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chapter 12 :I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Tumhaari choice. For Lunch."
"Haan. Main doosre logon ki tarah nahi hu jo batate bhi nahi ki khaane pe kahaan le jaa rahe hai", she said, clearly referring to all the times Armaan would refuse to tell her where he was taking her for dinner.
Armaan just laughed. "Basket kyuki tum itni achchi ho iska yeh matlab main bhi hu, samjhi?"
"Woh toh mujhe pata hai."

Armaan shook his head at her and then pulled out of the parking lot. He drove around aimlessly for some time, trying to figure out where he wanted to go.
"Armaan! Kya kar rahe ho? Kitne time se bas idhar se udhar ghoom rahe hai hum! Khaana khaane ka iraada hai ya nahi tumhaara?"
"Main decide hi nahi kar paa raha ki jaana kahaan hai!"
"Tumhe kahin bhi khaana khaane ka mann nahi kar raha?"
"Tumhaare haathon ka khaana khaane ka mann kar raha hai mera."
"Toh theek hai phir, hum ghar chalte hai! Wahaan khaana kha lenge."
"Much! Armaan, maine tumhe kaha na, jo tum chaahte ho hum woh karenge. Toh agar tumhe ghar jaana hai, aur mere haath ka bana khaana khaana hai, toh wohi karenge."
"I love you," he declared, quickly pecking her lips. She smiled and shook her head at him.
When they reached the apartment, Riddhima made Armaan sit in his bedroom.
"Armaan, ab jab tak main nahi bolungi, tum bahaar nahi aa sakte. Samjhe?"
"Kyu? Main yahaan room mein akele baithkar kya karunga? Main bhi aata hu na tumhaari help karne!"
"Nahi, tum meri help nahi kar sakte."
"Kyu nahi kar sakta?"
"Kyuki maine kaha isliye."
"Par tum mujhe apni help karne kyu nahi de rahi? Tumhaara kaam bhi jaldi ho jaayega."
"Kuch jaldi nahi hoga. Tum kaise help karoge na, jaanti hu main. Bas har waqt badmaashi karte rehte ho. Kaam khatam karne mein mujhe double time lagta hai, tumhaari wajah se."
"Achcha theek hai, main tumhe pareshaan nahi karunga. Ekdum good boy banke tumhaari help karunga. Promise," he said, pinching his throat.
"No thanks, main tumpe vishwaas nahi karti."
"Basket! Tumhe sharam nahi aati aisa bolte hue? Tumhe mujhpar bharosa nahi hai?"
"Iss maamle mein toh bilkul bhi nahi hai!"
"Yaar, main yahaan akele baithe - baithe bore ho jaunga!"
"Tum bore nahi hoge."
"Achcha? Aur yeh tum itne confidence ke saath kaise keh sakti ho? Mujhe pakka pata hai ki main bore hone waala hu."
"Tum bore nahi hoge, kyuki main tumhaare liye kuch laayi hu."
Hearing this, Armaan got really excited.
"Tum? Mere liye? Kuch laayi ho?" he asked like a little kid.
"Haan, main tumhaare liye kuch laayi hu."
"Yahin ruko, main lekar aati hu."
Armaan sat there like a good little kid, waiting for his present.
"Waise toh main yeh tumhe baad mein dene waali thi, par abhi de rahi hu, taaki tum akele bore na ho jao," she said, coming in the room a few minutes later, a bag in her hand.
Armaan eagerly took the bag from her hands and opened it. He was surprised to see lots of packages inside.
He carefully picked the first one up and opened it. It was a stack of CDs from his favourite band, Snow Patrol. He had always found their music amazing. He looked at the CDs again and realized that she had given him all Snow Patrol albums ever released. He opened one of them and found that it had been signed by Gary Lightbody. (Go check this band out, it's absolutely amazing!)
"Where did you find this!" he exclaimed, his voice incredulous.
"Woh, mujhe yeh LA mein mili. Wahaan par ek music store hai, jo aise limited edition CDs rakhta hai, bohot saare bands ke liye.
He immediately put A Hundred Million Suns in and played Crack the Shutters.
"God! I love this song!"
"Oh! Mujhe laga tumhe bhi sabki tarah Chasing Cars sabse zyada pasand hoga."
"Nahi. I think that song is over rated. I mean, no doubt, woh bohot achcha gaana hai, but I love Crack the Shutters the most. Point is, ki Chasing Cars ke alawa bhi unke bohot saare amazing gaane hai. Magar sab sirf Chasing Cars hi zyada sunn te hai. Pata nahi kyu?" he said, shaking his head as if the others were inferior.
