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Intro & part 1 : The Second (AR ff)

Story line

Ridhima is starting her senior year of high school. After three years, things are finally going to her plan, she is ready to finish her last year of high school with a big bang, that is until twenty one year old Armaan Malik, after three years comes back to town with a fat diamond ring in his pocket and determined to make eighteen year old Ridhima his wife

The Second

            Armaan looked at his calendar. He had only three months felt and he still hadn't called her. Never in his life did he think his life would be what it was today. Money, fame, rich, everything a person could ask for at a young age of twenty-one. He had everything yet he wanted none of it.         
            Three years ago he had a rusty old car and used to drive it to high school. And now he was the twentieth richest man alive and the absolute richest of his age. Money was not an object, the only
problem was that in three months all that he had was going to be taken away from him if he did not go back to her.
            Armaan sat on the edge of his bed in his boxers dragging and hand through is thick short neatly cut hair. He picked up his phone, but then put it back down. He just could not go back. He had run from that life and now he had to go back.
            Armaan lay back on his bed with a thud falling asleep from stress.
            My dearest friend. I know that just sounded corny. I want this letter to you to be my official 'Will'. By the time you are reading this letter I will probably already be dead. We have been best friends since we were born. Our friendship was an odd one for a fact. You had no family and Only had my sister, but I had billions in my pocket and you had nothing. We had grown up together. I drove a Ferrier while you drove that rusty Ford truck and still we were best friends. I want to leave you everything I own, my company that I had inherited when I was eighteen, my four billion dollar house and all my cars, they all belong to you. You know how much my family company means to me. But I also know that you will do everything in your power to keep the company from being taken away by other rich corporate spoiled buys. In order for you to keep my family company you must give my sister, Falak a fifteen million dollar yearly income, but knowing you, you will probably keep her in your home and make sure she is loved as if she is your own sister. The next you must do in order to keep the family company is more of a difficult task but I beg of you to do this. Its Ridhima, she is my life now. I love her and I also know how much you dislike her. This is one thing I had never understood about us. You are my bestfriend, you have always loved that of which I have loved and I have always loved what you have loved, but when I loved Ridhima you hated her. But what I ask from you is that on her eighteenth birthday to marry her. If do you not marry her on the day of her eighteenth birthday then the company shares will be sold and all the money is to be given to charity. Now I know what you are thinking. Am I insane to give away all that money just because you don't marry a stupid girl right? Well you will just not understand. I know Ridhima well, she is a girl who is strong from the outside but on the inside she will be broken without love. I love her and she loves me back. I want her to learn to love again with someone I can trust, despite the fact that you hate her, I trust that you will not hurt her in any way that a stranger could. And who knows maybe you will fall in love with her, just as I have, maybe even more then I.
-          Your best Friend Anvil Khanna
P.S. she needs a shoulder to lean on, just like you need a shoulder to cry on.
            Armaan woke up sweating. He remembered that letter so well. It haunted him so much. He could not delay it any more. He dialed the number to his secretary "Jena, can you please make sure my plane is set to leave in an hour to New York City. Thank you" Armaan then got out of his bed in his boxers. He looked out at the widow, the widow stretched out from the floor to the ceiling viewing out to his large one acre of a back yard. It was raining hard, but no thunder, the plane should be able to fly through it. The pool looked as if it was about to over flow. Armaan walked over to the side of his king size bed and turned on the lamp, giving the room of a dim shade.
            "What have you gotten me in to Anvil" Armaan said out loud to himself as he looked out at the gray sky and the raining storm.
            Ridhima woke up gasping for air. She realized it was just a dream and her breathing came back to normal. She was on the verge of tears. Three years had passed but still he came creeping in her dreams. She looked at the time, three in the morning. She picked up her cell shuffling through her side drawer to find her calling card. She found it and dialed the number quick as swift.
