Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Part 11: Ek Villain


Previously: Jai sent his security guards all round the house but she could not be found.
"I'm really sorry, we could not find her anywhere," one guard announced.

It is often said that "Silence speaks when words can't", the quote proved to be true in Armaan's case. After the news about Riddhima's disappearance broke, he was shattered. The only motion that happened from his side was pulling a bar stool and positioning himself in the quickest sitting position. His ability of thinking stopped and it seemed that his mind was fogged with thoughts and memories.

All the people present at the party were equally stunned by this news and Jai kindly requested them to leave owing to the gravity of the situation after thanking them for their presence and precious time.
Jai's security guards were still scruntinising the house and nearby locations but their search was futile. All that they managed to find was one of Riddhima's bracelet and the next suspicious thing they had found was blood smeared on the washroom's sink and  mirror. The scene looked terrifying, for sure and when both Jai and Abhay saw the suspicious scene, they decided not to tell Armaan about it for he looked so vulnerable.

Jai contacted the police, he was concerned and prayed for Riddhima's safety. Abhay took Riddhima's bracelet from one of the security guards, Carl. He fondly looked at it as he remembered some memories.
The cast and crew of the movie were in Istanbul two months back.  Abhay and Riddhima had an action sequence and it was quite a heavy one.  Jai was inspecting the  shooting location, verifying whether the props were well-positioned and the others in charge of the movie's actions were  also supervising. Riddhima had just reached the location. Jai walked towards her and explained what needed to be done. Abhay and Riddhima questioned Jai on some scenes and he clarified whatever doubts they had regarding the particular scene. Riddhima was busy playing with a think gold bracelet which was around her left wrist and the golden charm 'AR' which dangled from it made it conspicuous.
After Jai was done, he left the two of them and went to talk with his assistant, Alia.
"Is this bracelet special to you?" Abhay asked Riddhima and she smiled at him and replied," Yes, it's become my treasure."
"It seems that someone special has given it to you, maybe Armaan," saying so, Abhay winked at her and she she blushed but soon regained her composure and said," Actually..well...I don't know how to say this...but ..." she trailed as Abhay waited anxiously to know what she was going to say and soon his wait was over," ...Armaan and  I are together..and he gifted me this.." she said as a beam appeared on her radiant face. Abhay was happy for them," That's amazing, I'm so happy for you..." Abhay exclaimed and then he mentally added,'..and Armaan'.
End OF Flashback ,
Armaan's eyes threatened to spill when he saw Riddhima's bracelet, he had gifted this to her, he remembered right after their confession, he had been to a jeweler close to where they were staying and ordered for the bracelet. He remembered the smile on her face after he had given it to her and he remembered that she had said that she would never part with it showing to what extent she loved his gift. Abhay felt bad to see Armaan in this state, he was really worried too but Armaan had been through a lot.
Abhay had brought the bracelet to Armaan to try to get any reaction out of him. Abhay went to where Jai was, leaving Armaan alone. Armaan stared at the bracelet and he then got up and decided that he could not sit with crossed hands. True, he was dead worried about her but sitting and cursing his fate was not the solution to his problems. At the same time, the police arrived. Jai narrated the whole turn of events to to the police and showed them the washroom scene.
At that moment, there were only Armaan, Abhay, Jai's assistant and Jai himself and his security guards present in his house, and , of course, the police. They all moved along to the washroom with the police and they stayed outside as the area was under investigation and the police had taped the washroom. Armaan refused to breathe when he saw the blood spill, he felt giddy out of fear that something happened  to his Riddhima. Jai explained most of the details and Abhay participated in the investigation as well.
The one leading this case, Inspector Rao, noticed the bracelet in Armaan's hands," Does that belong to her?'
Armaan's eyes met his and he just nodded. Inspector Rao pulled on a pair of gloves and signaled one assistant superintendent of police to hand him a polythene bag and he zipped it open. Armaan knew that they wanted to take the bracelet and he quietly slipped in in the bag. It was painful but he had to cooperate otherwise...he dreaded to think beyond that. Armaan was also asked some questions and he gave all the details he knew. The crime scene was inspected at the same time and a sample of the blood was taken. Also, the room was examined for fingerprints and they had found different fingerprints, which was normal because they were many people present in the party and several people had used the washroom.

"We will be taking some hours to examine all of the evidences and I also need a list of all the guests present at the party, Mr Jai..including caterers, waiters...then, we will be able to carry out the investigation more effectively. " Inspector Rao said before he and his team left.

-Some hours after-

Armaan was at his house and he was standing on his terrace. Abhay had dropped him to his place as he was not in a condition to drive and he thanked Abhay but did not say a word more. Abhay drove away hoping that everything would be back to normal again.
Armaan felt that he would burst..he had kept his emotions under control but he could no longer do it any more...
"Where are you, Riddhima?" Yelled Armaan as he slumped on the floor. He let some tears flow out of his eyes and placed his hands on his face. The cool breeze blowing did not affect him and he was still in a lamentable state.
He had turned off the lights everywhere..after all without Riddhima , his life was just a dark tunnel. However in the dark and the emotional turmoil Armaan was going through, it was difficult for him to hear the arrival of someone.
A manly figure approached him and placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder. Armaan was taken aback but he stood up clumsily and abruptly to see who was it. As Armaan looked at the person, he gritted his teeth and fumed in anger.
The person was none other than the tattoo artist, Brian. He had an ugly smile on his face and before Armaan could react he spat," We have Riddhima and you have 48 hours to save her!" Armaan absorbed his words and cornered Brian on the railing of the terrace," What do you mean by 'WE'? And how dare you touch my Riddhima, b*stard!!" Armaan said with anger as the tears in his eyes dried up and anger could be reflected in them.
Brian just laughed...


Riddhima on the other hand was in a badly lighted room. Blood was dripping from the side of her forehead and she was unconscious. A man was tying her hands with a rope while she was lying on the ground. The man stared at her face and gently trailed his hands on her cheeks as a smirk formed on his lips.


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