Thursday, 24 August 2017

part 7 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


4:30 AM @ MM

"Shilpa for the last time... I am saying utho" he nudged her who pulled the blanket up on her face making him angry who was standing beside the bed "Enough..." he jerked the blanket away from her making her awake

"Kya huaa??" she rubbed her eyes sating up on bed

"Good morning" he said sternly making her blink her eyes and look at him "Ab utho... Chalo kuch khaalo" he ordered to which she looked confusedly at their room

"Hum yaha kaise aaye Armaan??" she asked confusedly still looking at the room

"Ud k.." he replied sarcastically sitting at the edge of the bed making her frown "Ab agar tumhari neend puri ho gayi ho... To utho" he almost ordered to which she looked at the wall clock

"Abi to sirf sube k 4:30 ho rahe hai" she pouted to which he glared

"Utho chup chap..." he ordred to which she frowned "Aur jaldi se jakar kuch khaao" saying this he started searching his which he didn't remembered where he kept before taking shower "Vaha table pe khana rakha hai kha lo" he pointed at the side table which was put b/w the two seater sofa near the study table

"Maine brush nai kiya to kaise khaaun" she replied slowly to which he glared her

"To kya subha muhurat nikalun... Jao jaldi freash hokar aao aur chup chap ye khatam karo" he said angrily turning towards her who got scared "Aur by the way tumhe kya jarurat thi... Ye stupid sa fast rakhne ki" he asked crossing his arms as she got up

"Vo... Ammm.. Ye Pandit ji... Ne kaha..." she fumbled playing wd her fingers

"Ek kheechke lagaunga abi..." he glared moving towards her who got scared "Main tumhe ye pehli aur aakhiri baar warn kar raha hun... Ainda se ye sab karne ki to bilkul jarurat nai hai... Specially mere liye... Chahe Pandit ji kahe yaa koi b..." he warned pointing his finger at her who was hurt plus scared "Jaao jaldi... Aur aakar kuch khaao" saying this he moved to keep the shoes in shoe racker which he found beside couch where as she walked inside the Washroom

"Samajh mein nai aata... Karun kya... Ek to rakho inki lambi umra k liye fast... Uper se suno... Aakhir karun to karun kya" she sniffed as she locked the door "Nai rakhungi kabhi fast... Huh" she wiped the tears and stepped inside Shower

"Finally home..." he stretched his arms and rubbed his face he only knows how he brought them back safely at home after making her lay properly on haystack and taking out his Jacket from her carefully he locked the door of the Cottage from outside not before checking it and went to searched the Garage wd the help of his Phone after walking for 20 minutes he found a Garage and wd the help of Mechanic he reached at his Car where the mechanic repaired the car taking one hour giving the money to him he came back to the Cottage where he carefully picked her up in his arms and made her lay on the passenger seat at that time he thought she must had fainted but knowing she was weak coz she hadn't ate anything and thanking the lady giving her key of the Cottage and after one whole hour of driving he took them to Malik Mansion safely and after ranging the bell he picked her in his arms who snuggled more into him as he stepped at the door a servant opened the door so making her lay on bed in their room he thought to change but he knew she didn't ate anything so after ordering a servant to make food for her he took a warm shower and changing in clothes he waited for the arrival of food and when the servant kept the food on table he forced her to woke up After all he did all this only for her coz he wanted to make her relaxed so that she can eat properly at nice place coz keeping fast for him that is 24 hours made a guilt inside him but suddenly he remind to warned her about these stupid superstitions to avoid coz its useless he didn't wanted to scare her he just wanted to avoid these things which is just a waste of time for him He just wanted a good sleep after this tiring day but he can't do this coz wanted to see her eating then only he can rest

15 minutes later...

Tu jo mujhe

Aa mila

Sapne hue


"Mujhe laga ye so rahe honge... But ye to Phone pe busy hai " she thought as she came out from the Washroom and seeing him busy in his Phone who was sitting on couch she frowned but ignoring him she moved ahead rubbing her wet hairs wd towel when she jerked her hairs on her side shoulder which splashed some drops on his face making him startled and he looked at her who was rubbing her hairs wd towel his eyes stopped blinking for seconds seeing her this beautiful he was mesmerized by her who wore a yellow anarkali dress she is looking fresh right now but her bangals noise made him come out from his trance

