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part 11 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


At Home

Chodo ye saari baate

Ab mili hai jo ye raaten

Inhe jaane na de jaaniyaa...

"Samajh mein nai aata kya karun??" Shilpa thought putting her chin on her knees "Kya maine galat kiya Anu ki help karke... Nai tune bilkul sahi kiya... Kisi ki help karna galat nai hai... Aur tu to janti hai Armaan ka gussa... Vaise koi b husband kabi bardaast nai karega ki uski wife jail me band rahe..." her heart & mind debated wd herself she pulled her knees more closer to her chest sitting at the entrance of lawn door she was thinking about his words which he said as he brought them home Yes, as Shilpa, Surbhi & Nazma entered inside house everyone started shouting on them wdout asking the reason Rehaan started blaming Surbhi and scold Nazma but the great Armaan Malik only blamed her which she accepted also and told its all her fault Nazma and Surbhi were innocent then her dear Husband wdout listening anything started shouting on her saying 'Tumhari jaisi bewkoof aur useless ladki maine aaj tak nai dekhi... Tumhe jo karna hai karo lekin Shilpa banke... Shilpa Armaan Malik banke nai.. Khud k saath jo karna hai karo... Lekin Surbhi aur Nazma ko kuch ho jaata to aaj... Main tumhe zinda dafna deta' but hearing this Surbhi giggled as she remembered in Jail Shilpa also said the same line but seeing Nazma's glare she kept quite but here Shilpa felt hurt hearing his words he didn't asked once that why she did that instead he blamed Dilshad tried to stop him but he didn't listened why he always insult his wife infront of everyone that's when the door bell rang and entered Anu who thanked them specially Shilpa also informed everything to everyone who were shocked to hear this specially Mr Malik and then everyone praised them also apologized except Armaan who ordered Rehaan to drop Anu home safely and went from there leaving her hurt and now she is struggling what to do next "Ye sab us Inspector ki wajah se huaa... Khud to gunde pakad nai paate... Aur jo help nkarte hai.. Unhe Jail mein band kar dete hai... Agar dobara mujhe vo mila to band baja dungi mai uski" she cursed Arjun under her breath when

"I think abhi b gussa hai... Kaam hi tune aisa kiya hai" Armaan thought staring at her from far and taking the coffee mugs moved towards her "Coffee...??" his sudden voice made her startled and she looked up at him who sat beside her forwarding the coffee towards her who looked away from him signaling she is still angry wd him

"Sorry b nai kahenge... Mujhe pata hai" she thought avoiding him

"I am sorry..." his soft voice made her eyes big and she looked at him "I am really sorry... Mujhe itna kuch nai kehna chahiyee tha... Specially bina reason jaane" he said slowly to which she looked down "Tumhe mujhe Phone karna chahiye tha... Main aa jaata help k liye" he said calmly first time he has talked her this softly after his accident

"Itna time nai tha... Kyun ki mujhe uski bas help karni thi" she spoke slowly wdout looking at him who smiled and kept coffee mug side

"See Shilpa... Main tumse clearly kahunga ki.. Kisi ki help karna galat nai hai... Par kabhi kabhi kisi ki help karne ki wajah se hum khud musibat mein aa jaate hai..." looking away from her he said lostly making her stared at him quietly "Kyun ki hum khud to musibat mein aate hai... Hamare saath hamari family b musibat mein aati hai" he said remembering about Shakti's case which destroyed his life

"To kya hum kisi ki help karna band kar de... Aur agar koi help nai karega kisi ki to kaise chalega" she argued innocently which made him to look at her

"Kisi ki help karne k chakkar mein... Tum kisi aur ki zindagi daoo pe nai laga sakti" he spoke angrily but seeing her scared face he calm down "I mean see... Aaj agar tumhari wajah se Nazma aur Surbhi ko kuch ho jaata to kya tum khudko maaf kar paati" he asked softly staring at her who nodded in NO innocently "Toh... Fir sab tumhe blame karte... Aur main kabhi bardaast nai karta ki koi Meri Wife pe point kare" he whispered slowly looking down on floor making her feel proud hearing 'Meri Wife'

"Toh fir kisi ki help na karun abse??" she asked innocently making him smile

"Nai maine aisa to nai kaha..." he spoke smilingly "Karo... Help lekin utni jitni jaroorat ho... Usse zyada nai..." he suggested to which she smile coz he talked like her father infact he thinks like him sometimes "Hmm... Coffee... Jo ab thandi ho gayi" he said calmly forwarding the cup which she took slowly and started playing wd the cup's edge "Kya huaa?" he frowned seeing her still stop

"Aapne mujhe bewkoof aur useless kaha" she spoke wid grumpy face wdout looking at him who can see her eyes were wet

Ye jo ab ho raha hai

Kch ajab ho raha hai

Kya yehi pyaar ka ehsaas...

"Haa... Vo I am sorry... Main to bas gusse mein..." He apologized softly but was cutted by her

"Kya main sachmein useless aur bewkoof hun??" she asked in broken voice staring at him wd moist eyes but when he didn't said anything she looked down again and sniffed to which he put her hand on hers slowly who cried which made him pressed her hand more tightly

"Trust me... I didn't mean anything... Vo bas gusse mein keh diya tha... I am sorry..." wdout looking at her he whispered softly to which she looked at him who stared at her

"Fir??" she sniffed

"Tum useless to bilkul nai ho..." he whispered tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear slowly making her close her eyes feeling his touch "Par thodi bewkoof ho..." he spoke teasingly which made her pout "Jo kisi kisi k andar hota hai" saying this he hugged her whose eyes became big wd his move this is the first time he took a move towards her it was always her who took any move towards him and he always back out but right now feeling his hug she closed her eyes she want to stay here forever "To tumne mujhe maaf kiya" parting her he asked softly to which she looked down

"Sochungi" She pretended looking away from him who smiled

"Acha vo to thik hai... Tumhare exams kabse hai??" he asked in his usual strict tone which made her eyes big

"Aree haa... Exams" she whispered worriedly and looked at him who raised his bows "Teen din baad se" she informed

