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part 10 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



2 and Half Months Later...

Aankhon ko

Teri aadat hai

Tu dekhe naa to

Inhe sikayat hai...

"Oh no... Tamatar bure phase" Surbhi said scaredely

"Haa... Bhaijaan to hume zinda hi maar daalenge" Nazma spoke fearly

"Zinda nai nazma... Zinda dafna denge..." Shilpa bit her nails standing beside Surbhi who was holding the cell and Nazma also followed her "I am sorry guys aaj meri wajah se hum teeno yaha band hai..." she apologized

"Nai Shilpa isme tumhari galti nai hai..." Surbhi spoke smilingly

"Haa Bhabhi kisi ki help karna to bahoot achi baat hoti hai... Uper se agar koi ladki fasi ho itne saare gundo k bich tab to bilkul" Nazma said concernedly making her smile

"Haa jab ye baat Mr Khan aur Rehaan ko pata chalegi vo zyada gussa nai honge" Surabhi spoke cheerfully making them giggle

"Haa lekin jab unhe pata chalega... Ki hum jail mein band hai... Tab jaroor kuch karenge" Shilpa joked to which they smiled Yes the trio were locked in 'Jail' reason is too long but before that lets rewind these 2 half months of them after Breezer's arraival her life changed in different manner like whatever she did Breezer followed her and always tried to grab her attention which resulted she freaking out, like once Armaan was resting in couch holding his head tiredly

Aankhon ko

Teri aadat hai

Tu dekhe naa to

Inhe sikayat hai...

"Armaan coffee..." she entered wd her cheerful voice but stopped seeing him "Armaan kya huaa??" keeping the coffee on table she asked worriedly moving closer to him

"Kuch nai...bas sarr mein dard hai pata nai kyun..." he answered rubbing his head tiredly to which she sat beside him

"Sar mein dard kyun??" she asked worriedly cupping his face who got confused seeing her so worry for him

"Pata nai..." he immediately looked away from her who realized his condition so she removed her hands from his face

"Acha do minute haa" saying this she went from there in kitchen

"Boww... Bowww" Breezer barked jumping on Armaan

"Abhi nai yaar baad mein khelenge" Armaan spoke tiredly to which Breezer picked the sweeper and showed to him who smiled and shaking his head he threw it on corner making Breezer to ran there and he closed his eyes tierdly after all today he was hell busy in work

"Armaan..." she called slowly hesitantly to which he just hummed in YES "Main vo.. Agar aapko problem na ho... To main aapka sar daba dun..." she asked hessistatly He is not her Armaan on whom she can order he is different what if he shouts if she touched his head

"Nai..." he spoke slowly in painful voice

"Armaan... Bahoot dard ho raha hai??" she asked worriedly moving her hands hesitantly on his head who hummed in YES and pouring the oil on her palm which she bought for him she started massaging his head carefully which relaxed his throbbing brain she was standing infront of him who was sitting on couch her fingers caressed his hairs lovingly where as feeling her fingers on his hairs he felt a current pass in him but this time he didn't back out coz this time he wanted to feel relax and her touch was soothing him like Ananya's care always makes soothing for him as he felt her touch who massaged his head slowly carefully "Ab thik hai..." she asked lovingly caressing his head whose eyes were closed then she felt his head fell on her waist "Armaan..." she frowned and then she noticed that he was fast asleep she chuckled and shaking her head she carefully held his head and slowly carefully made him lay back on couch she slowly kept a cushion under his head who was sleeping soundlessly where as our Bracelet was above on him "Aaj mahino baad aapke itne karib hun... Aur aisa lag raha hai jaise saalo se dur hun" she thought caressing his cheeks lovingly

Bin chuyee chu liyaa hai

Tune mujhko diya hai

Pyaar k ye taraane


"I luv u..." she whispered in very low voice wd a giggle and kissed his cheeks lovingly when

