then why didn't you say anything?

She was taken back with his answer, she didn't expect him to say this. He was suppose to be shocked not the other way around.

Armaan smirked looking at her fumbling around for an answer, he knew that she was trying to trap him so he wouldn't know what to say. And he had to give her credit for a second or two he was

R: I didn't say anything cuz I didn't want to embarrass you.

Good save ridzy!

He smirked: Oh really?

R: Really!

Ar: Well since we're on the topic, you looked beautiful last night.

She blushed on his comment, it's not that she hadn't been called beautiful before, but for some reason it was different coming from Armaan.

Ar: Ahem ahem

R: what?

Ar: I'm waiting for you to compliment me back!

R: What?

Ar: Why else would I compliment you ridhima, I want you to compliment me he said smling cheekily.

R: Armaannnn she said hitting him on shoulder.
Ar: Ridhimaaaa'..he said laughing

R: Your impossible

Ar: Thank you he said while laughing, okay well lets order our coffees okay?

They ordered two coffees and sat there drinking them.

Ar: So how far is you hospital form here?

R: About 10 minutes away, not far at all.

 She heard her pager beep,

R: Ohh shoot I gotta go, my lunch breaks over'bye armaan

She got up to leave but she froze when she felt him hold her hand.

Ar: Ridhima'..

Her stomach was doing flips and she could feel her pulse racing. She didn't look back, she just kept staring ahead of her.

He got up and pulled her closer, her back hitting his strong chest.. He moved her hair to the side and whispered in her ear: Ridhima..will you  have dinner with me tonight?

She shivered a little as she felt his whisper in her ear. She yanked her hand out of his and walked a little forward, she could  still feel his voice tingling in her ears. She turned around  her lashes still down'

He smiled looking at her, he himself didn't know what got into him, it was all just  on an impulse but he knew he affected her.

She slowly looked up and nodded her  head to signal a yes to him. She quickly turned around and walked out of the caf' .


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