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part 12 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


5 Days Later 2:45 AM

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"Room lock kyun lag raha hai...??" Armaan frowned as he entered in his house wd his bag "May be mujhe aisa lag raha ho... Jaake dekhta hun" he mumbled while moving towards their bedroom which was lock "Ye lock hai??"he said confusedly as he tried to open the door of their bed room which was locked from outside he turned the knob left & right but it didn't opened "Shilpa kaha hai...?" he looked here and there for Shilpa "May be saamne waale room mein ho" he whispered and keeping his bag beside their room's door he moved towards a room which was in front of their room "Par pehle paani chaiyee yaar" saying this he entered in Kitchen He just returned from Delhi after five days Yeah he told her that he will come two days later but the conference expanded for three days more he is totally exhausted & tired coz of sitting at one place in flight that was for five hours he need badly a relaxing shower then, njoying the delicious food prepared by Shilpa and at last a good sleep on his comfortable bed Two things he missed the most in Delhi first his bed coz he never felt good sleep on any other beds he only sleep properly on his bed which should be called as his and the second thing he missed Shilpa's hands food which he missed the most in Delhi he never ate properly there coz the food didn't felt like her hands taste so he ate wd half heart "Finally... Some relief" he said blissfully as he dranked the chilled water which soothed his throat "Ab jaake Shilpa se keys maangta hun... Fir shower leke khaana khaake sounga..." he thought putting the bottle back inside the Fridge there is no question that he will sleep in Hall or somewhere else he just wants his bed which give him peace so coming out from Kitchen he walked towards that Room to wake her but before he could knock he felt something tickling on his leg

"Boowww... Wowww" Breezer's loud bark made him looked down where his small eyes were glittering seeing him back

"Hey.. Breezuu..." he smiled broadly as he saw him who jumped on him as if embracing him who stepped back coz of his wait "Oo... Dheeree yaar... Sabko jagaoge kya... Yaah I missed u too" he chuckled while kneeling infront of him who moved to lick his face "No... Already ajeeb lag raha hai... Baad mein..." he spoke in serious tone to which Breezer stood like good 'Baccha' "Very good champion... Tum yehi raho main.. Shilpa se Keys lekar aata hun... Hmmm..." he said calmly to which Breezer sat down quietly on floor hinting him he can go "Main abi aaya" he smiled and stood up to knock on door yet not getting any response, he tried two times more but still no response and at last it clicked on his brain that he didn't left his Wife alone coz she was accompanied by Surbhi Nazma & Tanveer in this house so they must be sleeping "100% itni raat ko koi jagega to nai... Kyun ki tune kisi ko bataya b nai..." he mocked at himself "I hope is room mein... Shilpa hi ho..." turning the knob he peeped his head inside the room quietely and slowly walked inside only to find Nazma's head peeping out from the blanket while Tanveer's back was facing Nazma "To ye dono yahan hai... Iska matlab Shilpa aur Surbhi uper wale room mein hai.." he muttered under his breath when he looked on floor where someone is sleeping on mattress wd blanket above her it was near the legs side of bed he frowned "May be Meethi ho..." he spoke confusedly but when he saw her hand which was peeping out from the blanket he guessed this is not Meethi... It must be Shilpa or Surbhi so moving ahead he thought to see her face and was just about to bend his head to see her somewhere he knows this is not his wife but he tried when his eyes landed on other side of room on floor where a mattress was put like a bed near the wardrobe her whole body was inside the blanket and around her four pillows were put one under her head second behind her back third infront of her and fourth one was put on her leg side

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"No doubt ye Shilpa hai..." he smiled amusedly when he looked down where Surbhi just turned her side removing the blanket from her face showing that he truley recognized his wife So crossing Surbhi carefully he walked towards her "Itna bada ghar hai.. Paanch paanch rooms hai... Lekin fir b in logo ko ek hi room mein ghusna hai" he thought kneeling infront of her "Par ye neeche kyun soyi hai" he frowned while bending a little towards her and slowly carefully pulled her blanket down from her face which revealed her beautiful face an unknown smile reached his lips seeing her after five days how he missed her presence he only knows he was staring when his eyes landed on a pillow which she have hugged tightly as if fearing of something actaully he noticed now she always sleeps like this only, few strand of hairs were coming on her face disturbing him to view her face So he tucked them behind her ear who stirred which made him realized about the key "Key to main bhul gaya... Shilpa" he mumbled wd himself and called her which didn't even reached her ears So wd hesitating hands he nudged her

