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Chapter 13 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Armaan! Chalo, humein jaana hai." Riddhima said sometime later as they lounged on the couch."Kahaan jaana hai?" he asked, his voice muffled against her neck.
"Tumhe kya laga? Movie aur lunch ke saath date khatam? Abhi toh bas shuruaat hai," Riddhima said in a filmy style.
"Theek hai. Ab hum kahaan jaa rahe hai?" he asked, making no attempts to move.
"Tum uthoge toh hum kahin jaa paayenge. Aur main tumhe nahi bata rahi kahaan jaana hai."

"Par kyu?"
"Kyuki mujhe nahi batana!"
She pushed him off her and got up. "Chalo! Jaldi utho!"
He sighed lazily but got up anyway. She took his hand in hers and pulled him downstairs.
They got into his car, with him driving and Riddhima giving him directions again.
About halfway through, he realized where they were headed.
"ComicCon?" he asked, excitement clear as day in his voice.
Riddhima beamed and nodded. Armaan had been yapping about going. But it was only for the one weekend and he'd missed out on buying the tickets for Sunday. He couldn't go any other day because he was at the hospital. But, Riddhima had already bought the passes the minute she knew about them. She had been to the one in San Fransisco with Rahul and the gang, and wanted to check out the one which was being held in India.
It was absolutely amazing. And so worth the wait.
The place was like a street market with various vendors lined up everywhere. It was really colorful with all kinds of different stuff in all different colors. It was all really lively. They stood there, in the midst of a huge crowd, taking it all in.
"This is amazing," Armaan whispered.
Riddhima nodded.
"Chalein?" she asked.
Armaan took her hand in his and moved forward. They stopped at almost all the shops and bought various stuff. After an initial disagreement on who would pay (Armaan wanted to pay for everything, but Riddhima insisted on paying as she was the one who had brought him on a date), they decided that Armaan would buy stuff for Riddhima and she would buy stuff for him.
By the end of their round around the ground, they had enough stuff to last a lifetime. Of course it wasn't just for themselves, they'd bought a lot of stuff for all their friends. But, they had gone wild. They literally had t - shirts that could fill up cupboards, action figures to last a lifetime and other knick knacks that they didn't have a clue of what to do with, but they couldn't help themselves.
"Aaj toh mazaa hi aa gaya," Armaan said.
"Haan," she replied.
"Waise, Basket, mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhe superheroes mein itna interest hai," he told her, referring to the time when she had spent almost half an hour on deciding on the perfect Batman t - shirt.
"Superhero," she corrected him," Mujhe sirf Batman pasand hai."
"Achcha? Kyu?"
"Well, sabse pehle to, uski koi weakness nahi hai, you know like Kryptonite," she said cheekily.
Armaan just gave a disgruntled sigh.
"And he's smart, he's good looking, he's rich, he's tech savvy..."
"Haan, haan. Theek hai. Samajh gaya tumhe Batman pasand hai. Ab zyada uske baare mein baat karne ki zaroorat nahi hai." (You know, typical Armaan style, when he gets jealous.)
Riddhima smirked. She pretended to sniff the air. "Kuch jalne ki boo nahi aa rahi?" she asked cheekily.
Armaan just gave a sarcastic laugh.
"Armaan..." Riddhima said patronizingly, rubbing his shoulder.
"Kya hai?" he asked a little rudely.
"Tum na, bilkul bachche ho," she said smiling, ruffling his hair.
He made a face.
She kept her hands on his shoulders and made him turn to look at her. "I love you," she told him, looking him in the eye. That was all he needed. The scowl on his face turned into a huge grin. "I love you, too," he replied, kissing her forehead.
They kept all of their stuff in the car and Armaan started the ignition.
"Toh madam, ab kahaan jaana hai?"
It was late afternoon by then.
"Ab... ab hum ek aisi jagah jaa rahe hai, jo I think tumhe bohot pasand aayegi. But uske pehle humein ghar jaana hai."
"Haan, mujhe thoda saamaan lena hai."
"Okay," saying so, Armaan drove to Riddhima's house.
Anjali opened the door for them.
"Hey guys! So, how was it? Itni jaldi waapas aa gaye?" Anjali asked Armaan while Riddhima hurried to her room.