The next few were CDs from various bands - all of which he liked. The last CD however, was not.
It had a picture of them in the cover, with his arms wrapped around her waist and hers around his neck, both of them looking deeply into each other's eyes and huge grins on their faces.
Stars I cannot fathom into constellations, was the title of this album.
"Yeh kya hai, Basket?" he asked.
"Khud hi dekh lo," she replied, blushing.
Armaan smiled on seeing her blush.
A note fell from the case when he opened it.
For those nights that we spend apart,
I think of you, always.
For those times we spend fighting,
I repent making you mad, always.
For those times we spend loving,
I cherish them, always.
For all those who say - I'll love you forever and always,
I just wanna say - I'll love you longer than forever, and more than always.'
"Jaan..." Armaan whispered, not knowing what to say. Her beautiful words had left him speechless.
Riddhima smiled. She lifted her palm in front of him, as if taking an oath, and said,"Main, Riddhima Gupta, Armaan Mallik se yeh vaada karti hu, ki apni poori zindagi, aur aane waali har zindagi mein, main sirf tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karungi. Hamesha tumhaara saath dungi - dhoop mein, chaaon mein, achche waqt mein, bure waqt mein, har din, har pal, hamesha tumhaare saath rahungi. Hamesha koshish karungi ki tum..." before she could complete, Armaan had taken her in a tight embrace.
He held her in his arms, as close as possible, as if he was afraid that she would disappear if he let her go. He kissed every part of her that he could reach, all the while mumbling, I love you.
"I love you, too," she whispered, as her rested his forehead against hers, caressing her cheek and wiping her tears.
"Line chor," he whispered,"Phirse meri line chura li."
"Tum bhi toh mere hi ho. Toh tumhaare yeh stupid lines bhi meri hain," she said, wiping his cheeks to get rid of tears that had fallen from his eyes.
"I love you," he declared, pressing his lips to hers for a passionate kiss.
After they broke apart to breathe, Riddhima took the CD from him and played it.
Heart beats fast, colours and promises,
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow,
One step closer...
I have died everyday waiting for you,
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you,
For a thousand years,
I'll love you for a thousand more...'
"Yeh gaana?" he asked her.
"Haan. Yeh un saare gaano ka collection hai, jinhe sunkar mujhe tumhaari yaad aati hai."
"Jaan, yeh... main kya bolu? This is amazing! Thank you!" he said, pulling her in for a hug.
She smiled, hugging him back.
He settled on the bed, listening to the songs that she had dedicated to him. They were so beautiful. He heard every line, every word. Songs that he had just heard in the passing, not thinking much of them, now he heard them intently. They told him how much his Basket loved him.
Songs that he used to think were "cheesy crap" were now the most beautiful songs in the world to him, because she thought of him when she heard them.
Riddhima stood there for a few minutes, but when he didn't open any of the other gifts, she started to feel annoyed.
"Armaan! Tumhe baaki gifts nahi kholne kya?"
"Oh, right! Sorry!" he said like a little kid.
"Achcha, ek kaam karo, tum sab dekhlo. Main khaana banana start karti hu."
Though, she wanted to stay back and witness all his reactions to the various things that she had gotten him, she was feeling a little nervous. What if he didn't like them? What if he thought they weren't right? What if he thought that she was overstepping her boundaries?
All these thoughts were swimming in her head and try as she might, she wasn't able to get rid of them. So she thought it was a safe option to let him open them alone. He would tell her how much he liked them when they were eating their lunch. That way, she could sit next to him and see that glint in his eyes which he got when he talked about something that he was truly passionate about, because he would only talk about the things that he liked. He wouldn't mention those that he didn't, and even if he did, it would be in the passing, acknowledging that he knew that she had given it to him.
"Arre, tum nahi rukogi mere saath? Main khol raha hu abhi sab!"
"Armaan, tum dekho na. Tumhe sab kaise laga khaane pe bata dena. Bohot late ho gaya hai, aur mujhe bhook bhi lag rahi hai," she excused herself.
"Haan, bhook toh mujhe bhi lag rahi hai," she nodded as if approving the fact that he was hungry,"Theek hai. Lunch khaate hue tumhe bata dunga."
"Good. Ab batao khaana kya hai?"
He thought for some time before saying, "Surprise me!"
Riddhima nodded her head and proceeded towards the kitchen.
