Saturday, 9 September 2017

Part 1 : Truly Madly Deeply (AR)

ridhima asked arman to be out of his life after sid's accident.arman had enough.
"so you choose him...fine.but i'm not running away anymore..i am not going anywhere..i did once...and  see what it lead to?
"no can live with him..tum khush raho...uske sath..but i have my life too...i cant run anymore..takh chuka hu main...ab aur nahi...
you dont love me...i have promised you that i'll always love you...but it seems that you dont need my love i have decided that i will not be a problem for you...
but im not leaving...i lost my love...but now i only have one thing left to care job....which i choose to serve...from now  on we will ahve only professional reltion...
good bye...mrs ridhima sidhant mode..."
saying this he walked away leaving a stunned ridhima behind...
she went back to her home.she had decided to give sid a chance.....but she didnt go to his house.all the things sid said in his anger was still ringingin her ears....

Next day at sanjeevani.arman had decided that he wont come between sid and ridhima.he took care of his patients.not thinjing about ridhima.he made his heart stone and beahved profesionaly with evry one includung sid.he decide that he wont be friendly with him either.he met ridhima.but befire she could say anything he left from there.ridhima was hurt with arman's behavior.nomatter how much she denied she had feelings for him.he was her first love.but for the fear of society she decided against him.sid was happy.ridhima had  decided to give him a chance.he saw arman's cold behavior towards ridhima.he felt good.afterall he was human too.eventhough he had said that ridhima still loves arman,in his heart sid wanted ridhima to choose him over arman.shashank too noticed a change in arman.he called arman to his cabin.shashank was going to talk to arman about ridhima.when arman realised that the matter was related to ridhima,he said"dr.shashank...this is something about a patient?
"no arman..mein ridhima ke bare mein......"
"im not interested..."
shashank was shocked.he never expeceted arman to behave like this.
"no dr.shashank.......not anymore..i have heart too...always kept ridhima's happiness my no.1 priority...........apne life se bi zyada uske bare mein socha.......aur mere sath.......stop pretending that you care........i loved her...........still do.........but i'm not interfering in her life....just let me live mine........even im hardly alive....or doesnt matter right?............i hope she is happy............i dont want to be a person who steals someones wife....aur baat ridhima ke life se jaane ki.....i was going away stopped me....i have a life too....i do have dreams...which will not be not blaming any happened...plz let it be..mere life aur complicated math banau im not going anywhere..........she can live her life i'll live mine................hope i'm clear...........
he turned to leave.........ridhima was standing there..her face told him that she had  heard every thing.he never wanted words to understand her....without sparing a second at her,glance he left.
at arman's house
he was staring at the starless sky..he felt like crying.though he said that he will not be in his basket's was killing think about a life without her.he felt bad at hearing sid blaming ridhima.for her sake he decided to stay away from.every glance he had of her was hurting teared his heart to see his love with some one else.but he had now decided to have a stone instead of herat infront of her.he can be indifferent to her at his house he had the memories they made together........even though he said he is not intereszted in talking to shashank he cared for her...her happiness matterd to him.but he wasnt ready to run away .....he was going to face life.
he was not lusting after someone's wife.he just had his his life all he had was her memories.
                                      days a doctor arman was gaining name.his dedication towards work was appreciated by every one.shashanl tried to be friendly with arman which arman refused without hesitation.he had become heartless when it comes to relations.he never took leave.he had no friends.
he shut himself in a self made shell which no one could penetrate.Noone could understand what arman was going through.he spent the nights at sanjeevani so that he can stay away from the lonliness he felt.he drowned himself in work so that he could stay away from her thoughts.when he was home he cried over his lost love. he choose not to have any friends.he didnt even think about any other girls.he still loved ridhima.he knew he'll always love her.
        arman became a workholic.he was very strict with his interns.he forgave sid for the things he said.but he didnt forgot.he was cold with him.
          sid aur ridhima ka relation mein koi improvement nahi aya.when ever sid tried to come near ridhima,she ran away.this made sid even more determined to make her his.he did everything possible to make her fall for him which never happened.whatever he did made her think about arman.arman's hurtfull looks when she told him to go away from her life haunted ridhima.she never could accept sid.she tried.she moved to his house.but stayed away from him.she fullfilled her duties.she made sure that sid is comfortable.,but avoided any closeness between them.
shashank made sure that ridhima stays away from arman.he asked keerti to give sid and ridhima duty together.
heena will be played by neha bumb.
                                 a new  doctor named heena joined sanjivani.she was very cheerfull.keerti had assigned heena and arman for case to be handled together.arman was his usual bored self.heena was bored with him.
"hello...........aaj koi special din he kya?"
arman decided to avoid her.he continued to read his file.
"are mein kuch pooch raha hoon..."
"oh...........thank god are not dumb...mein ne toh socha........"
"care to concentrate on the case please..."
"what if i dont?"
that was it .she was testing his patience....
"if you are not intrested plz leave......."
""but i was just........"
"just leave.i have no time for those who are not interested in their patience..."
"i said leave...he shouted..heena was stunned.
"ok..."she replied tearfully.she was just kidding.never meant what she said.
when she left he felt bad.he decided to apolgise to her for his behavior.
he saw her sitting in the cafetiria ,a place which he usualy avoided.that place held too many memories which he liked to avoid for his sake.
he went to her.
"can i join u?" she was sitting with her head in her palms.she looked up and saw arman.she nodded.
"im sorry"he said directly.i didnt mean to hurt you...i ............."
"its ok...i know you are not angry with might have upset about something else...and my my bantermade you more...."
"so apology accepted?"
"lets say.....hmm....i'll think about it?......
so friends?she asked extending her hands.
"i'll think about it...he smiled and they shaked hands.
 "so now can we go and do our duty?he asked.
"ok"they went back to their duty.
ridhima was standing there like a statue.she had come there to get a teared her heart to see him with someone she understood what arman was going through.even if she had sid in her life she couldnt get arman out of her heart.he still owned it.but she never let anyone findout.she was good at masking her feelings.she no longer wanted to stay there.she went back to her duty.
 sid was happy.not because arman found a friend.but because he thought this will bring ridhima closer to wrong he was!!!!


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