"Ye main kya soch raha hun..." he smacked himself mentally and looked away from her after composing himself he coughed "Ahhem.." he stood up which made her look down and he walked towards her making her to pull her hands down "Chalo ab khana kha loo" he said slowly to which she nodded and moved to keep the towel on a chair when she felt suddenly blackout feeling weak she fell on his chest making him worried "Shilpa..." he tapped her cheek carefully but when she didn't moved an inched he lifted her on his arms and made her sat on couch still holding her by his one hand which was behind her back "Shilpa..." he splashed water on her face who opened her eyes slowly seeing his worried face "Ye lo paani... Isse piyoo" he forwarded a glass full of water to her who gulped that in one go by keeping her hand on his which was holding the glass "Aur piyogi" he asked worriedly to which she nodded like a kid in YES making him to filled the glass again from Jug "Loo" he made her drank to which she gulped the water slowly this time "Kitni strange hai ye... Pure 24 hours mere saath bina khaye piyee tab behosh nai hui... Par jab 24 hours beet gaye tab behosh hui ye... Kamaal ki hai.. Ye" he thought staring at her who emptied the glass and gave him "Isi liye keh raha tha.. Plz yaar ye sab mat kiya karo... Ye sirf health bigadega... Aur agar diet pe rehne ka itna hi shauk hai to rakhna... Par mere liye mat rakkho..." he was lecturing her who was getting irritated when a knock on their door made them looked at it "Tum yehi baitho main dekhta hun" saying this he stoods up to open the door where as she was so thankfull to that person who saved her from his lecture

"By God!! Hato ab" Aditi said irritadely pushing him lightly and walked inside the room

"Par..." he was about to ask her that what she is doing in their room at this hour when

"Armaan raasta chodo" his Mom's voice made him moved side when his Dadi also walked in making him shook his head

"Chal Shilpa... Kuch khaale" Aditi took her hand in her and stood to go to which Shilpa tried to protest when

"Haa Shilpa... Mujhe tumhari kitni fikar ho rahi thi chalo" Ananya caressed her hairs lovingly

"Haa beta chalo apna fast kholo" Dadi also said in same tone making her smile

"Jao na yaar... Jaldi yaha se at least mujhe sone ko to milega... Go" Armaan said annoyingly while sitting on bed

"Chilla kyun raha hai uspe... Chal yahan se Shilpa" Dadi scolded him who rolled his eyes

"Par.. Dadiji" Shilpa tried to stop coz she wanted to stay wd him but Armaan's voice made her stop

"Haa le jaaiyee... Plz aur mujhe sone do chain se... Aur ye leke jao.." he stood and giving the food trey on Aditi's hand he pushed the ladies out he closed the door and jumped on bed wdin a second sleep took over him where as downstairs her condition was not so good they three were making her to eat different different items which made her feel good also but somewhere she wanted to eat wd him but having so pampering from them she felt good and also eating the food made her think that she eat after so much of time as if a year was gone!

Two weeks later...

"Damm..." Armaan said angrily as he came inside his room and threw the first thing which came on his hand Poor Phone! Had to bear his anger but this time not his?! it was Shilpa's Phone which was resting on table but now laying on floor into two pieces "Shilpa ko le jaana its not safe yaar... Par main ye baat sabko bata b nai sakta... Mujhe Shilpa ka dhyaan dena hogaa aage... Haa" he muttered angrily The thing is as per his and Arjun's plan he decided to shift in another city which he has chosen Bhopal coz there is some problems in 'Life Care Hospital' (a branch of Sanjeevani) regarding good Doctors so he decided to shift there but Rehaan insist that he will also join him which he refused but Rehaan told that its been long that he saw his family So after forcing and wd lots of efforts Armaan agreed to take Rehaan wd him But the major problem was how to convince his family so, five days ago when they all were having their meal at dining table he announced this news which was a shock for them his Dad immediately refused infact his Grand Dad also but if he has decided then no one can stop him So he directly told he will go anyhow no one can stop him saying this he left the house for sometime unaware of a heart which had broken up into million pieces like a glass learning this news Shilpa cried in her room and from two days no one talked wd him except Shilpa who was normal wd him from outside but from inside her heart was aching and seeing this Dev made everyone understand that its his work he can't leave it so better they should understand his situation listening this everyone agreed but the question was he wanted to go alone so his Mom decided that Shilpa would go along wd him and hearing this Shilpa became shocked coz staying wd him in one room is okay but in one house and that to only wd him is not at all ok!!?? so she clearly told "Main nai jaungi" then Ananya spoke angrily "Thik hai tum dono Pati Patni ko jo karna hai karo... Tum jaanti b ho tumhare nai jaane se mujhe hamesha uski fikar lagi rahegi... Lekin agar tum jaogi to khushi hogi ki vo thik hoga... Par nai jo karna hai karo tum dono" she almost took out her anger which Shilpa can't see so reluctantly she agreed So When Armaan came at night preparing himself for apology unaware of decision which his family took for them sitting on dining chair he was about to start his Sorry when Dadaji announced that he can go but wd Shilpa hearing this Armaan felt as if someone had pulled floor from his feet he immediately refused but his Dad ordered this and again he went from house angrily And feeling rejected Shilpa locked herself in washroom crying at her fate and here Armaan was angry that if he will take Shilpa wd him then she will also be in danger but knowing very well his family he came home and next morning announced that he will take her wd him which made everyone happy except Shilpa who thought he is just doing this for his family and thought herself burden on him so she tried to refused but Ananya's happy face made her quiet Then Armaan planned to leave switching the next day's flight Rehaan will come two days later after settling everything in Mumbai but in evening he left to met Arjun who told its danger to take his wife in Bhopal but Armaan didn't had any choice and now remembering everything that her life is in danger just coz of him he became angry and broke the Phone of her which was unknown to him

