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Chapter 15 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Dr. Armaan", Naina said, coming into the fire escape.
His train of thought broke on hearing her and he looked up.
"Riddhima Di ne aapko laane kaha hai. Lonavla jaane ke liye late ho raha hai."
Armaan nodded and got up, following her out.
Yuvi and Riddhima were waiting for them in the locker room. Armaan moved towards Riddhima and picked her up in his arms.
"Armaan!" Riddhima scoled him.

"Neeche utaro mujhe", she said, struggling to get down.
"Riddhima tumhe moch aayi hai, toh tum chalogi kaise?"
"Armaan itna dard nahi ho raha hai ab. Main chal sakti hu."
Riddhima whooped in joy, having outsmarted Armaan.
"Riddhima", he started, his tone warning.
Armaan and Riddhima looked up at Naina.
"Arre aap dono kabse ek doosre ka naam le rahe the, toh maine socha main bhi le lu."
Armaan, Riddhima and Yuvi laughed at her childishness.
"Dekho, Armaan. Tum seedhe seedhe mujhe neeche utardo. Main khud chale jaungi."
"Riddhima, tum chup chap meri baat suno. Nahi toh Dr. Keerti se keh dunga ki tumhe bohot dard ho raha hai aur tum Lonavla nahi chal sakti", Armaan threatened.
Riddhima just pouted hearing that.
"Good girl", Armaan said smugly.
He moved out and Yuvi - Naina followed. Armaan made Riddhima sit in the passenger seat comfortably before sitting himself, while Yuvi and Naina settled in the back.
Armaan dropped the girls off first, picking Riddhima up in his arms again, not letting her walk at all.
Padma mom was surprised to see Armaan with Riddhima in his arms in the middle of the day.
"Kya hua? Tumlog yahaan kya kar rahe ho?"
"Arre Ma, andar toh aane do", Armaan said.
"Haan, haan", saying so, she moved out of the way, letting them in.
Armaan hurried towards Riddhima's room, Naina and Yuvi following them.
Naina rushed to her room to pack, while Yuvi stood in the hall awkwardly.
Armaan settled Riddhima on the bed and instructed her to stay put by the time he got back. Riddhima pouted, but nodded anyway.
"Armaan, kya hua? Tumlog abhi yahaan?" Padma mom asked him when he came into the living room.
"Haan Ma, woh hum logon ko Lonavla Orphanage jaana hai 2 din ke liye. Isliye abhi aaye hain, packing karne."
"Oh theek hai. Aur Riddhima ko kya hua? Tu usse utha kar kyu laaya hai?"
"Wo aapki beti hai na Ma, apna bilkul bhi dhyaan nahi rakhti hai. Usko mocha a gayi hai aur wo sahi se chal nahi paa rahi, isliye usse uthakar laaya hu. Ab aap uski packing kar dijiye warna wo khud hi karne lag jaayegi. Aur usse aur Naina se kehna ki main 1 ghante mein lene aaunga toh ready rahe."
"Tu kahaan jaa raha hai? Baith kuch khake jaana."
"Arre nahi Ma, abhi mujhe Yuvi ko ghar chodna hai" - he said, nodding at him - "aur khud bhi packing karni hai."
"Dekh Armaan tu har baar ye sab nakhre mat kiya kar", Padma mom said warningly.
Armaan smiled.
"Ma waapas aane ke baad pakka, dinner yahin karunga. Aap saari meri favorite dishes banaa ke rakhiyega."
"Haan haan, theek hai. Chal jaldi jaa ab."
Armaan hugged her and kissed her cheek.
"I love you, Beautiful. Bye."
"Badmaash!" Padma mom exclaimed. "I love you, too." She kissed his forehead and then, Armaan and Yuvi left.
Yuvi was really surprised to see this sight of Armaan. He had seen flashes of Armaan as a friend when he was with Riddhima, Atul and Anjali, but never had he seen him like this. He never really talked to the senior doctors if it didn't relate to work and they didn't either. In fact none of the intern batch talked to them and vice cersa, with the exception of Naina, that is. But that came with territory, Yuvi supposed. She lived in the same house as Anjali and Riddhima and from what she had told them, Armaan and not so much Atul were constant visitors.
"Aap Padma Ma'am se bohot close hai, Armaan sir?" Yuvi asked him on the way.
"Haan, yaar! Woh toh bilkul meri maa jaise hai, maa se bhi zyada in fact. Bohot important hai woh meri life mein", Armaan answered.
