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part 13 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Evening Time

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"Armaan hum jaa kaha rahe hai...??" Shilpa again asked looking out of the car's window

"Do minute shaant rahogi..." he spoke calmly while concentrating on road to which she pouted while crossing her arms and looked out of the window thinking about their close moment in that room After talking wd Arjun he went to search her in their room only to find it empty he frowned and started searching her but stopped seeing her in Recreational room where she was blabbering something to herself he stopped at the window side only to watch her movements

"Pata nai khudko... Kya samajhte hai... Jab dekho bas apni hi marzi... Haa..." She spoke wd anger while talking wd his punching bag "Bas ek Church hi to bola tha... Konsa China bola tha..." she pointed at his punching bag making him amused "To Armaan hum kab jaa rahe hai..." She repeated her words standing at side"Kahan??" then turning her side she copied his line making him chuckled"Armaan... Church" she spoke in her usual tone"Abhi to aapne kaha" she spoke as if he is standing here "Nai... Nai jaogi tum.. Vo to maine Surbhi ko bhagaane k liye kaha" she spoke like him sternly "Par..." she made a innocent face "Par var kuch nai... Final... No means no... Jao" she mimicked his style while putting her both hands on punching bag where as he was controlling hard not to laugh "Akdu..." she spoke shaking her head making him amused when her eyes landed on the boxing gloves "Ghar mein guitar aur punching bag... Dono sirf naam k rakkhee hai...agar mujhe guitar aata main to roz gaana gaati Huh... But aaj main The Great Shilpa inka use karungi... Bhale hi aata na ho to kya huaa... Try to kar sakti hun.." she spoke wd a pout and punched on the punching bag "Aaawww..." she whined as she hit her hand on punching bag making him smile by looking down and then lifted his head to see her who was trying to punch on the punching bag

"Tch...! Pagal..." he shook his head as he saw her in pain when she picked that gloves in her hand

"Huh... Mujhe gloves ki kya jarurat... Tum to mere ek hi punch mein gir jaoge... Main to aankhen band karke b maar sakti hun" She praised herself proudly making him chuckled Then her eyes landed on a black cloth which she picked smilingly and tying that on her eyes she moved to punch the bag while shaking her head he walked inside and stood against a table watching her moments "Maaru kidhar..." she spoke confusedly as she didn't found the bag infront of her which made him smile and moved to punch the bag "Aaaww..." she whined in pain as her hand hit the bag

"Har kaam... Jaldi mein haa... Ab lag gayi naa..." his sudden scolding voice made her stopped "Kabhi b... Boxing karte hai... To sabse pehle... Boxing gloves pehnte hai..." he spoke calmly while gripping her hand from behind her whose heart beat skipped "See fold it..." he made her hand in a fist "Aur isse uper..." making her elbow up he gripped her waist "Aur ye pair peeche karna..." putting his one hand on her thigh he made her leg a little back where as Shilpa's condition was worse wd his touch "Aur jab koi attack kare... To aise peeche hona..." making her wd him back he pulled her closer who can fall in anytime if he leaved her "Aur sound ko sunne ki koshish karna... Tabi attack karna" he whispered near her ear only to left daze staring at her face his heart started beating fast suddenly where as Shilpa is so nervous that she was numb only her heart's beat can be heard Armaan's eyes landed on her lips when she opened the knot of cloth which fell down and her eyes looked deep in his eyes they both were lost in each other this close proximity of them is making her weak from inside and before she could fall she stepped back slowly and immediately turned to go making Armaan disappoint he thought she didn't liked their closeness when her duppata got stuck in his shirt making her looked back at him who looked up at her then down on his shirt slowly removing the duppata he forwarded to her who slowly took that in her hand looking at him who looked away from her thinking why she is running away from him??

"Ammm... Vo..." she didn't knew what to say

"Jao... Ready ho jao... Hume kahi jaana hai" He said sternly and wdout saying further he went from there living a confused Shilpa who got ready and now sitting wd him in car going somewhere She looked at him who was driving quietly then again she looked back outside the window where she saw lots of lights she thought he is taking her somewhere on hill types of place like on mountain somewhere when the car stopped infront of a big church which is shinning wd the lights and candles

"Hawww... Ye to church hai..." she spoke surprisingly looking at him who smiled at her and signaled her to move out through his eyes "Armaan..." she smiled

"Chalo..." saying this he opened her side's door "Aao...andar chale" he smiled and moved out of the car where as she felt so happy when he opened her side's door to which she moved out

"Thank... U" she said slowly looking at him who smiled

"Chalo..." he forwarded her the way towards church smilingly and they both walked slowly slowly towards the church no one said a word just walking looking at everything except each other

"Aisa lag raha hai.. Pehli baar tum dono mil rahe ho... Shilpa... Agar vo nai bol rahe to tu hi bolde" her mind mocked at her "Par main bolungi kya" her heart questioned

"Le to aaya isse... Par bolta kyun nai kuch Armaan..." He spoke to himself mentally putting his hands in his pocket

"Armaan aap to nai aane wale the fir kyun??" at last she questioned seeing this awkward silence b/w them

"Vo... Aise hi main free tha to socha aaun yahan" he answered normally and they both ascended the stairs when

"Bowww..." Surbhi came infront of them surprisingly making Armaan roll his eyes while Shilpa giggled

"Surbhi..." she spoke happily hugging her who hugged her back

"Tum yahan...?? Mr Khan aap to nai aane wale thae" Surbhi asked wd a smirk

"Meri marzi... Vaise akele kyun ghum rahi ho... Rehaan kahan hai..?" he asked calmly

"Vo to raha car park karke aa raha hai..." Surbhi pointed on downstairs where Rehaan was coming "Shilpa chalo... Tumhe main kuch dikhati hun.." holding Shilpa's wrist she took her away from Armaan who shook his head

"Bhaijaan... Surbhi to gayi lekar Bhabhi ko??" Rehaan's teasing question made him looked back at him

"Chup... Chal andar" smacking Rehaan's head lightly he walked ahead wd him

"Wow...! Its beautiful Surbhi" Shilpa commented bemusedly looking above from the stairs from where she can see the Bhopal city

"Haina khubsoorat..." Surbhi giggled and they both looked down holding the railing "Shilpa..." her soft voice made her looked at her "Mujhe ye mila... Shayad tumhare purse se gir gaya tha" she forwarded the envelope

"Amm thanks..." she looked at her slowly Surbhi can see her face's colour drained seeing the envelope.