Haatho me aate


Udte hai lamhe


"Haawww... Mera Phone" Shilpa's shocked voice made him looked at her who now bend to pick her Phone "Ye... Kaise... Tttuta" she asked sadly still collecting the pieces of her Phone which made him realized that he broke her Phone

"Ye tumhara... Phone hai... Actually gusse mein tha to tod diya... Mujhe nai pata tha ye tumhara... Phone hai..." he said bending to her level who was now verge of crying but hearing this she looked at him wd teary eyes

"Gusse mein aapko apna Phone todna chahiye... Tha" she said controlling her tears "Mera nai" she sniffed and looked away from him looking at the pieces

"Ek Phone hi to hai.." he said annoyingly seeing her crying for a phone

"Aapke liye Phone hai... Mere liye yaadein... Isme kitni yaaden thi meri... Meri family ki... Aap..." she said angrily but stopped saying 'Aapki' he just not only broke her Phone he broke all the memories of them which she captured in these three years & three months memories which she had clicked on their B'day's, Anniversaries, Special Days, her crazy Selfies wd him, their Romance, their cute and Adorable movements, Shao Pao's pic wd them, their pics during her pregnancy, his videos whenever he cooked she captured them in her Phone & their Kerala pics Everything was removed from their room Heaven from everywhere so that he could not see any of the thing But she stored all the pics & videos in her Phone so that whenever she will miss him she can see him but today he broke that last thing which made her happy how can he??

"Main help karta hun" a guilty Armaan moved his hand to help her who was trying to on the Phone wd tears in her green almoned eyes which he is not liking it

"Nai chaiye mujhe aapki help.." wiping her tears she pushed his hand and stood up making him also stood "Ainda se cheejo pe gussa nikalne se acha... Gusse ko control karna" saying this she ran from there leaving a guilty Armaan

"Kya kiya tune... Par phone hi to tha... Lekin usne kaha na uske family ki memories thi..." he is debating wd himself "Ek kaam karta hun main usse new Phone de deta hun... Haa" he muttered and taking his car keys went from there


"Aree... Ruko kahan jaa rahi ho..." Dev asked blocking Shilpa's way who looked at him wd teary eyes "Kyaa huaa?? Tum ro kyun rahi ho?? Armaan ne kuch kaha kya??" he asked worriedly to which she nodded in NO and showed her Phone to which he looked at it frowningly

"Arrmmmaan... Ne tod diya... Ab ye chalu nai ho raha" she said wd tears in her eyes

"Isme naya kya hai... Vo roz to kuch na kuch todta hai" he said in joking way but finding her still in tears he looked at her "Kya huaa isme kuch tha kya??" he asked worriedly to which she nodded in YES while crying "Aaooo... Idhar baitho" taking her wrist he made her sat on the bench which was near poolside "Kya tha isme??" he asked polietly

"Isme... Meri aur Armaan ki saari yaaden thi... Tasveere thi... Jo inhone ek hi jhatke mein tod di" she snifed while wiping her tears which made Dev too sad

"Dikhao..." taking her Phone he said while looking at the Phone "Phone ban gaya hai bas chalu nai ho raha hai na" he asked slowly to which she nodded and after checking from minutes he looked at her "I don't think so... Ye ab chalu hoga..." he said slowly to which she looked down sadly taking her Phone back "Par.. Mere paas vo saari pics aur videos hai... Jo Armaan k Phone mein thi" he said wd a smile which made her looked at him confusedly "I know yehi soch rahi ho ki Armaan k Phone ki pics mere pass kaise... Haina" he asked normally to which she nodded "Aree vo aise... Jab mujhe pata chala tha ki Armaan bhul gaya ye teen saal... To us waqt uska Phone mere pass hi tha jo Arjun ne mujhe diya tha... Maine usi waqt ek naya Phone kharida uske liye aur saare kaam k numbers aur cheeze usi mein daal diya infact uska sim card b... Bas Bracelet naam change karna bhul gaya... Aur purana wala Phone uska mere pass hai... Jo ab tum le lena" he informed smilingly which made her smile

"Sach mein??" she asked slowly

"Hmmm... Kal subhe de dunga main tumhe... Don't worry" he assured which made her looked at him wd a small smile

"Par usme vo videos nai honge jo maine unke liye" she whispered slowly making Dev smile

