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part 8 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



@ Bhopal

Pal bhal thehel jao

Dil ye sambhal jaaye

Kaise tumhe roka karun...

"Is she crying..." Armaan thought staring at her who was looking out of the window wd wet eyes "Ajeeb hai ye ladki... Ghar pe thik thi... Airport pe b thik hie thi.. Haa bas sad thi but jaise hi Bhopal pahuchi aankhe bhar aayi iski as if abi ro degi ye" he thought while looking out of the window Yes, they reached Bhopal and now they were in his car, the driver is driving where as they both sat at backseat After their family chit chat they all retired in their rooms and in morning they left home wd his family dropping them at the Airport where everyone was sad while she was quiet he watched her face when she was hugging his Mom he saw a Mother-Daughter relation also her Parents had came to bid bye them. so,after meeting them they entered in waiting area where she was quiet but he was observing her silence which must be coz of her leaving Mumbai so he tried to talk but nothing came out from his mouth , leaving that topic and they reached Bhopal and as they reached Airport her eyes got wet and since then she is quiet "Hmmm..." he forwarded his handkerchief as he heard her sniffing who looked at him then at handkerchief "Aaj b nai lene ka iraada hai kya??" he asked slowly making her remind this scene when they got married and after her 'Bidaai' she was crying when he shouted on her who became quiet so realizing his mistake he forwarded his hankerchief which she ignored by looking out of the window and coming out of the flashback she looked at him and slowly lifted her hand to take the hankerchief "Mujhe laga is baar b reject karogi..." he joked as she took the hankerchief which made her little smile "Fine..." he asked concernly to which she nodded in YES still looking down and they again became silent Shilpa knows he will not ask her that why she is crying but she wanted to share this!

Meri taraf aata

Har gam fisal jaaye

Aankhon me

Tumko bharun...

"Actauly..." she started slowly still looking down while playing wd his handkerchief to which he looked at her and hummed so that she can continue "Main kabhi akele nai rahi hun... Specially Mumbai se dur" she wiped her tears like an kid still looking down which made him smile "To is liye thoda..." she looked away from him

"Emotional ho gayi... Haina" he completed to which she looked at him nodding in YES and lowered her eyes making him adore her face he wanted to say that don't worry he will always be by her side but as always it didn't came out from his mouth so shaking his head he looked out of the window where as Shilpa also looked away from him knowing very well he will not say a word to her and then his Car entered in a Society she looked out of the window and saw three big bungalows in a line and this same line follows infront of the bungalows then his Car entered in the middle one's big white bungalow "This is our house... Aao" he said normally as the Car stopped and he looked at her whose heart is jumping happily hearing 'Our House'

"Wow!!" she whispered looking at the house when she heard his voice

"Driver bags andar le jao..." he ordered to which the Driver nodded and wearing his goggles he moved on her side standing beside her who was looking at other bungalow which is beside their bungalow "Vo Rehaan ka ghar hai.." his sudden voice made her looked at him "Vaha Rehaan ki Mom aur Behen rehti hai" he informed to which she smiled

"Dilshad Aunty aur Nazma... Haina" she said slowly to which he nodded in YES

"Tumhe pata hai..." he asked amusedly to which she nodded wd a smile "Aur vo... Surbhi uski Behen aur Jeeju ka ghar hai... Jahan Tanveer jo uski Cousin hai vo b rehti hai" he pointed at the another side of the house

"U mean Surbhi b yehin rehti hai...??" she asked excietedly making him smile

"Haa..." he nodded smilingly "Chalo..." he gestured her to come inside which she followed and they entered in the house she looked all around the house which is in full white and blue colour its not so big or not so small its just Perfect but the furnitures or things were not kept properly and there is dust around the things "Workers kal aaynge... Safaai karne to aaj hume aise hi rehna padega... So ek din adjust karlo" he answered her unasked question making her nod in YES

"Armaan... Ye ghar aapne naya kharida hai??" she asked slowly making him looked at her