"Tumne ye baat Mr Khan ko bataiyee..." Surbhi asked after few minutes

"Nai... Aur main bataungi b nai" she looked at front on the hills "Kyun ki mujhe jaroorat nai iski" she spoke annoyingly

"Allah miya what's wrong wd u Shilpa...? Itni badi opportunity tum aise hi jaane dogi..." she asked shockingly "Armaan se zyada nai..." she spoke softly

"Sirf teen mahine ki baat hai yaar..." Surbhi spoke angrily

"Baat chahe... Teen mahino ki ho yaa teen din ki... Main Armaan se dur nai reh sakti Surbhi... Specially unke accident k baad to bilkul nai..." She spoke slowly looking at the space to which Surbhi smiled

"Woww !! Yaar tum to meri tarah nikli... Main b apni NewYork ki job chodkar sirf Rehaan k liye hun..." she spoke happily making Shilpa smile "Don't worry tumhara ye secret sirf mere tak hi rahega... I promise" she giggled making Shilpa to hug her

"Thank u..." Shilpa said parting from the hug when

"Aap dono yahan hai... At least andar prayer karke aati... Chaliye" Rehaan's voice made them looked at him

"Ooo haa... Chalo..." Surbhi giggled and walked wd him following by Shilpa who took a sigh of relief when she bumped wd Armaan

Aisa lagta hai kyun

Teri aankhein jaise...

"Aree sambhal k..." he hold her by her shoulder "Aise andho ki tarah chalne ki aadat gayi nai na tumhari..." he scolded her who looked down

"Sorry..." she apologized walking wd him inside the church but her lost face made him confused since the time she returned from Campus after seeing her result her face looked lost which he observed but looking the surroundings he thought to ask later when "Aawww..." she closed her eyes tightly as she stumbled and thought she will fall but before it could happen she felt herself in air as Armaan's muscular arms held her by her waist

"Aankhe kholo... Thik ho tum" he whispered softly making her to opened her eyes and as her green eyes met wd his blue one's a spark lightened b/w them they both were staring at each other wdout noticing that everyone is staring at them when a car's voice made Shilpa to come out from their eye-lock

"Amn... Main thik hun..." moving back she whispered making him smile and they both started walking inside the church

"Hmmm..." he forwarded a candle to her who looked at him and slowly wd shyness took that candle there was soft prayer was going in church and the atmosphere looks peaceful to them who stood infront of the 'Jesus' cross

"Armaan kitna beautiful haina" she spoke softly to which he just hummed staring at her who lit the candle "Armaan aap?" she asked slowly holding the candle

"Nai tum karo..." he replied wd a smile to which she shook her head and tried to make the candle stood when his hand came above hers making her looked up at him "Meri taraf nai... Neeche dekho" he spoke wd a smile to which she looked down shyly and keeping the candle stood they both closed their eyes while folding hands infront of god praying for something

"Aap to jaante ho... God ki main jo kar rahi hun sirf Armaan k liye... Pls mujhe unse dur nai jaana plzzz" she prayed still wd closed eyes

"Mujhe nai pata ki main kya maangu... But main itna chahta hun ki... Main Shilpa se dur nai hona chahta... Vo bahoot important hai mere liye" He prayed and opening his eyes looked at her who is still praying "Aisa kya maang rahi ho...?? Ki ab tak maang rahi ho?" he whispered in her ear teasingly which made her smile

"Aapko kyun bataun... Jo maangte hai vo batate nai" opening her eyes she looked at him smilingly

"Ohh... Aisa hai kya??" he asked teasingly to which she nodded wid a giggle

"Mr Khan..." Surbhi's cheerful voice made them looked at her

"Aree yaar Rehaan... Tu is ek musibat ko nai sambhal sakta.." he spoke annoyingly looking at Rehaan who shook his head in no

"Excuse me! Mr Khan... Main aapse nai Shilpa se baat kar rahi hun" Surbhi spoke proudly

"Yaa rite..." rolling his eyes he moved ahead followed by the three where Rehaan was quiet and the two was indulged in talking and wd that they moved towards their cars

15 minutes later...

"Pheww ho gaya..." he took a sigh as he made her lay on bed After biding bye to Surbhi & Rehaan they had their dinner in a Restaurant and returned back to their house and in the car she slept so he has to lift her so picking her up he brought her in their room making her lay on bed "Ab change kark so jaaun..." stretching his arms he rubbed his back of neck when by mistake her purse fell from bed by him "Isse b abi girna tha..." shaking his head he started picking the things which fell from her purse when that envelope fell from it he frowned seeing that and opened that "Mrs Shilpa Armaan Malik successfully passed the fashion university wd First position in Campus... Therefore she got a highly opportunity for Three months job training wd one lakh salary in Passion Fashion Institute Hydrabad" as he read the last line his smile vanished which appeared when he read first position of her"Shilpa ne mujhe bataya kyun nai..." he sat on bed looking at her who was sleeping peacefully "May be bhul gayi ho..." he didn't knew why he is feeling a sudden emptiness in his heart and read it again where it was clearly written she have to leave wdin ten days "Kal baat karunga..." ignoring the unknown sad feeling he put the things back on her purse and keeping everything & changing in night clothes he laid on bed beside her he didn't knew when his eyes closed down gazing her face Actually when Shilpa went to see the result her name was nowhere in board when Anupriya informed that she got the first position in whole campus she felt to emotional at that time coz she never got such percentage in her whole life but in next second Anu informed that she also got the job in Hyderabad which made her stunned and she knew if Armaan get to know this he will definitely send her there which she didn't wanted so she hide this from him and cursing the god 'Aaj tak mujhe 65% k uper marks nai mila... Aur aaj jab mila vo b umeed se dugna... Mujhse zyada sad kisi ne feel nai kiya hoga.. I hate u god' she came home scardly and decided that she will only show her results


Few days later...