Meanwhile, Armaan started working on the bags, one gift at a time.
He unwrapped various movies and TV shows - ones that he had told her were his favourites and those that he had wanted to watch but hadn't gotten the time yet. All those times that he thought she had just ignored his mindless chatter, only nodding to look interested, he had been wrong. She had been listening intently. And she remembered everything.
Next he removed a few T - shirts and some other clothes. They were all exactly according to his taste and he loved them all.
There were boxes and boxes his favourite chocolate - Fererro Rondnoir. He loved that chocolate more than any other food item in the world. Sadly, it wasn't always available in India. His dad used to bring them for him whenever he went away on a business trip - the only part of his father's return that he looked forward to. He had been bringing them for him for a long time now. Even now, whenever Billy went on a trip, he never forgot to bring those chocolates for his son.
Apart from the Fererro, there were various other chocolates that she bought for him. He was going to be in a chocolate heaven for the next few days.
There was only one packet inside now.
He opened it and found a book - The Alchemist' to be exact. He had been badgering about it for a long time. It was one of his favourite books and his copy had torn apart due to his constant reading. He had been looking for a new one, but none of them were right - either the paper was too rough or it was too soft, or the font wasn't proper or the cover wasn't right. Armaan had searched high and low, but he hadn't found a copy of the book that he liked, precisely a copy like the one that he had previously owned. And he had eaten Riddhima's head off, complaining how you couldn't even find a book in this city.
"This is perfect," he whispered to himself. It was exactly like the one that he had had.  He was amazed by the fact that Riddhima heard all of his rants so seriously. She had gotten him the book, exactly the way he wanted it to be.
He opened it and buried his face in, smelling the scent of fresh paper. He had always loved hat smell. For the longest time, it had been his favourite scent in the world, until he had met Riddhima. Nothing smelt as beautiful as his baby did.
When he looked up again, he saw that she had written something on the dedication page of the novel.
They say that if you want something with all your heart, the whole universe conspires to help you get it.
I don't know if it's true, but I know that it is destiny that brought me back to you.
So maybe, the universe did conspire to get me what I wanted the most - you.
I love you, Armaan.
And I promise to love you till the end of time.'
He kissed the note and closed the book, hugging it close to him.
"I love you, too, Jaan."
Without wasting time, he rushed to the kitchen. There she was, completely engrossed in her cooking. He rushed to her and pulled her into his arms, giving her the tightest hug possible.
"I love you, too, Jaan," he whispered again.
Riddhima hugged him back, not knowing what had gotten into him. She was surprised when she felt him shaking a little. At first she thought he was laughing, but then she felt wetness on her neck and realized that he was actually crying.
Reading her beautiful words for him and listening to those amazing songs that reminded her of him had made him speechless. Riddhima had never been vocal about her love for him. She was shy. She rarely ever said those words to him. But that was okay, he didn't need words to know that she loved him. He knew that in her heart, she loved him deeply and that was fine with him. However, there were times when he had wondered what it would feel like to hear those words from her - not just a shy whisper in his ears, but in a different way. Like he expressed his love for her.
And today, she had done that. She had expressed her love for him in such a beautiful way! He was speechless. He never knew she loved him so much. Her words had literally brought tears to his eyes. Her words had been so pure, so beautiful and so powerful. Their intensity was what had made his tears fall.
Achcha hai yeh mujhe roz aise I love you nahi kehti, nahi toh main toh aise rota hi rahunga. Phir meri toh hospital mein koi izzat hi nahi rahegi, he thought.
"Armaan? Kya hua? Tum ro kyu rahe ho?" Riddhima asked when she realized that he was crying.
"Itna pyaar karti ho mujhse?" Armaan asked, smiling through his tears, showing her the novel.
Riddhima blushed on seeing it. "Isse bhi zyada," she whispered through a smile.
Armaan grinned at her and then took her in his arms again.
"Kyu karti ho itna pyaar?" he asked her.
"Karti hu toh bas karti hu, Armaan. Iski koi wajah nahi hai," she replied, her voice muffled on his skin.
"Mat karo itna pyaar mujhse. Mat do itni uchi jagah apni zindagi mein. Agar maine tumhaara bharosa tod diya toh? Main nahi jee paunga aisi zindagi, jahaan tum mujhpar yakeen nahi kar sakti," he told her seriously.