"Nai..." he whispered staring at the upstairs while putting his both hands in his jeans pocket "Ye meri salary ka sabse bada investment hai... Ye pehli cheez hai jisse maine khud banvaya hai apne paiso se..." he said smilingly staring up making her smile that first time he has shared something after his accident "Ammm... Vo Room mera... I mean Hamara hai.. Vo Kitchen hai..." realizing he shared something he immediatly changed the topic and started showing the Rooms Kitchen Backyard Hall Terrace everything There are five separate rooms in the house three down stairs two upstairs she was amazed to see the bedroom of them coz its same like their room in Mumbai but then she remembered he had told her that he loves his room so wherever he stays more than three monthes he made the room like his first one but this room didn't had any balcony instead it had a room connected which is opened from up but its hided by glass wall it also has plants but they were became dry Their room is in downstairs and infront of their room one room is sitauted and in between both the room kitchen and dinning area was there the third room was beside the entrance door their backyard door was connected beside the uper stairs and the two rooms which were on upstairs beside each other while the terrace stairs connected at the end of the two rooms Terrace is very beautiful like a garden it also has a small swimming pool and the backyard garden is very big and beautiful!

4 hours later...

"Pheww finally ye b ho gaya..." she slumped on sofa closing her eyes tierdly She only knows how she cleaned the house alone after showing the house he got an emergency call so after warning her to locked the door and not to go anywhere he left also he informed that Servants will come two days later So getting bored she thought to cleaned the house and changing in a simple pink kurti and navy blue salwaar she started cleaning the house which was very tough for her coz she had put the furnitures on proper places also cleaned the kitchen stuffs including fridge also and not to forget arranging all the rooms according to her taste and now she got fully tired she was resting when she heard the door bell "Armaan... Oh no maine to kuch banaya hi nai... Par kuch hai b to nai" she whispered worriedly when again the door bell rang making her ran to open the door

"SURPRISE...!!!" Seeing Dilshad Nazma Surbhi, she really got surprise

"OMG..! Aaplog.." she said surprisingly and moved to hug them

"Kyun... Hum nai aa sakte" Dilshad giggle parting away from the hug to which she giggled

"Nai aisa nai hai..." Shilpa said and moved to hug Nazma

"Aur main" Surbhi pouted making her giggle and they hugged tightly

"Kya hum andar aaye ab... Bhabhi" Nazma said in teasing tone making her nod in YES and they all entered in the house wid gifts flowers and sat on sofa

"Allah miya ye tumne kiya akele??" Surbhi asked unbelievingly looking at the shinning house to which Shilpa smiled

"Ye Armaan na bilkul careless hai... Aise kaise tumhe akela chodk gaya" Dilshad spoke in fake angry tone

"Vo unko kaam tha na..." she took his side making them smile

"Wow kitna maza aayga na Tamatar... Jab main tum aur Shilpa saath mein masti karenge" Surbhi said excietedly

"Hmmm... Main to aap log ko kuch khaane peene k liye b offer nai kar sakti... Haa but paani puch sakti hun" Shilpa said in joking way making them smile

"Tumhe pata hai Aapi aur Jeeju b aane wale thae... But unko kuch kaam aa gaya to unko jaana pada..." Surbhi said making a face actly Surbhi is a Punjabi girl when she was at age eight her Parents died in an accident so her neighbour who were Muslims adopted her coz she didnt had any family so they adopted her and living wid them she grew up but in the family there were peoples who accused her taunt her and then her aapi got married she took her wd her coz she didn't wanted to make Surbhi suffer they both loved her like their child and Surbhi loves them

"Koi baat nai... Main konsa bhaag rahi hun..." she giggled

"Par Tanveer ku nai aayi aapke saath" Nazma asked to which Surbhi rolled her eyes

"Maine usko bataya hi nai" Surbhi spoke proudly

"Surbhi.." Dilshad glared to which Surbhi apologized

"Ye sab chodo... Tumne ab tak kuch khaya ki nai??" Surbhi asked making Shilpa to nod in NO

"Toh chalo khaate hai..." Nazma opened the box in which they brought food for her "Nai actually... Abi Armaan b aaye nai hai to... Main baad mein khaungi... Par fir b thank u" she said polietly

"Ooo..." they teased making her blushed and just like this they four started talking and doing fun in which Dilshad informed about the society and Surbhi , Nazma promised to show her Bhopal city