"Ummm..." she turned her back towards him who got annoyed

"Shilpa... Shilpa..." he whispered annoyingly but in slow voice while nudging her

"Ummm... Sone do naa" she whined still in sleeping mode which made him angry So turning her straight abruptly he called "Huh..." her eyes flew opened wd this sudden jerk but seeing someone her mouth opened to shout which he guessed and immediately puts his palm on her mouth which resulted him turning on above her

"Ssshhh..." he whispered staring at her who blinked her eyes twice & thrice for confirmation that she actaully seeing him May be, she is hallucinating?? Coz today she missed him a lot or is she dreaming?? She was thinking this all "Now fine??" his sudden question made her come out of her thoughts and widened her eyes seeing him real "Shilpa..." he whispered to which she nodded in YES hinting him she is ok but her eyes were still heavy Armaan removed his palm and sat up following by her "Thank god uth gayi..." he shook his head staring at her who rubbed her eyes like kids which made him smile

"Aap... Sachmein ho..." she asked confusedly blinking her eyes

"Nai mera bhoot hai tumhare saamne..." his sarcastic answer confirmed he is real

"Aap kab aaye Armaan..." she asked slowly "Abi thodi daer pehle..." he answered "Vo sab chodo mujhe Keys do hamare room ki" he asked slowly looking at the girls but his question made her head snapped coz she heard 'KISS' instead of 'Keys' she didn't heard his properly, yet she heard only 'Kiss'

"Armaan... Aap... Ye... Kya..." she fumbled looking down hiding her unknown blush which he didn't noticed at all "May be Armaan ne tujhe... Bahoot miss kiyaa ho... Is liye maang rahe hai.." her heart spoke happily to which she got shy

"Kyaa... Kyaa... Keys do..." he asked sternly which made her hell nervous but it made him angry "Shilpa.. Neend se jago.. Mujhe room ki key do" jerking her by her shoulder he asked firmly which made her full awake and she gotted he is asking Keys not Kiss

"To aap... Keys maang rahe thae.." it just slipped from her mouth which made him to leave her and closed his eyes to control his coming anger

"Nai Kiss chahiyee.. Dogi..." he asked sarcastically "Stupid.." he looked away from her who got stunned hearing this How did he?? Said this?? The same thing which she thought before

"Amm... Voo..." she mumbled slowly to which he shook his head

"Pehle yahan se chalo... Varna sab jaag jaynge" saying this he gripped her wrist and stood up following by her "Sambhal k..." he looked at her as she stumbled on him coz of Surbhi's hand so entwinning their fingers he walked ahead which made her heart beat raised which he felt also but ignoring this they carefully crossed Surbhi walking out of the room "Pheww... Finally aa gaye" he sigh as they came out

Teri baarishein

Bhigaaye mujhe...

"Mmain... Door kholti hun" saying this she moved from there and started unlocking the door where as he was staring at her Now he noticed her night suit which is in light purple colour making her Cute she is opening the door when some of her hairs fell on her face which she tucked behind her ear The thing called peace he is feeling right now seeing her but still he is unaware of it

"Boww...wowww" Breezer's barked made him looked down "To aap ab tak soye nai..." he knelled infront of him who nuzzled his head on his chest "Ohhoo... Lagta hai bahoot zyada miss kiyaa..." he chuckled playing wd his face

"Boww..." he answered which made him smile

"Aur ghar ka khayaal rakha??" he asked lovingly ruffling his head

"Boww..." he answered jumping on him

"Aur Shilpa ka??" he asked moving him back

"Boww wowww..." he answered moving to lick his face

"Ssshhh yaar pure ghar ko jagaoge tum..." he stood up before Breezer could lick his face "Chalo jao so jao... Main b change karke jaunga sone" he spoke calmly rubbing his forehead tiredly to which Breezer nodded obediently and ran to his bed making him smile So shaking his head he moved to take his bag but frowned seeing the bag nowhere "Bag kahan hai??" he spoke confusedly and moved inside their room where he found his bag near the wardrobe door which was enough for him to understand that it was kept by her

Teri hawayein

Bahaye mujhe...