"Armaan! Tumhe kyu lagta hai ki aisa kuch hoga? Main achchi tarah jaanti hu tumhe. Mera Armaan sapne mein bhi aisa nahi kar sakta. Jaanti hu, ki jaan bujhkar kabhi aisi koi harkat nahi karoge jisse mujhe dukh pohonche, yaa mera tumpar se bharosa toot jaaye."
"Lekin agar mujhse kabhi koi galti ho gayi toh?"
She pulled back and cupped his face, making him look her in the eye.
"Armaan, galtiyaan sabse hoti hai. Hum bhagwaan nahi hai! Agar kalko tumse koi galti ho bhi gayi, toh isse kya fark pad jaayega? Haan? Mera pyaar tumhaare liye kabhi kam nahi hoga! Tum toh meri jaan ho. Kya koi apni jaan se naaraaz reh sakta hai? Kya koi apni jaan se nafrat kar sakta hai? Nahi na. Tum aisa kaise soch sakte ho ki main tumse kabhi pyaar karna chod sakti hu?" she took his hand and placed it on her heart,"Yeh dil ab sirf tumhaare liye dhadakta hai Armaan. Aur hamesha sirf tumhaare liye hi dhadakega."
Armaan smiled widely and placed his lips on hers, kissing her softly.
"I love you," he whispered against her lips.
"I love you, too," she replied.
He hugged her close to him and they stood like that for some time, drowning in each other's presence. Armaan would lazily kiss Riddhima's temple every now and then, lingering on the spot and breathing her in.
"Achcha chalo, ab jao yahaan se. Mujhe khana banane do," Riddhima said pulling herself out of his arms.
"Arre, hum bahaar se khaana mangwa lenge. Mujhe tumhaare saath rehna hai!"
"Armaan! Tumne hi kaha than a ki tumhe mere haath ka khaana khaana hai?"
"Haan, toh theek haina. Ab main hi keh raha hu ki nahi khaana!"
"Armaan! Tum jao, aur mujhe kaam karne do. Khaana waise bhi bas thode time mein ready ho jaayega."
"Par main kya karunga? Maine toh tumhaare saare gifts bhi khol liye! Oh, by the way, sab kuch bohot achcha hai! Itne saare kapde aur chocolates! Thanks, Jaan! I love you!"
"Armaan, mujhe pata hai tumne saare gifts nahi dekhe hai."
"Achcha? Aur tumne itne confidence ke saath kaise keh sakti ho?"
"Kyuki agar tumne saare dekhe hote, toh hum abhi yahaan par khade khade baat nahi kar rahe hote! Tum apne gifts mein hi busy rehte."
"Nahi yaar Riddhima! Maine dekha, bag bilkul khali tha! Aur tumhe kya lagta hai? Ki yeh gifts mere liye tumse zyada important hai?"
"Saare toh nahi, par ek gift hai jo mujhe pata hai ki tumhaare liye bohot hi distracting hai. Jab woh tumhaare haath mein hoga, tumhe kisi aur cheez ka hosh hi nahi rahega!"
"Achcha? Maine toh saare gifts khol liye, koi bhi aisa nahi tha."
"Tumne doosre bag mein se bhi gifts khol liye Armaan?"
"Woh doosra bag bhi mera hai?" he asked like a little kid.
"Nahi, nahi, padosi ka hai!" Riddhima exclaimed, smacking his arm.
"Okay! Fine! Jaake dekhta hu kya hai."
"Oh! Ek baat Armaan," Riddhima said as he turned to leave.
He turned around and looked at her confused.
"Agar mujhse zyada importance us cheez ko di, toh main tumhaara murder kar dungi! Samjhe?"
"Yes, Ma'am," he said, saluting her.
He rushed to his room and opened the other bag.
What was inside was his dream come true!
It was the latest playstation - PS4!
It was yet to be launched in India, but Armaan had his sights set on it since he had since its advertisement online. He was determined to buy it as soon as it hit the markets. But sadly, it was going to arrive in India only in 2015!
But thanks to his beautiful, smart and intelligent girlfriend, he could play with it now!
"Basket! I love you!" he called from his room.
"I love you, too. But yaad rakhna, usko zyada bhaav dene ki zaroorat nahi hai!" she called back smiling.
Armaan grinned and quickly connected the PS4 to his TV. He inserted Halo and started playing.
He didn't even realize how quickly the time passed and Riddhima was standing in front of him.
"Armaan, khaana taiyaar hai. Chalo," she said.
"Haan Riddhima! Bas 2 minute, yeh game complete karlu?" he replied, not even bothering to take his eyes off the screen.