"To padahi ki...??" he questioned

"Main exam se ek din pehle padti hun..." she replied nonchantly making him narrowed his eyes

"R u serious?? Exam se ek din pehle koi padta hai??" he asked angrily

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Haa main padti hun na... 10th, 12th, dono maine aise hi pass kiya hai... Infact MBA b maine aise hi pass kiya tha" she spoke proudly making him stunned

"Exam se ek din pehle koi padke nai pass hota... Par jo b ho mujhe result 100% chahiyee matlab chahiyee" he announced making her eyes big

"Aur agar main fail ho gayi to??" she quetioned doubtfully

"To main direct tumhe ghar se nikal dunga" a straight reply from him

"Haww... Aap mujhe ghar se nikal denge" she asked shockingly

"Haa..." he replied calmly to which she looked down worriedly while he hide his smile

"Aur agar average marks aaye to??" she asked again but in slow voice

"Ammm..." pressing his lips he pretened to think to which her mouth opened "To main tumse baat nai karunga bas" he said calmly

"Vo chalega" she said cooly making him stunned

"What?? Agar main baat nai karunga to tumhe chalega??" he asked stunnedly

"Haa..." she said nonchantly making him shock "Kyun ki baat to aap pehle b kam karte thae... To zyada farq nai padega" she taunted making him amazed by her and he couldn't control his laugh which made her smile seeing him laughing

"Acha tumhe vo gift kaisa laga... Tumne bataya nai??" out of blue he asked which made her smile

"Kaunsi... Ye wali" picking it from her other side she showed the box

"Haa... Par ye yahan kaise??" he asked frowningly

"Ye to main bas yuhin dekhne k liye... Laayi thi" she replied smilingly

"To... Kaisa hai??" he asked hesistatly making her giggle

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Ammm... Thik hi hai" she pretended to which he nodded knowingly "It's beautiful" she commented staring down at the box shyly making him smile "Acha Armaan aapko... Holi pasand hai??" she asked excietedly to which he narrowed his eyes

"Amm... Nai.. Matlab zyada nai... Par thik hai" he replied normally "Par kyun??" he asked

"Kyun ki kal Holi hai... Isi liye to aaj main Surbhi, Nazma shopping jaane wale thae... But is scene ki wajah se nai jaa paaye" she replied keeping her hands on her knees to which he chuckled

"Don't worry... Kal kar lena... Subhe... Abhi chalo khana khate hai... Kyun ki coffee to thandi ho gayi" he said stooding up to which she also stood picking the cups and gift

"Par itni subhe kahan milega kuch" she questioned confusedly to which he shook his head

"Ye subhe sochenge... Ab chalo" he spoke in strict tone to which she pouted but today she is very happy that she reached near his heart at last where as Armaan realized how strong she is which he praised inside his heart and also how special she is for him and he didn't want to loose her which is unknown for him
Next Morning Holi

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Kahan hai...??" Shilpa peeped from the door and looked inside their room for him who was reading a file wearing a white shirt and jeans "Aaj k din b kaam... Kaisa Husband mila hai" wearing a white flare dress wd red duppatta she is looking simple plus stunning cursing him under her breath stared him who was busy on file in early morning he sent Gujju their Driver to bring the Holi related things and when she woke up finding everything left surprised then Gujju informed everything which made her happy and immediately she kissed his cheek who was sleeping peacefully and today there is Holi celebration in Society so she want to colour him first "Armaan..." she called in her extra sweet tone while stooding beside him wd her hands full of colours behind her back she called

Aankhon ko

Teri aadat hai

Tu dekhe na to

Inhe sikayat hai...

"Hmmm..." he hummed still looking at his file

"Happy Holi" she spoke happily moving her hands to colour his cheeks who immediately grabbed her hands before she could colour him

"No... Mujhe Hospital jaana hai..." he spoke in warning tone making her pout

"Thoda sa b nai??" she asked like a kid

"Haa..." he replied calmly but seeing her cute pout he grabbed her both hands "Par... Tumhe colour kiya jaa sakta hai" he smiled and wd her hands only he rubbed her cheeks which became red wd colours but her blush was more red than colours

"Happy Holi..." he whispered wd a smile to which she looked up shyly her hands were still in his hands while her heart was thumping loudly and she was looking down blushingly where as his eyes were on only hers when the door bell's ring made them come out from their lovely eyelock

"Mmain dekhti hun..." her tone was shy and she immediately ran from there leaving a smiling Armaan who felt his effect can make her weak

"Hmm... Chal Armaan Hospital b to nikalna hai" looking at his wrist watch he grabbed his phone when his eyes landed on his hands which has painted wd red colours "I think jab uska haath pakda tha tabka hai" he muttered frowning and shaking his head moved outside to check who rang the bell and as he reached there he found Surbhi, Nazma & Shilpa giggling over something while Breezer was standing beside Shilpa"I think in logo ne to pura rang diya hai ek dusre ko" he mummbled

"Hey Mr Khan Happy Holi" Surbhi whished happily moving closer to him

"No Surbhi mujhe Hospital jaana hai" he stepped back warning her

"Pata hai mujhe... Shilpa ne bataya mujhe... Main to bas ye kehne aayi thi aapko baad mein to aana hi padega Society k function meun aur aap raat ko aaoge na Party mein" she spoke not intrestingly

"Sochunga" rolling his eyes he turned to go when

"Bhaijaan aap thoda sa b colour nai lagayenge" Nazna asked cutely

"Abi nai Tamatar... Hospital se aaunga tab lagana... Bye" saying this he turned to go when Tanveer entered there making Surbhi roll her eyes

"Hii Jammy" she smiled to which he passed a smile but hearing thi Shilpa's anger raised "Happy Holi..." out of blue she colour his cheeks making everyone stunned while Shilpa's mouth opened in 'O shape'

"Ab dekhna Mr Khan kaisi uski class lenge" Surbhi whispered in Shilpa's ear who was only staring at them shockingly that how can she first colour his cheeks its her right to do this

"Tanu ye kya kiya?? Mujhe Hospital nikalna tha" he said strictly while rubbing his cheeks

"Oo I am sorry... Jammy par hume laga aapke gaal khali hai to" She apologized

"O really Tanveer hum sab to yahan bewkoof baithe hai... Haina" Surbhi taunted

"Its ok Surbhi... Koi baat nai Tanu ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi" He spoke politely making Shilpa angry and Surbhi almost fainted hearing this "Main jaata hun... Bye..." saying this he moved to go when he stopped at the entrance and turn to look at Shilpa who immediately looked away from him angrily making him shook his head and he left from there


3 hours later...