"Shilpa..." he smiled looking around for her only to left awe seeing her sleeping peacefully on bed an unknown smile reached his lips "Ye naah..." shaking his head he laid beside her looking above on the ceiling wd a smile He missed this peacefulness there he had gone for five days but it felt like five weeks for him "Kyun itna acha lag raha hai... Wapas aakar... Aise to kabhi nai huaa... Main kitni baar apne ghar se dur raha hun... But itna satisfaction kabhi nai mila mujhe... Jitna aaj mila hai" he thought staring up "May be... Coz of Shilpa..." his heart answered which made him to look at her who was sleeping peacefully her both hands were under her head he smiled looking at her beautiful face and laid by his elbow This pose of them looks similar he thought then it clicked his brain Yes its the same pose like their wedding night where she slept like this and he was like this staring her He can never forget their wedding night it was so special for him her Tears Smile Nervousness everything not to forget her Expressions which he liked the most now also "Aate hi yaha so gayi..." he chuckled tucking her hairs behind her ear who stir and kept her one hand on his waist making him stunned She is pulling his heart's strings slowly slowly as if playing guitar wd it So carefully removing her hand he stared her face which reminds him of their cute moments "Tumhe jab pehli baar dekha tha to socha nai tha.. Ki ek din tum mere saamne aise hogi... Meri Wife banke... Uswaqt Sirf Tum hi dikhi thi puri Party mein... Shayad yehi wajah thi ki tumhari pic dekhne pe hi maine tumhe apna Life Partner choose kiya... Jo ki main kabhi regret nai karunga mujhe pata hai" he thought staring at her Yes its true he can never regret his decision of marrying her coz She is the best partner he got She understands him Cares for him Supports him most important no matter what happens she never lives him She understands his hesitations regarding her matters Bears his anger which his family can only did but now she became top of the priority and out of blue he kissed her cheek which he didn't regretted at all "Ab ye to so gayi... Khaane ka kyaa" laying straight he thought coz he is starving right now "Lagta hai khud hi kuch banana padega" shaking his head he sat up and started untying his shoe laces and removing it he stood for towel not before stretching his arms tiredly "Towel...??" he started looking for it when his eyes landed on couch where his towel and night clothes were kept neatly Not doubt its her work "Thanks... Shilpa..." picking it he looked at her who was sleeping soundlessly and then he went inside bathroom for warm relaxing shower

Yes he returned from Delhi after five days he knows he told her that he will comeback wdin two days but the conference increased which he wanted to informed her but coz of that again Awkward Stupid Hesitation came b/w him and his phone everytime he picked his phone to call her but that Idiot hesitation stopped him for calling her But Shilpa's Good morning & Good night wishes messages always came which made them in touch although he never wished her back but somewhere he was contended that she is fine but when her message didn't came a sudden worry took over him like yesterday only he was busy in reading some file it was past ten which was her time to wish him Good night but one hour gone still no message so gripping his phone he dialed her number which got picked by Surbhi who informed Shilpa is sleeping which maked him relief and after cutting the call he slept peacefully In Delhi he missed her the most in two times like in Dinner or Lunch he missed her non stop talking and today in flight also she sent him a good night message which made him chuckled thinking she will get surprise to see him suddenly 

Where as for Shilpa its the same thing the room looks empty wdout him so she took the girls wd herself in other room and She always waited for his calls which never came and also for his messages which also never came everytime she stared her phone that at least now he will call her or message her but he never did her thoughts were getting negative like What if he forgot her again? What if he find someone else?? What if he is too busy in work that he will forget her completely So she herself started messaging him so that he always remember about her or her messages made him realize about her presence Its not like that she didn't waited for his reply which he never did Yeah it made her hurt but knowing about his nature she adjusted that also but when he didn't returned after three days also her heart started worrying about him and she called him which resulted he was busy on other side so she hung up the phone angrily but when Surbhi informed in morning that his call had came for her when she was sleeping her heart started dancing and she nearly stop herself not to jump infront of girls and now seeing him suddenly she thought may be she is hallucinating but his anger and 'Sadu' look proved he is real so opening the room she put his bag properly at one place and taking out his night clothes and towel she laid on bed peacefully coz she missed this bed and his presence near her

20 minutes later..

Paaon tale mere

Zameene chal padi...