"Armaan! Mujhe bhook lagi hai. Chalo jaldi, please."
"Haan, bas 2 minute na. Yeh abhi complete ho jaayega."
This went on for almost half an hour. Riddhima would ask him to stop his game and go for lunch and he would brush her off saying he'll just pause it.
"Dr. Armaan Mallik! Stop irritating me and come for lunch now! Before I break this PS4!" she shouted in the end.
Armaan was startled by the sudden shout, which caused him to lose control over his character, which made him die.
"Kya yaar Basket! Dekho tumhaari wajah se mera game khatam ho gaya. Kitna achcha jaa raha tha!"
"Armaan! Main kabse tumhaara wait kar rahi hu. Mujhe bhook lagi hai! Aur tum apne is stupid game mein lage hue ho. Maine kaha than a tumse, agar is game ko mujhse zyada importance mili toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga!"
Armaan sensed that his Jaan was getting really angry now. So, he quietly turned the PS off and held her hand, leading her into the dining room.
They got seated and Riddhima plated the food. Armaan who was really hungry, just attacked the food and started eating as of this was his last meal. After a while, he realized that Riddhima wasn't eating at all. She was madder than he had thought. All because of that blasted PS. Why had he gotten so engrossed in it to forget about her?
God! He was such an idiot.
He sighed and forwarded a morsel to Riddhima, but she just turned her head away. He shook his head and forwarded it again. He shrugged her shoulders and shook his hand. "Mujhe nahi khaana Armaan. Tum kha lo. Mujhe bhook nahi lag rahi," she said.
"Aise kaise bhook nahi lag rahi? Abhi thode time pehle toh keh rahi thi - Armaan jaldi chalo mujhe bhook lagi hai," he said, mimicking her.
"Haan, tab lag rahi thi. Ab nahi lag rahi hai," she replied.
He frowned. Keeping the food aside, he held her face in his hands and faced her to look at him. When she did, he let go of her face and held his ears. "I'm sorry, Basket."
"Tum kyu bol rahe ho sorry? Tumne thodi hi koi galti ki hai."
"Basket, please. Jab tum mujhe bulaane aayi thi, toh mujhe turant aa jaana chahiye tha. Par main bhi na, kitna stupid hu. Hamesha aisi ulti seedhi harkatein karta rehta hu. Next time nahi hoga, promise. Bas iss baar maaf kardo na! I'm sorry," he pleaded.
Riddhima sighed, looking away. She knew that she wouldn't be able to stay mad at him when he looked at her like that and apologized so sincerely. Already his words were melting her. She was thinking about forgiving him.
No, Riddhima. Tu usse maaf nahi karegi, she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and shook her head to clear her mind.
She gasped when she opened her eyes. Armaan was kneeling on the floor in front of her, his hands folded in front of her. "I'm sorry, Jaan. Please mujhe maaf kardo," he whispered.
She couldn't see him like this. She immediately sat on her knees in front of him and hugged him.
"Tumna! Tum hamesha aise hi karte ho! Pehle aisa kuch karte ho ki main naaraaz ho jau aur phir itne pyaar se maafi maangte ho ki maaf kiye bina mann hi manta!" she exclaimed, hitting him.
"I'm sorry! Main phir kabhi aisa nahi karunga. Woh stupid PlayStation tumse zyada important nahi hai."
Riddhima nodded against his shoulder.
"Good. Ab khaana khaale? Bohot bhook lagi hai."
Armaan made her sit on the chair before seating himself and then made a morsel, forwarding it to Riddhima. She smiled and ate it, feeding him in return.
Armaan talked a mile a minute, thanking her for all the gifts that she had gotten him and telling her how much he appreciated them.
He loved the Snow Patrol album and the Superman Tee. The Rado watch was absolutely amazing. The Fererro tasted like Heaven on Earth and he was going to start re - watching M.A.S.H. ASAP because he loved it so much. He was especially excited about the copy of The Alchemist that she had gotten him and couldn't wait to read it again. And he thought that the songs that she had dedicated to him in the CD were breathtaking and spectacular. Of all the songs, his favourite was Best In Me by Blue. He said that he felt the song was absolutely amazing and that he felt exactly the same way about her. She did bring out the best in him.
And of course, there was the PS4. After promising her, again, that he wouldn't pull a stunt like he had done earlier, he told her just how much he loved her for bringing that for him. And then he started listing the endless games that he was planning on playing on that very PS.