"Bowww bowww..." Breezer barked making her scared

"Aaahhh..." she shouted and instantly fell on him who got startled and woke up frowing rubbing his eyes he looked at her who gulped "Vo... Ye Breezer" she tried to answer his unasked question when Breezer again barked "Aahhh..." she again moved closer to him making him registered everything in his brain his headache her massaging his head and he slept then her sudden hug and shout made him awake "Armaan... Pls bhagao usse" she said scarily looking up at him

"Breezer no... Udhar jao..." he spoke sternly to which Breezer sat quietly on floor making her mouth fell open "Ab tum plz mujhe chodogi..." he looked at her who nodded slowly and tried to move but her hairs got stuck wd his shirt's button

"Aawww..." she whined as she felt pain on her hairs making both to look at it Yes they both remembered the next morning of wedding when her bangles and hairs got stuck wd his button & thread its still fresh in their mind they both were staring at each other when she lowered her eyes breaking their eyelock "Main kholti hun..." she said softly and tried to detach it but seeing her struggling he smiled

"Main karta hun..." he said slowly putting his hand on hers who didn't pulled her hand down as she did on that day and immediately he detached her hairs "Ab plz mujhpe se hatogi" he spoke sternly to which she nodded and tried to stood but fell again on him who looked at her annoyingly

"Sorry... Vo..." she mumbled and immediately stood up correcting her Duppata

"Vaise tum... Mere uper kya kar rahi thi" Crossing his arms he asked as he stood up and hearing it her eyes widened

"Vo... Mmmain... Vo... Haa.. Ye Breezer ne bhoka to main gir gayi darr...k" she fumbled to which he narrowed his eyes when her eyes landed on his cheeks and she put her hands on her mouth shockingly making him frown

"Kyaa??" he narrowed his eyes how can she tell him that she kissed him on his cheeks and her lipstick's mark was on his cheeks

"Kkkuch nai" she shook her head in no and taking her hem of Duppata scarily she moved closer to him who raised his bows holding his shirt she hurriedly rubbed that marks from his cheeks making him stunned and before he could react she moved back "Mmm main khana lagati hun" saying this she ran from there making him hell confused

"Ye kar k kya gayi..." he frowned touching his cheek "Puri ki puri pagal hai... Aur mujhe b karegi" he muttered angrily and shaking his head he sat on couch So that was one of a day of them everything is changed Yes she had joined Fashion Designing Course which is from 12 to 4 timing For few days Armaan dropped her there but when she knew about the place she herself goes there its a big Fashion House which is not her type but she goes there only for him there she made few friends but she always stays a little away from them coz once she remembered Armaan came to pick her and her all friends and girls of there drooling over him

"Kya dikhta hai yaar??" one of a girl spoke dreamily staring at him who was standing beside his car talking on phone where as his goggles were making him more handsome Shilpa descended from the stairs holding her bag and register when she heard another girl commented

"Wow!! Yaar... Kitna hot hai... Par ye yahan kyun hai" one of a girl asked to another one

"Pata nai yaar... I hope ye kisi ka boyfriend na ho" other girl replied which made Shilpa jealous she have to prove that he is belongs exclusively to her and shaking her head she ran towards him


Yeh jo ab ho raha hai

Kch ajab ho raha hai

Kya yehi pyaar ka ehsaas...

"Armaan..." she called slowly to which he turned

"Chalen??" putting his phone inside his pocket he asked to which she pretended that she is feeling weakness

" Aawww... Mera head" holding her head she fell on his chest making him confused while other girls's mouth opened in shock

"Kya huaa?? Tum thik to ho" rubbing her back he asked slowly to which she looked at him innocently

"I think subhe breakfast nai kiya tha na.. To shayad is liye weakness feel ho raha hai" she replied innocently holding his shirt

"Bewkoof ladki subhe... Breakfast kyun nai kiya??" he scolded and opening the Car's door he made her sat on passenger seat "Ab chalo kuch khaate hai" sitting on his side started the car while she grinned at her planned got work and from that day everyone thinks that he is her boyfriend she didn't told this to them they only understood that he is her BF and in home everything seems perfect her day and night only ends wid him and Breezer's day and nights are only wd her she remembered the Christmas day when she decorated the whole house wd lights and bought three Santa hats for them