"Arre, abhi kahaan! Riddhima ko bas kuch saamaan chahiye tha. Woh lene aaye hain."
"Ohhh... So how's it going anyway?" she asked.
"Absolutely amazing..." Armaan sighed.
"I knew it! Ridz faltu mein tension le rahi thi. Idiot kahin ki!"
"Haan, you know the basic stuff... maine tumhe bataaya tha na?"
"Ki mujhe pasand aayega ya nahi?"
Anjali nodded.
"Paagal hai woh! It's been..." he struggled to find a word.
"Perfect," he said, finally settling for it, thought the word in no way described how he felt about the whole day.
"Yeah?" Anjali asked smirking.
"Yeah. I mean, she knows what to do, what to say. Woh mujhe sabse zyada achche tarah se jaanti hai. Mere likes, dislikes and stuff. Aur usne unn saari cheezon ko dhyaan rakhkar sab kuch plan kiya hai. It's just... kya bolun ab main?"
"Rehne dijiye, Mr. Majnu, kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Aapke chehre par sab kuch saaf likha hua hai."
Before Armaan could say anything else, Riddhima returned with a bag in her hands.
"Chalein?" she asked.
"Haan, haan jao tum log," Anjali replied for Armaan. "Raat ko time pe ghar chod dena Ridzy ko. Aur phir kal hospital mein milte hain," she said to Armaan.
Armaan nodded. Taking the bag from Riddhima, he held her hand in his and made it out of the door.
Getting in, Armaan started to drive as Riddhima blabbered the directions, yet again.
They stopped in front of an old looking bunglow that needed some repair. It had a huge entryway, with a wide gate. There was a cobbled stone path leading to the door, with grass on either side.
Riddhima held his hand and marched forward, Armaan walking behind her with the huge bag on his shoulder.
Riddhima just barged into the house without bothering to ring the door bell. That struck a little odd to Armaan.
"Jaan, hum kahaan hain?" he asked her.
Before she could reply, a chorus of "Riddhima Didi!" rang out across the hall making them both turn in the direction of the noise.
And there they stood, about 15 children, with huge smiles on their faces.
"Hi bachcha log!" Riddhima exclaimed, sitting on her knees and opening her arms for hugs. Soon, she dissolved in a pile of bodies.
"Kaise ho aap sab?" she asked once they had let her go.
"Hum toh bohot achche hain Didi. Aap kaise ho? Itne din ho gaye aap humse milne bhi nahi aaye!" some boy asked.
"Sorry, Rohan," she apologized quickly, holding her ears,"Main na kaam mein thodi busy thi."
"Theek hai, iss baar maaf kiya. Agli baar nahi karunga."
Riddima smiled. "Waise yeh kaun hai?" he asked, pointing at Armaan, who had been standing quietly in the corner and looking at Riddhima.
Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled. She took his hand and made him come forward. "Yeh mere friend hai, Armaan. Yeh bhi aap sab se milna chaahte the. Isliye aaj main inhe aapse milaana layi hu."
Armaan smiled tentatively and waved at the kids. "Hey, guys!"
"Hi," they chorused.
Hearing all the ruckus, a few elderly people had entered the hall.
"Arre Riddhima? Tu yahaan?" one of the ladies asked.
"DaiMa! Kaise ho aap?" Riddhima asked the lady, touching her feet and then hugging her.
"Main toh theek hu bete. Tum batao, tum kaisi ho?"
"Main bilkul theek hu."
"Aaj bade dino baad humaari yaad aayi tujhe, Riddhi beta..." One of the elderly men stated.
"Aisa nahi hai, Daadu. Bas kaam mein thodi busy hu aajakal."
"Toh phir aaj achaanak yahaan kaise aana hua?" another lady asked.
"Dadima! Main aap sabko miss kar rahi thi. Aur phir mujhe aapko kisise milaana hai."
"Kisse?" she asked.
Riddhima turned and looked at Armaan who seemed to have wooed the kids and was now having a gala time goofing around with them.
Riddhima couldn't help it, she smiled widely at the sight. For a brief moment, she wondered if this was how her life with Armaan would be, in the not so distant future, after they got married. She quickly dismissed the thought and blushed a deep scarlet thinking about the direction her thoughts had taken.