Night time

"Shut up !! Aditi... Jitna puchun utna jawab do" Armaan said sternly

"Thik hai thik hai... To suno usse sab kuch pasand hai specially Paneer yaa fir Chineese jo uska most favourite hai" Aditi informed lying on bed where Anant and Dev already sleeping

"Isme kaunsi nayi baat hai... Har ladki ko Chineese pasand hota hai..." he said annoyingly parking his car in the parking lot

"By god! Tum pehle jaldi se jao kuch lekar Shilpa k liye subhe se usne kuch khaya nai... Aur akeli bi hai" She ordered

"Tumhe Phone bakwas karne k liye nai kiya tha... Usse kya pasand hai ye puchne k liye Phone kiya tha... But let it be main khud kharid lunga... Gud night" saying this he hung up the call and moved inside the Restaurant and purchasing food for them he left for home "Kahan gayi ye..." he mumbled as he opened the door wd extra keys and looking at the empty hall but was left surprised to see the shinning room "Workers to kal aane wale thae...?" he frowned and dailed a number "Hello! Haa main Armaan Malik bol raha hun... Jii... Aap log to kal aane wale thae... Fir aaj house clean kaise kiya?? ... Kya aapne nai karvaya... Fine thanks" he talked to the worker who told he will come tomorrow so frowning he hung up the Phone "To ye sab kisne kiya... Kahin Shilpa..." he mumbled confusedly walking inside dinning area "Shilpa..." he called looking everywhere "I think room mein hai..." he thought and putting the food packets on dinning table he moved inside their room "Amazing..." he whispered seeing their room so neat and cleaned "Dadi sahi kehti hai... Ek ghar ko ghar sirf ek Woman hi banati hai" he said smilingly when he heard something fell from the Room which is inside their Room he slowly walked inside their

"Dekh Payal agar tune ab mera zyada dimaag khaya na... To tu pitegi mere haath se" an annoyed Shilpa said angrily while pressing the soil hard inside the pot Armaan looked at her Phone which was on table on Speaker then his eyes gazed around the plants & flowers which is looking fresh now and at last his eyes stopped at her who was sitting on floor planting the last plant inside the pot her hands and clothes were dirty by wet soil her hairs were put into a bun this room is smelling wit wet soil and fresh fragrance of flowers he looked in middle of the room where two small chairs were put wid a small table b/w them

"Acha tu to aise keh rahi hai jaise... Bhopal se Mumbai aa jaygi" she taunted making her angry

"Tu Phone rakhti hai ki nai..." she warned angrily tucking her few strands of hairs behind her ear wd her back of hand which left traces of soils on her cheek making Armaan smile

"Tu kyun khud nai kaat deti..." Payal teased knowing her hands were dirty coz she had told that she is planting some flowers and plants

Bin bolen baate

Tumse karun

Agar tum saath ho...

"Aaarrgghhh..." angrily she moved her hand to cut the call when Armaan picks her Phone cuts it making her looked up at him who raised his bows crossing his arms while she gulped and stood up hesitantly "Vo... Actually... Ye sab sukh gaye thae to socha naya laga dun" she said slowly staring down

"U mean tum bahar gayi thi inhe lene... R u mad ye naya seher aur tum bahar gayi... Mujhe bol deti main le aata" he started shouting on her angrily

"Main nai gayi thi... Surbhi se mangvaya tha" she said slowly looking up at him who became quiet hearing this

"Oh... Tum... Change karlo... Aur chalo khana khalo main laya hun.. Ye sab subhe karna" saying this he left from there making her sad

"Na sorry kaha... Na hi ye kaha ki ye sab tumne akele saaf kiya... Maine kitna kiya phir b" she thought while sniffing and rubbed her tears which left soil marks on her cheeks and went inside the room

"Damm Armaan... Tu na pagal hai... Sach mein" he smacked himself mentally while rubbing his face which became drenched by the cold shower "Ek to usne saara ghar clean kiya akele... Aur tu... Idiot" he muttered and taking the towel he rubbed his head and changing in night clothes he moved out from the washroom getting bumped by her

"Ouch!!" she whinced as she bumped wd him who immediatly hold her by her waist so that she can't fall "Sorry..." she whispered moving away from him who smiled seeing her cheeks he moved his hand to rub it and seeing his hand she looked up at him confusedly to which he smiled and rubbed her cheek by his thumb slowly making her shivered her heart beat skipped by his touch who became amazed by his effect on her actually the way her body reacted he is loving it! she immediatly looked down and fisted her hands to control her thudding heart where as he rubbed the soil from her face wd his hands carefully

"Hmm ho gaya... Chalo jao change karlo fir khana khate hai" saying this slowly he went from there leaving her there dazed by his touch after all she felt his touch after two months...

