Tuesday, 5 September 2017

LAST PART :Trace Your Dreams

I looked up to see his intense gaze penetrating through me...i found myself drowning again in his magnetic grey eyes...i suddenly jolted out remembering nikita and turned my head away..."look at me riddhima" he said in his deep voice...i didnt budge...he brought his hand up to my face and placing it on my cheek turned my face towards him...i shuddered..."ask me all that you want to know...abt me,
abt my relationship with nikita"..."do I need to know armaan?" I said looking into his eyes...wat do I mean to him? I have to know that first..."yes and you need to know that and much more, you deserve to know everything abt me riddhima...becoz its not just you who was dreaming from the past one week...even I couldnt get you out of my mind"...."and heart" he added softly rubbing his thumb on my cheek...i shivered, more bcoz of his words..."but nikita?" I expressed my hesitation

he sighed and sat straight.."lets go somewhere first, cant stop the car here for a long time" he said...i nodded..."wat abt muskaan and rahul?" I asked..."they will go home in a cab" he said..."do they know you came for me?"..."no, I just told them to go...they will be having lot of questions for me when I reach home" he chuckled..."how did you know my number?" I asked..."i had it from the day you came to meet muskaan at my house" no point asking why didnt he call, we were waging an ego war na..."oh, you took it? what did you tell her?" I asked curiously...."i didnt take, I memorised it when you were giving to muskaan"...i looked at him with wide eyes.."woah!! what big deal? just 10 digits!!" he brushed away my surprise..hmmppfff, as if I donno its only 10 digits

we went to a coffee shop near by, he stopped the car and started typing an sms...he was giving mischievous smiles in between the typing...i got curious and peeped in to see wats so entertaining...he quickly kissed my cheek and started laughing...OMG!! wats that?!! I looked at him with dropped jaw...i want to say something, atleast pretend to be angry but nah!! unable to...not after seeing that cute kiddo laugh...i smiled defeatedly...he knows my pulse, he really knows how to melt me

once we are settled there he switched off the phone and said "done!! now we can talk without any disturbance" I smiled and waved my phone "not really, what abt this?"..."simple" he said grabbing it.."like this like this and done!!" he gave my switched off phone back..."what?!! hey no, my parents will be worried" I said switching it on...waiter came to take the order...armaan asked "whenz the closing time?"..."we are open 24hrs sir" waiter said with a formal smile..."thats great!!" he beamed

after we placed the order armaan started to tell..."nikita is a dear friend riddhima and unfortunately in love with me...but...i dont love her and she is aware of it...we share a strange relationship...we dont lie to each other nor to others...she tells me she loves me and I told her I dont...but she is a very nice person and I like her a lot...may be I would have married her...may be...if I hadnt met u"..." but we met just one week ago armaan" I donno why I am suddenly speaking against my own feelings, may be to hear his..."strange na!!" he gave a confused but genuine smile..."i met many girls till now riddhima but none has captivated me as much as you did...the day we met, I knew that it was just a beginning... I felt some strange connection...a feeling I never felt for anyone before, though I didnt know that I would be saying all this to you just after a week...i might have told you after a few days but believe me riddhima, you didnt spare me a minute of peace all these days...its like you have held me as a hostage..i was dying to see u, hear u, talk to u"...i smiled remembering my state