"Main b apne bhai ko bahoot miss kar raha hun Shilpa" he said softly staring at the sky which made Shilpa to look at him frowning "Jis tarah tum apne Armaan ko miss kar rahi ho... Main b apne bhai ko miss kar raha hun" he looked at her who gave a sad smile "U know vo sabse jyada hum dono k close tha... Humse share karta tha demand karta tha jhagadta tha... Is ghar mein koi actually usse agar miss kar raha hai to vo hum dono hai.. Haina" he said lostly to which she nodded "Tumhe pata hai Shilpa..." he looked at her who smiled "Hum Collage mein b vaise nai thae... Jaise tumhare aane k baad hue... Hum dono bachpan se hi aise rehte thae... Jaise abi current mein hai... Vaise hi... Mere force k baad hi vo kuch share karta hai...Par NY k accident k baad hum close ho gaye thae... Uski aadat pad gayi hai mujhe... Infact main to usse itna miss kar raha hun na... Ki main bata nai sakta tumhe..." he said slowly looking at the water

"Main b" she whispered slowly "Mujhe khadus wale Armaan ache nai lagte" she complained to which he chuckled

"Mujhe b..." he looked at her wd a smile "Rude haina??" he asked wd a teasing grin

"Rude nai hai... Bas... Bas... Bahoot alag hai mere Armaan se to thoda... Adjust karna mushkil hai" she defended him which made Dev shook his head

"U know pyaar insaan ko badal deta hai... Ye maine usse aur mujhe dekh k jaana hai... Vo is kadar tumhare liye crazy tha ki usne sabko pyaar karna sikhaya.. Vo b sirf tumhare liye... Tumne usse badla aur Aditi ne mujhe..." he said smilingly revinding the time where Armaan made him to fell for Aditi "Aur ab main chahta hun... Ki ek baar fir tum usse badlo apne pyaar se... Mujhe mera bhai dedo jo mere saath hamesha rehta tha... Sirf tum hi kar sakti ho ye Shilpa aur koi nai" he said polietely looking at her who nodded

"Pyaar mein insaan badalta nai hai Dev... Balki dhal jaata hai jaise main aur tum... Haina..." she said slowly to which he smiled when he saw Armaan who just entered in Pool side searching for something

"Acha main... Chalta hun kal yaad se tumhe tumhara Phone de dunga... Gud night" saying this he stood up to which she also stood

"Gud night Dev" she smiled and nodding in YES Dev moved ahead coming infront of Armaan who looked at him

"Tu yahan kaise??" Dev raised his bows

"Aise hi mera mood... Tujhe bataunga kya" he replied in his usaull tone making Dev to shook his head and looked at a box which was in his hand and he guessed he might bought a new Phone for her

"Bahoot bura laga hai use... To ache se pyaar se samjhana... Bye" saying this he left making Armaan to move ahead slowly looking at her who was staring down at her Phone sadly

"Aahhmm... Vo" he started slowly to which she look at him "Actually..." he said carefully but hearing him she moved ahead ignoring him completely "Shilpa..." he blocked her way who looked away from him "I know mujhe tumhara... Phone nai todna chahiye tha... But trust me galti se hua..." he said firmly staring at her who pouted crossing her arms "So... Ye tumhare liye" he forwarded the box towards her who looked at it frowningly "Ye new Phone tumhare liye" he answered her unasked question

Meri hassi tujhse

Meri khushi tujhse

Tujhe kadar kya

Aye bekadar...

"Nai chahiyee mujhe..." she said strictly and trys to leave when he again blocked her way to which she glared "Kaha na nai chahiyee" she spoke angrily

"Us Phone mein aisa kya khaas tha??" he asked slowly which made her sad again

"Bahoot kuch khaas hai isme... Jisse mein nai chahti hun ab khona" she said softly staring down at her Phone which made him guilty

"Main try karun..." he said slowly to which she looked up at him "I mean isse thik karne ki..." he corrected to which she looked down again and hessistately he forwarded his hand infront of her to which she slowly kept the Phone on his hand "Dont worry I will try my best..." saying this he sat on bench while keeping the box on his left side where as Shilpa quietly sat beside him a little away from him who has started making her Phone to work

"Kitni ajeeb baat hai... Vohi aap hai... Vohi main hun... Par sab kuch kitna ajeeb hai aaj... Aisa lag raha hai main aapko janti hi nai... Kya main sach mein aapko pehle jaise bana paungi... Yaa fir main khud hi badal jaungi" she thought staring at his adorable face who was soo busy in making her Phone when suddenly he felt that she is staring him and before he could look at her she looked down instantly towards the water making him confused

"Mujhe aisa kyun laga jaise ye mujhe dekh rahi ho" he thought and shaking his head he again started making her Phone "Lo ho gaya chalu" he smiled looking at her who was amazed by his this side she stared at her Phone which was now working!