"Is she fine..." A worried Armaan asked Dr Shikha who checked Shilpa's report

"No... Dr Armaan... She is suffering from high typhoid... Jo abi tak nai utra" she informed while showing him the reports which he checked immediately and found its true why he didnt paid attention to her before? From few days she was having typhoid where was he?? How can he be so careless?? Was he so busy in work that he forgot she ated or not?? He questioned himself "Hume unhe aur do teen din yehi rakhna hoga..." her poliet voice made him looked up at her

"Yaah sure... Bas use kuch nai hona chahiyee" he immediately spoke to which she nodded wd a smile seeing his worriedness

"Don't worry Dr bas vo kuch kha len... To thik ho jaygi... Aap khud doctor hai... To samajh sakte hi honge" she assaured him who nodded wd small smile

"Main usse dekh k aata hun..." saying this he left the cabin of Dr Shikha Yes Shilpa is suffering from typhoid and is admited in his hospital actaully when Armaan got to know about her job offer next morning only he directly asked about it which made her shocked and she answered she didn't wanted to go to which he tried to make her understand that its a big opportunity she should do this and its only about three months which will go in just a click but she refused annoyingly then he got angry and directly announced

'Chahe kuch b ho jaaye tum jaaogi... And thats final' he almost ordered to which she also argued and almost shouted 'Main nai jaaungi bas... Jo karna hai karlijiye' and her words made him angry so breaking the phone into pieces he went from there angrily leaving her hurt and broken after a while she composed herself and thought to look at him in house she started searching him but at last found him in Recreational Room where he was putting his all anger out on Poor! Punching bag wearing a grey T-shirt wd track pant he was punching angrily and seeing this she gulped

"Kya karun... Jaaun ki nai..." she thought while peeping her head out from the door "Dekh Shilpa... Galti unki nai hai... Tu hi soch... Tujhe vaha bhej k inhe kya milega... Teri bhalaai sochke.. Hi bol rahe hai ye... Teri life perfect banane k liye... Tujhe independent banane k liye... Aur tu inhi pe baras padi..." her mind put the right points infront her "I think sahi hai... Par mujhe unhe chod k jaana b to nai hai..." her heart questioned "Sirf teen mahine ki baat hai Shilpa... Armaan k liye karde..." her mind spoke to which she nodded sadly and slowly hesitantly walked towards him who stopped but didn't looked at her "Armaan..." she spoke slowly playing wd her fingers while looking down which made him to continue his work "I am sorry... Mujhe aisa nai bolna chahiyee tha..." she spoke slowly to which he looked at her

"Exactly... Main ye sab apne liye nai... Tumhare liye keh raha tha... Tumhare paas ek goal rahega... Agar koi cheez shuru kiya hai to usse khatam karo..." he spoke angrily making her guilty

"Sorryy..." she spoke cutely and held her ears making him to close his eyes

Aankhon mein

Meri reh gayi...

"Shilpa..." removing the gloves he stood infront of her and pulled her hands down slowly "See sirf teen mahine ki baat hai... Bas fir tum aa jaana wapas..." he spoke softly

"Aur agar ghar pe kisine pucha to??" she asked innocently making him smile

"Vo main handle kar lunga... Tum bas apni job pe dhyaan do..." he spoke calmly to which she gave him fake smile wd half heart and from that day she became quiet

And she started thinking thinking thinking & thinking !! That she forgot eating and drinking when her heart says she ate or else lived she only think about the consequences that what if she go there and he forgot her completely?? what if he found someone else what if he fell for Tanveer or anyone else?? what if something happened to him or her?? So these are all thoughts which were ringing on her head that she forgot she had fever which resulted in high fever Armaan was busy in some case that he didn't paid attention to her But three days before he was working on some file and ask for coffee to which she came back after sometime wd coffee

"Hmmm..." she forwarded the mug which he took wdout looking at her

"Thanks..." he said slowly and put the coffee aside when he heard 'Thud!!' he looked at the voice and found her on floor unconscious "Shilpa...!!" throwing the file somewhere he immediately ran towards her worriedly "Shilpa..." he lifted her by her shoulder and tapped her cheek worriedly only to find her burning body "Oh God!! Ise to high fever hai..." checking her wrist he lifted her in his arms and laid on bed carefully and he realized she was shivering she lifted her eyelids staring him and immediately closed it also "Ye normal bukhar nai hai..." he stared her face worriedly while caressing her cheek softly noticing her dull face now and wdout wasting any second he called the ambulance till then he put the cold strips on her head not before putting two blankets on her He forgot his work and important case everything "Rehaan aaj main nai aaunga tu... Cases kisi aur doctor ko bol ki handle kare" saying this he hung up the phone wdout listening Rehaan's answer and as the ambulance came he immediately took her in hospital where he found she has typhoid at that time his heart stopped for second but calming himself he took her care but coz of emergency cases in hospital he left her but not before informing Dilshad & Surbhi who took care of her in his absence Yeah in b/w his work he came to look at her who talk less and her pale face was making her weak which was didn't liked by him at all and now freeing himself from all his cases he thought only to take care of her from now onwards so before meeting her he met her doctor who is his colleague and informed she still have typhoid which is not good for her health So now Mr Armaan malik decided to take care of his one and only wife "Shilpa..." he called softly while sitting on stool beside her bed who have closed her eyes "Surbhi isne kuch khaya...??" he looked up at her who was standing at other side of bed and nodded her head in NO

"Vo kya haina Mr Khan vo b aapke tarah hi hai... Stubborn... Usse nai khana to vo so gayi..." she spoke wd a smile looking at his tensed face

Kabhi pehle

Maine na suni...