"Feeling too good yaar.. " he spoke blissfully while combing his wet hairs wd his fingers and moved out from the wardrobe door After taking a complete bath and shower which relaxed his well toned body and its muscles "Shilpa kahan gayi...??" he frowned seeing the bed empty when he heard noise from kitchen which made him to ran out from the room only to stop at the Kitchen entrance watching his wife engrossed in cooking he was stunned to see her here coz some minutes ago she was sleeping and now she is making food for him How can someone be so caring and understanding?? He thought "Main tumhare bina kya karunga Shilpa..." keeping his shoulder against kitchen door's side wall he crossed his arms and stared her "Itni aadat mat do mujhe apni... Ki main tumhe khone se darun" he thought looking at his adorable Wife who has put her hairs in a bun still in her night cloths she is making something for him to eat One thing he didn't liked is her Bun ! He likes her open hairs

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get , only with what you are expecting to give which is everything."

"Armaan... Aap baitho... Main khana lagati hun" wdout looking at him she said which no doubt made him Stunned! That how she knew he is standing here coz she didn't even glanced at him once "Armaan... Jaaiye.." she looked up at him who came out from his thinking

"Ammm... Yaah" nodding in YES slowly he walked out and sat on dinning chair "Ye kyun mujhe... Itne ache se samajhti hai... I mean mere bina kahe samajh gayi ki mera bag kahan rakhna hai... Towel aur kapde nikal k rakh diye... Aur jab so gayi thi... Fir kaise usse pata chala ki mujhe bhook lagi hai... And not to forget usse kaise pata chala ki main khada hun... Kyun ki usne to mujhe ek baar b nai dekha" he was constantly blabbering wd himself confusedly when Shilpa entered there and kept the plates of food infront of him who looked up

"Aap khao... Main jaa rahi hun sone..." she spoke tiredly and turned to go when he gripped her wrist firmly which buildup a sudden electric jolt in her body its not first time he touched her but its the first time after his accident he touched her firmly wd rights

"Main akele kaise khaunga..." his soft voice made her stare back at him "I mean koi.. To chaiyee company dene k liye..." he spoke slowly while leaving her hand which made her smile

"Par main to khana kha chuki hun..." she said normally sitting on a chair beside him who felt happy from inside his heart that she sat just for him

"Janta hun..." he smiled picking the fork "Par jab tak main kha nai leta... Tab tak baithi raho..." she didn't knew he requested or ordered but she understood his condition "Kuch baate karo..." he spoke and inserted that 'Spagetti' in his mouth "Ummm..." he muttered blissfully while closing his eyes as he felt the food tooo tasty 'Delicious' he gave the name but seeing him like kid she giggled how much she missed him she can't explain an urge came to kiss him but she controlled her self

"Accha aapko paanch din kyun lag gaye" she asked slowly playing wd the tissue paper

"Amm.. Actually... Conference meeting teen din aur badha di gayi vaha k interns ko dekh k" he spoke in b/w the bites

"Ooo... To kaisa tha aapka Conference" she asked normally staring at him who thought for sometime

"Aamm it was just good..." he replied thoughtfully to which she smiled and put her head on her hand which was put on the dining table by her elbow "Tum batao tumhare din kaise gaye...??" he asked casually

"Kaise kahun Armaan ki aapk bina ghar bilkul acha nai lagta tha..." she thought "Amm mera... Superb tha... Hum chaaro ne bahoot masti ki" ignoring that she said happily

"Hmm nice..." a small word from him again which made her pout she thought to ask why he never replied her messages but she dropped her question knowing well his nature "Vaise sirf masti hi ki... Ki kuch kaam b kiya??" he asked sternly taking a bite inside his mouth

"Kaam to bahoot se kiye..." she said thoughtfully to which he raised his bows "Jaise... Garden ki safai... Terrace ki... Aur aapko pata hai ek din to... Society mein pure din electricity hi nai thi kisi short circuit ki wajah se... Aur..." she was constantly telling him when he inserted a 'Spaghetti' spoon full in her mouth which maked her surprised wid her wide eyes

"Pehle ye batao... Ki Garden terrace ki safai karne ki kya jarurat thi... Jab servants hai itne saare..." he asked calmly to which she gulped the food smilingly at his care

"Amm... Vo... Aise hi mera mood.. Kiya" She replied gulping the food

"Yaa rite... Mood... Aur kya jarurat thi tum sabko ek hi room mein sone ki... Itna bada ghar kya hawao k liye rakha hai..." he asked strictly

"Armaan... Vo isliye kyun ki mujhe akele sona pasand nai... Aur Surbhi ko b... To humne decide kiya... Ki hum ek saath ek hi room mein soynge" she said nonchalantly

"Aur kya jarurat thi floor pe sone ki??" another strict question from him

"Armaan neeche sone ka apna hi maza hai... Jo aap nai samjhenge... Bahoot mast neend aati hai" she spoke dreamily making him shook his head

