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Part 13 A:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima rolled her eyes and got back to reading a magazine while Armaan leant back on his seat and did a mini victory dance in his head. Riddhima glanced at him and a smile crept on her face, she had to admit that she loved the attention Armaan was giving her.

"Welcome to Istanbul," boomed a voice aboard the airplane. Armaan stretched his arms and looked at Riddhima who was already awake and she let out a yawn. The plane landed in the Istanbul Ataturk airport and soon, every passenger unboarded from the plane. The whole shooting unit then went to
the 'Marmara Taskim' hotel and they were expected to stay there for a week before they would move to Greece and then their last destination would be Chicago where they anticipated to complete the whole shooting of the movie.

The hotel was definitely amazing and stupendous. After the procedures, they were taken to the rooms allocated to them. Armaan had gotten a room next to Riddhima's and he was really happy about it. Abhay was also on the same floor and Armaan was not too thrilled about that. Jai had told them to rest for a few hours and after they would go to visit the shooting locations.

Riddhima slumped down on the bed right after slamming the door to her room shut. She loved the bed's soft mattress and the air conditioner was also regulated at a proper temperature which helped her feel better. She had discarded her heels and she tilted her head backwards. She inhaled a deep breath but seems that she would not be staying in peace as she heard a knock on the door.

Riddhima sighed, it might be the bell boy, they might be bringing her luggage but the people at the reception said that it would be taking 15 minutes. 'Well, whatever," Riddhima thought to herself and she turned onto the knob of the door and let the door open.

Riddhima's eyes shot wide open as soon as she saw who was at the door. Before she could say anything, the person at the door entered the room and shut Riddhima's mouth by placing his hand on her mouth," Don't make a sound," the person ordered her.

Riddhima shoved that person's hands away," What are you doing Armaan?"

Well, the intruder was Armaan and he had barged into Riddhima's room with a purpose.

"Riddhima, listen to what I have to say," Armaan said pretty much annoyed with Riddhima's swift movement.

Riddhima inhaled a deep breath and gestured him to carry on,"I'm sorry Armaan, but I am really exhausted. Continue what you were saying,"

Armaan moved towards her and stood a few inches away from her," Meet me tonight near the poolside, we'll dine together,"

" Tonight?!"Riddhima exclaimed, she had some other expressions on her face, it looked like she was hiding something, but Armaan could not guess what that was, she looked as if she had been caught red-handed doing something wrong. Armaan was kind of taken aback by her sudden outburst, he chuckled and said," What's wrong Riddhima, I just wanted to have dinner with you tonight. I'm not asking you to get married to me tonight."

Riddhima pressed her temple and shook her head,"I'm so sorry, I guess I am really tired, but can't we just postpone the dinner for tomorrow night, I'll be in better shape by then and my cranky mood will also be gone."

Armaan did not look convinced but he settled himself on the idea that she was suffering from jet lag and she needed to rest," That's ok, so tomorrow it is then,"

Armaan slammed the door to Riddhima's room shut and Riddhima sighed and  stared at her i-phone's screen after Armaan left. There was a missed call from a private number...she knew who it was and that person was the reason why she cancelled Armaan's plans tonight but she needed to make things clear to that person who was annoying her.

Armaan was in his room after visiting the shooting locations with the others. He was a bit sulky, with Riddhima's behaviour...she looked lost and she was avoiding him. He then put back all those thoughts and he then concentrated on what he would be doing the next day...

One day was over already and Riddhima was anxious, she knew exactly what Armaan wanted to tell her on their 'dinner' meeting. But how would she avoid him now? Riddhima decided to let everything like they were as she applied a light shade of lip gloss and she tried to remove any visible creases on her white bandage dress. She then picked up her clutch from the dressing table and got out of her suite. Armaan on the other side had invited her to his suite, he had installed a table and 2 chairs near his private jacuzzi which was found right under the stars. He was eagerly waiting for Riddhima, he could not hold his feelings any longer. Armaan nearly jumped out of excitement when he heard a knock. He rushed to open the door, and it was indeed the one whom he was waiting for. Riddhima smiled and he invited her inside and directed her to the sliding glass door which led to outside. Riddhima sat on a chair which Armaan pulled out for her and he then sat on the opposite side of her with a grin on his face, " I'm so happy that you came Riddhima," he said in a husky voice and Riddhima shivered and she tried to curve her quivering lips into a smile.

"How could I not come Armaan? After all you are my friend.." she started off casually but she was interrupted in the middle by Armaan,"...that's what I wanted to talk about Riddhima, about our relationship and I bet that you very well know what my point is.." he stared at her and raised his brow. Riddhima chuckled nervously and pretended to be confused. Armaan sighed," Well, I know that you want to hear it from me, so here I go...I love you Riddhima, and this is no joke, I know that we had a really bad start but we get really well along and I don't how but I love you," he said as Riddhima shut her eyes and then she stood up and started going away. Armaan was quick and he prevented her from going away," Riddhima, what is wrong with you? Say something at least for God's sake,"

Riddhima took a deep breath," Armaan, you were right, I knew what you wanted to say but I don't want to be in any kind of relationship right now...I want my full focus to be on my work and career and why do you want to compromise our friendship? And I don't feel the same way for you." she said as Armaan blinked his eyes, he knew that she loved him too, then why was she behaving in this way...he would not let her go before he got answers," Okay, fine Riddhima, I can't force you into this relationship but answer my questions before going from here."

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main

Riddhima froze as she saw Armaan coming towards her as if a predator has found his prey and without getting any time to react, Armaan sealed their lips together and kissed her with all his passion all while running his hands on her back and unzipping her dress. Riddhima dropped her clutch and she tried to push him away but before that, he held her shoulders and said with a stern tone," Don't you feel anything now?" Riddhima's breaths had accelerated but she said," Just let go of me, and I did not feel anything,"

Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho...

Riddhima corrected her dress but anger had consumed Armaan and he pinned her hand behind her back and dragged her to the wall. Riddhima tried to go away but Armaan was far more stronger and he had sandwiched her between the wall and himself. He nuzzled on her neck and dropped wet kissed on her neck line. Riddhima was left breathless and Armaan turned her around so that she was facing him and whispered huskily," How about now?" Riddhima's eyes were still shut and she could not bring herself to answer him. Armaan smirked and crashed his lips on hers, making her drown in the intensity.
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
(Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein

Riddhima moaned as she felt Armaan unzipping her dress again and he parted from the kiss and sided the sleeves of her dress. Riddhima moved away and went to stand by the jacuzzi but he was quick and this time, he carried her in his arms and headed inside the suite where he placed her on the bed.He had completely sided her dress from the top part and he was contemplating the view as well as loving the feeling. Riddhima could not push him away as she knew that it was too late. Armaan's shirt was on the floor and he was unbuckling his belt when loud knocks were heard and the door knob was turned...
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho..



"I love you," Riddhima whispered as Armaan took her in his embrace. A beep was heard and Riddhima looked at her phone screen which displayed an incoming call, she swiped the icon to reject the call and threw the phone on the table.

. . . . .

"Armaan, we got some news about the kidnapper," Abhay said as he dashed in the room. Armaan turned to face Abhay and he looked at him while saying coldly," And I know who it is..."

. . . . .

"I can't believe I've trusted you, in fact, we all trusted you, but you turned out to be a bloody psycho!"Armaan yelled as the kidnapper held Riddhima at gunpoint.

    . . . . .

"Forgive me Armaan, I've never meant to hurt you but the circumstances were such that..." Armaan interrupted the one who was speaking, " I know and..."

A gun shot was heard the next instance accompanied with a scream.


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