"OMG!! Kaise kiya aapne... Ye to thik ho gaya" she said happily to which he smiled "Thank u..." she looked at him happily who nodded wd a little smile making her pout "Vaise... Thank u sunne k baad log... Ur welcome kehte hai" she said wd a grin to which he looked at her "Par koi nai... Itna to chalta hai" she giggled seeing him shaking his head

"Ur welcome... Happy" he said slowly wd a smile which she was dying to see

"Hmmm... Sorry nai to yehi sahi... Happy" she taunted making him chuckle

"Vaise isme hai kya main b to dekhun..." he said normally moving his finger to open the gallery making her stunned

"Oh no... Agar Armaan ne dekh liya to sab gadbad ho jaygi... Rok Shilpa rok" her mind smacked her and she immediatly snatched her phone from his hand "Amm... Kkkuch nai... Kkuch b to nai... Bas mere family k pics hai... Aur kuch khaas nai" saying this she stood up immediatly making him frown at her sudden change of behavior "Main... Chalti hun... Gud night" saying this she turn to go when

"Shilpa... Acha ye naya Phone to le jao.. Tumhare liye laaya tha.. To isse lelo" his voice that had made her automatically root on that place he bought this only for her that made her turned

"Thanks..." taking it she smiled and moved again to go when

"Bracelet..." his sudden voice made her eyes big and she looked at him shockingly "Tum janti ho... Isse... I mean ye number kabse hai mere paas... Kaun hai ye" he asked frowningly which made her more shocked

"Oh no... Agar Armaan ne number dail kiya... To tu to gayi" her mind said scardly to which she looked at her dual sim touch phone YES her both number one wd 'Shilpa' and other wd 'Bracelet' was saved in his phone and if he dailled the number her phone will ring Nooo she cant let this happen

"Shilpa tumhe pata hai??" he asked clicking his fingers infront of her who looked at him

"Nai..." she said slowly

"Ok main try kar k dekhta hun" saying this he moved his finger to touch the name 'Bracelet'

"Nai.." she immediatly puts her hands on his coming closer to him who got startled "I mean kyun itni raat ko Phone karna kisi ko.. Pareshaan karna thik nai hai.. Na" she said slowly looking down where as he is amazed by her antics

"Sirf 11 baje hai.. Abi tak" he spoke sternly moving little away from her who gulped seeing him again dailing the number making her eyes big

"Mmm... Mujhe kaam hai... Ggg... Gud night" she fumbled moving some steps back making him confuse

"Tum..." he said confusedly and before he could say more she ran from there "Ye puri pagal hai... Sachmein... But actaul mein Bracelet naam to iska hona chahiyyee" he whispered confusedly "After all dusri baar milte hi... Sar pe danda aur haath mein Bracelet choda tha mere paas... I can't forget that day jab iske Bracelet ne mera pura din ajab gajab bana diya tha..." he smiled and shook his head "Pehle ye to dekh lun... Kaun hai ye" saying this he dailled the number

"Oh no!! Armaan ka Phone" Shilpa looked at her phone shockingly seeing his name flashing "Kya karunn... Kya karuunnn kuch samajh nai aa raha" she moved tro & fro in corridor "Haa ek idea hai... Bodygaurd" she smiled widely and keeping her 'Dupatta' on her Phone which she recieved "Oye Hello..." she said in heavy plus Punjabi voice

"Excuse me!! Actually kya ye kisi... Bracelet ka number hai" he asked polietly

"Oye nai yaar menu koi Bracelet.. Naiyoo chahinda" she said in typical punjabi tone and moving her Phone away she giggled

"No no.. Maim puch raha hun kya ye kisi Bracelet ka number hai" he said controlling his temper

"Nai.. Ethe koi Bracelet sashlet nai rendhe... Aur tussi kya akeli kudi sunke... Ched rahe ho.. Main pehle hi bata rahi hun... Agar tussi dubara is number pe call kenda... To mera piyo dho dalega... Chandigrah ka bahoot bada boxer hai vo" she spoke in fake angry tone making him annoyed

"Ye Chandigrah ka number hai??" he asked frowning

"Oye haa" she replied nonchalantly

"No... Ye number Mumbai ka hai... Maine khud check kiya abi" He said strictly which made her bit her tongue

"Oye thodi din k liye main Chandigrah aayi hun... Aur tune mujhpe... Mujhpe jaasoosi ki ruk batati hun... Aaajii sunte ho" she said in blackmailing tone to which he immediately cuts the call while she laughed out

"Isse achi to... Meri wali Bracelet hai... Dimaag kharab kar diya... God" he muttered angrily

"By god!! Tu itna kya hass rahi hai..." Aditi asked as she came in corridor looking at her strangely who is laughing her heart out "Oye bata ab" she nudged to which Shilpa stopped her laugh

"Batati hun..." she said controlling her laugh "Voo... Armaan... Its..." and she laughed again making Aditi glared her "Ok sunn... Huaa ye... Ki maine Armaan ko buddhu banaya... Vo kya hua ki..." still smiling she narrated everything making Aditi laughed too "Ab ainda se vo is number par galti se b Phone nai karenge" saying this she laughed while Aditi giggled

"Tu na..." she shook her head "Acha laga itne din baad isse khush dekh k... I hope aage b aisa hi ho" she thought stating at her smiling face " Acha sona nai hai... Chal ab" she said smilingly to which Shilpa nodded and they both moved to go when suddenly the current went making it dark everywhere!