"are we just attracted to each other?" I need to know what he thinks..."no" he said nodding his head negatively...."u dont even know me properly!" I exclaimed..."i know...i know you"..."wat do you know abt me?" I asked in a demanding tone...things have lightened up completely now that I know abt his relation with nikita... "i know that you are a very nice person...u care about everyone around you"...i interrupted "dont list out some random good qualtites and assign them to me"...woah!! someone is praising me and I m trying to stop!! me and humble?!! this is a miracle!!..he smiled "i have my reasons"..."okay" I said.."u cant see anyone even remotely hurt becoz of u...u are sensitive....u are stubborn...u are childish..u have weird habits which I actually find cute...u jump into conclusions very fast..u are short-tempered..u are mischievous...u are impulsive" I listened staring at him...he is telling me things only my close friends and family know...he stopped and then said "now, the reasons"..i became attentive...to know how this cop worked undercover..."the way you came to meet muskaan just bcoz you saw her in ur dream, that speaks volumes abt what kind of person you are riddhima...u meet people bcoz you are concerned abt them...u want to make sure they are fine...u get a kind of relief when you see them in real"...OMG!! I never thought abt it like this..."r you a psychiatrist?" I asked...he laughed and said "its just observation"..."hmm"..."and I dont take much time to guess a person's character"..."but I donno much abt you armaan" I expressed my concern...i have to give some value to the little corner of my nagging brain also na, after all its a part of me..."and muskaan told you are generally frank, then why were you always talking indirectly?"...he smiled deeply showing his dimples "thats bcoz you are special"..i blushed

hours passed by and we were talking and talking...abt things I thought I didnt know I remembered until I started telling him...childish talks, career aspirations, dream jobs, teenage crushes, friends, family, movies, sports...my inhibitions of all sorts are fading away...he was indeed an open book ... not just abt nikita, he was frank abt everything in his life...he is smart, talented and fun to be with ...we laughed until tears spilled and jaws ached...there was a break when my phone rang flashing 'home calling'..."o no!! what do I say now? call from home" I panicked..."say you are knowing ur boyfriend more" he gave a wicked smile...whattt? boyfriend?!!....ok later later, first I need to find a reason..."armaan plz...gimme an excuse fast fast!!"..."hmmm, tell them you are with muskaan"...ring stopped...i breathed in relief..."okay I got a better one, tell you are going to stay at muskaan's place, we can talk till morning" he raised his eyebrows smugly..."u think you deserve an appreciation for this?" I asked with a straight face..."yes" he said confidently..."shut up!!" I said angrily... by the way, idea is good...even I dont want to leave him and go...but I have office tomorrow..so wat? forget it, this day wont come again and anyway I promised myself to live each moment tonight...even if I go home and sleep I will dream abt him only, y cant I live my dream? not bad armaan malik!!.."but you wont admit thats its a good idea" he said smiling cheekily..."r you really sure that you are not a psychiatrist?" I asked.."u have a very expressive face riddhima, your eyes give away ur thoughts"...i smiled..."did I tell you I love ur eyes" he said..i flushed and asked innocently "only eyes?"..."no, all of u"...did he just tell me he loves me?!! he said?!! O MY GOD!! yeah, he said!! yes yes yes!! well, not exactly...cant he say it completely...i mean properly, those three magical words...cha!!.. fine, i'll wait..he kept smiling at me and looking intensely..i called up my home and asked if I can stay at muskaan's place...mom was taken aback but agreed...i know she must be thinking why this sudden interest in old friend...little does she know abt my new found interest, well not just interest, more than that...new found friend...nah!! not just a friend...boyfriend?!! that reminds me..."hey, y did you call urself my boyfriend?" I questioned him suddenly out of the blue..he jerked and said "woah!! what else am I then?"...shit!! I m tricked..."hmm...u...u r..umm"i am searching for right word..."ok fine, lets save the naming for now" he said bailing me out...

we talked till early morning...drank all coffees on the menu...it was about 5am when we stepped out of the cafe...feeling like a new person...in just one day, we knew each other like we have known from ages...he drove me to my house...he stopped the car outside the gate...i cant get enough of this guy....i gave a longing look...he did the same...both of us know we have fallen head over heals for each other...but reality strikes...i need to go..."bye armaan" I said..."bye" he said...

that day was just a start of the beautiful bond that was only growing between us with each passing day...we met every 2-3 days whenever we had time...and every time I was about to meet him, my heart fluttered like it did the first time...