Bin chuye chu liye hai

Tune mujhko

Diye hai...

"Bhaaijaan... Happy Holi" Rehaan hugged him as he entered in Holi Party looking for Shilpa

"Same to you" he smiled removing his goggles he wanted to ask about her but he don't know what to say

"Bhabhi... Surbhi k saath vaha hai" Rehaan answered smilingly coz he saw him looking around for someone

"Hmm..." pretending it he didn't cared he nodded and moved to go towards her but before he could reached at her everyone colored him "Damm.. Pura shirt b kharab huaa... Aur gaal b" cleaning his clothes wd his hands he approached at her who was talking wd Surbhi

"Aree waah Mr Khan aapko colours kab se ache lagne lage" she taunted to which he rolled his eyes

"I think tumhe Rehaan bula raha hai" he spoke sternly to which she moved to say something when her eyes landed on Rehaan who is colouring Tanveer's cheek

"Allah miya! What's wrong wd my Fiance... Ye Tanveer ko to main nai chodungi" saying this she ran to stop them where as Armaan frowned seeing her reaction but ignoring everything he turned to look at his wife who avoided him compeletly

"Shilpa vo... Happy Holi..." he said slowly but she looked away from him "Tum mujhe colour nai lagaogi..." he asked slowly to which she gave him angry look

"Kahan... Jahan pehle se hi already colours hai" she taunted angrily crossing her arms here she didn't let anyone to touch her cheeks after him and except her everyone coloured him specialy that Tanveer

"Ammm... Actually meri galti nai hai... Vo to sab khud hi..." he tried to explain but seeing her glare he stopped

"Really... Khud hi mauka diya... Aapki pyaari Tanu ko... Jab maine kaha ki Happy Holi aur colours lagane ko aage badi... To mujhe directly mana kar diya" she spoke pointing at herself which made him hide his smile "Aur jab aapki pyaari Tanu ne colour lagaya... To its ok Tanu ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi" she mimicked him who controlled hard not to laugh "Mere haath mein to kaante hai... Uske haath mein to flowers hai... Vo to Apsara main to Bewkoof... Jab ki ye mera right tha sabse pehle" she crossed her arms angrily looking away from him who smiled how much he adore her angry face plus pouted lips he saw jealousy in her which he is loving it he was about to say something when Tanveer entered there

"Jammy aaiyee na... Udhar" Tanveer spoke polietly to which he looked at Shilpa who was looking away from them angrily

"Tanu... I mean Tanveer tum jao... Mujhe aur Shilpa ko kuch kaam hai" he replied polietly to which she smiled and nodding in YES she went from there "Shilpa... Vo" He moved to say something when she gave him a sweet smile making him narrowed his eyes definatly something is cooking in her head

"Jaaiyee na aapko kitne pyaar se bula rahi thi aapki TANNU.. Jaaiye na... JAMMYY" she spoke sweetly but he thought as if she taunted him "Bye huh...!" saying this she turned to go but his sudden grip on her wrist made her bumped wd his chest who was looking at her wd a smile where as she looked at him confusedly

Pyaar k ye taraane


"Well agar right tumhara tha... To apna right le leti kisne roka tha..." he whispered softly pulling her closer by her waist and colouring her cheek wd his other hand making her heartbeat skipped "Ab nai lagaogi colour??" he asked smilingly seeing his effect on her who looked down shyly and he forwarded his one hand which have red colour in it "I think nai lagaogi... Haina" he asked teasingly to which she looked up immediately but seeing him grinned she blushed and taking the colour slowly from his hand she rubbed his cheek softly making him close his eyes feeling her touch but then something strikked her mischevious brain and taking the colour in her both fists she rubbed his both cheek wd a thump "Happy Holi" she giggled seeing his whole face coloured

"Shilpa..." he dragged her name rubbing his cheeks to which she laugh

"Ye puri din ki kasar thi..." she giggled to which he glared but rubbed his eyes as the colour went a little in his eyes "Kya huaa??" she asked worriedly seeing him rubbing his eyes

"I think... Aankh mein gaya" he replied rubbing his eyes to which she held his hand

"Main dekhti hun..." she whispered worriedly while cupping his cheeks and blew air in it to which he blinked his eyes making her remember their first meeting where she unintentionally hit his head and he blinked his eyes like this only

"Ab thik hai... Thanks" he smiled to which she looked down

"I am sorry... Meri wajah se" she apologized slowly

"Its ok..." he chuckled seeing her change of mode when

"Mr Khan Happy Holi" Surbhi smile wide moving to colour him who stepped back immediately

"Nai mujhe change karne jaana hai... Shilpa main jaa raha hun... Pls thodi daer baad aakar mere liye coffee bana dena" saying this he ran from there making Shilpa laugh and Surbhi giggled Definately she might not colored him first but she is the last one who colored him which he followed in his life also

"Allah miya aaj itne pyaar se kaha... Shilpa coffee bana dena... Wow Mr Khan changed a lot haa" Surbhi teased to which she smiled

"Ab kya kare mera kamaal hi aisa hai" she spoke proudly making both laugh

20 minutes later...

Ye jo ab ho raha hai

Kch ajab ho raha hai...