Yuvi nodded.
"Aur haan, ek baat aur", Armaan started, looking at Yuvi who was confused, "Hospital ke bahaar ye sir - wir mat bulaaya kar yaar! Main tumse sirf 3 - 4 saal hi senior hu. Ye sir tum Dr. Shashank ke liye hi rakho."
Yuvi nodded, smiling. Armaan grinned and punched him in the shoulder.
They talked the entire way till Yuvi's house and conversation flowed easily. Yuvi was very surprised to see Armaan so carefree, but he quickly got used to it and they shared an easy camaraderie.
Armaan reached home and packed his own stuff. Then, he picked Yuvi up and they left for the Gupta Mansion.
Padma had packed Riddhima's bags, not letting her do anything, per Armaan's insructions. Riddhima knew better than to argue. Everyone knew how possessive and proctective he got when it came to her. So she kept her mouth shut like a good little girl while Padma packed for her.
They were all done by the time Armaan and Yuvi reached.
Yuvi loaded the bags in the car while Armaan picked Riddhima up. His glare told her not to ask questions.
The journey passed in relative silence as Armaan put the radio on. They hummed to the songs with a comment here or there about what they thought of it.
It was when "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran' came up that Armaan groaned. Riddhima had just discovered her love for the singer and insisted on listening to his songs all the time. And this one just happened to be her favourite. She had played it so many times that Armaan could now sing the whole song without any prompts.
He made a move to change the channel, but Riddhima's hand beat him to it as she whacked him.
"Riddhima yaar! Koi aur channel sunte haina!"
"Armaan, ye gaana khatam ho jaaye phir tum channel change kar dena."
"Agar tumhe koi neend mein uthakar ye gaana ulta sunane bole na, toh bhi tum suna sakti ho! Toh phir kyu sunna hai?"
"Kyuki ye mera favourite gaana hai! Tumhe ye baat pata hai na! Toh kyu pooch rahe ho?"
"Par mujhe ye gaana nahi sunna. Ab main pak chukka hu isse!"
"Par mujhe sunna hai!"
"Toh tum kahin aur jaake suno. Yeh meri gaadi hai", saying so, Armaan flicked the radio, changing the channel.
Riddhima glared at him and changed the channel again.
Then Armaan.
And then Riddhima.
And they kept on flicking it till Riddhima put her channel on and the song was over! Armaan smirked triumphantly while Riddhima glared at him.
"Gaadi roko", she told him in a no - nonsense tone.
Armaan looked at her questioningly but continued driving.
"Armaan maine kaha gaadi roko, tumhe samajh nahi aaya?"
"Main gaadi kyu roku? Abhi orphanage pohonchne mein time hai aur yahaan koi restaurant ya dhaba bhi nahi hai, nahi koi dukaan hai. Toh tum gaadi se utarke kya karogi?"
"Tumhe isse kya? Tum toh bas suno apna stupid gaana radio pe."
"Riddhima! Tum uss baat ke liye itna naaraz kyu ho rahi ho? Main toh bas aise hi..." he trailed off looking at the glare on Riddhima's face.
"Armaan gaadi roko!" she thundered.
Armaan flinched on hearing her and stopped the car at once.
Riddhima got down of the car at once. What she didn't realize was that she still needed a little help in standing up and her feet faltered. She tripped on her feet. She closed her eyes, anticipating the fall. However, she landed in a familiar pair of arms, and not face first on the ground. She smiled breathing in Armaan's perfume.
He steadied her, making her stand properly, all the time keeping her in his arms. When she was stable on her own feet, he slowly removed his arms from around her and kept them on her shoulders.
"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned. She nodded.
"Zyada chot toh nahi aayi na? Dikhao mujhe", Armaan said, getting on his knees, right there in the middle of nowhere.
Riddhima caught him by the shoulders, stopping him from bending down.
"Armaan, mujhe dard nahi ho raha hai, okay?"
He stood up and nodded.
"Di, aap theek toh hona?" Naina asked as she got down, her tone worried.
Riddhima nodded. Armaan asked Naina to get back in and helped Riddhima before sitting himself.
He started the car and turned the radio on.
Listening to the music, Riddhima remembered her argument with Armaan and started mumbling under her breath.
Armaan looked over at her and smiled before shaking his head. He fiddled with the radio-cum-MP3 player for sometime before Riddhima heard the familiar music come on.