"See... Breezer main ye tumhare aur Armaan k liye laayi hun... Par tum promise karo mujhpe jump nai karoge" she spoke in warning tone pointing her index finger at him who barked answering in YES "Good... Luv u" she smiled and bending down made him wore that hat also herself wore "Merry Christmas..." she chirped happily making Breezer nuzzled in her hairs to which she first time giggled Yes they both accepted each other after all they stays 24*7 wd each other that they have habit of each other "Aao selfies kheeche" taking her Phone she started clicking selfies of them and at that time Armaan entered there finding them at this close he frowned but seeing their adorable bond and posture he smiled "Armaan..." she smiled as she saw him and picking the hat she ran towards him where as Breezer jumped on him

Sau aasmaano se

Aur do jahano se

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Aree dheere se yaar" he said calmly balancing himself

"Merry christmas... Armaan" she said happily and he smiled at her bemusedly seeing her hat "Aap b pehenoge..." she asked happily showing the hat to which he nodded in NO "Kyun??" she pouted to which Breezer barked loudly signaling him to wear that hat

"Fine... Do" at last he gave up to which she smiled widely and instead to give him the hat she herself put on his head

"See perfect family" she smiled happily and started taking their pics where as, he was only staring at her hearing 'Perfect family' from her its very new for him to hear this but the truth is they are actually a Perfect family Yeah they didn't entered in any Physical relation or any close relation instead they are living like a normal life they both were depend on each other like a habit or something she adjusted wd his anger calmness quietness where as he didn't adjusted instead he accepted her the way she is They didn't lived like friends or Husband & Wife, they lived wd each other wd don't know what reason for Shilpa its like she again got reason to live and for him don't know :/ what's going on b/w them?? She always made his day beautifull and night peacefull like after Christmas he got to know more about her like now Breezer & Shilpa became good friends but still if Breezer barks she got scared but plays wd him Their New Year night was so wonderful and memorable that he can't forget after returning from Hospital when he entered in house found the lights were off!


"Shilpa..." he called loudly looking around for her "Yahan puri society mein lights hi lights dikh rahi hai... Aur mere ghar mein andhera hai... Great" he muttered under his breath entering in their room "Kahan gayab ho jaati hai ye ladki" he thought when

"Armaan... Aap aa gaye" she asked as she entered in their room

"Kahan thi tum... Kabse bula raha hun..." He asked angrily

"Offo!! Aaj b gussa... New Year gusse mein thodi start karna hai... Chaliye" ignoring his question she gripped his wrist and dragged him wd her

"Kya kar rahi ho tum..." he frowned when he saw backyard's lights were On and as they entered their he was amazed to see the lights everywhere YES the whole backyard was decorated wd the dim and white lights also some lanterns on trees "Ye sab tumne kiya??" he asked turning at her

"Nai bahar se kuch log bullaye thae... Karne k liye" she answered sarcastically making him narrowed his eyes "Offo! Armaan aur kaun kargega... Its ofcourse me" she spoke happily which made him smile

"Tum bahar Party mein nai gayi... Society ki" he asked calmly

Sau aasmaano se

Aur do jahano se

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Nai vo boring hai... Actually Parties boring hoti hai" she replied normally moving ahead making him followed her "To maine socha ek boring Party se acha kyun na hum... Ek small sa but cute sa Romantic Date enjoy kare" she spoke wdout thinking but when she realized she bit her tongue where as he was stopped by her words 'Romantic Date' did she actually said this he was thinking and facing her back

"Kahin ye kuch expect to nai kar rahi mujhse" he thought staring at her back

"OMG!! Shilpa tu apne is bade se muh ko band nai rakh sakti jab khulta hai kuch utpatang hi nikalta hai" she smacked herself mentally how will she face him now when