"Armaan... Kahan hai aap?" she searched him in hall "May be room mein ho" she whispered frowning and moved inside their room which was empty so she moved to see inside wardrobe door which is connected to washroom "Arm..." she was about to call when she bumped wd him who was only in his formal pant her hands were kept on his bare wet chest as if he has just taken shower while her green eyes were on his blue one's whose hands automatically land on her waist when his one hand moved to tucked her hairs behind her ear dazedly which made her close her eyes his head bend to her face level and closing his eyes moved towards her lips which was just an inch apart when Breezer entered there and seeing them lost he barked loudly making her scared

"Aaahhh..." she shouted and hugged him tightly making him banged against the wardrobe

"Kya karun main tum dono ka" shaking his head he raised his hands up in surrender where as she didn't leaved him but can hear his fast heartbeat "Lagta hai mujhe firse... Shower lena padega" he said as she parted slowly to which she looked on his chest which was colored in red by her cheeks making him remembered about their day after wedding when her vermilion was rubbed around his neck

"Sorry... Vo ye Breezer" she apologized looking down

"Its ok main change karke aata hun" saying this he went inside Washroom

"Breezer tumhe b abhi aana tha... Moment spoil kar diya" she scolded him who jumped on her cutely to which she smiled remembering about their romantic moment which went few minutes ago


Night time

"Pata nai ye aayenge b ki nai... Bahar Party mein... Par dekhne se to nai lagta ye aayenge" she thought wearing her earrings and looked at him who was busy on laptop wearing a white shirt wd formal pant looking handsome but care he looked at her once "Saari pehni sirf inke liye but ek baar jo inhone meri taraf dekha ho" she cursed him and stood while correcting her saari which was in red orange colour she had opened her hairs and wore bangles wd anklet She looked at him who was still busy on laptop so she knowingly made noises from her bangles which made him frowned and as he looked at her his heartbeat skipped seeing her this beautiful, her green eyes were down wd shyness feeling his gaze but immediately looked away from her concentrating on his work making her pout So she knowingly moved so that her anklet can grab his attention which does also but he tried to ignore her whose mouth fell open seeing his ignorance so she moved to go angrily but the Stupid door was not opening it

"Bewkoof... Ladki" he mumbled smilingly holding his head

"Ab ye door b nai khulega... Tum b mera dimag khao... Khao" she spoke angrily to the door and turned the knob in wrong side but it didn't opened raising her anger to which she stepped on her saari's end which lead her to fall "Aahhh..." she closed her eyes wd fear but when she felt some muscular arms holding her she opened her eyes slowly getting lost in his blue one's

"Har kaam mein jald baazi jaruri hai" he asked smilingly making her come out from his hold slowly

"Vo door nai khul raha tha..." she complained wd pouted lips making him shook his head and he opened the door calmly which opened also making her mouth open "Haww... Mujhse nai khula" she spoke shockingly

"Agar aap koi kaam dhang se karen tab to khulega" crossing his arms he spoke calmly

"Haa??" she asked angrily

"Haa..." he replied calmly making her more angry and she moved ahead to go when he blocked her way "Aise jaogi tum bahar??" he asked strictly to which she frowned

"Kyun kya problem hai isme??" looking herself from head to toe in window's mirror she asked

Kya yehi

Pyaar ka


"Problem isme nai hai..." shaking his head he gripped her wrist and made her stand infront of the mirror "Problem isme hai..." he pointed at her face to which she looked at him confusedly "Ye b mujhe batana pedega" he whispered and making her face him he parted her scalp and picking the vermillion puts on her parted hair who looked at him lovingly "Tumhe har chiz batana padta hai... Ye b main hi bataun" he spoke in scolding tone while tied her wedding chain around her neck who looked down controlling her emotions "Now perfect... Ab tum jaa sakti ho" he smiled Now she is looking His competely his only his where as she was controlling to grip her feelings but hearing this she looked up at him

"Aap nai aayenge...??" she questioned

"Nai..." he answered turning back

"Kyun?? Armaan plz... Mujhe bore hoga chaliyee na" she requested which he cant refuse

"Fine... Main ye files aur laptop rakhta hun" saying this he started keeping his things properly where as she sat on bed and started playing wd his black tie which made her remember about the day when she knowingly made him to teach her how to wore a tie which makes her smirked YES she can try on him too so what she knows how to wear it but she can pretened

"Armaan... Aap mujhe tie pehnana sikhaynge??" she asked innocently showing the tie to him who frowned

"Tumhe... Tie banani nai aati??" he asked frowningly to which she nodded innocently moving towards him

"Bachpan mein aata tha but ab bhul gayi" if anyone will see her they deffinately think she is so innoncent and naive but how devil she is she only knows

"Par tum karogi kya seekh k?? Tumhe thodi tie pehnni hai" he spoke calmly wearing his wrist watch

"Aree kyun nai kaam aayga... Kya pata kal ko koi problem ho... To main hi kaam aaun aapke... Aur Future mein hamare baccho..." and she stopped at her last line and closed her eyes "Kardi na tune fir gadbad" she smacked herself mentally where as he was only staring at her amusedly

"Kya kaha tumne??" he asked teasingly making her gulped

"Vo...ammm ...vo..." she fumbled making him smile when taking the tie from her hand he puts on back of her head he pulled her closer by tie making her stunned

"To chalo tie sikhaate hai tumhe" he said wd a grin pulling her closer who blushed hearing this making him smile when the door bell rang

"Mmmain... Dekhti hun..." saying shyly she moved to go when he gripped the tie's end stopping her

"Tie to deti jao..." he said teasingly making her realize that the tie was still on her neck immediately she put that down and ran from there making him chuckled at her blushing face


45 minutes later...