"Yaa rite... Pillows ki dukaan khol k... Kal se fir room mein b neeche sona... Floor pe" he taunted directly to which she pouted " See Shilpa agar ainda se tumne... Kuch.." he spoke in warning tone to which she stopped him

"Offo!! Armaan... Pehle khana khaiyee..." she spoke hurriedly and taking the food in spoon she forwarded towards his mouth who looked at her bemusedly and took that bite inside his mouth

"But... Ainda.." he spoke while chewing the food but was cut by her

"Aapko pata hai kal mera result aane wala hai.." she informed excitedly trying to divert him who looked at her

"Aur tum excited ho??" he raised his bows

"Haa thoda thoda..." she nodded slowly to which he smiled "Par mujhe pata hai main pass hun" she said confidently

"Vo to result aane k baad hi pata chalega" he spoke smilingly to which she gulped "Aur condition yaad haina..." he teased and was about to pick glass to drink water when she stood and filled the glass wd water and forwarded him who left speechless by her gesture How she knew him so well?? He thought she cares for him understood him How??

"Haa yaad hai mujhe... Par agar main pass ho gayi to??" she asked confidently to which he pretended to thought smilingly while pushing the plate side slowly

"To... Mujhe kya tum pass hogi... Mujhe kya milega..." he said hiding his smile to which she pouted and stood up

"Sahi kaha... Huh..!" she pouted "Sadu...!" she mumbled angrily and taking the plate she went from there which he heard and chuckled as she left he only knows how much he waited this day her results which he also waiting expectedly "Ek to itna darr lag raha hai... Result ko lekar... Uper se Mr Akdu plus Sadu Armaan Malik... K tever saho" Her mind cursed him while putting the plates in sink "Par sahi to kaha unhone... Main pass ho jaungi.. To unhe kya milega... Unhe thodi pata maine ye sab unke liye kiya" her heart took his side to which she also agreed and after cleaning the utensils she switched off the lights and taking the water jug she went in their room only to find him sleeping peacefully "Hehhee... Maharaj Armaan Malik Vishraam kar rahe hain..." She giggled while keeping the jug on side table and laid on bed when her eyes landed on pillow where a note was kept picking it she smiled 'All the best... Good Night' it was written on that note wd a wink "Oohhoo..." bending towards him she giggled and caressed his hairs lovingly "Chalo... Aaj ye b pata chal gaya... Ki aapko feelings express karna nai aata... To aap note dete ho" she thought staring at him who was sleeping soundlessly after this tiring day she controlled hard not to kiss him but at last did which her heart wanted and pulling the comforter on them laid straight not before putting the lights off only the night bulb was on "Aise kaise... Ek hi insaan k do sides ho sakte hai... Matlab vo jo Uncle the jinki beti ki shaadi tutne ki wajah se vo mar gaye... Aur Armaan ko laga unki wajah se huaa to ye transformation hua inme... Mummyji ne kaha tha ki uske baad se Armaan kisi ki b jaan jaate hue nai dekh sakte... Matlab pura calculation huaa ye ki Armaan ne apne aapko reserved aur serious bana diya... Taki unki careless nature ki wajah se ab kisi ki jaan nai jayye... Isilye unhone khudko hi change kar diya... Kitne sensitive hai aap Armaan ab samajh aaya mujhe..." she was thinking this all while playing wid her hairs when she felt his half weight on herself she looked at him who have put his one leg on her his hand on her waist and not to forget his head on her shoulder she giggled seeing this and turned towards him which resulted his face closer to him "Aur mere Armaan kho gaye kahin... Par mere ye waale Armaan b mujhe pasand hai" she smiled caressing his face by her palm to which he stirred and shaking her head she hugged him tightly after all she has felt him after five days and hugging him she drifted in sleep

Next Morning

Aisa toh kabhi

Hua hi nahi...

