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last part :AR love story

    "Mehndi  hain rachne wali…"  Lyrics streamed through the hall as the bride to be sat in there with  a shy posture, her shoulders slightly hunching over with her silky long tresses acting as a curtain for the side of her face. But no matter what blocked the view of her face, there was this blissful glow emanating through her..creating a joyous atmosphere. Despite the groom not being here, he had ordered Muskaan, his babhi to capture every moment of the function, and even though he said
moment..she knew he meant every moment involving Riddhima.  The news of their marriage came rather unexpectedly, but then again she couldn't expect much less from a love struck Romeo who was set on sweeping his Juliet away as soon as possible. With the help of Riddhima's mother and her cousin Anjie, they had planned a rather quick marriage. The engagement had been yesterday, and the mehndi ceremony today. Riddhima sat there clad in an extremely beautiful gagra choli with shades of light blue and pink, as the girls around her put an intricate mehendi pattern on her hands.  Tons of thoughts were running through  her mind, tomorrow is the day Riddhima, no longer Riddhima Shashank Gupta, but instead Riddhima Armaan Mallik.
 "Kya socha rahi ho? Zaroor armaan ke bare main hi soch rahi hogi tum, isliye tum itna blush kar rahi ho.."
Startled, she looked up to see Muskaan standing there, smiling at her with a "I caught you!!" expression…quickly looking down she could feel her cheeks turning an even darker shade, she hadn't even realized that she had been blushing in the first place…but it was even more embarrassing to be caught like this…
"Nahin nahin, aisa kuch nahi hain..bas main..vo..vo.."
"Vo..vo…nothing Riddhima, don't try to deny the truth darling.." riddhima quickly averted her eyes, she could hear muskaan chuckling at her embarrassed state.
"Don't worry Riddhima, if your romeo had his way, he would have been here sitting right next to you, but now you guys will meet tomorrow only."
"Tomorrow…" even though it sounded like it was far away, she knew that it was only a matter of a couple hours, and then she would be his forever…as he would be hers.
She saw Muskaan get up, talking to some of the other guest, Anji making sure everything was in place, and her mother talking to all the guest checking to see if they're enjoying and at ease…Looking up towards the ceiling she whispered .."Papa I know you would have loved Armaan..miss you.."
                Leaning her back against the wooden headboard of her bed, the past events flashed through her minds. Armaan had proposed to her, they told their families..who seemed to already some how know that they were going to tell them, and yesterday they had a quick engagement. Tonight was the mehndi and, and tomorrow the sangeet ceremony. OF COURSE Armaan wasn't able to see her till the wedding day, did it always have to be like this? She wanted to see him….staring down at her mehndi she saw the A that had been cleverly incorporated into her design. The color was a dark maroon right now, and she had a feeling by tomorrow morning it would be even darker. They said that the mehndi color reflected how much the the future husband loved their wife, the darker it was, the more her loved you..and hers was turning out pretty dark…a small blush crept up her cheeks at that thought.
"Oye hoye, you look even more beautiful while blushing.."
She nearly jumped out of her bed at the sudden sound, she knew that the voice could only be Armaan's.
"Armaan!! What are you doing here??"
"Riddhima what is this, you were lost in my thoughts, and when I come to visit you, you act like you don't want me here. Chalo chalo, show me your mehndi now.."
"Armaan noo, leave! Somebdoy will hear you and wake up!!"
"Nope, first show me the mehndi and then I'll leave."
Getting up out of her bed, she glared at him telling him to leave with her expressions. She pointed her finger to the direction he came from..and said "Leave now Armaan!!! KOi tumhe dekh lega!!"
Taking advantage of the opportunity, he pulled her finger, she smashed into his body as he encircled his arms around her her no chance to leave!!.  She placed her hands on his chest, his nose gently rubbing against her she stood their with her eyes closed. He had her now, she couldn't  escape his touch, his charm, his love..
She made small patterns against his rock hard chest with her delicate finger..opening her eyes she looked up towards his handsome face and smiled at him.. "You always know how to get your way with me don't you?"
He smiled at her with his charming smile…"Now show me your mehndi.."
Placing her hands in front of his face…she showed him…kissing both her hands..he unwrapped her from his hold, but held onto her soft hands.  "Where's my name?? "
"The "A" right there…is for you.."
Running his finger over the A, he placed one palm on her cheek and said.. " It's there to symbolize you're mine for eternity baby, I'll always shower you with my love…and keep reminding you…that you're mine, and that you belong with me.."
