Wednesday, 9 August 2017

part 8 : : AR love story

Man I can't believe it,  she agreed. Hmm now I just have to meet her at'..oh good I never told her the time or place!  Armaan ran out of the caf'.
Ar: Ridhima'WAIT!
Ridhima turned around  startled
R: Oh Armaan..tum? Jeez you scared me'.

Armaan scratched his head'Ar: Sorry I didn't mean to scared you, its just umm'I never told you the time and place for tonight'.so how about at 7? the same place as last time?
R: Hmmmm yeah that's perfect. I'll see you tonight'..bye Armaan
Ar: Bye Ridhima
Armaan turned around and started walking towards his car.
Armaan checked himself out in the mirror one more time'.Armaan dude you look good, don't be nervous you've been on so many dates before'.how is she any different? But that's the thing'she is different? I don't know what it is about her, but I want to impress her. You can do it Armaan!
He heard his cell riniging..and went  to go pick it up
Ar: Helloo?
P: Armaan darling how are you?
His stomach twisted on hearing the voice, and not out of excitement but out of guilt.
Ar: Anjali? Heyyy baby I'm  doing fine how are you?
An: I'm doing good, I'm just out with a friend for lunch, and was just missing you so I thought of calling you
Ar: Yeah I was missing you too
His stomach twisted even tighter'..he was lying, and he knew it
An: Armaan I have to go, I'll call you later babe
Ar: Alright bye
Armaan hung up..oh god how could he forget about Anjali? She was the love of his life for god sake!  He loved  her sooo  much' could he do this to her? The minute Ridhima Gupta entered his life, he hadn't thought oF Anjali at all? Why? Who is this Ridhima Gupta anyway'.why is she making such a difference to you armaan? She shouldn't''don't you remember why your doing this? I lied to Anjali..oh I feel sooo guilty. Armaan you need to focus'.on your goal...don't you remember why your doing this? Just FOCUS!


He had a sharp intake of breath when he saw her walking in. She looked soo beautiful in the white strapless dress with a black strip going around in the center. He hair was let down and a few strands of her bangs were falling across her face and sticking to her luscious lips which were glosses with light pink gloss. Her eyes were outlined in dark black eyeliner making her emerald green eyes stand out even more. In one word she looked beautiful, it was funny how she could be dressed so simply like this with hardly any make up on and still she looked gorgeous.

Her stomach was doing summersaults  from the minute she walked in. She swore she could hear her own heard beating that's how loud and fast it was beating. She could feel her pulse racing already, and she wasn't even near him yet. But she his gaze was on her, Ohhh god why is he staring at me like that? I hope I look good.
Armaan got up as she neared the table. He pulled out a chair for her and then waited until she was  sitting until he sat down.
There was this akward silence in the air. Both of  them were soo nervous for some unknown reason to them. They were hoping the other would break this silence.
Ar &R:  Wohh
They both laughed realizing they were both talking at the same time
Ar: You go first
R: Nooo, you go first
Armaans voice softened and he said: Ridhima'you look so beautiful
Ridhima looked down  quickly.  She was blushing hard and at the same time was in thought. God why do I have to blush soo much everytime he compliments me'.and should I compliment him back'I mean he looks pretty damn hot in that grey shirt of his with the first two buttons buttoned down revealing a part of his stong chest and the blue jeans. God he's not even wearing anything to fancy and he still looks breath taking.
Armaan waved his hand in front of Ridhimas face''
Ar: Hello?
R: Yeahh umm sorry. Thanks Armaan'.you look pretty good yourself
Ar: FINALLY you admitted it that you think I'm hot.
R: What? Hey I just said you looked decent..that does not in any wayt imply that I think your hot.
Ar: Chill Ridhima'I was just kidding. But you know it does feel good be complimented every once in a while,, I mean even guys love to be complimented on how they look.
R: Ha okay, I'll remember that next time
Ar: You know Ridhima, when I first saw you I thought you had so much attitude and got angry so quickly, but now I know I was wrong. You're not anything like that, your so nice. I think we just started off on the wrong foot you know?
R: Yeah even I thought similarly of you, but you know that was the past and this is the present. And now we're friends so I mean let the past be in the past and lets live in the present'what say?
Ar: Ha okay. You're really something Miss Ridhima Gupta'you know that?
Ridhima just smiled.  How could I be so wrong about a guy like Armaan? He's soo sweet. *Sigh*
They both talked a little more, and had dinner. They both ordered their favorite noodles, and had dessert. Before they knew it, dinner was over.
They were both walking out,
Ar: Wheres your car Ridhima?
R: I didn't bring my car, I came by riksha.
Ar: Oh let me drop you home
R: No Armaan really it's okay, I'll manage
She was starting to walk ahead when all of a sudden she stopped. She could feel her heart skip a beat as she felt his touch on her hand, he was holding her hand. He felt something too as he touched her'but he wasn't exactly sure what he felt.
Ar: No Ridhima, I'm going to drop you off, and you're not going to argue with me. It's  dark at night,and it's not safe for you to go alone,
R: Okay okay I'll come with you. Happy?
Ar: Very much so

Luv you guys,

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