3months passed and we both knew wats in the our hearts but i wanted to hear him say...and i was particular abt that...then it happened one day...it was one of our casual evening meetings...somehow i could sense it coming...his looks were more passionate than usual, his behavior a bit confused, a bit absent-minded....it was about 11 in the night when he dropped me back home...just when i dismissed my intuition about that day being special and opened the car door...he caught my wrist ...he leaned over and placed his lips on mine...a sweet sensation flooded my body...the kiss was sweet, soft, passionate and everything I wanted my first kiss to be...then he whispered on my lips "i love you riddhima"

finally hearing what I wanted to hear, I kissed him and said "i love you armaan"...we came out of the car...i stepped towards the house but turned back and on a spur hugged him...he hugged me back and that moment in his tight embrace, I knew this is where I belong...he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life...the one I want to get married...with whom I want to have kids, grow old, live and die...he completes me...we had our differences and our share of fights..small and big, silly and serious...but we patched up soon...okay, sometimes not so soon

muskaan and rahul left to US... they were clearly surprised to know about us...no, actually muskaan was shocked but she recovered soon and was genuinely happy for us...afterall, her best friend's heart was with me, she has to accept me na...haha...no melodrama from either families too, everyone was happy with our pair...the only person we all were concerned abt was nikita...she was his close friend and I could understand her situation, if I felt so bad for just those few hours, how could she be feeling...but to our surprise, she coped up well....she was happy that armaan was happy and said may be God had better plans for her

we got married after 10 months, it was more like a school re-union...with anji, nikita, muskaan and all other school friends...and guess where we went for our honeymoon, bali!! when I told armaan abt my dream, he said 'cool, lets go there for honeymoon'...it wasnt exactly like wat i saw in my dream but it was very beautiful...speaking of dreams, there is one more incident worth mentioning...one day, sorry one night... I saw the registration office man in my dream, yeah the same guy who suspected my age...next day I told armaan abt it....he laughed and when I didnt say anything more he suddenly exclaimed "dont tell me you want to go and meet him"..."yes armaan, I want to do exactly that"..."man!! you are really weird"..."someone told me that my weird habits are cute" I pouted..."yeah but" he frowned.."fine, i'll go alone" I said angrily..i know how to get things done with him..."ok baba, teekh hain...chalenge"

we went there next day...bcoz its the same working hours as ours, we both had to take permission from our offices to go there...but he didnt complain...i rubbed some of my craziness on him too...we both were laughing crazily sitting in the car after we came out...we had just went in, that guy wasnt in his seat, we waited for him, asked the person sitting next to him when he'll be back and when he came we just saw him and smiled...the next guy told him we were waiting for him, he asked "jee boliye"...we said "kuch nahi" and we came out...gosh, that man's face was worth watching..he looked so lost...haha...so, that was one more incident of me tracing my dreams...dreams! a beauty of human brain! unleashes ur imagination and sometimes brings out what ur subconsious mind is dwelling into...i still continue that crazy habit of meeting or atleast talking to people I see in my dreams...people I know will be happy with my surprise visits or calls..strangers dont know what I m doing but I know right? who cares what they think...and armaan was right, I get some kind of satisfaction doing that, especially if they are nightmares...and how can I forget that it was one such dream that made me meet armaan, my soulmate!!

nikita and abhi met in our marriage and they liked each other instantly...they got married an year after our marriage...
armaan is a gem of a person, i found myself growing more fond of him with each day...after 2 years of our marriage came our first bundle of joy "shriya" and after 3 years followed another bundle of joy+mischeif "shaurya" completing our family picture...armaan still didnt forget abt the window peeping thing that I did on the day I met him...he often teams up with my kids and teases me...but I m not to be less blamed ok, bcoz till date I peep in through it and shout instead of knocking the door...we have a door bell, but I dont care to use it...i prefer the window which gave me access to all these nice things in life...oh ya, we live in the same house - 403, shanti apartments

"so, thats my story...how M3 - mission meet muskaan lead to another M, M4 - meeting armaan...no, add one more M...M5 - meeting armaan and marriage...sorry add one more, M6 -making me mrs from miss...OMG, there were so many M's there, how many 1,2,3,4...ok so M10..no no wait, one last one hun, promise pakka no more additions...M11 - changed riddhima gupta to riddhima armaan malik and increased her madness, there you go!! one more M!! I think I should try my hand at poetry...☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😆😆😆😆😆

luv u


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