15 minutes later

Agar tum saath ho

Agar tum saath ho...

"Armaan khana lag gaya hai... Aaiyee" she shouted plating the food on dining table

"Haa Rehaan tu kal aaja... Baki hum baad mein dekhte hai" he said strictly while sitting on dining chair where as she served the food standing beside him "Haa chal bye" saying this he hung up the Phone and picked his spoon " Amm... Tum b khao" he said slowly looking up at her who nodded and took a seat beside him "Amm tumne kyun kiya ye sab clean kal workers aaker kar dete" he said carefully staring at her who was playing wd her food

"Vo... Main bore ho rahi thi to socha clean kar dun" she answered slowly to which he nodded and started eating quietly he is waiting for her to say something but she didn't said anything may be she is angry wd him

"Vaise ab ye ghar pehle... Se zyada acha lag raha hai" he commented slowly taking a morsel inside his mouth wdout looking at her who smiled hearing this and looked up at him

"Sachmein..." she asked excietedly to which he hide his smile and nodded in YES making her happy thats it she wanted to hear only this from him coz she done all this only for him coz he loved cleaness "Aapko pata hai Armaan aaj Dilshad Aunty Nazma aur Surbhi aayi thi..." she said this happily while eating her food making him shook his head now he can eat wd peace coz she is back to her original self she was informing everything about her today's day where as he ws only hearing her calmly & quietly eating his food in between saying yes no or just hummed So like this they end their dinner and retired to bed feeling tierd

Two Months Later..

Our Bracelet's Birthday

Behki bheki

Leher nadiyaa si...

"Hmm finally ye ho gaya..." she spoke happily keeping the last dish on dining table Two months are gone since they came in Bhopal and in these months many things happened like she met Surabhi's family and ofcourse Tanveer who is very famous in this society coz of her Silent and helpful nature Surbhi had informed her about Tanveer that she is very sweet but sometimes became very annoying not to forget Armaan & Rehaan both praised her for values Yeah she is nice girl but one thing she hate in her that she calls Armaan Jammy coz he Luvs jam since childhood but its only her right to call him by such names but leaving her, everyone had given him names Yes, Surabhi calls him Mr Khan but she didn't felt bad as she felt Tanveer calls him Jammy coz she knew Surbhi luvs Rehaan but here the thing is different coz Armaan calls Tanveer Tanu he never ever calls her by any short or sweet name he directly calls Shilpa and that is in full serious tone she missed her name Bracelet or the names which he had called before his accident like Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Rupenze,l Arial, Snow White, Bella, Jasmine,Sleeping beauty and all the Disney Princess names he had given her infact he also called Shona she missed him badly but ignoring this all she has started gaining his attention like She made food for him so that he should have habit to eat food only by her hands there are four servants in house one Male(Steve) who cleans the house second Female (Meethi) who is for cooking and kitchen stuffs but They are only for day times coz Armaan didn't allowed them for nights he can't trust anyone so they ends their works before 9 and left for their houses while one Watchman (Raju) is outside the house and one Driver (Gujju) whom Shilpa called Uncle actaully she is friendly wd everyone that's why they liked her down to earth nature and unaware of Armaan she cooked for him which he thought Meethi cooks and he loved the food very much she always try to cook something new for him Coz the day she reached here Padma had called her in afternoon when Armaan was out for work So she suggested her to take care of her husband and made him depend on her so that he come more close to her she also told 'A man's way to heart is through good food' Shilpa doesn't believe in these types of lines but for him she can do anything their life is going smooth but perfect in mornings she'll make breakfast for him, ironed his clothes, puts his files properly on shelf's except few things he does by himself like keeping his Phone, keys, shoes everything he does by himself but other things are done by her Yeah she didn't let any Servant to do his works its only her right which she didn't want to give anyone she is getting now why the wives loves their husband so much that they do their works coz she is own started doing this but these things which she did for him is still unknown to him according to him it all done by Servants only he knows that she makes coffee for him or little snacks and he don't want also coz just like him its her house also but our Tinkerbell didn't think that she want to do everything only for him She waits for him at nights whether he comes late or early sometimes he came after twelve but she still waits six weeks ago when he came late and opening the door he entered in hall only to find her sleeping on sofa waiting for him

Teri duniyaa me

Meri duniyaa hai...