"Haa aaj hi... Deliver karna hai... Par abi nai... Dophar tak... Haa main ghar par hi hun... Yaa see u" hanging up the call he again got busy on his laptop on which he was working since one hour he was sitting on dinning chair busy on work wd some of his cases presentation not even touched his two cups of coffee

"Armaan... Breakfast" her cheerful voice made him looked up at her who kept the sandwich's plate on table "Kya baat hai... Aaj bahoot khush lag rahi ho" he asked normally diverting back his attention on laptop

"Vo to main hun... Kyun ki aaj result aayga" she replied happily while sitting beside him who smile

"Acha result aa gaya..." he asked in mocking way to which she pouted

"Armaan..." she pouted

"Vo sab chodo... Apna bag pack kiya haina... By chance agar fail ho gayi to ghar se jaane k liye ready rehna" he spoke teasingly to which she rolled her eyes

"Aur agar main pass hui to..." she asked casually

"To kuch nai..." he replied wdout looking at her "Par agar average aaya to... Pata haina ki baat nai karunga" he spoke wd a smile still looking at his laptop screen

"Aur maine b kaha tha... Ki mujhe chalega..." she spoke wd attitude while rising up but he made her sit back on chair by her wrist

"Pehle breakfast khatam karo... Fir jaana" he almost ordered to which she made a face and picking the sandwich she started eating slowly "Surbhi.. Nazma aur Tanveer kaha hai??" he asked normally while typing on his laptop

"Surbhi walk pe gayi hai... Nazma Collage gayi hai aur Tanveer pata nai" she replied think fully while taking bites from sandwich in b/w which was making her more cute he thought

"Acha mujhe ek coffee do na..." he ordered or requested she didn't know but hearing this she stood up

"Haa bechari Meethi ki... To Do coffeeyon ko cold coffee bana chuke hai.. Ab meri baari.. Nai" she taunted picking the two cups and went inside Kitchen living him smile

"Acha suno... Jab jaana to Driver k saath jaana... Khabardaar agar koi stupid bus yaa rikshaw liya to..." he spoke loudly still looking on his laptop screen while hearing this she shook her head smilingly

"Hmm Coffee..." she kept the coffee mug on table when his cell phone rang

Ae mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yahi toh pyar hai...

"Thanks..." he looked up at her and received the call "Yaa Mr Kholi... Haa main read kar raha hun case..." he was talking on phone while picking the coffee mug and stood up to which she giggled

"Bye...!" she waved to which he nodded while giving her thump up as in All the best still busy on phone "I luv u.." she thought staring him who was busy and shaking her head she ran to him gave a tight hug to him who was taken aback by her act

"Yaa offcourse..." he was talking as well as looking at her who parted from hug So waving him wd wide smile she went from there praying for good result coz she did all this just for him Yes he is a well profiled doctor and she not even a single close to his level so she did this only for him so that no one can point a finger at him that ur wife is nothing infront of u She had lost all interest in Fashion or something but she studied hard only for him that's why she hugged him for confidence Where as for him how much he waited for her result he only knows his heart beat was racing just to hear a positive answer from her result and what she did now made him restless to feel her again!

2 hours later

"Mr Khan... Aap samajh nai rahe... Vo church sachmein bahoot acha hai... Plsss jaane dijiye..." Surbhi requested for tenth time of the day while following him who ignored again where as Rehaan Nazma & Tanveer giggled seeing her Actaully the thing is she want to visit a famous Church of Bhopal where today there was a Big Carnival and so she wanted to go get along wd Rehaan who rejected , she also asked Shilpa but wdout Armaan acompaning them Shilpa would reject That's what Surabhi was trying her luck to Agree Armaan

"Surbhi main kitni baar bolun... Ki tumhe jaana hai to jao... Par mera dimaag mat khao yaar" He spoke annoyingly

"Allah miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Aap ache se jaante hai ki... Jab tak aap nai kehenge na Rehaan ready hoga na Shilpa" she spoke angrily

"Rehaan tu jaata kyun nai ise lekar yaar..." he looked back at Rehaan who was watching a Match

"Nai Bhaijaan aaj Match hai... Hum nai jaa sakte" Rehaan immediately answered

"See dekha aapne..." she spoke angrily "Aur Tamatar b nai jaygi... Kyun ki Rehaan allow nai karega..." she pointed at Nazma who giggled

"Tamatar tumhe jaana hai??" he asked politely

"Nai Bhaijaan mere papers hai" Nazma showed her books wd a giggle to which He looked back at Surbhi who has opened her mouth hearing her answer

"Tum Tanveer k saath chali jao..." he suggested to which she rolled her eyes

"Nai Jammy hume... Kuch kaam hai" she spoke sweetly

"Mujhe jana b nai tha" she made a face to which Rehaan glared "Aap plz Shilpa ko mere saath bhejiye..." she requested again