"Bowww..." Breezer jumped on Shilpa

"Aaww..." she got scared and stepped back to which he hold her from back

"Breezer... No" he said in warning tone making Breezer to jumped on him "So aur kya plan hai... Tumhara" playing wd Breezer he asked normally ignoring her words but making her relief

"Maine... Kuch zyada nai bas ye socha hai hum apna New Year yahan celebrate karenge..." she informed happily making him smile "Aur..." she said excitingly making him raise his bows "Aur ye... Thik barah baje" picking the lanterns she showed him excietedly making him chuckled "Aur barah bajne mein thik paanch minute hai... So ye aapka... Aur ye mera aur Breezer ka" giving the lantern to him she picked hers and looked above the sky making him smile at her she was counting the numbers excitedly where as he was only staring at her face "3 2... 1... Happy new year" she said happily seeing crackers on sky and she leaves her lantern smilingly "Wow..." she giggled seeing the colorful crackers on sky which made him to stare at her smilingly "Aapne nai choda ye..." she frowned seeing him still holding it then taking it they both left the lantern together "Beautiful na..." holding his arms she smiled to which he looked at her smilingly


Sau aasmaano se

Aur do jahano se

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Happy New Year" he whispered smilingly staring at her who looked at him

"Same to u..." her cheerful voice made him chuckled when Breezer jumped b/w them making Armaan stepped back a little "Main cake laati hun..." saying this she went to bring the cake and they spent their New Year wd each other and that day he realized that Its very important to tell her about Kiya's matter to her coz she expect something from him so till few days he gathered courage to tell her and when he decided that he should tell this she slept Yes the thing is they both were seated on sofa watching a cartoon movie actually she only watching that coz he was busy in his phone where as Breezer was relaxing on floor and at that time he thought to tell so he started informing about Kiya wdout looking at her but as he looked at her he found her sleeping but that didn't made him angry instead it made him smiled at her innocence so lifting her up he made her lay on bed and decided to tell her next morning only and next day was Sunday he was busy on laptop in hall where as Surbhi & Shilpa were sitting on floor preparing Nazma's project who was in Kitchen making something for them to eat when Surbhi asked something to Shilpa which made him also to know her answer

"Shilpa ek sawal puchun??" Surbhi asked slowly to which she hummed in YES while making something "Agar aap kisi relation mein already ho... But na chahte hue b aapko kisi aur ko chunna pade tab aap kya karoge??" she asked in full serious tone making Shilpa looked up at her where as Armaan also looked at her

"Matlab??" Shilpa frowned where as he already gotten the question coz somewhere it related to his life also and he is waiting for her answer

"Matlab ye... Ki agar main Rehaan ki Fiance hun aur uske saath relation mein hun... Aur Aapi chahti hai meri shaadi ho isi saal aur unhone mere liye ek ladka pasand kiya hai... Aur mujhe naa chahte hue b unke decision ko support karna padega kyun ki ... Unhone mere liye bahoot kuch sacrifice kiya hai... Bas aur nai... To tum batao kya maine sahi kiya" she shared her biggest problem wd her

"Ammm... Pata nai... Par ye decision sirf tumhara nai hai... Rehaan ki b life tumse judi hui hai to usse b jaane ka pura right hai... Varna ye to tum usse cheat karogi" she suggested thoughtfully but hearing 'Cheat' Armaan's all hopes that she will understand him dies

"Main usse cheat nai kar rahi hun... Bas bas..." Surbhi spoke frustratingly

"Bas mauka nai mila... Haina" Armaan stood up completing her words making Surbhi smiled

"Haa..." Surbhi nodded making him smile

"To ab batao isne sahi kiya yaa nai??" he asked calmly to Shilpa who was confused to see him first time taking interest in such types of matter