"Mr Khan plz mere saath dance karo na... Plz" Surbhi requested forwarding her hand towards him who shook his head in no but Surbhi's constant pleading made him agree actually there is Holi Party Dinner in their Society where everyone was enjoying and there also a slow dance arranged for the Couples

"Chalo Meri Maa" taking her hand in his he entered on floor and they danced slowly but his eyes were on Shilpa who was talking wd Nazma

"Mr Khan aapne Shilpa se pucha nai dance k liye??" She asked wd teasing smile making him looked at her she knowingly asked for dance only to see his reaction which was her & Rehaan's plan

"Mood nai tha" he replied calmly making her giggle "What??" he frowned

"Aapko kya lagta hai... Maine aapko dance k liye kyun pucha...??" she asked smilingly to which he narrowed his eyes "Aree aapko realize karwaane k liye... Ki aapko Shilpa k saath dance karna chahiye naa ki mere saath" she spoke slowly to which he rolled his eyes

"Bhabhi... Aap mere saath dance karengi?? Plz mana mat karna" Rehaan requested polietly making her smile and she nodded keeping her hand on his and they both moved on the dance floor just beside Armaan & Surbhi "Bhabhi... Aaj aap achi lag rahi hai" Rehaan commented to which she smiled but her eyes were on only Armaan who was talking wd Surbhi but as she looked another side his eyes automatically landed on her making Surbhi followed his gaze and she giggled so she called Rehaan who raised his eyes and she hinted him about their plan which he nodded and immediately turning Shilpa around he pulled Surbhi towards him which made Shilpa land in Armaan's arms making both stunned but it made Armaan happy in his heart

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Ammm... Vo" she didn't know what to say to him who kept his one hand on her waist slowly and other gripped her one hand which made her confused

"Mere saath dance karogi??" finally he asked slowly which she wanted to hear till the time they came here "Bolo??" he asked again pulling her closer by waist to which she answered keeping her other hand on his chest looking down shyly making him smile

"To main haa samjun" he asked teasingly to which she nodded still looking down when he twirrled her and she landed on his chest her both hands were on his chest who pulled her more closer by her waist making her stared him wd thudding heart where as his condition was worse of it coz his heart was beating more than her


5 days later...

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"Kitna hard hai ye... Ek baar MBA karke pass ho sakte ho... But Fashion Designer karna bahoot hard hai... Kaha socha tha Fashion designing karna easy hoga but ye to... Dekh Shilpa last paper hai padhle" she bit her nails looking at her books when Armaan knocked at the door to which she looked at him

"Kya huaa??" He asked smilingly seeing her confused face

"Vo..." she looked up at him who put the coffee mug beside her and sat infront of her "Armaan its too complicated" she whined making him smile

"Thik hai... Baad mein padhna... Coffee piyo..." he suggested to which she smiled

"Haa... Chalo ek walk pe chalte hai" she stood up happily making him held his head "Armaan chalo na..." she requested to which he shook his head and stood up

"Pehle mujhe kuch milega khaane ko..." he spoke calmly to which she smiled

"Main meethi ko bolti hun..." she said smilingly

"Nai Meethi nai... Tum banaogi jao" he spoke strictly making her giggle "I am serious... Go" he ordered to which she nodded hiding her smile coz she knew he didn't liked anyone's hand food coz two days ago Meethi cooked for him coz she was preparing for exam and he got angry seeing the food so she had to make it again for him to calm him down Poor Meethi had to face :(


2 hours later...

"Boww..." Breezer barked loudly making him looked at him and keeping the book on his thighs he gave Breezer's ball infront of him who started playing it again and he again picked his book and sipped his coffee looking at Shilpa who is making faces while looking at her books he was sitting on sofa while Breezer was his other side sitting quietly on floor playing wd his ball and infront of him, Shilpa was sitting on floor wd her books on table

"Ab kya huaa??" he asked sternly making her looked at him wd pouted lips

"Its so tough... Like Maths" she complained "Stupid Maths bahoot easy hai" he scolded

"Heyyy... Maths is duniya ka worst subject hai" she argued

"Mera favourite hai vo" he spoke sternly

"Hoga... Mujhe to bilkul pasand nai" she spoke angrily crossing her arms

"Whatever... See main ek science student tha to mujhe is book k baare mein koi knowledge nai hai... Tum padh rahi ho to tumhe knowledge hona chahiyee" he spoke calmly taking a sip from his coffee

"Main b to MBA student thi..." she spoke normally to which he glared "Armaan... Main mug up nai karti... Main padh k samajhne wali bacchi hun... Ratta maarne wali bacchi nai" she spoke slowly making him hide his smile

"Jo b ho... Mujhe 100% result chahiyee" He spoke strictly to which she pouted and opening the book angrily started reading it making him smile and again looked back on his book after sometime he looked back at her whose eyes were closing making him adore but just to test her he smacked his book lightly on her who got startled

"Armaan... Sone do na" she whined rubbing her head making hide his smile and making a straight face he pointed at her book signaling her to study to which she pouted and again looked at her book angrily where as he shook his head

"Acha tum... So sakti ho.. Par" after sometime he looked at her but left amazed to see her sleeping her head was on table while the books was on her head "Hmm so gayi" he chuckled and picking the book from her head he tucked her hairs behind her ear "Ab isse uthana padega" he shook his head and moved to pick her but seeing her innocent look he stopped and bending his head he softly kissed her head making her stirr then he picked her in his arms who snuggled more into him when Breezer barked "Ssshhh..." he gestured him to quiet who innocently sat on floor where as he quietly made her laye on bed and staring at her for few minutes he stood to switch off all the lights of house

Next Morning

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko

Chod k aayi tere paas...

"See Paper mein zyada sochna mat... Direct focus on Paper... Aur itne fast speed mein mat likhna ki bhul jaana... Most important koi b kuch b puche to usse ignore karna.. Mahatma Gandhi mat banna" he was lecturing her from few minutes since the time they came here Yes, they were standing outside the Fashion House Hall beside his Car wore a white shirt wd grey line and jeans he wore his goggles standing infront of her who was controlling herself not to kiss him coz since the time saw him like this Handsome she just want to kiss him she also looking good in her midnight top wd jeans looking beautiful but he was looking beyond her imagination"Tum sunn rahi ho na main kya keh raha hun... Samajh rahi ho na" he asked strictly to which she nodded dreamly "Good... Main jaa raha hun...lekin 3 ghante baad main aaunga aur tum direct mujhe yehin milni chahiye... Kahin aur jana mat" he warned to which she rolled her eyes when she looked at another side where all the girls were staring him dreamly making her jealous but today she will prove that he is only hers

