Wednesday, 23 August 2017

part 9 : The Painful Side Of Love

'Let me go!!!! Leave me please!!!!!!!! Please leave me!!!!!'
'Oh! Cummon babe you can't keep running like this forever''..' He tore the cloth on her back'''her top was badly torn, she had hardly anything covering her body and she was ashamed of her self. She was in tears now. She tried getting out of the man's grip but every time she did it would last only for a few seconds and she'll be again in his arms''''.struggling for her dear life.

'Stop it you damn bitch.' He shouted on her when she pierced the skin on his hands with her teeths. He slapped her hard on her face and blood came gushing out of her mouth but she didn't give up and kept screaming 'HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!! HELP!!!!'''''..

'Riddhima!! Riddhima open your eyes''''get up Riddhima.' Riddhima finally opened her eyes and noticed that she was drenched in sweat even with the air conditioner maintaining the room temperature at 19 degrees. She saw Camerone sitting across her with a worried expression. She gave him a smile to tell him that she was fine. He came and sat next to her moving his hand up and down her back 'Did you see that same nightmare again?' Before she could reply her eyes landed on the wall clock and she quickly looked at Camerone who in reply just chuckled and then said, 'Chill'. I cancelled the flight. I am going on a date tomorrow with a supermodel. You know I just realized that Indian gals are real hot. I doubted that some time back.'
'Knowing that you are an Indian anybody would.'
Riddhima smiled for a second and then picking up the bed side lamp she ran behind Camerone to beat him up. After fighting for nearly 2-3 hours they were exhausted and fell asleep in the living room, Camerone on the floor and Riddhima near the table in a sitting position.

Next morning Riddhima left for Sanjeevani in a cream skirt and pink shirt. She was running late so she left in a great hurry. She had a conference to attend after 3hours but before that she had to go through a number of reports. It took her ' hour to reach Sanjeevani and once she was there she ran through the corridor towards her cabin and in the way she bumped into someone, twisting her foot and breaking the heel of one of her sandal. She didn't see the person who she had bumped into because she was busy examining her sandals. When she remembered her reports she picked up her sandals and ran towards her cabin. 'I have exactly 2hrs 20mins to read these reports. I better hurry.' She mumbled to herself once she was settled on her chair.
After reading all her reports she relaxed and checked the time she still had 30mins for the conference and then she remembered her broken sandals and felt the throbbing pain in her ankle. She can't just go into the conference like that and now that she had noticed the pain she knew she wouldn't be able to focus. She got up to get a spray for the pain and something to fix her sandals for the time being. But the moment she stepped out of her cabin she saw a box lying outside. She picked it and came inside and when she opened it she saw a spray and a beautiful pair of sandals inside. She quickly applied the spray to her ankle and felt the pain lessening. She picked up the sandals'.they were very delicate with a bow in front and were pink in color. When she tried them on they were a perfect fit and were also very comfortable. She saw a note inside the box:
'I hope you like the shoes. They don't have any heel and its better because you are always in a hurry and I would hate it if you hurt yourself once more so please next time walk slowly and try avoiding heels.
Hope the spray helps.'

Riddhima, in no time identified that the hand writing belonged to Armaan and despite herself she smiled thinking that he still remembered the size of her foot. She got up and walked towards his cabin.

'You didn't have to do all this.' Armaan turned around the moment he heard Riddhima's voice. He knew she'll come.
'Oh Its okay and anyways it was my fault that you broke your sandals.'
'Oh! So you were the one I bumped into. Well''um'.. I am sorry I guess. Thanks a lot for the sandals and also the spray'''it helped.'
'You'll have to thank me properly.' Riddhima raised her eyebrow and waited for him to continue. 'You'll have to come with me to the cafeteria and have a cup of coffee with me.' When Riddhima did not reply he said with mock irritation, 'Oh! Cummon I am not gonna bite you.' He did not wait for her to reply and simply grabbed her hand and dragged her to the cafeteria.

When they were seated there he started chatting while she politely replied to all her questions'''he was getting irritated with her answers because they were so formal that he felt like an absolute stranger with her. When he couldn't take it any more he placed his hand on hers and said in a very soft voice, 'Riddhima can't you please forget the past and behave at least like a friend with me?' They both were looking into each others eyes and when Riddhima felt herself drowning into his eyes she jerked her hand out his grip and stood up and said in a very cold voice, 'I think we should leave for the conference Dr.Armaan.' She didn't wait for him and simply walked out while he was too shocked to react and when he came back to his senses he banged his hand on the table, spilling the coffee and left for the conference.


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