"Ammm... Main kaise bata sakti hun" she spoke slowly

"Kyun nai bata sakti tum Shilpa plz batao... Na" Surbhi requested

"Amm... See tum apni jagah bilkul galat nai ho... Par tum sahi b nai ho... Kyun ki tumhe Rehaan ko batana chahiyee... May be vo samjhe aur tumhaari aapi se baat kare unhe samjhaye ache se... Aur uska pyaar aur support dekh k kya pata aapi maan jaaye... Aur vaise b duniya ka koi b relation sirf trust aur understanding ki basis pe depend hota hai... Pyaar ho na ho trust hona chahiyee bas... Baki tumhari marzi" she said wd full honesty making him to think at her words YES she is right if he had once talked to her or asked about Kiya's problem then perhaps he had not promised to Kiya that whatever may be happen he will always be there for her but that was past now right now Shilpa is Present Future and Everything!


"Par aapko hume ye baat batani chahiye thi Surbhi" Rehaan's voice made three of them to lookad at him

"Rehaan..." Surbhi stood worriedly following Shilpa

"Aapne hume itni badi baat kyun nai bataiyee" Rehaan asked angrily to which Surbhi tried to make him understand but they both landed in a big argument hearing them Nazma also came from Kitchen

"Armaan ye dono to lad rahe hai..." Shilpa said worriedly looking at him who was standing beside her calmly and when he didn't said anything she moved to stop them but he held her wrist

"Kahan jaa rahi ho..??" he asked calmly to which she narrowed her eyes

"Armaan vo dono lad rahe hai... Unko rokne jaa rahi hun... Varna sab kuch kharab ho jayga" she answered slowly

"Aisa kuch nai hoga... Tum jaogi to aur kharab ho jayga... Let them sort it out" he spoke sternly to which she looked at him strangely

"Armaan vo dono lad rahe hai... Sort out kaise hoga" she argued pulling her hand back

"Acha... Tum jaake aisa kya karogi ki dono ladna band kar denge" crossing his arms he asked

"Rehaan ko samjhaungi" she replied

"U know kisi b relation mein agar koi tesra interfere karta hai to problems aur badti hai" he tried to make her understand and at that time Dilshad, Surbhi's Aapi and Tanveer entered there

"Haa lekin agar relation ko tutne nai dena hai to bich mein bolna padta hai" Shilpa also tried to make him understand

"No... isse tum problem badaogi unke bich" he gritted his teeth

"Nai problem badne ki vajaye kam hogi... Aur aap to aise keh rahe hai jaise aapne bahoot se relation sambhale hai" out of blue it just slipped from her mouth making him quiet

"Nazma ye kya ho raha hai??" Dilshad asked frowning

"Ammi mujhe nai pata... Par jab main aayi Rehaan Bhaijaan aur Surbhi lad rahe thae... Aur Shilpa Bhabhi unhe rokne k liye aage badhi Bhaijaan ne unhe roka... Aur un dono ki ladai ho gayi" Nazma informed making Dilshad held her head

"Mere paas ek hi musibat hai aur vohi... Ek hi musibat wala relation sambhal lun vohi bahoot hai... Jo ki bahoot bhaari pad raha hai" he taunted indirectly

"Haww... Aapne mujhe musibat aur bhaari kaha" opening her mouth in 'O shape' she asked pointing herself making Surbhi Rehaan both stopped while others were already watching them

"Excuse me maine tumhara naam thodi liyaa" he glared

"Nai aapne mujhe indirectly kaha" she spoke angrily

"Ok fine kaha to... Kya karlogi" he spoke proudly making others giggle while her mouth fell open

"Haaww... Mai aapko aapko..." she didnt knew what to say when everyone broke wd fits of laughter making both to look at them

"Yaa Allah... Kaun kahe tum logo ko inke problems khatam karne ko tum dono khud hi ladne baith gaye... Baccho ki tarah" Dilshad spoke controlling her laugh making the both to look down

"Huh..." glaring him Shilpa went from there making him shook his head

"Rehaan... Mujhe b hamara relation aisa hi chahiye... Jaisa Mr Khan aur Shilpa ka hai... Khatta meetha par pyaar bhara" moving closer to Rehaan she whispered