"Haa baba samajh gayi..." she spoke annoyingly making him nodded "Aapne to All The Best b nai kaha.." she pouted

"Yaa All The Best ab andar jao..." he spoke calmly "Yaad haina... Main 3 ghante baad lene aaunga tumhe so jaldi aana" he reminded to which she frowned

"Kyun??" she asked frowning

"Tumhi ne kaha tha na ki tumhe Bhopal dekhna hai... Vo b mere saath... To aaj main tumhe Bhopal dikhaunga" he replied directly making her remembered that once she taunted him that she wants to see Bhopal wd him although she saw wd Surbhi & Nazma but she wants to see wd him

"Sachmein??" she asked excietedly to which he nodded wd a smile "Fir to main yun gayi aur yun aayi" she spoke happily making him shook his head

"Pehle jakar Exam dekar aao... Aur haa daud k mat jaana" he warned to which she roll her eyes

"Haa thik hai..." she cutted him and immediatly hugged him who became stunned wd her move "So..." looking back at him she kissed his cheek who was in some delima "Bye..." parting from the hug she waved wd giggled and ran inside the Hall leaving a dazed Armaan

"Did she really...?" keeping his hand on his cheek where she kissed him he smiled coyly "Not bad..." shaking his head he corrected his goggles and sitting inside his Car he went from there wd unknown happiness inside his heart

3 hours later...

"Heyy Shilpa... Paper kaisa gaya??" Anupriya asked as she saw Shilpa moving out from the class

"Mast tha... Tum batao tumhara haal kya hai??" she asked in her happy mood

"Acha hai... Bas ye exam pass ho jaaun... Fir job karungi... Tab ghar jaungi" she replied politely they both were descending from stairs

"Great...!" she smiled

"Acha main ek baat puchun... Tum bura to nai maanogi?" she asked hesistatly making her smile which means she can continue wdout worry "Vo jo aata hai tumhe lene vo tumhara BF hai?" she asked slowly to which she laugh

"R u serious..." she asked controlling her laugh but when she saw her face she stopped "Vo mera Bf nai.. Mere Husband hai... The Great Armaan Malik" she informed smilingly which made Anu shocked

"Tum mazak kar rahi ho na... Kisi b angle se tum married nai lagti" she asked shockingly

"Acha ek minute haa..." she smiled and putting her hairs one side of shoulder she showed her wedding chain then moving her hairs side from her forehead showing her vermilion making Anu smile

"Mast hai... Kyun ki tum dono ache lagte ho saath mein... Aur aaj jab tumne unhe kiss kiya class ki saari ladkiyaa... Tumhare hi baare mein baat kar rahe thae... To socha tumse hi puch lun" she informed wd a smile making Shilpa giggle

"Kehne do kisi ko jo b kehna hai..." she spoke normally and they reached outside the Campus

"Acha main jaati hun... Vo dusre wale job ka time ho gaya... Bye" saying this Anu went from there

"Huh... Mujhe khud jaldi aana jaldi aana bol k khud nai aaye" she cursed him while waiting fir him when suddenly a Car stopped infront of her making her startled but when she saw his Car she took a sigh of relief

"Rehaan case ko kahin aur mat connect kar" he was talking on Bluetooth his one hand rested on the steering and other moved to open her side's door to which she shook her head and sat on passenger seat keeping her things on back seat she looked at him who was on Bluetooth

"Armaan... Aapko..." but her voice was stopped by his palm which was now on her lips

"Nai vo wrong medicine hai" he spoke to Rehaan but at the same time pointed her to wear her seat-belt which madE her giggle and she tried to lock it but failed so shaking his head he locked it still talking on Phone where as she was only staring at him smilingly "Haa tu dekh lena... Main aakar sambhal lunga" he was talking while driving where as resting her head on seat looking out of the window "Haa chal bye" saying this he kept the Bluetooth on side and looked at her who has closed her eyes tiredly "Thak gayi??" he asked slowly clicking his fingers infront of her who woke up

"Nai..." she replied smilingly making him shake his head "Toh hum pehle kahan jaaynge??" she asked like a kid making him smile

"Chalo batata hun..." he spoke calmly focusing on road to which she nodded

20 minutes later...

Sau aasmaano ko

Aur do jahaano ko...

"Wow!!" she spoke happily looking down at the Sea holding the railing "Yahan se suicide karna easy hoga na" she asked doubtfully staring down where as he looked at her strangely

"Kyun tumhe try karna hai??" he asked in serious voice making her looked at him after showing her Dargah, Beach & Markets he brought her his favorite place which was a Garden which was on a top of a Hill and from corner of Hill railings were attached and from there a big Lake and Sunset can be seen and from front side the Whole Bhopal can be seen

"Main apne try ki nai... Unki baat kar rahi hun jo suicide ko lekar bahoot confuse hote hai... But agar suicide karna huaa to to aise karo ki pata b naa chale ki kab aap uper" she spoke normally to which he looked at her bemusedly "Vaise dekha jaaye... Mujhe b agar marna huaa to main kuch aisa hi try karungi... Jo zyada takleef b na de aur..." she said wdout thinking but was stopped by his sudden voice

"Enough of Suicides... Chalo main tumhe kuch dikhata hun" he spoke strictly while moving ahead to which she nodded and started walking wd him who didn't knew why did he felt bad to hear that Suicide word from her that's why he cuts her "Ye meri favourite place hai..." he pointed at a bench which was made in royal style wd above a tent its like some Royal Place "Baitho" he spoke wd a smile while sitting on bench which she followed quietly and looked around the garden which is looking beautiful & from here she can see all the flowers and trees "So paper kaisa gaya tumhara...??" he asked calmly to which she looked at him

"Pata nai..." she replied normally making him frown "Main Paper dene baad bhool jaati hun... Ki Paper diya tha... Aur trust me main ye kaam bachpan se karti aa rahi hun" she said coolly making him smile