"Shilpa..." he nudged her who stirred hiding her face wd cushion "Shilpa" this time he called more loudly who got startled and sat up

"Huh..!" she blinked her eyes making him shook his head "Sorry... Vo aankh lag gayi thi..." she apologized and stood up "Main paani laati hun" saying this she went in Kitchen to bring water for him

"Kitna b late hota hun... Ye fir b wait karti hai mera.. Kyun" his brain questioned where as he was only staring at her

"Hmm.." she handled the glass to him who took that and gulping it he sat on sofa to remove his shoes

"Tumhe neend aa rahi thi to sojaana chahiyee tha room me... Mera wait karne ki kya jarurat thi" he said calmly removing his shoes while Shilpa smiled

"Main khana lagati hun..." she can't explain him why she waits for him so avoiding it she turned to go when

"Shilpa tumne khaya??" he asked strictly to which she nodded in NO "Stop pretending like a typical wife Shilpa... Chup chaap kha k so jaya karo mera wait mat kiya karo" he yelled angrily making her scared who looked down "Jao khao main change karke aata hun" saying this he moved to go

"Mujhe akele khaane ki aadat nai hai... Ajeeb lagta hai mujhe" her slow voice made him stop in his track Dammm!! Again Armaan Malik messed up everything

"Amm... Tum table lagao main change karke.. Aata hun... To saath mein khaynge... Hmmm" he don't know what to say so whatever came from his mouth he blurted

"Hmm..." she smiled making him smile too

"Aur haa... Kal se main koshish karunga jaldi aane ki... But jab mujhe 11 se zyada late ho kha lena... Main aata hun" he said calmly and left from there making her smile at his concern and from that day he never comes late making her fall for him more he talks less but hears her more she always tries to inform him about her self in different ways but Stupid he never listens her only answers 'Hmmm' like yesterday night only she tried to inform him about her b'day which is Today but he didn't get her

Teri chahto me

Mai dhal jaati hun

Teri aadatoon me

Agar tum saath ho

Agar tum saath ho...

"Armaan..." she said normally while keeping her novel on her lap and folding her legs she looked at him who was reading a book on couch where as she was sitting on bed "Armaan..." she called again to which he looked away from the book then at her

"Hmmm..." he gestured her to continue

"Aapka b'day kab hai??" she asked excitedly making him frown Yeah she knew his b'day how can she forget his b'day but to make him aware about her b'day she asked this

"Tumhe mera b'day nai pata??" he asked confusedly narrowing his bows to which she nodded in NO innocently "Ye teen saal mere saath rahi kaise... Jab ise kuch nai pata... Aisa lagta hai mere saath saath iski b memory gayi hai" he thought staring at her

"Actually mujhe pata tha... But ab yaad nai hai... Shayad Feb mein hai... Hainaa" she pretended like she really forgot his b'day

"23rd Feb..." he answered slowly opening his book again "Vaise kyun pucha??" he asked calmly still looking at his book making her smile

"Vo kya haina maine socha... Hume hamara special days kabhi bhulna nai chahiyee kyun ki vo special hote haina... To hume unhe hamesha yaadgaar banana chahiyee..." she said smilingly while he was staring at her quietly "Agar apna b'day bhul jao to chalega... But hamare apno ka kabhi nai... Kyun ki vo special hote hai" she was saying this wd cute expressions Armaan put his fingers on his chin hearing her non stop talks "Aur jo special hote hai... Unhe special feel karvana b hota hai" she said happily where as shaking his head he again looked back at his book when he heard something which made him stop "Fir maine socha kyun na aapka b'day jaan loon... Aap b to bahoot special ho" she didn't realized when this slipped from her mouth she looked at him who was already staring at her but immediately he looked away from her making her looked down so ignoring everything he again looked down at his book she was waiting that when he will ask about her b'day but engrossing himself in book he didn't even looked at her making her patience ends there "Aur mera b'day 10th Dec ko hai" so ending her desparation she only informed him about her b'day little loudly so that he can hear and hearing this he looked at her