"Aaahhh..." they both stick together fearly

"Aa.. Aditi ye current kaise chala gaya" Shilpa asked scarily

"Kya pata..." she too replied scared

"HARIRAM... DEKHO KYA HUAA" Ananya's loud voice made them realize that everyone is out from their rooms

"Chal dekhte hai..." switching her phone's flash light on Shilpa said

"Haa..." Aditi nodded when suddenly they bumped wd Armaan which made her Phone fell on floor

"Aaahhh..." they both shouted making him to put his fingers in his ears

"O JUST SHUT UP U TOO" he yelled angrily which made them quiet

"Armaan... Darra kyun diya" Aditi smacked his arm

"Daraya maine nai... Tum dono ne daraya hai... Pure ghar ko" he said angrily to which Aditi moved to argue when

"Offo ladna band karo... Pehle ye dekh le current kaise gaya" Shilpa came b/w them to which he shook his head

"Chalo... Dekhte hai" saying this he picked Shilpa's Phone and moved ahead while they to quietly followed him scared and as they reached in electricity room Aditi sneezed

"Bless u" Shilpa said smilingly to which Aditi also smiled

"Thank u..."Aditi giggled "Acha Armaan jaldi karo na... Bahoot andhera hai" she said scarily

"Haa pls" Shilpa requested

"Will u both... Just keep quiet for seconds" he said angrily to which they both pouted "Mujhe dekhne do ab.." he gestured them to be quiet by his index finger and looked at the switchboard while they both made faces "I think switch ko dikhana hoga... Kuch gadbad hai" Armaan said looking throughly the switchboard wd the help of Phone's flash light

"Electrician ko bulana hoga ab" Aditi said making a face

"Par electrician kyun... Armaan haina" Shilpa spoke normally making Armaan to turn back at her while Aditi frowned "Aise kyun dekh rahi hai... Armaan sach mein abi chutkiyo mein thik kardenge.. Haina Armaan" she looked at him who got confused

"Acha ye talent b hai tumhare paas... Tumne bataya nai kabhi" Crossing her arms Aditi asked teasingly

"Shut up!!" he glared and looked at Shilpa who smiled "Kya kehna chahti ho tum" he asked sternly

"Aree aapko electricity thik karni aati hai... Yaad hai aapne mere gh... " and before she could say more he put his palm on her mouth

"Aditi tumhe Anant bula raha hai... Jao dekho shayad vo ro raha hai... Jao" he almost ordered Aditi who was about to argue when she really heard Anant's cry

"I think vo sachmein bula raha hai... Main jaati hun" saying this she ran from there leaving the both alone who looked at each other

"Kya bakwas kar rahi thi tum..??" he asked sternly removing his palm from her lips whose heart was beating at it's fullest speed "Bolo" his stern voice made her look at him

Jis din tujhko

Naa dekhun

Pagal pagal

Firti hun...

"Aree... Aapne hi to mere ghar ka electricity banaya tha... Hamari shaadi se pehle" composing herself she blurted making him rewind the scene where he had gone to handle some file to Dr Riddhima but was left stunned finding her there and she mistook him an Electrician he still remember he was lost in her where as she literaly pushed him towards her Electricity Room thinking he was an electrician coz she was desperate to watch her some fav show and at that time luck supported him also, that time he saw her realself which she still have "Yaad nai aapko" her confused voice made him came out from back

"See uswaqt tumne mujhe... Zabardasti us Room mein push kiya tha to na chahte hue b... Mujhe thik karna pada tha... Aur uswaqt luck ne saath de diya" he said calmly crossing his arms

"Excuse me !! Maine aapko zabardasti dhakka nai diya tha... Aap khud gaye thae" she said wd an attitude

"Excuse me !! Mujhe kya pagal kutte ne kata hai jo main khud jaunga... Mujhe ache se yaad hai tumne mujhe zabardasti bheja tha andar" he said piercing his teeth

"O really... Agar aap ek Electrician nai thae to bol dete.. Agar statue banke khade rahenge to koi kuch b samajh sakta hai" she argued

"Yaa rite... Tumne bolne hi kahan diya tha... direct mujhe push kar diya tha andar... Ye tumhari galti hai ki tum bina jaane kisi ko b andar le leti ho" he said arrogantly making her mouth fell

"Haww... Main kisi ko b andar nai leti... Vo to aap hai jo kisi k b ghar chale jaate hai... Maine to aapko Electrician samjha tha mujhe thodi pata tha ki aap mere hone wale Husband hai" she said angrily

"Kyun nai ho sakta... Jab mujhe pata tha ki main tumse shaadi karne wala hun to tumhe kyun nai ho sakta" he blurted out

"Haa too..." but she stopped her sentence hearing last line of him "Matlab aapko pata tha ki hamari shaadi..." she said slowly but wd slight grin to which he looked down regretting to why did he blurted that?

