Thursday, 28 September 2017

Part 12: Ek Villain

Previously: A man was tying her hands with a rope while she was lying on the ground. The man stared at her face and gently trailed his hands on her cheeks as a smirk formed on his lips.


Riddhima's eyes slowly opened, she blinked a few times as she saw blurred images. She was hit on the head with a sharp object in Jai's washroom, and that's how there was blood spill over there. The man kept on looking at her and Riddhima looked outraged when she saw who was looking at her. Her head injury was really hurting her and on top of that the cold currents only sent made her shiver and she could not move as well, since she was tied up.

Riddhima was about to utter a word but the man shut her up," Just shut up Riddhima! I know that you are shocked, even afraid to see me here but you know that you have done a very big mistake, and you perfectly know what I am talking about and I had told you before what the consequences would be but still..."
"Just leave me!" Riddhima screamed in between her sobs but the man just gave her a plain stare.


Location: Abhay's place

"Abhay, I know that you are stressed, but please, have something at least," requested his girlfriend, Madhu. Abhay took Madhu in his embrace, "I love you sweetheart and I want you to know that I am blessed to have you," he them kissed her on her cheek.  Madhu gave a tiny smile," Abhay, you are a gem of a person, despite Armaan has severed all ties with you, you are still worried about him and Riddhima as well."

 Madhu then forwarded him a spoon which was half filled with rice and he ate it.
They were both in Abhay's living room and Abhay had been pacing around. He had not changed still and anxiousness and worry was written all over his face. Madhu tried to feed him another spoon but he refused," Madhu, I know that you are bothered about me but I am really worried and as you said, Armaan is my brother, and even if he refuses my help, he needs me, I have to be there for him, he had gone through a lot of emotional distress, and he will be shattered if god forbid, something happens to Riddhima and Riddhima is my friend, I cannot see her in any sort of difficulty," Abhay said as he stopped pacing and then took a sip out of the glass which was filled with cold water.

Madhu nodded and got Abhay to sit down on the sofa," Don't lose hope, everything will be alright," Madhu held his hands and kissed him on his forehead, letting her lips lingering over there for a while. Abhay then hugged her tightly, he felt comfortable with her and she was his only support.

Beep. Beep.

Abhay slowly parted from the hug and looked at the mobile phone which was resting on top of his Italian Coffee table and its screen was flashing a caller ID. Madhu inhaled a deep breath and picked up her mobile phone. She hit the Accept' icon and stood up to talk. After she cut the call, there was no doubt that she was worried...but about what?

"What's the matter, Madhu?" Abhay asked and Madhu did not say anything and just switched on the TV to the news channel. Abhay was confused with the change in her behaviour. Abhay's attention when he saw something on the TV screen that made him nearly choke. There was a car accident in which the victim had died on the spot and the victim was none other than his step brother, Rohit !

Madhu squeezed Abhay's shoulder, "It was your dad, he could not get through your cell and he told that you have to complete all the formalities,"

Abhay covered his face with his hands. This was a damn complicated situation, he had some doubts that  Rohit was behind the kidnapping but he was dead,  or had he faked it? Was he capable of doing something so cheap?


Armaan on the other hand was sitting on his terrace with a glass of scotch in his hands. That coward Brian had jumped off the balcony and he had run away right after he claimed that he had kidnapped Riddhima along with other people. Armaan refused to believe that Brian was behind all of this, but he could not underestimate anyone. Armaan thought about all the moments that he had spent with Riddhima, it all seemed like a dream, a beautiful and perfect dream. But now, it seems, that he was living a nightmare, Riddhima was the only one who gave meaning to his life.


-2 months back-

The entire cast and crew of the movie had boarded the plane to Istanbul, Turkey. The seats had been booked haphazardly and the all of them had been scattered. Armaan made sure to rush to where Riddhima next to Riddhima's seat and as she had obtained a window seat, there would be no one to disturb them. Armaan literally, jumped to where Riddhima was sitting and she was shocked, and her eyes popped out," Armaan, what is wrong with you?"

Armaan flashed his dimples and lifted his shades," I am perfectly fine,"

Riddhima rolled her eyes and got back to reading a magazine while Armaan leant back on his seat and did a mini victory dance in his head. Riddhima glanced at him and a smile crept on her face, she had to admit that she loved the attention Armaan was giving her.



continuation of Flashback:
AR moments...only AR


Armaan moved towards her and stood a few inches away from her," Meet me tonight near the poolside, we'll dine together,"


Armaan slammed the door to Riddhima's room shut and Riddhima sighed and  stared at her i-phone's screen after Armaan left. There was a missed call from a private number...she knew who it was and that person was the reason why she cancelled Armaan's plans tonight but she needed to make things clear to that person who was annoying her.

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main

Riddhima froze as she heard Armaan coming towards her as if a predator has found his prey and without getting any time to react, Armaan sealed their lips together and kissed her with all his passion all while running his hands on her back and unzipping her dress.

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho...


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