"Hmmm..." he sigh and looked again on his book but this time hiding his smile

"Aur aaj 9 hai" she said wd grumpy look but little did it bother him so wd pouting lips she looked on her novel where as he was smiling at her look Yes, as she looked on her book he looked at her who is far away different than his thinking she is so different that he is attracting towards her he knows that he is taking their relation in very slow motion but he wants to understand many things from his life forgetting three years three months is not easy to accept but if life partner like her everything seems easy he knows she tries hard to win his attention to make him smile by her stupid jokes and he is loving it! The face which made him to decide his future wd her is already made a place in his heart but the person she is what he wants, to fell for her he wants to understand their relation ,her personality then he wants to start anything he shouts her scolds her order her but never says sorry to her then also if he talks politely or calmly she smiles and started behaving like her normal self and before leaving he always left money for her who only use that when she needed or else she didn't even touched that which he knew and understood that she is not that types of wives who spends money for useless things She made him so blessed to have a wife like her Innocent Cheerful Fun Loving Understanding Caring Loving Sensitive and many more he knows she have full rights to know about his life but before saying that he needs to know her better although he knew that she is trustful person but a little to know her he remembered three weeks ago when he came back from hospital he heard a loud music from inside the house and as he opened the door he found her in hall on floor there were papers scattered around her on her right side her phone was kept from which the loud music was playing while TV was on showing some comedy show and on her left side colours paint brushes wd eraser pencil were put while she was sketching something on a paper while moving her head according the music which was 'Baby ko base pasand hai' he was amused by her this side keeping his keys inside side drawer he slowly walked towards her and crossing his arms stood infront of her who immediately looked up at him as she saw his legs

"Kya hai ye..." he asked sternly raising his bows to which she gulped and started collecting the papers hurriedly which were scattered

Teri nazaro me hai

Tere sapne

Tere sapno me hai


"Ohh... Sorryyy actually... Main bore ho rahi thi to... Socha... Ki tympass karun" she replied instantly while collecting everything where as he knelled infront of her and picked a picture which she painted he picked another paper on which some fashion designer dresses were made by her indeed both the pictures were beautiful he was impressed by her

"Ye sab tumne banaya??" he asked slowly to which she nodded quietly "Tumne to... MBA kiya hai right" he frowned to which she nodded in YES again "To fir paintings... Aur fashion designing kaise??" he asked in normal tone making her smile

"Hobbyy..." she replied cheerfully "I luv paintings stitching... Aur thode bahoot gaane sunna vo b tab jab main kuch kaam karun tab" she was informing this by keeping the colors, paint, brush in a box while he was staring her smilingly

"Well agar tumne MBA kiya to koi job kyun nai kiya??" he asked calmly but his question made her stopped how can she explain him that her father is so insecure that he didn't wanted she do job but she cant tell him

"Vo kya haina... Mujhe interest nai tha..." she replied slowly while picking the pencil and eraser

"Interest nai tha... To padha kyun??" he frowned

"Time pass k liye" she replied nonchalantly making him stunned "Vo kya haina till the Collage mujhe pata hi nai tha mujhe karna kya hai... To sirf padhti gayi jo mila usse... Aur shaadi se bachne k liye" she said normally but stopped at her last line "Oye teri... Tu na pagal hai" she cursed herself mentally and looked at him who was staring at her bemusedly

"Fir interest kis chiz mein tha...?" he asked again wd a smile

"Isme..." she said cheerfully making him looked down at her paintings and sketches "Actually... Mera interest hamesha change hota tha... Jab school mein thi Doctor banna chahti thi" she said wd a smile looking at her papers where as his eyes became wide

"Agar ye Doctor hoti... To pura Hospital sar pe utha leti... Do teen Patients to aise hi Coma mein chale jaate... Acha hai nai hai ye" he thought staring at her