"Haa..." he smiled sadly looking at his wife who was unaware of her husband's condition he didn't liked her this condition where saline was attached on her hand wd glucose bottle above her he took her hand carefully on which the saline and caressed her hand wd his finger smoothly as if feeling her pain Surbhi was looking at his face thinking how much he loves her that it can clearly shown on his face now

"Aap nai samajh paa rahe Mr Khan ki aap kitna Shilpa se pyaar karte hai... I hope aapko realize ho jaaye jaldi" Surbhi thought staring at him and realized she have to call him for making Shilpa to eat something she didn't wanted to disturb him but she have to "Mr Khan Shilpa ne kuch nai khaya hai... Usse khila dijiye" Her voice made him looked away from Shilpa

"Yaah..." he nodded while rising up "Shilpa... Shilpa..." he called her softly tapping her cheek lightly who opened her eyes slowly and blinked it twice "Chalo kuch kha lo..." his soft and caring voice made her stared his face quietly

"Mujhe bhuk nai hai..." she replied in weak voice

"Haa pata hai... Fir b thik hone k liye khana to padega" He said calmly to which she looked away from him at Surbhi's side who giggled knowing very well now she can't refused to eat "Surbhi..." he looked at Surbhi who forwarded the food trey towards him "Chalo isse khao..." taking the bowl of rice & dal he forwarded a spoonful towards her mouth who made a face

"Kha lo Shilpa ye maine nai banaya hai... Phuppi ne banaya hai tumhare liye..." Surbhi joked to which she smiled

"Tum aisa bana b nai sakti..." he taunted making Surbhi roll her eyes

"Mr Khan... Ek din dekh lena main sabse acha khana banaungi... Right Shilpa" she spoke arrogantly

"Right!" Shilpa smiled

"Dekhenge..." he said smilingly and looked at Shilpa "Khao..." he forwarded the spoon towards her who took that inside her mouth slowly

"Yaar Shilpa tum jaldi thik ho jao na... Main bore ho jaati hun akele" Surbhi complained sitting beside her who smiled

"Uske liye iska khana jaroori hai... And by the way tum bimaar kaise hui...??" he spoke strictly to which she gulped

"Allah miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Kisiko thodi pata hota hai ki vo bimaar kaise hua.." she took Shilpa's side

"Kuch tum dono jaise pagal hote haina... Unhe pata hota hai..." he said sarcastically making their mouth open

"Mr Khan... Aapse to baat karna bekaar hai huh.. " Surbhi spoke angrily

"Acha thik hai mat karna... Abi jaao... Dimag mat kharab karo mera" He spoke annoyingly

"Armaan..." she said slowly but in warning tone

"Rehne do Shilpa... Jab ye chale jaynge tab mujhe batana... Main aaungi..." Surbhi spoke angrily but it was fake "Bye... Huh.." saying this she went from there making Armaan smile and Shilpa pout who opened her mouth to scold him when

"Pehle ye khatam karo..." before she could say anything he inserted a morsel in her mouth "Aur Shilpa... I am warning u first and last time... Ki ainda se tumne apna breakfast lunch dinner kch b skip kiya... Yaa kch khaya piya nai... To mujhse bura koi nai hoga" he warned while making her drink the water "Samjhi ki nai samjhi..." he asked calmly to which she nodded in YES obediently "Good!" he smiled staring at her who looked down at the space still thinking about Hyderabad job

"When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are."


Three days later

"Nurse ready hui Shilpa..." Armaan asked as the nurse came out from her room

"Nai sir vo ready ho rahi hai..." she informed "Sir kya aap unki help kar denge... Mujhe Dr Daksh ko report karna hai..." she said scarily to which he nodded in YES "Thik hai tum jao mai dekhta hun..." Saying this he went inside and searched her who was behind the curtains he was about to call her when he heard her voice

"Aww... Haath dukh raha hai" she hissed in pain her hands were on her back which was trying to pull up the zip of her blue colour dress but coz of weakness in her body she failed when

Aisi baatein

Keh gayi...

"Ammm... Main.. Help.. Karta hun" His hesitated voice made her startled

"Amm... Nai... I... Mean main... Karlungi" She fumbled turning back at him

"Nai... Ghumo main karta hun" he spoke slowly pointing her to turn

"Par..." she tried to say nervously but was stopped by him

"Ghumo..." he spoke strictly to which she opened her mouth to say when he glared where no chance she argue "Turn..." he ordered to which she nodded quietly looking down and turned showing her back to him who gulped "Keh to diya ki main karunga... Par himmat to nai ho rahi..." he smacked himself mentally while his hand moved to remove her hairs aside hesitantly and as his hand removed her hairs at one side of her shoulder she fisted her hands tightly while closing her eyes her heartbeat skipped feeling his touch again immediately their first night came on her eyes where he first time touch her like this where as his condition was worse of her as he touched her back a current passed through his body his hands were hesitating to pull her dress's zip but taking a deep breath he pull her zip slowly up and carefully tied the strings of her dress who have still eyes closed thinking as if he will kiss her shoulder like he used to do before his accident "Ho gaya..." his slow voice made her eyes snapped opened as if came out from a beautiful dream "Chale..." he came infront of her who looked down emotionally coz she remembered their romantic moments which happened before his accident "Shilpa..." he called softly to which she nodded quietly wdout looking at him coz her eyes became wet

"Amm haaa... Chaliye" she said slowly and moved ahead to go when coz of weakness fell on him

"Sambhal k..." he smiled while parting her who looked down hiding her feelings which wanted to hug him cry on his shoulder that how much she wanted him "I think tum aise to bahar nai jaogi... Bina iske" making her stand he picked her duppata and carefully tucked on her shoulder "Ab chalen..." he smiled to which she nodded and moved ahead to go when he gripped her wrist which made her stopped in her tracks "Ek minute..." coming infront of her and wdout saying anything he lifted her up in his arms