"No means no...!" he rejected again

"Mr Khan... Kya aapko pata hai us Church mein jo maangte hai milta hai... Vaha saare couples jaate hai Mr Khan..." she spoke dreamily to which everyone held their heads again "Mr Khan... Sochiye..." she came infront of him who picked a glass of water to drink "Agar aap dono jaaynge to aapke bich pyaar badhega... Aur jab pyaar badega... Tab aap dono k pyaare pyaare bache honge" she spoke dreamily making him coughed hearing this While Rehaan's eyes became big

"Stop it Surbhi..." he spoke after composing himself

"Nai Mr Khan maine to soch liya hai... Ki agar mera beta huaa... To vo aapki beti se shaadi karega chahe vo usse chota hi kun na ho... Aur agar Beti hui to aapke bete se..." she said excitedly making Rehaan hide his face in his palm embarrassingly while other two laugh where as Armaan glared her "Par meri ek shart hai..." She roamed around him "Aur vo ye... Ki bacche Shilpa ki tarah hone chaiye... Aapki tarah Sadu nai... But aapka beta aapki tarah Jahapnah Six pack abs hona chaiyee varna meri beti mana karegi usse" she smirked

"Enough Surbhi..." he tried to be in strict tone coz from inside he was feeling hell embarrassed

"Acha huaa Bhabhi... Yaha nai hai... Varna ye Surbhi... Na" Rehaan thought when the bell rang which made everyone's head towards the door

"Shilpa..." Armaan mumbled smilingly and moved to open the door when Surbhi ran happily and opened the door

"Yeeyyeee Shilpa... Chalo chalo aur result batao..." Surbhi dragged her inside making her stand b/w hall

"Bhabhi... Kya aaya??" Rehaan asked smilingly

"Haa Shilpa bolo" Tanveer smiled

"Haa Bhabhi..." Nazma asked excitedly to which she gulped and looked at everyone slowly then her eyes landed on Armaan who has full serious expression wd expectation on it

"Amm... Vooo... Main..." she looked at him slowly who have crossed his finger behind his back praying for positive answer although he knew she will definitely pass then also his heart was beating fast

"Main... Main kya..." Surbhi insisted

"Vo... Main pass hun..." she answered softly looking at Armaan who took a sigh of relief where as others smiled happily

"Yeeyyeee... Congratz" Surbhi hugged her happily

"Congo Bhabhi..." Rehaan smiled to which she smiled back

"Percentage...??" Nazma asked happily to which Shilpa's face fell which Armaan observed

"Percentage... Matter nai rakhta..." Armaan spoke smilingly to which Shilpa adored him more coz he is thinking she got low percentage

"Meethi... Pastries laana" Surbhi spoke loudly to which Meethi nodded and went to bring that

"Mujhe... 95% mile" her small voice made Surbhi almost faint when Rehaan hold her firmly Nazma & Tanveer smiled where as Armaan's eyes came out hearing this

"R u serious??" Armaan came infront of her to which she nodded slowly making him stunned

"OMG!!" Surbhi spoke excitingly making others laugh except ArSh who were staring at each other "Shilpa result dikhao..." she nudged her who didn't wanted to look away from him but she looked and forwarded the result "Shilpa u r genious yaar" she commented to which Shilpa smiled

"Aaj Party..." Nazma giggled

Ae mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yahi toh pyar hai...

"Congratz...!" Armaan forwarded his hand smilingly to which her heart fell and slowly she shakes her hand formally

"Aisa lag raha hai... Jaise kisi classmate ko wish kar rahe hai" her mind mocked at him

"O come on... Mr Khan usse gale lagakar wish karen" Surbhi said teasingly to which others giggled

"Tum kab jaa rahi ho... Yahan se" Armaan asked annoyingly

"Kabhi nai..." she retorted smilingly

"Whatever" he rolled his eyes "Chalo tumhe kuch dikhana hai..." gripping Shilpa's wrist he said calmly

"Really hume b dekhna hai..." Surbhi teased

"Aao..." he said and walked wd her out of the house following by Nazma Tanveer & Rehaan Surbhi was about to follow when her eyes landed on a paper which fell from Shilpa's purse

"OMG!!" she spoke shockingly as she read the paper "Shilpa se baat karni hogi..." composing herself she folded the paper and kept in her pocket while moving out

One hour later...