"Par fir blood aur injection ka sochke chod diya vo b... Fir RJ banne ka socha kyun ki vo uswaqt kaafi cool lagta tha mujhe" she was saying this all wd excitement in her voice and at the end showed 'Cool' by her fingers making him chuckled

"Fir??" he asked smilingly while sitting properly on floor to which she also sat properly while crossing her legs

"Fir kya isse b gave up kardiyaa... Fir mujhe Actress banna tha... Fir Airhostess, Soldier, Navy Officer, Airforce Officer, Painter aur naa jaane kya kya... Aur jab tak mujhe pata chala ki mujhe Fashion designing mein interest hai main MBA kar chuki thi" she spoke unbelievably tone making him control his laugh

"So sad..." he said hiding his smile but his gaze landed on TV which is on still showing that show "Aur Tv ko to aise hi waste karna hai... Haina..." he taunted making her looked at TV then at him

"Vo.. Mujhe darr na lage to on kar k rakha tha" she replied slowly and moved her hand to pick a paper which unknowingly he also moved to pick which resulted her hand were in his while the papers were on her hand making the both looked at each other and immediately he pulled back his hand making her sad but ignoring her feelings she looked up at him "Main Khana lagati hun aap change karlo..." saying this she went inside Kitchen making him smile by her this act so that was the first time he knew something about her like her hobby and enjoyed her story something strikes him about her talent which he will do something later She is different from all the girls he met till now her everything is so unique that he can't miss her expressions which she makes Yeah sometimes she is irritating but sometimes she is so cute that he unknowingly adore her like two weeks ago when he was busy on phone and she was watching TV he heard her cheerful voice

Mujhe lagta hai ki

Baate dil ki

Hogi lafzo ki dhoke baazi...

"Hayyeee kitna handsome hai..." she praised dreamily sitting properly on sofa where as he was behind the sofa busy on Phone but hearing her comments he looked at her but thought to ignore her "Ye to aur handsome hota jaa raha hai" she commented as Allu Arjun removed his glasses "Wow..." she smiled but hearing this his all attention moved towards her "I mean ladke ho to aise..." she spoke happily and that was enough for him so standing behind her he coughed

"Aehhmmm..." he coughed to which she stood and looked back at him scarily "Mujhe coffee chahiyee... Jao le aao" his voice was stern that made her confused

"Par mera show..." she tried to say but his glare made her went from there wd grumpy look while he sat at another sofa and tried to looked at AA whom she was praising

"Ek normal insaan hi to hai..." he whispered confusedly and shaking his head he looked on his phone when

"Hmm..." she forwarded his coffee who took it and again she seated back on her place "Amazing kya maara hai..." she commented as she saw AA fighting wd the goons but her words made him stared at her then at the LED screen at that time he saw how crazy she is for AA

"TV Off karo... Mujhe kaam hai" he ordered making her frown

"Kyun... Allu Arjun ki movie nikal jaygi..." she spoke wd pouted look making him to glare her

"Band karti ho ki nai... Yaa fir change karo..." he spoke strictly

"Par..." she tried to argue but his one glare and her mouth shut down wd a grumpy look she changed the channel on some animated cartoon

"Tum ye b dekhti ho..." he asked disbelievingly making her looked at him


"Haa I luv cartoons... Aur ab aapko isse kya problem hai... Aap apna kaam karo..." she said wd pouted look and again concentrated on her cartoon where as he stared her bemusedly that was the day when he got to know that she is totally crazy So after coming out from that day he looked back at her who was reading the novel wd grumpy look she was angry coz he didn't even noticed that her b'day is tomorrow but ignoring everything she slept happily thinking he will wish her but night passed out he didn't wished her infact in morning also he didn't noticed that why she is looking to different today b'day is her but she got ready according to his taste she wore a black anarkali dress coz black is his favorite she had let her hairs loose and also today she made breakfast all his favorite food just for him Yeah its her b'day but she wanted to celebrate her b'day in his style so what he didn't remember her b'day at least he will happy to see his favorite food and when he is happy no other gift she want for herself he didn't noticed her that why she wore a black dress and looking different today she didn't did much make up looking simple like always but looking stunning

"Bhabhi... Isse yaha rakh doon" Meethi asked politely keeping the last bowl on dinning table