Daima took one look at Riddhima's face and that enough for her to realize who the person exactly was. The love that was clear in Riddhima's eyes and the glow on her face were umistakable and impossible to miss.
"Armaan," she whispered.
Riddhima looked up, surprised.
"Aap ko kaise pata ki woh...?" Riddhima asked her.
"Tere chehre par dekh sakti hu, Riddhima. Armaan hi haina woh?" Daima asked.
"Milwaayegi nahi?"
Riddhima smiled and strode forward. "Okay. Chalo tum sab andar jao. Hum abhi aa rahe hain," Riddhima told the kids, catching hold of Armaan's hand.
"Okay!" one of the girls, Bunny shouted, taking Armaan's hand in hers and pulling him with her.
Armaan who was surprised that she'd held her hand followed her.
"Arre, ruko!" Riddhima called.
"Kya hua?" another girl, Humera asked.
"Tum log Armaan ko kahaan le jaa rahe ho?"
"Armaan bhaiya humaare saath khelne aa rahe haina, Didi. Aap aaiye. Hum unhe lekar jaa rahe hai," Bunny said.
"Tum Armaan ko nahi lekar jaa sakte," Riddhima told them.
"Kyu?" Zakky asked.
"DaiMa aur baaki sabko Armaan se milna hai, isliye."
The kids' faces fell on hearing this. Armaan smiled and got on his knees in front of them.
"Main abhi aata hu, jaldi se ekdum fast fast."
"Nahi aap nahi aaoge. DaiMa aapko apne paas hi bithaa kar rakhegi. Fir hum nahi khel paayenge aapke saath," TJ said.
"Arre! Main pakka fast fast waapas aa jaaunga. Ek kaam karte hain. Hum chupaa chupi khelte hai. Aap sab chupo aur main aata hu aapko dhoondne."
"Yeeeaaahhh," the kids shouted, scampering away to find good hiding places.
Riddhima pulled him and introduced him to all the elders. There was DaiMa, the main care taker, Daadu, DadiMa, Dadaji and Dadiji, all of who lived there and helped DaiMa.
There were a few others who were just there because they didn't have any other placed to stay.
DaiMa was really happy to finally meet Armaan. She had wanted to meet him since the day that Riddhima had finally broken down told her her story. Seeing him today, DaiMa knew that Armaan was every bit the person that Riddhima had described him to be. He sweet, loving, caring and welcoming. He had easily put all of them at ease and was quick to form a friendship with the kids. And he looked at Riddhima as if she had hung the moon and stars. He was exactly what Riddhima needed in her life.
"DaiMa, hum aate hain. Bacche saare wait kar rahe hinge," Armaan said, breaking her chain of thought. He truly was a gem of a person.
"Haan, haan, beta. Jao tum dono," she replied.
Armaan took Riddhima's hand and wandered off. It took them an hour to find all 12 kids and Armaan had never had so much before. Riddhima had played along side the kids, hiding as he looked for them. It took him longer than he had anticipated because he hadn't had a tour of the house and he spent half the time stumbling into various store rooms or unused rooms.
Riddhima didn't make it any easier for him. He didn't know how, but she always managed to hit him on the back of his head and hide before he could see her. She would also call out to him from somewhere in the house but he couldn't find where. Finally with a lot of trying and running Armaan found her and the game ended.
After the game, Riddhima got the huge bag she had picked from her house before coming there. The bag contained all kinds of things for the kids and a few for the elders. Armaan and Riddhima spent the next hour giving away the gifts.
They left sometime later with hugs and kisses to last a lifetime and a promise to see them again very soon.
"Jaan, this place was amazing. Tum yahaan aksar aati ho?"
Riddhima smiled and nodded.
"Par pehle toh tumne mujhe nahi bataya iske baare mein."
"Main yahaan pichle kuch mahino             mein hi aane lagin hu, Armaan," she whispered.
"Pichle kuch mahino mein? Kabse?"
"Main bataaungi tumhe, abhi hume chalna hai. Dinner ka waqt ho raha hai."
"Okay. Kahaan jaana hai?"
"Main soch rahi thi... The Sassy Spoon?"
"Awesome. Mujhe bohot time se try karna hai."
"Mujhe bhi."
They reached fairly quickly as there was no traffic.