"Unke bich ankaha risha hai... Aur hum vaisa to nai pata aapko de paayenge but promise karte hai... Ki puri koshish karenge is rishte ko sambhalne ki... Aur Aapi se baat b hum karenge" Rehaan whispered honestly making Surbhi smiled they were little away from them so no one observed that they short it out where as our ArSh both were angry from each other but till the evening Armaan realized its waste to stay angry wd her coz her cute expressions which she showed when she was fighting wd made him smile so in night he tried to talk wd her but she ignored him but indirectly he manoified her which worked also YES when Breezer jumped on him he said 'U know Breezer kuch musibate bahoot pyaari hoti hai... Jitna b kuch kaho' and definately she heard that and smiled also so their cute fight ended there and wd that Armaan also dropped the idea to tell her about Kiya coz he thought they need more time to understand each other also Armaan needs to win her trust unaware of her that she blindly trusts him and Armaan also tried to win her trust but in his strict mode like once Nazma forgot her scooty wd its key to take from their house Shilpa was just trying to start and he saw that

Jaane kya hone laga

Mujhko nai hai khabar...

"Chalana hai..." his sudden voice made her startled and she turned back at him

"Nai... Vo bas aise hi..." she looked down

"Tum chaho to try kar sakti ho" he said wd a smile

"Mujhe chalana nai aata..." she spoke slowly making him chuckled and taking the key he inserted in key hole

"Thik se baitho.." he said calmly holding the handle making her eyes big "Kya... Baitho ek ride try karte hai... Chalo" he said smilingly and at the end winked making her blush and sitting behind her he started instructing her about scooty's features and wd his instruction she started the scooty "Aree yaar agar tum aankein band kar logi... To chalaogi kaise" he scolded her and kept his hand on hers starting the scooty but her heart beat got fast wd his touch who to has felt a tickling sensation inside his heart but ignoring that he teaches her how to drive scooty and after two hours of driving she learnt basics of scooty and dropping her home he went to give Nazma's scooty where as Shilpa was feeling on cloud nine and since that day he started to teach her how to drive car or scooty and enrolled her name in driving classes which she reluctantly had to join only for him but before enrolling her name he put a condition on that classes that her teacher should be a female one no male fellows and when Shilpa started her training her teacher informed about his condition which madw her smile and she gotted to know that how much he is protective about her yes he Shouts Scolds get Angry wid her but he is caring supportive and more important protective about her but she is unaware that he is possessive about her which he himself don't know and her life was going rocking wd him Yeah there was no romance but the thing they have for each other is trust and respect she remembered his b'day which went two weeks ago she was so excited about that she planned a cake for him and as the clock striked 12 she and Breezer woke him who got annoyed but seeing her happy face and B'day cap on her & Breezer's head made him ok she brought cake which he refused to cut saying 'Mujhe in faltu cheezo mein interest nai' but her pleading tone made him to cutt it specially her words

Ku neend se meri

Jaane lagi hai nazar...

'Mere liye... Plz Armaan kaato na' so he cuts the cake and she inserted a bite inside his mouth happily and when he forgot to give the piece of cake she taunted 'Kash mera b'day hota to main to saamne wale ko jaroor khilaati' hearing this he chuckled and cutting the cake he inserted a bite inside her mouth making her happy and his b'day filled wd her excitement and next morning she made his favorite foods and gifted him a expensive wrist watch which he liked also and wd her insistence he wore that watch and wd her everything looked beautiful to him his house this town this world everything is best wd her and he don't have any idea that he is falling for her and couldn't live wdout her their life is perfect Her classes & Fashion House's training were going cool she met Anupriya who came from Dehradun and is her class fellow she never talked wd her but they always exchange smiles she heard from her friends about her that she came from Dehradun living her family and stays wd her friend's family and rumours are going that she is dating her friend's brother but Shilpa saw once her so called BF was torturing Anupriya and seeing her he told that they are just talking she didn't even asked anything to them then also he explained her and Then Shilpa's eyes landed on Anupriya who had tears in her eyes but Shilpa ignored everything and moved from there waiting for Armaan and today she landed in big mess Yes today Surbhi, Nazma & Shilpa had decided to go shopping after Nazma's Collage and Shilpa's classes So she was waiting for them in a bus stop wearing a navy blue top wd denim jeans and pink stole while listening music was waiting when She saw Anupriya who was looking scared and was panting badly who hide behind the bus stop's wall