She could feel her eyes getting moist. If there was one decision in her life that she just was confident about was the best decision of her life, it was this one, because she knew she could never find a better life partner than him, she knew she would never mind anybody that loved her more than him..
Wiping her tears he leaned in to give her a gentle peck on the lips, but her felt her hand come inbetween..
"You can kiss me after we get married now.."
"Riddhimaaaaaa! "
"Armaaaaaan!!" Laughing at his pouting face.."You may leave now .."
He turned back around once and glared at her before he went out of her window.
The sangeet had been a rather small function with just a few family and friends. It was a joyous afternoon with everybody singing and dancing. And Muskaan going around with the camera to capture candid pictures of Riddhima, Armaan was one loyal lover….he didn't want to miss one moment  of HER special moments.
Time flied and the function was over. Riddhima was woken up early the next morning. She picked out  a mustard color salwaar kameez to wear, her hair clipped in a messy bun as her family and friend members applied haldi on her.  Blessing her as they applied and teasing her about the glow on her face that she had…the one of a happy bride.
As the haldi ceremony ended,  and it was removed…she decided to take a second shower.  She came out in two towels, one wrapped around her body and the other wrapped around her wet hair. Getting the body cream she applied it  on herself, before changing into a simple pair of sweats and shirt.  Anji and a couple of other of her close friends walked in. all ready to get her dressed. Her hair was undone from the towel, as they brushed and hair dried it. She wore her lehnga and blouse.  She chosen two sets to wear from, and she could hear Anji and her friends fussing over which one it should be. To her it really didn't matter, dressing up was only a formatlity, but in reality..she knew she was already his..and he was already hers.
Finally picking one, they placed It against her fair skin…making the set look even more beautiful than it really is. Tying her hair up into a pretty  and neat bun they placed the dupatta over her head…pinning it in the appropriate places. A few loose hair strands fell across her cheek and anji grabbed the curler and curled the fallen strands giving them a wavy finish.  She wore her choodiyaan, as her eyes were outlined with kohl, and eyeshadow. Putting a slight blush on her face, with a finish of a light coat of gloss on her lips..she was done. She looked gorgeous, her makeup had been done lightly, but in all honesty..she didn't even need any. Her natural beauty was enough.
(Her bridal dress, is like the one Kareena Kapoor wore in 3 idiots!)
As it was time to bring her down the steps, she could feel herself getting nervous…butterflies in her stomach as everyone watched her walk down the steps. She looked down, and for the brief second she did look up, her eyes met with Armaans whose gaze made her feel like she was the most beautiful bride in the whole world.
Sitting down next to him, she heard the pandit saying the chants. They followed and did everything the pandit said.  He carefully lifted the tikha and filled her maang, and put the mangal sutra around her slender and graceful neck. Getting up they did their saat phera's……and then once the rituals were done..they bent down to get Riddhima's moms blessings, and Armaan's dads who had flown in for the wedding. Hugging and taking blessings from several members…they looked at each other and knew that their life had just begun. Before they were on a journey with just themselves, and now a new journey was beginning…one that both of them in it, and they would take this journey together…
"Ahh ahh…"
She was rushed into an ambulance, and taken to the nearest hospital.  Everybody was pacing back and forth..Riddhima was only able to talk to the attending doctor, and kept check that everything was okay with Muskaan.
Rahul had fainted at the sight, and was brought back outside, but a few minutes later he was determined to go back there and be with his wife as she delivered the baby..
On December 26th, at 11:30 in the night..Aryan Rahul Mallik was born…thus beginning a new journey for not one couple, but two…both Rahul Muskaan and Armaan Riddhima.
As everybody was busy looking at the new born and congratulating the new parents…Armaan snuck Riddhima out into a little corner and held her by her waist. She was still dressed as his bride as they both had no time to change.."Soo about that kiss, you said I could have it once we're married…and now we're married hun.."
"Armaan are you crazy, everybodies  here!!"
"Toh kya? Now I have a full right as you're my wife.."
"Armaan no..this isn.." but before she could finish he crushed his lips against her soft ones and wrapped his arms even tighter around her as she pressed her self against him. Breaking apart from the kiss he placed a gentle kiss against her neck and hugged her tight…
She knew that there was nobody else for her, and he knew the same…they were meant to be, they belonged together, they had a simple love story, with a few complications…but like in most love stories…they had their happy ending..
"I love you Riddhima.."
"I love you too Armaan.."


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