"Amm..." he didn't know what to say which made Shilpa grin

"Jab aapko pata hi tha to bata dete" she asked teasingly moving little closer to him who narrowed his eyes "I mean aapne uswaqt kuch kaha hi nai tha" she said hiding her smile seeing his nervous face

"I think hume chalna chahiyee" he looked away from her and moved ahead to go when she blocked his way knowingly

"The thing is maine aapko electricity wala bana diya aur aapne kuch nai kaha kyun??" she asked wd fake innocent voice making him looked at her but her mind only knows how devil she has became seeing his this look actually she is loving this side of him too

"Actually main Riddhima ka file dene aaya tha... Aur mujhe nai pata tha ki vo tumhara ghar hai..." Armaan Malik is explaining her which he also confused about that why he is explaining this to her he never does this

"Par mera question ye hai ki... Aapne mujhe kyun nai bataya... At least yehi bol dete ki main Electrician nai hun" she asked wd teasing grin moving her hands back on her hips "Kyun nai bola aapne" she asked in flirting tone to which he glared she actualy flirted wd him she is loving it

"Mood nai tha... Ab hatoo" saying this he moved from there making her giggle

"Acha mere liye to rukiye..." she called smilingly and moved ahead when her leg stumped wd a stool "Aahhh..." she whined in pain holding her leg making him stopped in his tracks

"Kya huaa...??" he asked concernedly holding her arm who whined again

"Dard ho raha hai..." she said painfully gripping his t-shirt tightly

"Dekh k nai chal sakti... Bewkoof" he scolded and wd the help of his phone he looked at her leg which didn't had any wound but may b wd the hit of the stool she felt pain "Don't worry... Kuch nai hai huaa bas lightly hit hone ki wajah se pain huaa hai..." he said slowly

"Kitna andhera hai..." she said scardly holding his t-shirt from front moving closer to him who smiled seeing her sudden change of behavior

"Haa vo to hai chalo..." holding her hand he moved to go where as Shilpa was holding his arm and blushed seeing him holding her hand

30 minutes later...

"Aree nai... Mere chaaro bacche sab ziddi hai apne mein hi" Dadi said sipping her tea

"Maa aap kehna kya chahte ho ki main ziddi hun" Billy pouted making others smile

"Maine tumhara naam thodi liya... Maine chaaro kaha" Dadi smiled

"Aur vohi chiz mere Karan Arjun ko mili hai birth se" Ananya taunted Armaan & Dev making them looked at her

"Mom... Stop calling Karan Arjun" Armaan said annoyingly looking away from his Phone and looked down at her

"Haa Mom pls... Bacche nai rahe hum dono..." Dev rolled his eyes taking a bite from his 'Pasta' making everyone giggled Actually the current was still not returned yet Ananya decided that lets chat till the current come and spend some time wd famliy also tomorrow ArSh will go in Bhopal so they started talking wd coffees, teas and snacks they were sat in lawn wd candles around and in middle bonfire Armaan is resting on sofa busy in his Phone Dev is just sitting down on mattress resting his back against sofa where Armaan was laying beside Dev , Ananya & Dadi were taking the sip of their teas while Dadaji was sitting on one seat sofa another side Billy sat on the same chair where as Shilpa Aditi & Anant were seated on a mattress which was put on floor infront of Armaan's sofa and the bonfire was lighted in b/w and this family talked about everything also shared some funny moments

"Acha Mummiji... Armaan aur Dev dono hi bachpan mein masti khor the ki inme se koi sharif b tha" Aditi asked wd smile to which Ananya smiled

"Haa batati hun na..." Ananya grinned looking at her two sons who ignored "Keh nai sakti kaun sharif tha kyun ki dono hi masti khor thae... Kabhi vo shaant baith ta to vo masti karta... Nai to kabhi ye" she informed wd a smile which made Shilpa and Aditi both laugh

"Vaise tum logo ko shayad pata nai... Armaan ko ek behen chahiyee thi aur Dev ko bhai.." Dadi interrupted

"Oo tab to mere Dever k saare Armaan tut gaye honge" Aditi teased to which he looked at her

"Dare u call again Dever" he warned keeping his phone on his pocket to which she showed her tongue