"Armaan..." she gripped his shoulder in fear coz her head was spinning "Aap... Aap ye kya??" she said nervously looking at his face

"Paanch minute shaant rahogi..." saying this he took her out from the room She was feeling hell embarrassed as every person were looking at them in hospital she looked down slowly her heart was already feeling emptiness inside it their moment in hospital room made her went back in flashback when they used to be together when he irritated her teased her over a single things loved her unconditionally and right now she wants him actually craving for him

"Kitni ajeeb baat hai... Kisi k itne paas hokar fir usse door jaana jitna takleef deta hai... Usse kai zyada kisi k paas hokar b door rehna... Tod deta hai... Vohi haal tera hai Shilpa Armaan ko lekar" her sad heart spoke to her who was trying to divert her mind somewhere else or else she will break down infront of him who don't have any idea about her condition

"Hmmm jao baitho..." making her stand beside his car he opened the door of her side who sat quietly and he sat on driving seat "Main help karta hun..." he said slowly as he saw her struggling wd the seatbelt and moving closer to her seat he carefully locked her seatbelt

"Plzz... Armaan mere itne karib mat aao... Abi to bilkul nai... Coz I cant trust myself" she thought staring him who just locked her seatbelt and now started the car Yes she can't trust herself wd him coz right now she is missing his presence his touches actually the thing called DESIRES are taking rolls on her lonely heart that's why she didn't wanted to go close to him till the time he will feel something for her but their moment in Hospital room ruined everything even her self made wall

Tu hi tu hai

Jo har taraf mere...

"Ye itni chup si achi nai lagti yaar... Jabse beemar padi hai kuch bolti hi nai..." he thought while concentrating on road its been three days since he was taking care of her in hospital after finishing all his cases he concentrated on his wife who was quiet due to stress of living him which was unknown to him Dilshad Nazma Surbhi and everyone always came to met her make her laugh which she did also but he was the one person who always talked in his strict tone or scolded her for not eating anything n all which made her more hurt but she was unaware that he cares a lot for her whenever she slept he sat beside her and took care of her everything she didn't knew that he was skipping his lunches & dinner only to stay wd her who was recovering slowly wd his care & support he didn't informed about her condition to anyone of his family member whenever they call or asked about her he directly lied that she was doing something or right now he is busy etc. Like today in morning when he was taking her discharge papers Aditi had called him about Shilpa who didn't picked her call so he lied that as always she forgot her phone somewhere may be that's why she didn't received her call which Aditi believed also coz its true Shilpa did before also So after talking wd Aditi he came back to take her who was getting ready inside the room Right now she is fine but wi\d little weakness in her body which he knows "Shilpa..." he lightly nudged her who was sleeping quietly he chuckled so moving out from car he opened her side's door "Shilpa... Utho ghar aa gaya hai" his soft voice and tap on her cheek lightly made her opened her eyes

"Hum pahuch gaye..." she asked rubbing her eyes lightly

"Haa... Aao" he smiled and moved some steps back giving her space who slowly walked out while holding the door of car when unknowingly he closed the door of the car widout realizing her hand was there "Aaahhh..." she whined in pain as her fingers sandwiched b/w the car's door which made him looked at her

"Sorryyy... Sorrryyy..." he apologized holding her fingers which has became red now while she was crying now "Okkk... Soryyy yaaar... Plzzz rona band karo" he requested blowing air on her fingers

"Aahhh..." she whined as he blew air on her fingers

"Ssshhh... Relax" he spoke guiltfully looking up at her who sniffed "Soryy..." he whispered softly to which she looked at him still wd tears in her eyes

"Its ok..." she sniffed looking down making him smiled who didn't knew why felt a pain in his heart seeing her in pain

"Fine..." he asked slowly to which she nodded her fingers were still in his hand who wd other hand wiped her tears "Chalen..." he asked softly to which she nodded but before she could take any step he lifted her in his arms

"Armaaan...aap..." she spoke scarily trying to hold his shoulder by her one hand other was down on her chest coz of pain

"Ssshhh..." he eyed her who looked down and thought its so strange when she wanted to be close to him he always ran from her but when she wanted a little space from him he is moving closer to her why?? She was thinking this all when he made her sat on bed "Tum Aaram karo... Main aaya abi..." saying this he went from there leaving her confused she pulled her legs up on bed and looked at her hand's fingers which has swelled due to that wound "Hmmm... Haath do" he asked as he sat infront of her wd the first aid kit making her stared him when she didn't spoke anything he shook his head & he himself took her fingers in his hand and started apppying the ointment on her fingers carefully

"Aaahhh..." she yelled painfully

"Relax... Ssshhh" he spoke softly and started blowing air on her fingers carefully while applying the ointment to which she closed her eyes painfully making him stared her smilingly "Ho gaya..." his voice made her opened her eyes and looked at him who chuckled "Tum baitho... Main kuch khaane k liye laata hun..." saying this he stood to go to which she nodded quietly and he went from there leaving her who put her head on the bed post while closing her eyes

"Kya Armaan sachmein change ho rahe hai... Ki sirf mujhe hi lag raha hai... Aur agar ho b rahe hai... To mujhe khushi kyunnai ho rahi... Kyun ek ajeeb sa dar hai..." she thought and opened her eyes while staring up at the ceilling while croosing her arms "May b is liye... Kyun ki sirf teen din reh gayye mujhe jaane ko..." she kept the real reasons in her POV and thinking this all she went in deep sleep

"So gayi..." he narrowed his eyes as he saw her sleeping in sitting position "Ye naa..." shaking his head he walked towards her and made her lay properly on bed putting blanket on her he checked his phone where three missed calls were came from his mom so shaking his head he dialed "Yeah Mom... Kya huaa?" he asked moving out from the room and slowly closed the door not to disturb her he walked inside the room which is attached to their room