When your legs don't work like they used to before,
And I can't sweep you off of your feet...'
Riddhima smiled widely. She turned to look at Armaan and mouthed an I love you' to him. Armaan smiled before mouthing you too'.
Naina and Yuvi were completely oblivious to their exchange.
Naina was sitting back, sort of laying, comfortably in the seat, her eyes closed as she took in the music. Surprisingly, she had never heard this song before and she was absolutely loving the feel of it.
Yuvi, on the other hand, was content to look out the window and admire the beautiful scenery. He had always been a bit of a nature lover - not like Atul, because, come on, no one can be as much of a nature lover as Dr. Atul Joshi - and he was enthralled by the beauty of it.
We found love right where we are.'
Riddhima smiled as the last chords rung out, hanging in the air.
She felt extremely satisfied. It was something about the song - something she couldn't put a finger that made her feel complete and sated. Though she couldn't be sure, she strongly believed that it was because of Armaan. Whenever she heard the song, it inadvertedly made her think of him. And how much he loved her. And how he had vowed to do the same for the rest of his life. She always compared the lyrics to their relationship, and she could relate to them perfectly. She knew that her's and Armaan' relationship was exactly like that song. That they would love each other even when they were old and gray and not as beautiful or charming as they were now. And she was sure that Armaan would still be able to sweep her off of her feet at 70. If he couldn't do it physically - which she highly doubted, looking at all those muscles and his fitness regime - he would always be able to do so in way that mattered the most - emotionally. She was sure - and she really hoped - that he would never stop doing romantic gestures to remind her of his love - whether big or small.
"Wow Di. This song is so beautiful!" Naina exclaimed, bringing Riddhima out of her reverie.
"Haina! Mujhe ye gaana bohot zyada pasand hai. Kitna pyaar karta hai wo ladka us ladki se!"
"Haan, kaash aisa pyaar karne waala sabko mile."
"Hmmm... Pata hai Naina, mera dream hai, ki jab koi ladka mujhe propose kar na, toh ye gaana gaake kare", Riddhima said, without thinking too much of her words.
"Oh really?" Armaan asked.
On hearing him, Riddhima realized that he was there and heard what she had just said. She was so lost in the song and her thoughts that she had forgotten Armaan was there with them.
She blushed heavily before turning to look at him. He had his eyebrows arched, looking at her questioningly.
Riddhima could not manage anything other than a timid nod.
"Duly noted, Dr. Riddhima Gupta", he said, "Iss baat ka khayal rakhunga," his voice holding promise. And then, he smirked widely.
"Armaan", she said, chastised. But couldn't quite muster the tone, thinking about the way he said it.
Armaan had always been all about fulfilling Riddhima's wishes and dreams and desires. He was always doing something or the other to make her feel special. Whether it be something as simple as bringing her chocolates and flowers or a grand gesture like decorating his room with her pictures or taking her out on lavish dates.
"Riddhima!" Armaan's voice brought her out of her thoughts.
She looked at him questioningly. "Kya soch rahi ho? Main kabse bula raha hu!" He exclaimed. Riddhima just blushed and shook her head.
"Kyu?" she asked.
"Hum yahaan dhaabe pe khaane utar rahe hai. Tum bhi khaogi kuch?"
Hearing Armaan's words, Riddhima's stomach growled, making everyone laugh. They hurried in and placed their orders as everyone was really hungry.
The waiter returned with their food, but somehow, Riddhima didn't like it.
"Arre, bhaiya! Ye kya? Ye toh kitni pheeki hai!" She said, pointing at the sabzi.
"Arre, babyji, yeh toh humaare Praji ki sabse famous dish hai! Isme kaise kuch gadbad ho sakti hai?"
"Ab aap mujhe sikhaayenge ki mujhe kya khaana achcha laga ya nahi?" Riddhima asked.
"Aree, nahi nahi. Maine aise toh nahi kaha. Aap kuch aur mangwa lijiye. Main abhi le aata hu", saying so, he left to take orders from others.
"Riddhima, kya hua? Ye toh bohot achcha hai", Armaan asked her.
"Nahi Armaan! Rahul jaisa taste nahi aa raha hai isme se. Who bohot achchi sabzi banaata hai. Ab main kya karu?" She wondered.
Just then, the waiter came back with the chef of the dhaba.
"Arre, babyji, tuano kee pareshaani haigi?" He asked. (A/N - Please excuse my Punjabi.)