"Acha... Aur kya kya karti aa rahi ho tum bachpan se" he asked bemusedly

"Bahoot kuch... Jaise main Paper likhte time gaana gaati hun... Vo b Centre fresh khaate hue taki mera mind cool rahe..." she inforned nonchalantly which made him laugh "Haa sachmein... Ek baar to main Paper likh rahi thi 11th std mein aur mere bagal mein 12th science ka ladka baitha huaa tha... Main gaa rahi thi... Aur vo apna Paper chod k mujhe dekh raha tha... Paper khatam hone k baad bolta hai aap bahoot acha gaana gaati hai... Tab mujhe pata chala ki kuch zyada hi loud gaa deti hun" she was informing this by making different , different faces/expressions where as he was laughing his heart out after his accident he first time laugh like this he is changing which he didn't realized and just like this their evening ends wd her non stop Bak Bak and his calmness and before going back home she saw dozen of butterflies in Garden she tried to catch but everytime it failed so at last he came from behind

"Chup khadi rehna..." making her hand stopped in air he stand beside her who was confused at this but after few minutes later a Navy blue colour butterfly wd black and pink dots sat on her hand "Ssshhh..." he gestured his finger to keep quiet as she opened her mouth excitedly and taking her picture wd the butterfly he dragged her from there

"Wow !! Armaan vo to sachmein beautiful tha" she commented happily as they started walking

"Hmm janta hun..." he smiled and just like this they ended their day and after dinning from his favorite Restaurant they went to their home

Next Night

"Mom plz... Main nai aaunga... Aur ye main last time bol raha hun" Armaan spoke angrily on Phone

"Armaan... Tum kaisi baat kar rahe ho... Ye tumhara ghar hai.. Aur ye sab hamare rishtedaar hai Armaan" Ananya spoke calmly knowing well his anger

"For God sake Mom... Main nai manta ye sab... Jab vo Bankrupt ho gaye tab unko Dadi ki yaad aayi... Usse pehle kahan thae vo... Pucha b nai hoga unhone... Aur raha sawaal Avni ki shaadi ka to Radha Buaa ko jahan se karana hai karayen... Mujhe farq nai padta.. But ye mera last decision hai main un teeno ko 6 mahino tak bardaast nai karunga... Isiliye main aaunga hi nai" He directly announced his decision

"Armaan... Avni tumhari behen hai... Aur vo teeno bade hai tumse... Tumhara aur Shilpa dono ka yahan hona jaruri hai... Varna sab kya kahenge..." Ananya spoke angrily to which he got more angry

"U know what Mom main nai aaunga... Thats it" saying this he cut the call and piercing his teeth he threw his phone angrily which landed on Shilpa's feet who just entered in room and seeing this she got scared

"Armaan... Kya huaa??" she asked moving closer to him who hearing this closed his eyes

"Kuch nai... Jao yahan se..." wdout looking back at her he ordered sternly to which she gulped knowing very well that its no use to argue coz he is angry now so picking his Phone from floor she went from there

"Kyun gussa hue honge ye??" she asked herself confusedly sitting on dinning chair when her Cell Phone's ring made her looked down "Mummiji...??" she frowned seeing Ananya's name flashed "Hello..!" she spoke smilingly

"Shilpa... Armaan ne tumpe chillaya to nai na?" she asked slowly to which Shilpa frowned

"Nai kyun??" she asked frowning

"Kuch nai..." she cant tell her

"Mummiji... Kuch to baat hai... Pls mujhe bataiyee... Armaan b gusse mein hai... Kya baat hai" She asked worriedly to which Ananya took a sigh

"Dekho Shilpa ye to tum b jaanti ho ki... Armaan, Geeta, Radha aur Jai (Armaan's real Uncle) ko bilkul pasand nai karta..." she said slowly

"Haa par kyun?? Ye to aaj tak aap logo ne nai bataya" Shilpa asked confusedly

"Shilpa vo sab chodo... Pehle suno actaul mein baat kya hai... Jai aur uski family Bankrupt ho gaye aur vo yahan aa rahe hai shift hone... Aur Radha ki beti Avni ki shaadi honewali hai... To vo yahan se karna chahti hai unski shaadi... Geeta aur uska pura Parivaar b aa rahe hai shaadi mein... To bas maine kaha Armaan ko yahan aane k liye tumhare saath... Par nai usne b Dev ki tarah gussa kar diya aur aane k liye mana kar diyaa.." she informed making her shocked

"Dev ne b mana kar diyaa??" she asked worriedly

"Haa par bahot manane k baad... Ab jakar vo maana... Aur agar Avni k shaadi mein tum dono nai pahucho gae to... Sab sawaal uthaynge... Baate banaynge" Ananya puts her biggest fear

"Aap fikar mat karo... Ek baar main baat karke dekhti hun... Armaan se" she said slowly

"Nai Shilpa tum baat mat karna... Pata chala gusse mein kuch bol diya aur kar diya to problem ho jaygi..." she spoke worriedly to which Shilpa smiled "Acha vo tumpe gussa to nai karta na... Jhut mat bolna mujhse??" she asked like a mother making her feel blessed to have mother-in-law like her

"Nai bilkul nai... Haa thoda gussa hote hai... But fir shaant b ho jaate hai" she spoke happily making Ananya feel relaxed "Aap fikar mat karo... Main ek baar baat karke dekhti hun... Gud Night" saying this smilingly she hung up the Phone "Toh ye baat hai... Jahapanah Akdu Malik Khan is liye gusse mein thae... Aaj to puch k rahungi" she spoke like Surabhi Yes, they both give this name to him 'Jahapnah Akdu Malik Khan' and she stood up confidently to ask him

10 minutes later

"Coffeee??" Shilpa forwarded the coffee mug towards him who was sitting on a bench in backyard's garden

"Nai chahiyee..." he directly refused to which she pouted

"To fir cold coffee laaun... Dimag thanda rahega" she taunted making him looked at her not interestingly making her giggle keeping the mug on side she sat beside him "Armaan kya baat hai...??" she asked lovingly making him looked at her slowly

"Kuch nai..." he shook his head

"Armaan... Jai Uncle problem mein hai aur agar vo apni family se help nai lenge to kisse lenge" when he didn't said anything so she only started slowly making him look at her