Armaan requested for a private setting, which was thankfully available. It was very cozy. The area was a little away from the other part of the restaurant and hidden behind a wall, giving them almost complete privacy.
Armaan made Riddhima sit, before sliding in beside her. They sat close, wrapped up in each other.
The waiter brought the menus and they debated for sometime before placing the order.
As they waited, Armaan thought it was a good time to ask her about Udaan - the orphanage - cum - old age home that they had visited.
"Jaan, tumne mujhe nahi bataya, ki tum wahaan kabse jaa rahi ho."
"Woh... woh... woh main. Chodo na, Armaan, kya farak padta hai?"
Hearing Riddhima fumble like that, Armaan knew that something was very wrong.
Riddhima was looking down, not meeting his eyes and she had surprisingly put some distance between them. Armaan shifted closer to her and lifted her chin. He held her face in his hands and looked deeply into her eyes.
"Kya hua, Basket? Tum mujhe nahi bataogi?"
"Puraani baatein yaad karke kya faayda, Armaan. Woh bhi aisi baatein jo takleef deti hai. Hum aaj yahaan hai, ek saath hain, khush hain. Toh phir is sabka kya faayda?"
"Fark padta ha, Riddhima. Tumhaari har baat se fark padta hai. Aur kya mujhe itna bhi haq nahi ki main tumhaare baare mein kuch jaan saku?"
"Armaan!" she whispered,"Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho. Tumhe poora haq hai Armaan."
"Toh phir mujhe batao, please."
"Jab Papa ne, meri aur Sid ki shaadi ke liye zabardasti kit hi, aur main nahi maani uske kuch waqt baad ki baat hai. Papa mujhse baat nahi kar rahe the, baat toh kya, meri shakal bhi nahi dekhna chaahte the, aur Mumma bhi us waqt bohot pareshaan thi. Abhi aur Nikki ki kuch time pehle hi shaadi hui thi, toh woh bhi Honeymoon par the aur Atul ko hospital se fursat hi nahi thi, uske exams jo aa rahe the. Hospital mein log mere aur Sid ke baare men tarah tarah ki baatein kar rahe the. Woh waqt, mere liye bohot mushkil tha. Ma aur Papa ne nahi the mere saath, mere saare dost apni zindagi mein itne uljhe hue the ki main unse bhi baat nahi kar paa rahi thi. Aur tum bhi nahi the. Pata hai Armaan, un 4 mahino mein, aisa ek bhi pal nahi gaya, jab maine tumhe miss nahi kiya..."
Armaan stopped her from talking further by keeping his hand on her mouth.
"I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice watery and broken, as if he was trying to stop himself from crying - which he was.
"Tumhaari koi galti nahi hai," she replied, hugging him close and burying her face in his neck.
Armaan nodded weakly. Riddhima looked up and held his face in her hands. She moved so close to his face that their noses were touching. Looking into his eyes, she spoke determinedly,"Tumhaari galti nahi hai."
Armaan nodded, before closing the short distance between their lips and kissing the breath out of her.
"I love you," he whispered when they broke apart.
"I love you, too."
Then, she continued telling him about Udaan.
"Us din, duty ke baad, main ghar nai jaana chaahti thi. Main apna saara time Sanjeevani mein hi bitaati thi, ghar sirf sone ke liye jaati thi. Par uss din, Dr. Keerti ne mujhe ghar bhej diya, kyuki unhe laga ki main bohot zyada kaam kar rahi hu aur meri health ke liye achcha nahi hai. Toh, ghar jaane ke badle, main bas sadako par ghoom rahi thi. Apne khayalon mein itni khoyi hui thi ki pata hi nahi chala kab saamne se woh gaadi aa gayi..." Riddhima said, shuddering as she remembered that incident.
Armaan sucked in a breath, holding back a gasp. What if something had happened to her?
"Mera accident ho jaata, agar Rohan sahi waqt par nahi aata toh."
Rohan was the eldest kid at the orphanage. At 18, he was like the big brother to all kids over there and was extremely protective and possessive of all his brothers and sisiters and his grandparents - his family, as he called them.