"Sardaarji, ye sabzi mujhe nahi achchi lagi", she stated defiantly.
"Aap toh wohi haigi na? Kuch saal pehle tussi uss munde de naal aaye si? Jo mere dhaabe vich ghuss ke thuane naal saag banaya?"
"Jee", Riddhima said, "aap waisi sabzi bana sakte hai?"
"The thaale raho. Hun abhi laaya si", he said, hurrying away.
Riddhima smiled, satisfied.
"Riddhima, ye sardaarji kya bol rahe tha?" Armaan asked her. Yuvi and Naina nodded their heads, curious.
"Woh kuch nahi Armaan. Thode saal pehle, internship ke waqt, main aur Rahul Lonavla orphanage jaa rahe the. Tab humne ek dhaabe pe ruk kar khana khaya tha. Mujhe tabhi bhi khaana achcha nahi laga tha, isliye Rahul ne unke kitchen mein jaake mere liye sabzi babaayi thi", she explained.
"Oh", Naina said, "Rahul wahi na jo aaj subah Sister Lovely se chup rahe the?"
"Haan. Wahi hai Rahul."
Naina sighed dreamily, which made Riddhima look at her questioningly.
"Kuch nahi. Woh bas bohot handsome hain, Dr. Rahul."
"Woh toh hai", Riddhima laughed.
"Achcha, unki koi girlfriend hai kya?" Naina asked.
"Excuse me?!"
Armaan & Riddhima looked up at Yuvi who was staring at Naina with a flabbergasted expression.
"Arre, main toh aise hi pooch rahi thi. Usme bhadakne ki kya zaroorat hai? Huh! Dafford kahi ka!" Naina exclaimed.
Armaan and Riddhima laughed.
"Waise toh uski girlfriend nahi hai. But, koi hai uski life mein. Koi jisse woh bohot zyaada pyaar karta hai", Riddhima answered. Naina looked a tad crestfallen on hearing that.
"Waise Yuvi, agar Naina ko Rahul pasand hai, toh isme tumhe kya problem hai?" Armaan butted in, already knowing the reason.
Yuvi didn't know what to say. He just blushed and looked down.
"Kaise samjhau tumhe mera pehla pehla pyaar hai... wwwooohhh", Armaan sang in a horribly off - key tone, successfully embarrassing the duo even further.
Riddhima laughed before pulling their cheeks and exclaiming, "You guys are so cute!"
"Waise, Riddhima? Tum aur Rahul yahaan kab aaye the?"
"Hum tab aaye jab tum aur Muskaan... I mean jab tum Punjab gaye the, chutti lekar, yaad hai? Tab Dr. Keerti ne check ups ke liye jaane kaha tha. Par tum nahi the toh Rahul aaya tha mere saath", she said softly.
Armaan sighed wistfully on hearing that. The Muskaan - ka - Mangetar mission had ended horribly, at least for him. He still shuddered on remembering the dreadful day when he had gotten into that awful fight with Riddhima and they had broken up.
"Armaan?" Her voice made him look up.
"It's okay. And I'm sorry", she said, smiling and urging him to let go through her eyes. They were together now. The past didn't matter.
Armaan nodded. The food arrived quickly after that. All of them hogged on it as they hadn't realized just how hungry they were till the delicious aroma of the food hit them.
After lunch, Armaan settled the bill and they left.
They reached the orphanage very quickly after that.
The kids ran outside to greet their favourite Armaan bhaiya and Riddhima didi. They all crowded around them, hugging and kissing.
Gappu stood on the side, waiting for the others to finish. When everyone was done, he came forward and wrapped Armaan and Riddhima in a huge hug. They hugged him right back.
After a while, he came out of the hug, saying, "Kahaan gayab ho gaye the dono ke dono? Haan? Na koi phone, na hi koi message? Bas, mujhe toh nhool hi gaye aap dono!"
"Sorry Gappu", they chorused, holding their ears.
"Par maaf karne par mujhe kya milega?" he asked.
"Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega na? Har cheez mein bas faayda dhoond!" Armaan said, removing a bag of chocolates from his carry on.
He gave them to Gappu, but before he could take it, snatched it away saying, "Sirf tere liye nahi hai, sabke saath share karna, samjha?"
Gappu made a face but nodded. He made to reach for the bad, but Armaan kept it further away and looked at him with narrowed eyes.
Gappu looked at him for a second, confused, before realizing what he wanted.
"Haan, haan. Jao maaf kiya."