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"Armaan plzz maan jaaiyee na..." Shilpa insisted

"Haa Mr Khan pls... " Surbhi too insisted and again he felt to smack himself that why he stop today home coz they both were requesting since the time Surbhi informed Shilpa about Church

"Ok... Fine..." he spoke annoyingly making the two smile "Rehaan agar aaj tu isse lekar nai gaya... To tujhe direct job se transfer kar dunga" he ordered Rehaan who looked at him shockingly

"Bhaijaan par..." he moved to say but was stopped by his raised hand

"Baat khatam..." Armaan spoke which made Surbhi jumped happily

"I luv u Mr Khan..." she spoke happily making Shilpa giggled

"Get lost... Door udhar hai" Armaan spoke calmly

"Haa jaungi... Par Shilpa aaygi na.." Surbhi asked

"Vo mujhpe hai... Pehle jao tum yahan se" he pointed to the door

"I so hate u... Mr Khan" saying this she went from there angrily

"Bhaijaan aapne to hume musibat mein fasa diya" Rehaan spoke wd a pout making Shilpa smile

"Jaa ab ye musibat puri zindagi bardaast kar" he spoke calmly to which Rehaan shook his head and went from there leaving ArSh alone

"To Armaan hum kab jaa rahe hai..." Shilpa asked excitedly coming infront of him

"Kahan??" he asked normally

"Armaan... Church" she said smilingly "Abhi to aapne kaha" she looked at him

"Nai... Nai jaogi tum.. Vo to maine Surbhi ko bhagaane k liye kaha" he spoke nonchalantly which made her gawped at him

"Par..." she moved to say

"Par var kuch nai... Final... No means no... Jao" he spoke sternly to which she got angry

"Argghh... I hate u" stumping her foot angrily she went from there and as their room's door got closed he laughed which he was controlling since he saw her cute expressions when his cell's ring made him picked his phone

"Haa... Arjun bol" he spoke while controlling his laugh which Arjun observed

"Aree waah yaar ye to kamaal ho gaya..." Arjun spoke teasingly

"Kya??" he frowned still the smile was on his lips

"Yehi ki tu hass raha hai... Tere accident k baad maine pehli baar tujhe itna khush dekha..." Arjun spoke slowly yet teasingly

"Kyun ispe Tax lagayega kya" he answered sarcastically

"Nai yaar.. Armaan Malik pe tax impossible..." Arjun joked making him smile to

"Vo sab chod... Kya huaa phone ku kiya..." he asked normally while sitting on sofa comfortably

"Haa yaar... Maine tujhe sorry bolne k liye phone kiya tha..." Arjun said slowly

"Sorryyy kyun??" he narrowed his eyes

"Aree vo... Maine tujhe Bhopal shift hone k liye bola tha vo... Shakti ki wajah se... Par ab six months baad mujhe nai lagta vo kuch karenge... Kyun ki unke pass tera address b hai yahan ka fir b kuch nai kiya... Iska matlab sab thik hai... To ab tu aaram se Mumbai mein shift ho sakta hai..." Arjun informed while resting his back on chair

"I think tu sahi keh raha hai... Par raha sawaal Mumbai wapas jaane ka to main nai jaaunga... " he spoke calmly which made Arjun shocked

"Kya baat kar raha hai tu nai jaayga... Par kyun??" Arjun asked shockingly

"Aise hi mera mood nai hai..." he replied pressing his lips together resting his head on sofa

"Daya... Kuchh to gadbad hai.." Arjun joked which made him chuckled "Nai sachmein yaar tujhme itna change dekh k acha lag raha hai... I am happy..." he spoke honestly

"Vo sab chod tu bata tu kab jaa raha hai Mumbai..??" he ignored his words

"Main aaj jaa raha hun... Isi liye to tujhe phone kiya tha" Arjun informed and they two friends got busy in talk Armaan can't tell the change in him to anyone coz he himself didn't knows that he is falling for his wife day by day but one thing he knows that he didn't want to live this place coz its give him peace No dramas no noise he feel contented here according to him wd Shilpa his life looks heaven unaware of that he is loving her more than anything when today Shilpa announced 95% he didn't believed that she achieved 95 which he expected at least 65% but she proved him wrong he already knew that she will pass so in morning only he purchased online gift for her and that was a 'Scooty' which he gave when he took her out wd everyone who were surprised to see this where as Shilpa was speechless that he knew it she will pass she wanted to hug him tight and want to cry but seeing everyone she controlled herself whispering a small thank you Nazma & Tanveer congratulated her and left for some work and Surbhi Rehaan were there when Surbhi started narrating about church which made her excited so she also started requesting him who got annoyed at last !!

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