"Rohan ne mujhe dhakka de diya, isse pehle ki mera us gaadi se accident ho jaaye. Aur orphanage wahaan se paas hi tha, toh woh mujhe wahaan le gaya, meri dressing karaane. Tab, main wahaan sabse mili," she said, concluding her story.
Agar... agar Rohan nahi hota toh... Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh?" he asked like a scared kid.
"Par kuch hua toh nahi na. Aur main bilkul theek hu. Ek tarah se achcha hi hua."
"Achcha hua? Achcha kaise hua? Agar kuch ho jaata toh?"
"Haan, kuch ho sakta tha, par Rohan ne mujhe bachaa liya. Aur agar main us din Rohan se nahi milti toh main baaki sabse bhi kabhi nahi milti. Woh jagah, woh log, wahi sab that mere paas us waqt. DaiMa ne toh turant mujhe apni beti maan liya. Aur wahaan par saare bachche bhi kitne pyaare the. Wahaan rehne se mujhe achcha lagta tha. Itne mahino mein pehli baar main khush thi wahaan. Jab bhi mujhe duty se time milta tha, toh main wahaan jaane lagi. Dheere dheere maine Dr. Kirti se extra duty bhi lena band kar diya aur apna saara khaali waqt wahin bitaane lagi. Aur jaante ho phir kya hua?" she asked him smiling.
Armaan just shook his head, smiling back, happy that their conversation was taking a pleasant turn.
"Mujhe yeh ehsaas hua ki main kitni lucky hu. Wahaan woh bachche, parents ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai. Aur mujhe dekho, maine kya kiya? Papa ne mujhe tab apnaya jab mujhe mere apne parents ne chod diya. Mujhe apne paas rakha, mujhe itna pyaar diya, mujhe kabhi pata nahi chalne diya ki main unki beti nahi hu. Aur maine kya kiya? Us waqt problems thi humaare beech, par iska yeh matlab nahi tha ki main unse baat bhi na karu. Toh kya hua agar unhe mujhse baat nahi karni thi toh. Main toh koshish kar sakti thi na."
Armaan nodded.
"Phir jis din maine decide kiya ki main jaldi niklu, Papa se baat karne, DaiMa ne mujhe rok liya. Us din apne aap ko rok nahi paayi aur unhe sab kuch bata diya. Papa ke baare mein. Sid ke baare mein. Humaare baare mein. Unhone mujhse kaha ki maine Papa ke saath situation sahi tarah se handle nahi ki, par maine sahi kiya. Yeh sunnkar mujhe kitni tasalli hui, main tumhe bata bhi nahi sakti. Us din tak mujhe hamesha lagta tha, ki shayad kahin na kahin maine thodi galti ki  hai. Par DaiMa se baat karke, sukoon mila mujhe. Aur phir maine unhe bataya ki main ab Papa se baat karna chaahti hu, sab theek karne ki koshish karna chaahti hu. Jab main wahaan se bahaar nikli, toh maine dekha ki Papa wahaan khade the."
"Dr. Shashank?"
"Haan, woh mujhe ghar le jaane aaye the."
"Ghar le jaane?"
"Haan. Jab Papa ko pata chala ki maine extra duty karni chod di hai, toh woh darr gaye, kyuki main ghar jaldi nahi pohonchti thi. Unhone kaha ki us din woh mere peeche aaye, dhyaan rakhne ki sab sahi ho. Phir jab unhone mujhe wahaan andar jaate hue dekha toh woh bahaar khade hokar mera intezaar kar rahe the. Us din, itne time baad Papa ne mujhe hug kiya. Itne zor se pakda unhone mujhe. Aisa laga jaise us pal mein humaare beech jitni bhi problems thi sab solve ho gayi. Us din humne baithke khulkar baat ki. Maine unhone apna nazariya samjhaya, unse maafi mangi aur phir sab theek ho gaya."
"Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhaare aur Dr. Shashank ke beech problems itni badh gayi thi, Riddhima. Mujhe kabhi bataya kyu nahi?" he asked guiltily.
"Is liye nahi bataya," she said, pointing at him.
He looked at her, confused.
"Armaan main jaanti hu ki tum khud ko blame kar rahe ho. Main nahi chaahti ki tum khudko bilkul bhi blame karo. Par mujhe pata tha, ki agar main tumhe yeh sab bataungi, toh tum aisa hi feel karoge."