Armaan nodded in an approving manner before giving the bag to him.
Bua had been waiting patiently for the kids to meet them. Now as the kids ran to the garden to divide the chocolates, she moved forward to greet them. But before she could, Brosco came bounding out and launched himself at Armaan. His sudden appearance made Armaan loose his footing and he fell down. Brosco took the opportunity to lick him all over his face, which had Armaan laughing.
Finally, Brosco let go off Armaan oand moved to Riddhima who bent down and petted him fondly.
"Lagta hai usne tujhe maaf kar diya apne biscuits churaane ke liye", Bua told Armaan, laughing at what had transpired.
Armaan smiled widely and did a dramatic gesture of wiping his forehead before saying, "Thank God!"
"Badmaash! Bilkul nahi badla tu!" Bua said, before enveloping him in a hug. She then pulled Riddhima in for a tight hug.
"Bua ye hai Dr. Yuvraj Singh aur ye Dr. Naina Mehta, yeh dono Sanjeevani ke interns hai", Armaan introduced them after the hug fest was over.
Bua greeted them and they proceeded inside. She pointed them towards their rooms and they retired inside, deciding to get some rest before starting with the check ups.
She had just settled in, hoping to catch a quick nap when Riddhima's phone started blaring with Naa chode yaariyaan...' from Cocktail, signifying Rahul's call.
"Yes Rahul?" she answered without looking at ID.
"Kabse gayi hui hai! Ek phone toh karna chahiye na! Main kitna pareshaan ho raha tha pata hai?"
"Tu kyu pareshaan ho raha tha? Pehli baar thodi naa mein yahaan orphanage aayi hu. Tu sach mein bohot tension leta hai Rahul."
"Toh ab tu kahin chali jaayegi aur aise phone nahi karegi, toh tension toh hogi hi na. Waise bhi tu bilkul bhi apna khayaal nahi rakhti hai. Fikr hoti hai mujhe teri."
"Rahul, main 5 saal ki bachchi nahi hu jo kahin gum jaun. Aur waise bhi akeli nahi hu, Armaan, Naina aur Yuvi hai mere saath."
"Armaan hai, yahi toh tension ki baat hai", Rahul muttered.
"Kya kaha tune?"
"Kuch nahi."
"Nahi, zor se bolna, kya problem hai?"
"Maine kaha, Armaan hai yahi toh tension hai."
"Dekh Rahul, tere aur uske beech mein jo problems hai... main tum dono ke beech nahi bolungi, kyuki woh nahi chaahta ki main tujhse kuch kahun. Lekin har baat ke liye tu us par gussa nikaalna chod de. Uski koi galti nahi hai. Chaahe tujhe jo bhi lage, ab woh meri life mein hai aur main kuch badalne nahi dungi. Samjha tu?"
"Haan. Theek hai, theek hai. Zyada bhaahsan mat de. Aur kam se kame ek baat toh sahi ki usne - tu hum dono ke beech mein mat pad."
"Haan, nahi pad rahi. Par tu please uske saath sahi tarah se behave kar."
"Kyu? Kyu karu uske saath sahi behave? Nafrat karta hu main usse."
"Rahul!" Riddhima shouted, appalled.
"Armaan tera sabse achcha dost haina. Bhai kehta tha usse. Nafrat kaise kar sakta hai?"
"Bhai toh woh mera us din se nahi hai jis din se woh tujhe chodkar gaya tha. Tu bhool gayi hogi woh 6 mahine. Par main nahi bhoola hu, Chutki. Kabhi bhoolunga bhi nahi. Bohot chot pohonchayi hai usne meri choti behen ko. Iske liye kabhi maaf nahi karunga main usse."
"Bhai", she sighed. How could she even be mad at him when he said things like that? "Aap please kuch ulta - seedha mat kariyega. Pyaar karte hai hum ek doosre se. Itna toh samajh sakte ho na? Meri khushi ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte? Please?"
"Tu phir mujhe emotional black mail kar rahi hai. Tujhe pata haina ki main tujhe kabhi mana nahi kar sakta?"
"Isliye toh keh rahi hu, please!"
"Koshish karunga. No promises", he finally relented.
"Thank you", Riddhima said. She knew that this was the best that she could expect from him at this point of time.
"Chal main rakhta hu. Unpacking karni hai. Aur Padma Aunty khaana khane bula rahi hai."
"Theek hai, bye."
"Tu apna khayal rakhna. Love you."