"Kya huaa puch rahe ho tum..." she spoke angrily "Armaan maine kitne din pehle tumse bola tha ki sab puch rahe hai tum logo k baare mein yaha... Kab aaoge tum dono...??" she asked angrily unknown to the fact that Shilpa was admitted in hospital

"Mom... Plz tym nai hai abi... Main busy hoon... But don't worry aa jaunga next week tak" he replied annoyingly

"Tumse to baat karna bekaar hai... Shilpa ko phone do..." she taunted making him roll his eyes

"Mom vo harwaqt mere saath nai rehti... Aur vaise b.. Agar aana hoga wapas to sirf maihi aaunga Shilpa nai..." he spoke calmly rubbing his forehead he cant take her there coz she have to leave for Hyderabad wdin three days

"Armaan tumhe pata b hai tum kya bakwas kar rahe ho... Ek baar tum nai aao to chalega... But Shilpa ka hona jaruri hai yaha... Sab puchte hai" she spoke strictly making him angry at the word 'Sab puchte hai'

"Jisko jo puchna hai puche... Mujhe farq nai padta... Aur isse pehle main aapko kuch bolun... Baad mein baat karta hun" he hangs the call before he burst his anger on her The thing he dont like about his relatives is their thinkings they are very orthodox types and he knew if they get to know why Shilpa is not coming in wedding they will 101% start taunting her or blaming which he dont want But right now one thing is bothering him is Shilpa's departure widin three days already her condition is not good and if she goes there how will she take care of herself?? And most important how he will stay away from her for three months?? He knew he misbehaved wid his mother but his frustration to leave Shilpa is bothering him which burst in anger later he will apologized to Ananya he decided and went inside for a nap


2 hours later

Toh tujhse pare

Main jaun kahaan...

"Umm..." Shilpa stirr as she felt someone's hold on her waist so turning around she faced a sleeping Armaan infront of her who have kept his one hand on her waist "Hmmm..." she smiled seeing him this close his face was just a inch apart her hand moved to touch his face but it stopped in middle as she realized the wounds on her fingers "Tch!! Ab..." she whispered wd a cute face staring him who is looking so innocent right now she was staring him dazely when in sleep his face moved a liitle closer to her whose heartbeat skipped for seconds theirs lips were inch apart and she knew if she will move an inch their lips can brush her eyes widened when she saw his calm expression changed in disturbed one she noticed the sun's light is coming from the windows after all its afternoon she thought to close the curtains but she knew if she will move their lips can brush

"Umm..." he stirred in sleep trying to hide his face from the sun when he moved a little almost brushing their noses which resulted her eyes almost came out

"Ammm..." she immediately moved her head back before their lips can touched but her movement made him woke up he blinked his eyes and saw her face closer to his but she is looking at everywhere except him who realized what can happened if she didnt moved her head back immediately he removed his hand from her waist and they both sat up awkwardly

"Vo... Main kuch khaane k liye laata hun... Tumhare liye" saying this he moved out of the bed

"Hmmm..." she managed to hummed only still sitting on bed and nodding in YES he went out from the room when she noticed she didn't saw Meethi since the tym she came back "May be kaam kar rahi ho... Is liye nai dikh rahi" she whispered confusedly when Armaan's cell rang making her look down on bed "Mummiji ka phone...??" she smiled and moved to pick the call wd her left hand coz right one have wound on her fingers

"Hello... Armaan dekho mujhe tumse seriously baat karni hai... Aur is baar sirf main bolungi aur tum sunoge..." Ananya's voice made her quiet before she could start the conversion " Mujhe nai pata tumhe kya ho gaya hai... Par Armaan rishte itni aasaani se nai todte... Jis samaj mein hum rehte hai... Hume unke saath chalna padta hai... Mujhe pata hai tum in sabko nai pasand karte par... Vo tumhare bade hai... Respect karo unki... Kuch to khayal karo mere sanskaar ka... Yaha sab puch rahe hai tum dono k baare me... Shilpa k baare ne... Aur tumne to direct keh diya... Tumhe nai aana hue agar aaoge b to akele Shilpa nai aaygi tumhare saath" her word made Shilpa shocked how can he say that to his own Mom?? She thought "Armaan... Mujhe samajh nai aata tum aise kyun bante jaa rahe ho... Pata nai Shilpa ka kya haal hoga tumhare gusse ko jab dekhti hogi vo.." she spoke in soft tone now

"Main thik hun... Mummiji" her caring voice made Ananya stopped

"Shilpa..." she asked only to here a giggle from other side "Kaisi ho tum?? Phone kyun nai utha rahi thi?? Aur Armaan ko kya huaa hai??" she asked in one breath

"Hehee... Main thik hun... Phone is liye nai utha rahi thi kyun ki... Vo kharab ho gaya hai... Mujhse galti se hang ho gaya tha... Aur Armaan ko kuch nai hua hai bas kaam mein busy rehte hai na to stress hai... Aur kuch nai" Shilpa made some stories to relieve her worry

"Tum sach keh rahi ho...??" she asked doubtfully

"Haa..." she giggled

"Acha tab thik hai... Varna mujhe to lagne laga tha... Mera beta vaha jakar sab kuch bhul gaya... Aur kahi tumhe band karke to nai rakhta" Ananya joked making her laugh

"Aap b naa... Kaise ho aap Mummyji??" she asked smilingly

"Kaisi ho sakti hun... Jiske dono bacche usse dur ho..." Ananya replied slowly

"Dono??" she frowned

"Haa dono... Dev Bahar gaya hai kisi kaam se Austria aur mera dusra beta aane ko taiyaar nai ghar six months ho gaye usse gaye" she spoke sadly making Shilpa sad

"Don't worry Mummyji , aapka ye wala beta jarur aayga... Vo b isi hafte k andar... I promise" Shilpa said in her chearful way making her smile

"Par mujhe meri bahu b chahiyee" her sweet tone maked Her smile fade

"Haa... Vo b aaygi..." she spoke slowly to which Ananya smiled and they talked for few more minutes when Armaan knocked at the door making her looked up at him "Haa thik hai... Mai dekh lungi... Bye..." saying this she hung up the phone as he sat infront of her wd food trey and kept b/w them