Riddhima just grinned at the childish exuberance that he exuded. She was really happy that Armaan loved everything that she had gotten him, her earlier worries seeming stupid now. She didn't have any reason to be worried! She knew Armaan better than she knew anyone, and she knew his likes, dislikes and his interests better than hers. Of course she would have known what to bring for him. There was no need to worry about the fact that he might not like the things that she had gotten him.
"Riddhima, tum sunn rahi ho na?" Armaan's question jolted her out of her thoughts.
"Kya? Kya kaha tumne?"
"Lo, main jabse tumse baat kar raha hu, magar madam toh kahin aur hi khoyi hui hain!"
"Arre, aisa nahi hai. Bas kuch soch rahi thi."
"Achcha? Kya soch rahi thi?"
"Kuch nahi, woh sab chodo. Yeh batao ki tum kya keh rahe the?"
"Main bas tumhe thank you keh raha tha. Seriously Basket, aaj tak kabhi kisine mere liye aisa nahi kiya. Mujhpar itna dhyaan nahi diya. I just... mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ki main tumhe kaise thanks kahu."
"Tumhe mujhe thanks kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Maine tumhaare liye sab kuch kiya kyuki mujhe tumhaare liye yeh sab karne se achcha laga. Isliye thanks bolke mujhe insult mat karo."
"Achcha baba! No more thanks! I love you!" he said and hugged her. "Yeh toh keh sakta hu na?"
"Armaan!" she smacked his arm. "I love you, too."
Armaan kissed the side of her head and parted from the hug. "Yahaan baitho, main bas abhi aaya."
Saying so, Armaan hurried inside. He came back a few minutes later with his guitar in hand.
(A/N - Okay guys, this is my first attempt at a song sequence! So please bear with me!)
Phir se wahi, dil le aaya mujhe
Hai bas jahaan, teri meri wafaa
(He started singing, looking into her eyes.)
Kehta hai yeh, ishq ki raah se
Phir ek dafa, hum guzar le zara
(She smiled widely and blushed. He smirked and pulled her from her chair and made her sit on the sofa in the living room.)
Paas laaya tere, yun sataaya mujhe
Phir tere liye majboor kiya, majboor kiya..
(Riddhima blushed a deep red as Armaan moved near her and kissed her softly on the lips)
Ho aawara aawara, awaara awaara
Aawara aawara, dil awaara hua
Ho aawara aawara, awaara awaara
Aawara aawara, dil awaara hua
(He kept the guitar aside and turned on the music player, taking her in his arms.)
Kabhi pehli barish min ye khwahishein jagayein
Kabhi isme chal rahi dhadkan ko badhayein
(He twirled her around and then pulled her close to him with a jerk.)
Fitrat se ye besabar bas tujhko bulaaye
Doori ka jo aalam ho to khoob rulaaye
(He placed kisses on her face as they swayed to the music.)
Phir kitni bhi koshish kar lu dil sambhal na paye
(He smiled at her as she exctracted herself from his arms and ran away blushing.)
Paas laaya tere, yun sataya mujhe
Phir tere liye majboor kiya, majboor kiya..
(He hugged her close to him from behind and buried his face in her neck, nuzzling her softly.)
Ho awara awara, awara awara
Aawara awaara, dil awaara huaa
Ho awara awara, awara awara
Aawara awaara, dil awaara huaa
(He turned her around and looked into her eyes, singing the lyrics to her.)
Chal phir unn galiyon me hum phir kho jaayein
Jahaan chalti thi mohabbat ki taaza hawaayein
(He pulled her into his arms again and they swayed to the music.)
Wahaan phir se ajnabi kyun na ho jaayein
Phir se ek dooje ko aa chal milwaayein
Tujhe milke aawaargi ka mausam phir aaye
(Armaan lifted her up and twirled.)
Paas laaya tere, yun sataya mujhe
Phir tere liye majboor kiya, majboor kiya..
(He set her down and then made her stand on his toes. Burying his face in her neck, he gently swayed to the music.)
Ho awara awara, awara awara
Aawara awaara, dil awaara huaa
Ho awara awara, awara awara
Aawara awaara, dil awaara huaa.


Hey Guys!
Hope you peeps liked the chappie!
So the date moves forward and we see the first glimpse of a sappy Riddhima. Kaisi lagi sabko aisi waali Ridzy? I hope achchi lagi ho.
Anyway, please like and comment. Koi galti hui ho toh woh bhi point out kar dena, please!
Until next time...

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