"Jab tumhe kuch nai pata to mat bolo" he spoke angrily and stood up

"Toh fir batiyee..." she asked directly to which he didn't said anything and kept his both hands in his pants pocket "Armaan jab ghar mein kisiko problem nai hai to aapko kyun??" she stood up and stand behind him who got angry

"Hai mujhe problem kyun ki main unko nai dekh sakta... Jab vo khud ghar chodkar chale gaye thae... Ye kehkar ki Dadi ne sirf Dad ko importance di hai... Unko nai... Apna hissa lekar jo ki unki nai thi jo Dad ki kamaai hui thi... Aur ye kaha tha dobara kabhi is ghar mein kadam nai rakhenge... To wapas aane ka kya matlab hai" he took his frustration out making her scared "Aur jab bankrupt ho gaye to... Ghar ki yaad aa gayi" he looked away from her to which she kept quiet for some minutes and stood at her original place quietly

"Par Radha Bua aur Geeta Buaa ki kya galti hai... Avni ki shaadi hai??" she questioned slowly to which he rubbed his forehead calming himself down

"See... Ignore everything" sitting beside her he said calmly

"Nai batana hai to boldo" she spoke slowly making him closed his eyes

"Haa nai batana... Khush" he directly spoke to which she got angry and stood to but was stopped by him who held her wrist "Main aur Dev vacation k liye aaye thae ghar... Jab vo scene huaa tha" he started slowly wdout looking at her who sat beside him quietly where as her wrist was still in his hold "I know ye thoda dramatic hai... Par I hate her... Kyun ki Radha Buaa ka koi to BF tha jo unse milne aaya tha... Aur ghar k kisi Servant ne unhe dekh liya tha... Jab ghar mein Dad ne unse pucha to unhone directly meri... Mom ko blame kiya... Ki vo unka BF hai... Aur Geeta Buaa ne b unke saath Meri Mom ko blame kiya..." she can see pain in his face "Par Dadi ne yaa kisi ne b unpe yakeen nai kiyaa... Fir baad mein pata chal gaya ki vo unka BF hai... unho ne request ki unki shaadi kara do kisi ne b unki help nai ki tab Mom ne sabko manaya uske liye... And care she apologized to Mom ... Aur paanch saal baad unka Divorce ho gaya..." he spoke controlling his anger "I know it sounds silly but I hate her for that... Infact Dev b un dono ko pasand nai karte... Thats it" he finished and left her hand but still not looked back at her who was staring him lovingly So this was the reason why he hate them so much why he never shared this wd her before his accident may be he didn't wanted to discuss this topic coz he hates that it wasn't Silly its normal it happens in every family she herself saw in her family

"Par isme Avni ki kya galti... Uski shaadi hai agar aap nai jaaynge to... Sab ghar pe question karenge... Tab Mummiji kya bolengi sabko... Aap galat nai hai... Bilkul nai... Infact main khud yehi karti aapki jagah... But kabhi kabhi family k liye karna padta hai... Aap baat mat karna unse just formality dikha dena... But nai jaana ye galat hoga" she spoke politely in his way "Baki aapko jo thik lage" saying this she stood up and picking the mug she went from there leaving a confused Armaan

"Samajh nai aa raha..." he whispered confusedly when his cell rang and seeing the caller Id he picked the call "Haa Avni bolo..." he spoke calmly

"Bhai... Aap aa rahe ho na... Shaadi mein mere??" she asked excitedly making him shook his head in frustration "Main aur Divya dono bahoot excited hai Aapse aur Bhabhi se milne k liye" she spoke happily making him smile

"Haa aa raha hun... Acha mujhe kuch kaam hai... Bye" saying this he hung up the Phone may be Shilpa is right he can pretend but whats fault of Avni its no use to stay angry wd anyone?

Next night

Chod k

Aayi tere paas...

"Armaan hum kahin jaa rahe hai??" she asked teasingly as she saw him packing his bag

"Hum nai... Main... Do din k liye Delhi jaa raha hun ek case k silsile mein" he informed while looking at his wrist watch but it made her shocked

"Kya do din??" she asked shockingly making him nod in YES

"Haa see u mujhe nikalna hai" saying this he moved to go but she blocked his way making him frown

"Aap mujhe akele chodke jaaynge vo b do din" she asked innocently which made him smile

"Akeli kahan... Breezer haina... Aur vo tumhari aadhi Crime Partner Surbhi b to hai" he said calmly to which she fell on his chest making him startled

"Plz..." she requested like a kid making him held his head when the door bell's ring made them apart

"Aa gayi tumhari Crime Partner..." saying this he went out leaving a sad Shilpa behind

"Yiyyeeeyee... Ab hum dono saath mein khub masti karenge" Surbhi chirped to which Shilpa giggle where as Tanveer & Nazma smiled

"Kisi ne sahi kaha hai... Ek pagal k saath agar ek aur pagal mil jaaye to vo pura town pagal bana deti hai... Vohi haal in dono ka hai" Armaan thought staring at Shilpa & Surbhi

"Bye Mr Khan..." Surbhi waved to which he waved back and looked at Shilpa who smiled at him making him smile too he didn't know why he felt an unknown fear to leave her here alone but shaking his head he ordered the Driver to start the Car and his Car zoomed from there

"I hope ye do din jaldi beete" Shilpa thought staring at the sky and went inside their house wd girls

"This thing about you that you think is your flaw - it's the reason I'm falling in love with you."
And they came little closer than they beginned ... more moments of ArSh to come n u wud feel how this Old Cold Armaan ;) :v wud be crazy for Shilpa very soon! coz Love can happen wdin a blink.Something is better than nothing! but whatever this happened between these months simply says Shilpa has made a place in his Heart! n slowly she'll pass into it! ;) Do hit LIKES N COMMENTS :)

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :v

ArSh moments in Bhopal ;)

Kiya's return in Armaan's life :P

Shilpa to face the 'biggest truth of their life' :O

Flashback of ArSh very 'first Meeting' :*


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