"Love you, too."
"Dr. Riddhima! Aap kisse apne pyaar ka izhaar kar rahi thi? Mujhe itni jaldi bhool gayi aap?" Armaan asked as he made his way in.
"Armaan!" Riddhima scolded. "Jaan nikaal di tumne meri", she said, keeping her hand on her rapidly beating heart and taking deep breaths to slow it down.
"Accha, jhoot mat bolo. Kaise nikali tumhaari jaan? Woh toh mere paas hai", he said, coming closer and pulling her in his arms. His arms wound her waist as hers automatically went around his neck.
"Oh? Meri jaan tumhaare paas hai?"
"Haan, aur meri tumhaare paas."
"Armaan..." Riddhima sighed, blushing heavily.
"Oyye hoyye", Armaan said, hugging her tightly to his body.
They stood hugging each other for sometime before Riddhima came out of the hug. Armaan smiled and kissed her forehead, making her blush.
"Armaan, tum yahaan kyu aaye ho?"
"Woh main toh bore ho raha tha isliye aa gaya. Socha Basket ke saath thodi pyaari baatein hi kar lunga. Par tum toh kisi aur ke saath baat karne mein busy thi", he said, pouting.
"Armaan! Tum bhi na! Main Rahul se baat kar rahi thi baba! Uska phone aaya tha poochne ke hum sahi se pohonch gaye ya nahi."
"Oh. Okay", he was a little subdued on hearing Rahul's name. Of course, Riddhima noticed.
"Armaan? Main tumse kuch poochu?" She continued when he nodded, "Rahul ne tumse kya kaha, aaj fire escape mein?"
"Kuch... kuch nahi. Hum bas aise hi baat kar rahe the", he lied.
"Armaan!" He looked at her questioningly, playing innocent.
"Armaan itne achche se toh tumhe jaanti hu ki bata saku ki tum kab jhooth bol rahe ho. Chalo, sach - sach batao. Rahul ne kya kaha?"
"Kuch nahi Riddhima. Hum seriously sirf aise hi baat kar rahe the."
She narrowed her eyes and looked sternly at him.
He sighed. "Usne bas itna hi kaha ki main tumhaara achchi tarah khayal rakhu. Aur agar maine tumhe chot pohonchayi ya tumhe rulaaya, yoh usse bura koi nahi hoga. Bas, yahi kaha usne."
She knew that he hadn't said just that, so she continued staring at him, prodding him to come out with it.
"He said he hates me!" Armaan exclaimed, opening his arms wide. "Bas? Yahi sunna chaahti thi na? Happy?"
"Armaan..." she whispered and then moved forward to hug him tightly, "I'm sorry."
He frowned on hearing that. He didn't mean to shout at her like that. It wasn't her fault that Rahul didn't like him anymore.
"I'm sorry. Mujhe tum par aise chillaana nahi chahiye tha."
"It's okay."
"No it's not. I'm really sorry Riddhima. Main bas... Rahul mera sabse achcha dost hai, mere bhai jaisa hai. Main jaanta hu ki woh mujhse naaraaz hai, aur uska gussa sahi hai. Maine galti ki hai. Par maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki woh yeh kahega ki woh mujhse nafrat karta hai! Mujhe laga tha, ki woh meri situation ko sabse zyada achchi tarah samjhega. Par woh toh..."
"Hey. It's okay. Tum dekhna, kuch dino mein sab theek ho jaayega. Rahul bhi tumse zyada waqt gussa nahi reh paayega", Riddhima said, trying to comfort him as she pulled herself even closer to him. Armaan sighed and nodded in her hair, tightening his arms around her.
She knew that Armaan was right. Rahul himself had extacted himself out of Muskaan's life when he found out that he couldn't have kids. He knew that he couldn't give Muskaan what she wanted and so he had left her, in a stupid attempt to make her happy. Armaan had done the same.
But, according to Rahul, the situations were completely different, how she couldn't figure out. But to him they were. And on top of that, they were really close. In the months that they had spent together, they had gone from being friends to the best of friends and now the bond between them was essentially that of siblings - the overprotective big brother and his kid sister who deserved the world, according to him.
She knew it wouldn't be easy for Rahul to start liking Armaan again, but she didn't think that his attitude towards Armaan was fair. She would break him down and get to the root of this and soon. Rahul would have to clarify why he hated Armaan and then she was going to make everything right between the two most important men in her life, she swore to herself.


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