"Acha sabse zyada Girlfriend kaun banata tha" Aditi asked again looking at Dev who rolled his eyes

"Ofcourse... Dev... Pata nai kitni GFs change ki hai isne" Billy taunted making Dev to glare

"Aur isko to kaam aur padhne se fursat nai thi... Fir b apne dosto k saath ghumta tha... Aur pucho ki koi GF hai to jawab aata tha... Tym nai hai" Dadaji taunted Armaan who shook his head where as Shilpa who was playing wd Anant since the tym they came here looked at him smilingly while Aditi laughed out

"Shut up..." Armaan said angrily and sat straight while Aditi showed her tongue to him making him roll his eyes and looked beside Aditi where Shilpa & Anant were playing she is making adorable faces to make him laugh who was really laughing and holding her by her shoulder he stood to her level

"Maasi..." he kissed on her cheek while she giggled holding him by his waist

"Mera chotu Anant..." she cuddled him lovingly who was laughing Armaan was watching this scene an unknown smile reached his lips

"Har kisiko control kar sakti hai ye" he thought staring at her who feeling his gaze looked at him and he slowly averted his eyes another side making her disappoint

Kon tujhe

Yun pyar karega

Jaise mai karti hun


"Kabhi to meri taraf dekho Armaan" her heart requested where as she was only staring him when Anant tapped her cheek "Sorry... Ab tumhe hi dekhungi khush" she kissed his cheeks making him laugh

"Chipaa.. Maassii" he giggled making her smile Armaan again looked at them

"Koi to jaaddoo hai tumme" his heart commented when

"Armaan..." Ananya called him wdout looking back at him

"Hmmm" he just hummed still staring at Shilpa making Aditi to follow his gaze and she giggled seeing him dazed at Shilpa

"Armaan kahan khoye ho..." Ananya looked back at him who got startled by her sudden nudged

"Kuch nai... Bas aise hi kuch soch raha tha" he looked away from them praying that he don't have to face any embarrassment

"Kiske baare mein..." Aditi teased making him glared her who giggled

"Bakwas band karo tum... Mom aap bolo kyun bulaya tha" he looked at Ananya who shook her head

"Haa main ye keh rahi thi ki... Ab tum dono akele Bhopal mein rahoge... To tum dono ko apne saath saath ek dusre ka b khayal rakhna hai" Ananya said softly making everyone quiet infact Shilpa also looked at her

"Haa beta... Vaha aur koi nai hoga tum dono k saath... To tum dono ko hi ek dusre ka sahara banna hoga..." Dadi said lovingly to which Shilpa looked at him slowly

"Jis tarah Train bina Engine nai chal sakti... Us tarah ek Pati aur Patni b ek dusre k bina nai chal paynge akele" Dadaji said in fun way making everyone smiled but hearing this Armaan also looked at her

"Aur haa Armaan ye nai ki apne kaam k chakkar mein tum Shilpa ko neglect karo..." Ananya warned him who looked down

"Haa agar aisa kuch huaa... To tu petega mere haath se" Billy also warned to which everyone giggled except Armaan who smiled and Shilpa who went back in memories where he always took care of her whether they were in Kerala, Damam, Maldives or any where but right now she don't have any idea that how will he take care of her

"Armaan main serious hoon... Bolo tum uska khayal rakhoge na" Ananya smacked his leg making him annoyed

"Offcourse Mom... Main kabhi apne responsibilities se nai bhagta" he said annoyingly which made her face fall

"Kya main sirf Armaan k liye ek zimedaari hun" she thought and wiped her lonely tear from her corner of eyes so that no one can see

"Sirf responsibility nai Armaan... Usse b badkar... Tum uska khayal rakhoge.. Promise karo" Ananya said smilingly to which he looked at her who was staring down at her hands

"I promise Mom..." he said in full serious voice staring at her who looked up getting lost in his eyes who was seeing her deeply their eyes were locked wd each other that they didn't noticed what their family is talking

"I know Armaan aapne ye sirf apne family k liye kaha..." her heart whinced and she goes back to the memory lane where he took her care whether in Kerala, Damam or Maldives and she knew nothing about him now "Main aaj tak akele nai rahi hun... Par main puri koshish karungi aapka dhyaan rakhne ki aur pyaar jitne ki" she thought in her heart holding his gaze

"Iski aankhon mein kuch to hai..." He thought staring in her green orbs they both were lost in each others eyes unaware that his mom is planning what to make in early morning for them and also she is telling about his careless nature while Aditi also discussed about Shilpa He can see deep in her eyes where he find Sadness Loneliness but wd great Confidence and finding his intense gaze she lowered her eyes making him disappoint but ignoring everything he concentrated on his family where as she got busy wd Anant trying to ignore him but in every five minutes they looked at one another as if their eyes were playing Hide n Seek wd each other


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