"Kiska phone tha??" he asked normally while plating the food "Pizzzaaa..." she looked down confusedly as she saw pizza in the plate it is the thing which he don't like since start infact not even interested in it

"Yeahh... Tumhe pasand nai...??" he asked hesitantly to which she smiled at his nervous face

"Nai... Pasand hai but itna b nai..." she replied slowly to which he nodded smilingly

"Hmmm..." shaking his head in yes he forwarded the plate towards her who struggled to picked the piece coz of wound on her fingers "Ruko... Main khilaata hun" he spoke after a while as he saw her struggle Who looked up at him surprisingly where as picking up the piece he forwarded towards her mouth who took a bite slowly "Kaisa hai...??" he asked calmly but she can hear the excitement in his voice like a kid who wanted to hear something good

"Ammm acha hai... But Meethi aisa pizza nai banati" she spoke doubtfully while taking another bite which he forwarded

"Kyun acha nai hai...??" he asked slowly

"Nai ye bahoot tasty hai... Jaisa vo banati b nai... Infact baharwale pizza se b achi hai" she commented to which he smiled while looking down as if she complemented him "Bas thoda cheeze kam hai..." she spoke thoughtfully as she started the another piece which he was making her to eat

"Aree vo is liye... Kyun ki mujhe laga tumhare health k liye thoda zyada hoga... To cheez kam use kiya..." he said wdout realizing that he blurted about his cooking thing which made her stunned

"Kyaa??? Aapne banaya ye... Piizza??" she asked shockingly to which he closed his eyes

"Ammm... Yaa..." he replied slowly and forwarded her medicine which she took in daze Is he cook for her??? Why?? She thought

"Kyun meethi se bol dete aapko banane ki jarurat kya thi?" she asked confusedly

"Tum pehle... Apni dawa khao..." he ordered while giving her the glass of water which she took wd her left hand "Acha ruko..." he stood up taking the glass of water from her as he saw her balancing the glass carefully wd her one hand "Piyo..." making her drank the water after the medicine he sat infront of her who was so happy to receive such care from him she was about to ask again about the cooking thing when

"Yaa Alllahhh..." they heard Dilshad's shocking voice

"Allah miya what is this??" Surbhi's voice also they can heard

"Armaan awaaz kaisi hai...??" she asked confusedly to which he looked down

"Ammm kuch nai... Tum yehin raho main dekh k aata hun..." he spoke hurriedly and before she could ask more he was out from the room leaving her confuse

"Armaan ye sab kya hai...??" Dilshad questioned as she saw Armaan entered in kitchen

"Vo... Ammm nmain... Actually" he tried to say something but nothing came in his little brain when Surbhi burst wd laughter

"Allah miya... Shakal to dekhiye Mr Khan apni..." she spoke trying to control her laugh

"Shut up!! Surbhi..." he spoke annoyingly

"Par Bhaijaan... Ye sab huaa kaise??" Nazma asked trying to control her giggle

"Vo main Shilpa k liye... Kuch bana raha tha... Aur ye sab ho gaya" he replied looking away from them

"Ooo..." they three teased to which he rolled his eyes

"O come on u guys... Main to bas..." he spoke annoyingly when

"Hawww... Ye sab kya hai..." Shilpa's shocking voice made everyone turn back at her who is too shocked to see this mess in Kitchen everything was messed up and laying here & there the flour was spread everywhere in kitchen "Armaan..." she looked at him for answer who shook his head in no making the three ladies giggle

"Vo... Main..." he tried to answer but nothing came

"Meethi kahan hai...??" Shilpa asked frowning

"Tumhe nai pata Shilpa... Meethi kahan hai" Surbhi asked wd a giggle to which she nodded in no "Mr Khan... Aapne bataya nai Shilpa ko" she looked at him who glared her

"Actually vo... Maine usse chutti di hai... Kuch dino tak" he answered calmly making her shocked

"Kyun??" Shilpa asked confusedly

"Aise hi mera mann..." he spoke annoyingly moving to take the sweep

"Chalo fir safai karte hai..." Nazma spoke smilingly

"Nai koi jarurat nai... Main kar lunga... Aur Steve b to hai..." he spoke looking at everywhere thinking from where to start

"Haa haa rehne do tum... Kaam badha sakte ho... Kam nai kar sakte" Dilshad taunted making the girls giggle

"Aunty... Pehli baat..." he moved to argue when

"Offoo... Mr Khan chalo shuru karen..." Surbhi spoke while starting the cleaning

"Main b help karti hun..." Shilpa moved to help them when he stopped her

"Koi jarurat nai hai... Idhar baitho..." gripping her wrist he made her sat on a chair "STEVE...!!" he shouted to which Steve immediately came

"Yes sir..." he spoke scardly

"Chalo... Ye sab clean karne mein help karo..." he almost ordered to which Steve started cleaning

"Maine to socha tha... Ki jaate hi Shilpa se milungi par jaise hi andar aayi... Baap re" Dilshad spoke unbelievably making Surbhi giggled where as Shilpa smiled

"Par ye sab huaa kaise...?" Shilpa asked confusedly looking at everyone who were cleaning now

"Ye sawal to tum apne sauhar se... Pucho.." Dilshad spoke smilingly making Armaan roll his eyes who is cleaning the shelf

"Allah miyaa... Ainda se aap cooking na hi karna to acha hoga Shilpa k liye" Surbhi taunted coming infront of him

"Tum NY kab jaa rahi ho wapas... Vaise b Bhopal ko thodi shaanti ki jarurat hai ab..." He taunted making her aside whose mouth fell opened

"Excuse me!! Mr Khan..." she started to argue which ignored and moved to help Nazma making Dilshad laugh when Shilpa's eyes landed on floor where two three tomatoes were laying on floor shaking her head she moved to pick them and she bend down while collecting the tomatoes wd her left hand after collecting it she moved to stood and her head was about to hit a shelf when

Mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yahi toh pyar hai...