"Haa..." she smiled when the door bell rang "Meethi dekho zara kon hai..." she said normally while pouring juice in a glass when she felt someone's hand on her eyes and she knew who it could be "Gud morning Surbhi" she smiled removing her hands from her eyes

"Gud morning Shilpa" she giggled making her smile

"Gud morning girls" Shilpa looked back at Nazma & Tanveer who waved actually in this month Surbhi - Shilpa got more close to each other and these girls spend their time in Shilpa's house Tanveer stays quiet but Surbhi & Shilpa do more fun together they pull each others legs taunts share advice each other infact they fight also on Allu Arjun & Salmaan Khan While Nazma enjoys their company

"Vaise aaj aap bahoot achi lag rahi hai Shilpa" Tanveer commented making her smile

"Thanks...!" she said politely

"Vaise aisa kya khaas hai aaj..." Surbhi asked in teasing tone making her roll her eyes

"Kuch khaas nai hai..." she said not interestingly "Aao breakfast karlo maine banaya hai..." she pulled chair for Surbhi who sat while they two also sat on chair opposite her

"Tumne banaya hai... Matlab kharab hi bana hoga" Surabhi said teasingly making her smile

"Bol b vo raha hai... Jo kuch nai banati" Shilpa retorted making Nazma & Tanveer laugh while Surabhi pouted "Ooo... Mazak tha..." she hugged her lovingly from behind making her smile

"Thik hai maaf kiyaa..." Surabhi said wd an attitude to which she smacked her head "Aaww" she whined

"Khaao chup chap..." Shilpa ordered making her smile they were about to start when Armaan entered their while wearing his wrist watch Shilpa didn't inform about her b'day to anyone here but from Mumbai everyone had called and wished her his family, her family & friends Aaysha, Shagun everyone wished her except him!

"Gud morning Bhaijaan" Nazma said happily making him smile

"Gud morning Tamatar" he wished taking a chair and was about to start when Surabhi started coughing loudly making all to look at her

"Allaah miya kitna tikha hai..." she said while gulping the water making Shilpa to shook her head coz she knew its her way to tease her "Baap re kahin itna thika khaake jaise main mar jaaun abhi" she spoke in full pretending tone just to tease her who shook her head forwarding a glass of juice

"Meethi... Meethi" Armaan stood and called loudly making everyone scared

"Oh no... Kahin Mr Khan gusse mein naa aa jaaye" Surbhi thought worriedly

"Khana tumne banaya..." he asked angrily as Meethi came

"Armaan... Khana maine banaya par..." Shilpa said slowly but was interrupted by him

"Kya khana tumne banaya??" he asked angrily to which she nodded

"Bhaijaan vo khana bahoot..." Nazma stood to say the truth but was stopped by his glare

"Mr Khan meri baat suniye..." Surbhi tried to explain him who raised his hand and looked angrily at Shilpa who guessed may be her b'day is going to worst day

"Jab tumhe khana banana nai aata to mat banaya karo... Tumse acha cook to Meethi kar leti hai... Kam se kam kisi ki jaan pe to nai aati... Ainda se cook kiya to shayad main bahar se kha k aaun..." he shouted angrily who got hurt by his words "Meethi ainda se sirf khana tum banaogi... And for god sake le jaao ye sab" he said angrily to Meethi who nodding in YES came forward to pick everything there was silence in the house

"Hum b agree karte hai Jammy se... Khana itna thika nai banana chaiyee aapko Shilpa" Tanveer spoke polietly making Surbhi more angry

"Oh just shut up Tanveer jab kuch pata nai hai tab mat bolo" Surbhi said angrily to Tanveer

"Kya galat kaha usne... Sahi bola Tanu ne... Aur vaise b usse zyada knowledge hai khane k baare mein..." Armaan said in strict tone putting his hands in his pants pocket to which Surbhi was about to say when

"I am sorry... Ainda se nai banaungi main" a hurt Shilpa said slowly controlling her emotions

"U should say sorry to Surbhi" he said angrily to which she looked at Surbhi who gave an apologetic look

"I am sorry..." saying this she picked a bowl and left inside the Kitchen and keeping it she went inside a room which was infront of their room making Surbhi angry at him

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