Friday, 11 August 2017

part 9 : AR love story

Armaan opened the passenger seat of his car for her…she got in and he went to the around to get in his seat.
Ar: Ridhima…..if I ask you something will you answer honestly?
R: It depends on the question I guess
Ar: Do you really want to go home?
R:  Not really…..but I mean where are we going to go at this hour of night?
Ar: I know where….
R: Where?
Ar: You'll see

R: Armaaaaann tell me now…pleasee
Ar: Ridhima ….patience is the key my darling
Ridhima crossed her arms and pouted out her lower lip. She hated being kept in suspense…he could see her muttering some stuff to herself out of frustration.
AR(thoughts): Oh god…she looks adorable..just like a little kid. It's soo fun to bug her…aha *sigh* she's just too cute. Armaan control yourself !!
He stopped his car and got out and started walking towards the beach.
R: So the beach huh?
Ar: Yeah…I love the beach…the waves..the sand…the fresh air just everything. It's soo soothing and peaceful…don't you think?
R: I do…I really do. I love the beach a lot, it has so many memories attached to it. You know when  I was little… dad would always bring me to the beach….and I'd play with him in the water for hours. But now…she started choking on her words as she could feel the tears starting to form in her eyes..she looked away. She didn't want Armaan to see her crying…god why'd I even have to bring this topic up? She closed her eyes as some of the tears started strolling down her cheeks. She wiped them quickly before Armaan could see them.
Ar(in a soft soothing voice): Heyy…ridhima look here.
When she didn't look he turned her around…and lifted up her chin. He wiped the remaining tears…
Ar: Ridhima…tell me whats wrong?
R: I don't know Armaan….I mean I guess I hadn't realized  how much I was truly missing my dad….and then when you brought me to the beach all the memories I spent with him at the beach came back to me….you know he died of blood cancer?
She could feel the tears filling up her eyes again. Armaan just wrapped her in his arms and held her for a while. He knew she needed somebody right now…and he was going to be her support right now.
She slowly started getting out of his arms…she looked up at his face as he wiped away the tears. Thanks armaan, she whispered.
Ar: Heyy…don't thank me okay? I'll always be there for you when ever you need me..I promise.
Ridhima just smiled and stood up. She started walking away….
Ar: Where you going?
R: Just follow me….
Armaan got up and started following her….all of a sudden he felt a huge splash of wetness. Oh no he thought….she wouldn't would she? he lifted up his head to see her smirking in a devious manner.
R: Hahaha I got you wet now didn't I? ;)
She stopped laughing when she saw the serious look on his face. Uh oh….she started running as armaan started running after her. He caught up and lifted her up in his arms and twirled her around. he lost his balance and they both fell in the water….and started rolling and were laughing until they stopped….
Armaan was on top of Ridhima…..she could feel her heart beating fast as he stared  into her eyes. He blew away the few strands of her hair  that were in her face.   She closed her eyes as she felt him blowing on her face. He kissed both her closed eyes lids….and then slowly going down to   her cheeks and then her  chin lingering his lips there for a while….he slowly  started leaving a wet trail of kisses on her neck…she started breathing even harder…and whispered in a voice only audible to him armaan….. he  kept his lips on her neck for a while as if he was savoring the taste of her skin ….all of a sudden he felt something vibrate. He suddenly jolted up realizing what he was doing. He stood up quickly..and realized that it was his phone …..he looked at the caller ID……..It was Anjali….oh god….he could feel his stomach twist into tight knots…out of guilt and in shame. He was kinda nervous to look at ridhima….god what must she be thinking of me? armaan lifted his head to look up at her only to find her looking down….
Ar: Heyy …umm it's getting late…I should drop you home.
Finally getting the courage to look up at him : Yeah…we should go
They walked back to his car in total silence. Armaan was cursing himself for his actions….what happened to me? I should have controlled myself….she must be thinking I'm some horrible person now…just when things were starting to get good. Why did I have to go and ruin it?
R: Armaannn…stop…my house is here.
He looked up to find her house already here….he got out of the car and went around to open the door for her.  She got out of the car and started walking away after saying a small bye to him….he held her wrist and stopped her
Ar: Ridhima…..
She turned around to face him,
Ar: Ridhima…honestly I'm soo sorry for what happened at the beach..i don't know what happened to me I should have controlled my self.
She looked up into his eyes to find guilt in them…did he really feel that bad for what happened?
R: armaan…seriously it's okay. I know your intentions aren't bad..and I trust you.  Don't worry about it armaan..i forgive you. But look at yourself ….your completely wet. Come inside and I'll  give you a towel to dry your self up.
He followed her  as she walked ahead. God she's just to sweet. I'm so glad she trust me..*sigh*
She took out the keys to open the door to her house only to find it already open.
She walked in to the house surprised to find it open already
A: Ridhima!!! Where were you sweety? I was waiting here for you for hours!!
R: Anjali??? Oh my god NO WAY!!  What are you doing here?
They were both hugging each other out of happiness as Armaan stood there at the doorway in complete shock.
Anjali pulled apart from the hug to find Armaan at the door step?
A: Armaan? What are you doing here?
Ridhima looked back and forth between armaan and anjali…you guys know each other?
A: yeah….ridzy this is armaan….my boyfriend……

Tc guys
 luv mira

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