Armaan looked at her and shook his head. He held her close and kissed the top of her head.
Their food arrived then. Armaan lovingly fed Riddhima the first bite. She smiled and fed him. They ate dinner that way, feeding each other and talking about light hearted topics, joking around and remembering the old days.
Things were going great, until it was time to pay the bill.
Riddhima was adamant on paying it since it was - quote - her date - unquote - but Armaan wouldn't budge. He was too much of a gentleman to let her pay.
"Armaan, dekho, tum mujhe pay karne do. Samjhe?"
"Nahi, Riddhima, tum samjho. Main pay kar raha hu."
The waiter who had been waiting for the check for a long tome, was now getting impatient.
"Sir, Ma'am, aap dono aadha - aadha pay kar dijiye na," he suggested.
"What? Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya?" Armaan asked.
Then, turning to Riddhima, he said with a finality in his tone," Main pay kar raha hu, Basket."
Without waiting for a reply, he fished out his wallet and paid the bill. The waiter heaved a sigh of relief.
"Oh, by the way, aapka restaurant bohot hi achcha hai. Amazing environment and ambience and amazing food," Armaan told the waiter.
"Thank you, sir," he replied, smiling before walking away.
"Fine. Par dessert ke paise main dungi," Riddhima said after the waiter had went away.
"Haan, mujhe Juhu beach par gola khaane ka mann kar raha hai," she replied, blushing a little.
Armaan grinned and nodded.
They quickly made their way to the car and Armaan drove them to the beach.
Riddhima practically pulled him to the Gola stand. They each bought one and Riddhima quickly paid, not even giving Armaan a chance to argue. He made a face at her, but then reluctantly nodded.
After relishing their golas, they decided to take a walk on the beach.
Armaan smiled and made Riddhima wear his jacket when she started to shiver. She smiled, letting him wrap the jacket around her before sniffing it. Armaan always smelt amazing. Like sunshine and musk and love. She loved it.
They walked, completely wrapped up in each other, not talking and cherishing the silence around them.
"Jaan," Armaan whispered after sometime.
Riddhima nodded to indicate that she was listening.
"Aaj, aajka din meri life ka sabse achcha din tha. Isliye thanks," he said.
Riddhima started to protest, to say he didn't have to thank her, but he cut her off.
"I know, ki tum nahi chaahti ki main tumhe thank you kahun, par it really means a lot to me. Aaj tak kabhi kisine mere baare mein itna nahi socha. And I just love you for doing this for me."
"I love you, too."
"Aur, mujhe orphanage le jaane aur sabse milaane ke liye bhi thanks. Woh jagah tumhaare liye kitni special hai, samajhta hu main. Jab main nahi tha, us jagah ne tumhe sahaara diya, pyaar diya, himmat di aur ek naya parivaar bhi. Aur apni sabse special jagah mere saath share karne ke liye, thank you."
Riddhima stopped walking then. She extracted herself from Armaan's arms and turned around to face him.
"Tum mere liye meri jaan ho, Armaan. Is duniya mein tumse zyada special aur kuch nahi hai. Of course, main tumhe woh jagah dikhaana chaahti thi, kyuki main sabko dikhaana chaahti thi ki mera Armaan kitna special hai. Tumhe pata hai, jab main DaiMa se tumhaare baare mein baat karti thi, unhe lagta tha ki meri aankhon par patti bandhi hai, kyuki main tumhe koi kharaabi hi nahi dekh paayi, par aaj, tumse milne ke baad, unhone mujhse kaha ki main bilkul sahi thi. Tum is duniya ke sabse achche insaan ho Armaan. Sabse itna pyaar karte ho, itna khayal rakhte, hamesha sabki madad karte ho. Main bohot lucky hu, ki tum meri life mein ho."
"Nahi, Jaan, main bohot lucky hu."
They both smiled and shook their heads. It was obvious that this discussion - cum - argument could go on for hours.
"Theek hai, hum dono lucky hain, okay?" Riddhima asked.
"Haan, par main zyada lucky hu," he replied.
Riddhima smiled and hugged him hard, shaking her head.
They stood like that, wrapped up in each other's arms, by the water, in the moonlight. And no one in the world existed, but them.
It was the best day of both of their lives and it was just the beginning.


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