            Ring…ring…ring… no answer. Ridhima had to talk to someone. She dialed again , ring…ring…"Hello" A girls voice came from the other end. Ridhima gave a sigh when hearing her voice "Hey Falak, it's Ridhima, I was just thinking of you and wanted to see how you were." Ridhima loved Falak like her own sister. She was Anvil's only family and only sister. Ridhima remembered how much fun she and Falak had together at school when she had her brother had lived in upstate New York.
            "I was just about you call you Ridhima but I thought you might have been alsleep, isn't it pretty late at night in New York?" Falak ask. It had been a great long time since she had heard Ridhima's voice and she to missed Ridhima. "It is, but I couldn't get any sleep, I had a dream about that night, I just needed to hear your voice." Ridhima said smiling as she sat up in bed. She was wearing her short boxers with her tank top. Tomorrow was supposed to be her last first day of high school and she was determined to leave the past behind her and leave with a big bang.
            "Ridhima, you might not be happy to hear my voice right now…" There was a pause in Falak's voice before she continued to speak "…Ridhima, he's coming back to get you" Falak said. Although Falak loved Ridhima like a sister she never had, her faith and good will was for Armaan. Armaan was the man who took her in his home after her brother had passed away. Falak was the same age as Ridhima and it was one of the many reasons as to how Ridhima had ever gotten to know Anvil in the first place.
            Ridhima froze when Falak said he's coming back to get you Ridhima knew exactly who Falak was talking about. She had been there when Anvil's will had been read out loud. She had forgotten about her birthday coming up in three months. She was going to be eighteen soon and Armaan was probably coming to convince her to marry him.
            She knew that her parents were going to be on Armaan's side. Ridhima knew her parents loved her but they also cared for her well and they knew as much as her that the only people that could understand her history were those who had shared it with her, even if that person happen to hate her with a passion. The feeling was mutual, as much as Armaan Malik hated her, she hated him back, and there was no way in hell she was going to marry him and move with him to Germany.
            "Ridhima, you there?" Falak asked when she did not get a reply out of Ridhima.
            "Yeah, Falak I can't marry Armaan" Ridhima said. The thought of marrying Armaan was just so scary that Ridhima got shivers of the idea all the way down to her toes.
            "Ridhima, if you do not marry Armaan he will lose everything. He is not a big fan of money and fame but he will be broken if he has to watch my brother's weapon company be sold to strangers and be run irresponsibly. You don't know how much Armaan loves the company; it's the only piece of my brother Armaan has felt. Please when he comes, marry him." Falak said, begging. She did not want her friend to marry Armaan as she did not lover him and Falak knew it, but Falak also knew that Armaan would be broken to the bone if he had to watch Anvil's Weapon Company sold to those who would use the power for all the wrong reasons. 
            "I can't, I can't imagine marring him and… and to have children with that man one day… I just can't do that" Falak understood what Ridhima meant when she said to have children with Armaan.
            "Armaan wouldn't do that to you" Falak said after a pause.
            "I just can't. I want a family one day and…" Ridhima did not get a chance to say more as Falak cut in.
            "Do you think you could have a family with any man after the death of my brother?" Falak did not get any reply so she continued "I thought not, its better that you marry Armaan and have someone to come home to than it is to live your life as a lonely old woman with fifty black cats. Besides, you won't be alone. I will be there. You wont be alone in Germany. I'm going to be here, please marry Armaan, you both might dislike each other but at least you have one thing in common and that is that you do dislike each either and that's a star then no start at all." Falak said in a long lecture. Ridhima wondered when Falak the cheerful preppy girl had become so wise.
            "I'll think about it, but I'm not going to fall without a fight with Armaan Malik." Ridhima said with determination. She could not say more as the time limit on her calling card ended and she was cut off before she could say her good bye to Falak.
            Ridhima laid back in bed looking up at her ceiling wall. "What have you gotten me in to Anvil" Ridhima said out loud to herself before she fell back to sleep for her first day of school.


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