"Tch...!! Sambhal k... Lag jaygi tumhe yaar..." keeping his hand on her head he carefully made her stand who smiled at his this side "Kya jarurat thi... Karne ki main kar leta" he scolded her

"Kisi ka pair pad jaata to kharaab ho jaata..." she replied slowly while giving him the tomatoes

"To bol deti main kar leta .." he spoke strictly

"Haa beta.. Armaan haina... Kaam ko bigadne wala b aur sawarne wala b..." Dilshad chuckled to which she smiled and Armaan roll his eyes

"Aunty... Aap na..." he shook his head

"Vaise Bhaijaan... Aap bana kya rahe the jo itna dust kiya hai" Nazma asked

"Pizzza..." he replied normally putting the glasses back on table properly

"Wow!! Pizza..." Surbhi spoke happily coming infront of him "Phoophi... See main Mr Khan se acha kaam karti hun at least... Thoda kuch ganda karti hun... Inki tarah nai..." she joked to which everyone smile except Armaan when Rehaan entered there only to left stunned

"Yeh...??" he asked shockingly

"Rehaan... Main batati hun..." Surbhi spoke happily and started narrating him who laughed

"Shut up! Rehaan..." Armaan smacked his head lightly who rubbed his head when

"To Rehaan tum batao tum kabi mere liye aisa kuch karoge..." Surbhi asked dreamily

"Direct bolta hun..." Rehaan started standing b/w ArSh "Nai..." he spoke directly making Armaan chuckled and Surbhi shocked

"Rehaan... Tum.." she pointed her index finger at him who ran to save himself

"Yaar... Ise b abi girna tha" Armaan spoke irritably as the glass fell on floor near his leg

"Armaan jab koi cheez aati nai to kyun karte hai...??" Shilpa asked angrily "Aur most important aapne Meethi ko chutti kyun di...?" she asked again

"Kaha na meri marzi..." He directly glared her who moved to argue when he stopped her by her shoulder coz of glasses pieces on floor "Sambhal k lag jaygi... Aise hi laparwaah harqato ki wajah se tum beemar padti ho..." he taunted directly which made her mouth open

"Haawww... To aap ka matlab hai ki... Main jaan bhujkar beemar padi" she asked wd a pout

"Mera matlab nai... Main directly bol raha hun..." he spoke sarcastically making her angry and they both landed in a argument

"Yaa allah main kya karun inka..." Dilshad held her head seeing ArSh fight and Surbhi chasing Rehaan where as Nazma was laughing seeing this So like this their 'Safai Abhiyaan' gone and after cleaning everything everyone retired for change except Shilpa who was playing wd Breezer and then they sat for coffee


Night time

"Surbhi... For the last time I am asking u... Tum kab jaa rahi ho..." Armaan asked annoyingly as Surbhi was came infront of the Match which he and Rehaan were watching "Main nai jaaungi... Jab tak aap mujhe proove karke nai dikhate" she argued putting her both hands on her waist

"Surbhi kya bachpana hai ye..." Rehaan spoke strictly to which she roll her eyes

"Jao na yaar Shilpa aur Nazma k paas..." Armaan ordered

"Nai pehle mujhe dono proove karke dikhao..." she spoke stubbornly to which they both looked at each other Actually Surbhi & Nazma were watching a movie where a romantic scene was going whre hero was proving his love for his GF by giving a moon in her hand when Armaan & Rehaan entered there for match but Surbhi was stubborn to give remote so Armaan tried to manipulate her by saying 'Ye to koi b kar sakta hai' which made Surbhi excited so she said to prove this and Rehaan replied 'Offcourse ye kaam to Bhaijaan b kar sakte hai... Bas chand ko haath mein hi to lena haina ho jayga' So Surbhi & Nazma spoke to prove this but Armaan put a condition saying 'Main karunga par match dekhne k baad...' Surbhi agreed happily and gave the remote to them but since past three hours they both were watching match and she was getting restless and when the last over of match started she blocked their view

"Surbhi... Last over hai fir proove karte hai..." Rehaan requested

"Nai pehle bolo... Iske baad dikhaoge" She asked stubbornly

"Haa baba hato ab..." Armaan got annoyed so after waiting for ten minutes the match got over

"Yes...!!" they both high fi-ed

"Ab chalo..." Surbhi shouted making them to put finger inside their ears

"Haa Meri Maa chalo..." Rehaan stood up following by Armaan and they three entered inside ArSh's room

"Shilpa kahan hai...??" Armaan frowned seeing the room empty to which Surbhi giggled "Kyaa??" he frowned

"Aapne kabhi notice kiya..."she started to which he raised his bows "Ki aap ghar mein yaa room mein jab enter karte ho... Sabse pehle Shilpa ka naam lete ho" she said teasingly to which he opened his mouth to argue but stopped coz its true he really take her name whenever he didn't find her "Vaise Shilpa bahar... Hai..." Surbhi spoke smilingly while walking inside the room which was attached to their room followed by boys

"Bhabhi abi abi bukhar se utari... Aur itni thand mein bahar baithi hai aap...?" Rehaan asked as they saw Shilpa on a bench beside Nazma

"Thand thodi hai... See maine sawl odha hai" she pointed at her shawl which she wrapped around herself

"Acha vo sab chodo... Chalo aap dono proove karo..." Surbhi's voice made both the boys annoyed

"Haa Nazma ne mujhe bataya... Main b to dekhun chaan haath me kaisa lagta hai" Shilpa spoke slowly making Surbhi giggle

"Haa Bhaijaan..." Nazma smiled

"Surbhi chaand hi dekhna hai na... To apne aapko aaine mein dekh lo..." Rehaan tried to distract her

"Cheezy lines..." Shilpa giggled but hearing this something clicked Armaan's brain as if he had hear this word before and that is also by her but seeing her giggle he lost himself in her

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