"Isse kya huaa... Ye itni dari hui aur pareshaan kyun lag rahi hai" she frowned when her eyes fell on side where Five or Six men were came running towards the bus stop and seeing them Anupriyaa hide more "Jarur ye log iske peeche hai... Kuch karna padega" she thought and moved behind the bus stand and kept her hand on her shoulder who got scared

"Huh... Plzz mujhe kuch mat karna... Plz..." she pleaded wd fear

"Ssshhh... Main hun..." Shilpa gestured her to quiet to which she cried "Calm down... Tumhaari aawaz se vo yahan aa jayenge... Chalo mere saath" she whispered in low voice still looking around for the goons

"Plz tum jao yahan se meri wajah se tum b... Musibat mein fas jaogi" she said slowly to which Shilpa smiled and gripped her wrist

"Agar tumhe nai bacha paungi... To zaroor fas jaaungi... Main nai janti ki kya baat hai... Par tum baad mein batana" Shilpa said politely and looking around carefully they both ran from there

"Vo dekho... Vo rahi pakdo usse" one of a man pointed at them

"Par vo ladki kaun hai uske saath..." another man asked

"Jo b ho bas unhe pakdo" he shouted and they ran behind them

"Don't worry tumhe kuch nai hoga..." Shilpa spoke pantingly as they hided behind a wall they both didn't knew about the place coz they both are new here

"Thanks tum bahoot achi ho..." Anupriya smiled when Shilpa's cell vibrated

"Hello! Haa Surbhi... Vo sab baad mein pehle tum meri suno... Jaldi se apni scooty lekar tum aao... Main bahoot badi musibat mein hun... Place to nai... Pata par kuch to epic type ka hai... Saamne ek darga hai... Haa thik hai main yehi hun tum aa jao" Anupriya can only heard from one side conversation "Ye lo tum isse apne face pe baandh lo... Tumhe koi nai pehchanega... Aur apna ye bag mujhe do... Aur mujhe unhone dekha nai hai... To pehchanenge nai" She gave her stole to her who smiled at her and hugged her

"Thanks... Samajh mein nai aa raha mai tumhara ehsaan kaise chukaungi" Anupriya said wd tears making her smile

"Hmm..." she hummed when Surbhi's message peeped

"I am there where are u...??" she readed and peeped from wall and saw Nazma wd scooty while Surbhi was behind her they were at other side of road so she called her

"Surbhi suno... Main kisi ko tumhare paas bhej rahi hun pls usse kahi safe pahucha do... Main aati hun" she spoke hurriedly and gripping Anupriya's hand she ran towards them

"Allah miya what's wrong wd u Shilpa... Tum thik to" Surbhi asked worriedly seeing her condition

"Vo sab baad mein pehle tum isse koi safe place pe pahuchao... fir main tumse baat karti hun... Bye" giving Anu's hand in Surbhi's she ran from there making them confused

"Bhabhi kahan gayi" Nazma frowned

"Pata nai par jaisa Shilpa ne kaha hai hume vaisa karna chahiyee... Chalo" Saying this Surbhi , Nazma and Anu sat on scooty where as Shilpa manipulated the goons who thought she is Anu coz of her bag she was running as much as possible

"Pakdo usse..." one of a man shouted when turning around she pushed a trolley of fruits towards them which fell on them and she ran when she bumped wd someone's back which resulted they both fell on ground wd her on his back and the flowers which were on one of a trolley fell on them

"Aree..." the man said angrily as she moved from him

"I am sorry... I am really really sorry... So sorry... " she was saying this hurriedly where as the man was only staring at her

"Its ok... I can... Un.." but she didn't let him speak

"Nai ye meri galti hai... Aapke shop ka saara flowers meri wajah se gir gaya" she apologized still looking for the goons

"Noo... Ye mera shop nai hai" he immediately informed her smilingly

"What?? To itne daer se mera time waste kyun kiya stupid" she threw the flowers on his face making him stunned and she stood to go when

"How dare u...??" he asked angrily to which she was about to argue but seeing the goons she tried to run "Itni aasani se nai jaane dunga... Ek to dukaan ki cheeze girati ho...aur uper se jhagda kar rahi ho" he glared her

"See mere paas tumse ladne ka time nai hai... Haath chodo mera.. Varna main Police complain karungi" she pointed her index finger at him who smirked when she saw the goons "Tumne aur koi option nai choda.. Bachao bachao ye aadmi mujhe ched raha hai" she shouted for help to which everyone gathered and started beating him where as she ran to save herself followed by goons

"Chodo mujhe... Main Senior Inspector Arjun Rawte hun" and as everyone heard this they immediately left him "Hawaldaar mere peeche aao... Aaj vo ladki nai bachegi mere haath se" saying this he ran behind her and caught also but when he saw goons he beat them and arrested also then he asked to Shilpa who informed about Anupriya so they took her to police station where Surbhi ,Nazma & Anu was sitting quietly and when she asked about them they informed that they broke the traffic jam so they got arrested

"Acha tumne mujhe bataya nai... Ye log tumhare peeche kyun hai??" Shilpa asked as they four sat in corner

"Vo... Actually main Dehradun se hun bahoot hi chote se family se aur main yaha padhne aayi thi apne best friend k ghar... Par meri friend ka bhai mujhe torture karta tha... Ye keh k ki agar maine uske saath koi relation nai rakha to vo meri kuch pics ko edit karke.. Mere ghar pe pahucha dega.. Jo ye sunke tut jaynge... Aur isiliye mujhe uske saath rehna padta tha... Mai is seher me kisi ko nai janti hun.. University mein b sabko yehi lagta tha ki vo mera bf hai... Par fir mujhe ek job mili aur maine dheere se ek PG mein ghar liya bina usse bataye... Aur apni friend ka ghar chod diya... Do hafto se sukoon ki saans k baad mujhe aaj in logo ne Market mein dekh liya.. Ye log uske aadmi hai... Aur mere peeche pade hai" she informed them sadly to which they consoled her when Arjun came and asked then she informed Arjun so he arrested the goons and promised her no one will harm her and giving permission to his man that drop her home he concentrated on the three girls and ordering that don't live them till their family will come he left for his another case not before glaring Shilpa who cursed him So now the three of them are locked in jail

"Chaliyee aap teeno ko lene aapke ghar se koi aaya hai" One Inspector opened the locked door for them

"I hope ye Mr Khan yaa Rehaan na ho..." Surbhi spoke scarily "Par agar Mr Khan hue to..." she whispered

"Shubh shubh bolo Surbhi... I hope Rehaan ho... Armaan nai varna vo to mujhe maar hi daalenge" She whined

"Yaa allah.. Bhabhi ek baar Bhaijaan ho to chalega... Par Rehaan Bhaijaan nai... Varna vo mera class band karwa denge" Nazma spoke sadly

"Allah miya what's wrong wd u girls... Dono mein se koi b ho at least hum nikle to sahi... Mujhe to lagta hai Fuffi hai" Surbhi spoke coolly when Nazma stopped scarred to which they also stopped and looked at the direction where Nazma was watching and Surbhi became statue but Shilpa almost fainted but before it could happen Surbhi held her

"Oh no..." they three muttered scarred seeing the great Armaan Malik infront of them wd angry look

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :v

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